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There's a spoiler on the cover... **spoiler alert, obviously**

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Zannah There's one edition of this book that has a picture of Hadassah lifting her arms, surrounded by lions, on the spine of the cover. Honestly, what would possess someone to put the ending of the book RIGHT ON THE COVER.

Johannah Well, you wouldn't know that till you read the book...

Zannah Wouldn't know that she died? Well, that's my point. It gives away the ending to put that picture on the cover.

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Well the series is called 'The mark of the Lion' so what do you suppose that means? I don't think anyone would really notice that. Also, have you read the rest of the series, because if you haven't...YOU SHOULD! the second book is the best.

Zannah I'm not saying I didn't like the book, cuz I did! It was just a big disappointment to know how the book ended before I started. I also didn't guess what Mark of the Lion referred to until the second book... and on that note, yes I did read Echo in the Darkness! I haven't read the third book yet, but I agree that it was even better than the first. :)

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