Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question

What do you think Katniss and Peeta's kids should be called?
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So for sure they had a girl with brown hair and blue eyes and a boy with blonde hair and grey eyes...add more kids if you want, tell me the first and middle names! This is my nerdy version of fun :)

My personal opinion:
brunette/blue eyed girl: Meadow Hayven Mellark (because Katniss was at peace in her meadow outside of District 12)
blonde/grey eyed boy: Justice Roan Mellark (as in justice for the Capital)
twin 1 blonde/blue eyed girl: Arrow Jay Mellark (bow & arrow/tribute to being the Mockingjay)
twin 2 blonde/blue eyed boy: Archer Cinna Mellark (tribute to Cinna...duh)
brunette/grey eyed boy: Jasper Fin Mellark (tribute to Finnick)
brunette/blue eyed girl: Lefse Primrose Mellark (tribute to Prim/Lefse is a kind of bread)

I had some ideas that had been brewing in my mind. They're eight of them (even though in the book they only had two); but there are a lot that I wanted to share.

1. Brunette, gray eyed boy: Glenn Orion Mellark (Orion meant Rising in the sky, and it's a hunter in Greek mythology - since he looked much like Katniss and hopefully he inherited her hunting skills too. Glenn; it meant valley - because its nature even though its not meadow).

2. Blonde, blue eyed girl: Rosemary Sky Mellark (Rosemary tribute to Primrose, Sky because her eyes are blue).

3. Blonde, blue eyed boy: Rye Finnick Mellark (Rye tribute to Peeta, Finnick for Finnick Odair)

4. Brunette, hazel eyed girl: Hazel Grace Mellark (Hazel because of her eyes (I know neither Peeta nor Katniss has them - it's just my imagination), Grace because she's a gift to them)

5. Brunette, blue eyed boy: Kale Ash Mellark (Kale like Gale - even though they're not in good terms I think Katniss would want to mend their friendship one day and it also a type of food, and Ash; like District Twelve).

6. Brunette, gray eyed girl: Rue Cinna Mellark (Rue for Rue, Cinna for Cinna).

7. Blonde, blue eyed girl: Willow Primrose Mellark (Willow is a type of tree, and Primrose for Prim. I imagined Willow would look exactly like Prim and live to fulfill her aunt's wishes to become a doctor/healer.

8. Blonde, gray eyed boy: Ford Abernathy Mellark (Ford meant crossing the river, and Abernathy from Haymitch's surname).

Girl- I had three combinations that I liked
1.Melody Mae Mellark (tribute to Rue- how she taught Katniss the mockingjay melody)
2.Bryrony Rose Mellark (Rose as a tribute to Primrose)
3.Alexandria Fire Mellark (Her mom is the girl on fire/I love the nickname Alex for a girl)

And for the boy I like
1.Ash Mellark (No middle name because Ashes just kind sum up District 12 and without a middle name it makes it more final to me)
2.Mitch Dean Mellark ( Haymitch/Katniss' last name is Everdean or Deen)

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Girl: Prim Rue Whatever Katniss's mother is named, Effie, Madge's aunt's name Madge Mellark.
Boy: Gale whatever Katniss's father was named, Finnick, Thresh,Cianna Mellark.

My guess is that they named the girl Prim and the boy Peeta. Case solved .

marise It's quite common you know. I know some people who have the same name as their father or grandfather (or both..) ...more
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Sarah Yeah my dad and brother have the same first name
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I read online that they were called (Suzanne Collins said this):
Girl: Willow
Boy: Rye
If I were to choose, definitely:
Girl: Prue Robyn Mellark
Boy: Cinnamon Arrow Mellark

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