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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments I was thinking either high school level or college :3

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ | 1472 comments ^^ we can do something in high school?

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Sure! I absolutely love, love, doing the snobby guy with the low-class shy girl :3

What pairing do you enjoy???

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ | 1472 comments ^^ those are always fun
my favorite is best friends falling for each other

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Oh is it? Well, I can try if you want:D I haven't accomplished one with the best friends, I don't know why xD Maybe I'm just not connected to that kind of cliché BUT I'm open for anything :3

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments So what if. . .they go to a private school. The snob guy is, obviously, a snob, the most popular, smartest out of everyone. Thinks he's brilliant and is over everything. His father is the owner of the school, funds it, and he's doesn't take kindly when people don't do what he says!
then there's this shy girl, very into passion, with the biggest crush on the snob guy. She has a two best friends, a guy and a girl, and her girl best friend ((or the guy)) starts falling for the other best friend.

so our characters would be ::

Snob guy
best friend girl

Best friend guy
shy girl

I would love to be the best friend guy :3 If you wouldn't mind!

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ | 1472 comments sure ^^ i'll get to work on my charries

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Okay :D I'm going to dinner soon, so, I may be able to start on them when I get back ^_^ Or right now real quick.

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ | 1472 comments Name: Haydn Ezekiel Beauclerc
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual {not even remotely interested in experimenting, but not a homophobe}
Age: Eighteen
Grade: Senior
Date of Birth: January 1st


Distinctive Markings: On his left hand, Haydn has a birthmark that’s just a birthmark. It has no defining shape, it covers much of his hand and looks like a blob of nothing in particular; it’s just been there since he was born. Although, Haydn considers it lucky for reasons that no one really understands. He simply likes to believe it’s lucky, it makes him feel just a little special.
There are scars on his back, but Haydn is careful that people don’t see them. Ever.

History: The Beauclerc’s ancestors come from a long line of , so they have always had a secure future with money, and being stuck-up and looking down at people is in their blood. Poverty isn’t something they are familiar with, and probably never have to deal with it since they are clever, scheming, deceitful, and flat-out cold-hearted There isn’t a good bone in any member of a Beauclerc’s body. At least that is what everyone assumes because Haydn’s father is a complete monster when it comes to money, and making more of it. He’s absolutely ruthless—and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Haydn Beauclerc is the sole heir to his father’s business, and the family fortune, which is actually a huge weight on his shoulders, despite how he acts. Once he graduates from high school and moves onto college, he is expected to study business so that one day he will be able to run his father’s company, but that isn’t exactly what Haydn wants to do. However, if that’s what his father wants, then that is what his father will get. He was trained from a very young age to be brutal when it came to getting what he wanted, when he wanted it. Some people see it as wrong, but that was how Haydn’s father had been brought up, so it was only obvious that was how Haydn would be brought up as well. It was how all Beauclerc’s children were brought up.

It was never easy growing up with a father like Haydn’s, the stern man always expected a lot out of his son, and if Haydn didn’t live up to his father’s standards, there was a belt with his name on it. If Haydn disappointed his father, there were consequences, severe consequences. Not getting it around the first time, his farther believed that Haydn would do better if he whipped it into him.
No one knew about this because it was a well kept family secret. Of course Hayden is no longer treated like this since he has learned from his mistakes, and knows how to do things right the first time around. Yet the scars are still there.

The Beauclercs and the Quintons have always been dealing with each other in some way, mainly for business reasons though. Well they weren’t exactly friendly to each other all the time, but it was good for business to be seen together as much as possible, so they always smiled and acted as if they were the best of friends, when that was far from the truth. Haydn knew better, but he always slapped on a fake smile and acted as if he actually enjoyed being part of this screwed up friendship, which was more of a partnership where both families somehow benefit off each other. It was all for the benefit… and appearance. Although, Haydn was sure both families were ready to stab each other in the back if they had the chance, which made them tense and guarded around each other, but the masks they wear on a daily basis covered it all up.

Antoine Henri Beauclerc - Being the head of a corporation that looked like it was slowly taking over the world, Antoine isn’t a man to be messed with. He is always the first to step on people to get whatever he wants, and right now, he wants the world trembling in his hands. He’s a very dangerous man that wears a big fake smile even around his enemies. He lives by the motto ‘Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’
Sasha Beauclerc - There is a rumor going around that Sasha is currently having an affair with another man. Since she is younger than Antoine, by seven years, and constantly has plastic surgery to keep her looking young and appealing to men. However, it’s either buying expensive gifts for herself to keep happy, or sleeping with the sexy contractor they hired to add an extension to the Beauclerc Manor.

Personality: Everyone shares the same thought on Haydn, he’s just another cocky jock that lives to ruin the lives of anyone he thinks is lesser than him. That was Haydn to an extent, but there was more to him than just that. Underneath his supreme jock appearance, there was a sweet little guy looking for a special girl to cuddle with without any hidden motives. Although, it would have to take one special girl to make him settle down into that fantasy since he likes many girls. There are simply so many pretty girls in the world that it’s hard for him to pick just one. It was a bad thing, sure, but he can’t really help it. The world was filled with just too many beautiful girl, what was he supposed to do?

Even though his father has picked a girl out for him Haydn doesn’t exactly love her. In fact, he hates her with every fiber of his being, and does a lot of thing just to aggravate her. Just being around her makes him want to tear his hair out, but everyone expects them to be together, so they are. Once again, this is where he slaps on a smile and act like everything is just how he wants them to be, when it was the complete opposite. It was a very unhealthy relationship, but there wasn’t anything Haydn could actually do anything about it. His father commanded that the two are together, so they are together.

Haydn is addicted to sports. Being stuck under the thumb of his father, he needed a way to let off some steam since he could never shout at his father no matter how much he wants to sometimes. Running around, hitting things, that feeling he gets when he wins a game—all of it really helps him from cracking and going on a rampage. It keeps his anger under control, which was a good thing, especially for the people around him. If he doesn’t let out any steam on the field, he’ll end up using people he hates in the school as his personal punching bags. You would think that it’s the nerds and freaks of the school that he hates, but that’s not actually true. Haydn actually dislikes his so-called friends and all those pathetic girls that follow Alexis around like lost puppies.
He can only be around all the popular kids for so long…

It was strange that Mr. Popular hated being around his own “kind”, but it’s just so dull and stupid that he is often irritated by them. Now, he wasn’t exactly down to earth or anything like that in the least. No, Haydn was a snob and he loved being rich, having people to look down on, but he also likes to have a decent conversation with someone—a conversation that didn’t involve the latest fashions from Milan or Paris, or how caviar from one restaurant was better than the caviar from another one. It gives him a headache, to be honest. He prefers hanging out with his teammates because he could at least talk about sports with them, but even talking about sports starts to get dull. He wants something more, but he knows that will never ever happen. He was stuck with these people and he constantly had to act like he enjoyed hanging out with them, even though he constantly wishes he were elsewhere.

Ω Sports. Haydn isn’t only just a football star, but he’s also the star of the lacrosse team, track team, baseball team, and basketball team. Playing sports is a very strong suit of his, also it helps him let out any and all frustrations he has bottled up inside. Letting off some steam is very healthy, as he has learned.
Ω Flirting. As long as a girl is beautiful, Haydn will be right there shamelessly hitting on her. Yes, he has a girlfriend, but having a little fun on the side isn’t harming anyone. Plus, he can’t help it, it’s just something he does; for him it’s like breathing.
Ω Painting. As surprising as it may seem, Haydn is actually quite the artist. He finds it as another outlet when he doesn’t feel like being out on a field with all his friend, tossing a ball around, but never really has time for it. Since he has an image to keep up as a jock, Haydn only ever paints when he’s alone, which is never nowadays.
Ω Lying. It’s kind of in his DNA. Haydn is able to lie is way out of anything all the while keeping a straight face.

φ Girls. They make him do some very stupid things. Very, very stupid things. Once a girl bats her long lashes at him, Haydn starts thinking with only one thing—it ain’t his brain for sure—and will do whatever the girl wants him to do. Often that involves a bed.
φ His father. If his father wants something done, Haydn is never in any position to say no matter what it was. Even if Haydn was against it, he’ll do it just to keep his father happy.

Ω Sports. Obviously.
Ω Painting
Ω Girls
Ω Cuddling, but he’ll never EVER admit it openly. And no, it’s not a line to draw in girls. He really does like to cuddle.

φ Being alone. As in he fears loosing all his friends, and being left completely alone.
φ Being wrong. He has a very big ego, so being wrong is never an option for him.
φ Doing something wrong, because that would mean he has failed his father in some way.
φ Failing his father. That would be the end of his world, as he knows it.

Other: Haydn’s biggest fear is failing his father. If he can’t make his proud, then Haydn feels as if there was no point to his life, everything he does is to impress his father, to make him honored to tell people that Haydn is his son.

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ | 1472 comments

"Music is the only thing that keeps me from killing everyone around me, and myself."

Name: Jocelyn LeAnne Hayes
Nicknames: Josie
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Date of Birth: June 30th


(view spoiler)

Distinctive Markings: On her right wrist, Josie wears a purple ribbon that she ties up in a fancy bow. It's not really a marking, but it's pretty distinctive since she wears it to school and even when she is performing on a stage. Some think of it as a good luck charm, but Jocelyn never tells anyone why she wears it, simply saying because she likes it and leaves the conversation there.

History: From a very young age, Josie was pushed aside to share most of her life with her classical music loving Nanny, Mrs. Norris. The widowed elderly woman showed Josie the wonders of classical music when she was she was five years old, and taught her how to play the violin. Josie fell quickly in love with the instrument, and after only two years, had invested hours upon hours of practice time into learning the most difficult of songs. She graduated to the cello at the age of seven, which drove her into a deep, passionate love for the music she was playing.

Jocelyn was enrolled in several private lessons with prestigious tutors. Though what didn't she have a private tutor for seeing how she was home schooled for much of her life. She was lucky enough to be from an upper class family who had enough money to pay for such private lessons. At thirteen, Mrs. Norris and Josie began frequenting the orchestra events whenever possible. The two of them had a deep, emotional bond that lasted most of Josie's childhood. It was a bond she cherishes to this day considering her own parents were hardly ever there for her unless she needed them to buy something for her.

It wasn't until Josie was sixteen that she was taken out of her homeschooling and pushed into a public school; her parents saw her as too sheltered and decided she needed to expand her friends. Though she was very studious, she was also a loner. No one wanted to be friends with the new girl, more importantly, no one wanted to befriend the girl who only ever spoke of music. No one understood her, and for some time Josie was okay with that. That was until she developed a hopeless crush on a boy named Riley Jacobs, the school heartthrob. She was teased relentlessly by people who she thought were her friends, and others found many more ways to tease her. For a while, Jocelyn would run off to the music room whenever possible and simply hide in there, playing the cello or the violin in order to keep herself together. However, some times music wouldn't be enough seeing how she would often come home in deep fits of depression after long days at school.

There were days when she feigned being ill just to stay home. There were days when she would stop eating completely because she lost her appetite. There were days when she would go up to the roof of her house and walk right up to the edge, thinking one step would end it all. . .
Mrs. Norris noticed Josie's abrupt change in behavior, but Jocelyn won't even tell the elderly woman what is wrong, not wanting to burden her about such small things in her life. She does try to keep a smile on her face, but some days it's just to hard to even do that.

Mrs. Norris: Josie has two parents, but she never felt connected with them. It was her nanny that turned out to be more of a mother than her real mother. Isn't that how it always works with these kinds of families? Possibly, but what can you do? Mrs. Norris was always there for Jocelyn, teaching her everything there is to know when it comes to being a lady. The elderly woman was strict, but kind to young Josie, treating her like the daughter she never had. It was a sweet bond between to the two, but as Mrs. Norris is getting up on her years, they haven't really connected ever since Jocelyn started going to school.

Personality: Jocelyn has always been a shy child, constantly hiding behind her nanny's skirts whenever her parents were to have anyone over. As a child she never knew many other children to play with, thus forcing her to be even more shy around people as she grew older. She was brought up by a well off family, who were very disconnected when it came to the young blonde and forced her off with a nanny for most of her childhood. It wasn't her fault that she is so quiet--she was taught by the elderly English woman, her nanny, to be a polite young lady from such a young age, and because of that she became quiet and reserved.

She knows to hold her tongue when it comes to conversations about opinions, because her opinions never mattered when it comes to her daddy's business. She was taught to be obedient, but not to the point where she could be abused. She was taught to be the perfect daughter, the one parents often dream of having because she could never possibly do anything wrong. Though, Jocelyn is someone who is very trustworthy, who always keeps secrets of those who are close to her; not because she was taught not to gossip, but because she does have a heart and genuinely cares enough to keep her lips sealed shut. Though polite and kind-hearted, this doesn't mean that she's friendly towards everyone.

Jocelyn can be very cold, particularly toward people who try to pry her away from her music. She's very aware that she has quite a bit of extra time to do other things, but all of it she spends practicing her cello in her very own music room at home because that's what her life has always been like. She can't stand those who tell her she's too cut off from society, because she really isn't. It wasn't as if she never picked up a trashy gossip magazine before, or watched something on the telly. She simply feels she's just a quiet person, and believes that she has earned the right to be left alone.

This attitude doesn't make her very many friends, but seeing how most of the other rich kids were secretly rebelling against their parents by drinking, partying and staying out late, Jocelyn was fine having Mrs. Norris, her nanny, as her only friend. She was a refine young woman, hanging around riff-raff like that wasn't at the top of her list. In fact, it wasn't on her list at all. Therefore, she prefers isolation to being friends with morons.

At least that is what she keeps telling herself. . .

† Music. Jocelyn can play the cello in such a way it has brought people to tears during a performance. She has been known for writing her own music, but that she keeps to herself for now since much of it is fairly dark.
† Etiquette. She was raised to be proper young woman, and so she is for the sake of her parents. Jocelyn never swears, she always plasters on a smile and she keeps things to herself, she always makes sure to dress in the right attire--even to school--, and simply makes sure to be a proper young woman. No parties, no drinking, no premarital sex--no to anything most girls might be doing at her age. And Jocelyn is able to keep to it without missing a step.
† French and Italian. Jocelyn is fluent in both, having had traveled there many times, and her parents had hired her tutors in both when she had been young. At Salem High, Josie has been asked to tutor some other students in either language.

ø Lying. Jocelyn never had to lie before in her life. If she was angry or sad, she couldn’t hide it very well. She’s good at keeping up appearances as long as she needs to when her father has some business friends or a client's family over, but if someone asks her how she’s really feelings, people can tell that she’s hiding something.
ø Mrs. Norris. She cares a great deal about her nanny that if something were to happen to her, Jocelyn would surely loose it completely.
ø Conversation. Jocelyn isn’t a conversationalist. She only enjoys topics that pertain to music, and most people aren’t able to follow her when she goes off about some new sheet music she bought the day before.
ø Making friends. Jocelyn doesn't want to be alone. She wants to have friends, she wants to be normal, but she doesn't even know how to socialize without ending up feeling worse about herself. The few people who call her a friend simply point out all her flaws to her and call her a freak. She just doesn't know what to do.

† Classical Music
† Operas
† Orchestra
† Tea
† Dancing
† Ballrooms
† Cherry Trees
† Mrs. Norris
† Ballet

ø Bannas. Don't ask.
ø Thunderstorms. Her greatest fear.
ø Parties
ø Being surprised.
ø People. They simply only want to hurt her.
ø Being interrupted. Especially during practice.
ø Experimental music.
ø Crying
ø Being different


✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ | 1472 comments just recycled them, hope it's okay

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments o.o that's fine. . but don't expect that much from me. . .very impressive. I put more into my roleplays then my characters!

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Name: Annabella Bay Sanders
Age: 16
Sex: Female

Personality: Annabella is an anxious, shy teenage girl. She's passionate about everything she does, very studious, and is determined about to widened her intelligence. Despite the hardships in her life, she's lovely and nice, and doesn't bother people often. She's a quick learner and almost at the top of her class, a couple steps below the richest, most popular guy at school. She tends to carry around her camera a lot, being a photography lover and almost always has her headphones in.

History: Annabella has a rough, sketchy past she doesn't allow many to know. She currently lives in the school apartments a little away from campus, a choice made by the students. She works for the school library and a local book store. Her parents died when she was very young and ever since then, up until she was granted scholarships to the school, she had been passed down through relatives.


Name: Jason Ash Smith
Nickname: Ash
Sex: Male
Age: 17


Personality: Ash is your classic hard shell with a soft center. He's the jerk in general, but has a charming twiat. Ash adores attention and works hard to get it. He's constantly with a girl on his arm, despite his lack of interest with them. He's one of the most popular guy in school, but definitely not the smartest, and doesn't work hard to make himself seem smart.

History: Ash doesn't have a complicated past, he doesn't work, being supported by his middle class family. He has two brothers and a little sister, he's very protective over. Despite the picture perfect family, they do fight occasionally and isn't exactly perfect.

((I hope this is okay! My roleplays are a lot more extravagant then my character making because of lack of time. I haven't actually sat down and made characters out of individual roleplays. Anywho. I'm sorry the pictures aren't showing up. Idk. I use the formula and everything. But I hope the links work if they picture doesn't!!))

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments :3 I'm sure you're a great roleplayer. Uhm, hello, look at your characters ^_^

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ | 1472 comments lol thanks
um do you want to start this off? or should i?

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments I'm about to watch netflix for a few, or be off for ten to fifteen minutes, so if you would, that would be awesome ^_^

message 19: by Em (Hannah) (new)

Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Or would you rather me start?

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ | 1472 comments x.x crap forgot about this
i am so sorry Dx things have been a little crazy for me
ummmm could you start pwease? >.<

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments It's fine xD Is everything okay? I read something about a hospital?))

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ | 1472 comments yea no i'm fine ^^" just bad day...and stuff
so yea

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments I'm sorry :( I can understand that. Sure, I'll try to start us off :D though, warning, I'm kinda bad at starting, for some unknown reason. Kinda like writing an essay. The first sentence islways the one that takes me the most time to think about! I'll try to do it tonight, but if I don't, I should by tomorrow!

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments The wind brushed Annabella's flustered cheeks as she scurried toward the front double doors of the private building, clutching onto her thick sketch book and averting her eyes to her camera. A soft smile tugged at the edges of her lips as she thought of the year she was surely to have again as a junior. Before her freshman year, first year, of this school, she had gone through and filtered through public schools, attempting to find cheap education that actually challenged her. With her family's struggle, and her marvelous academic achievements, she found herself granted scholarships to the best, private school.
No one except her best friend knew about the scholarships, and if they did, she wouldn't ever be able to get passed the awful stares she already receives.
Despite this, she strutted into school, her messenger bag bouncing at her hip as she moved toward the large ballroom/auditorium. She observed the group and settled for the last row of seats instead of the front or even the middle.


Ash shoved his best friend over, taking the spot next to Veronica and grinning nonchalantly. The auditorium was practically full now, random chattering bouncing about the walls and echoing throughout the large, long Victorian hallways. Ash, despite this being his senior year, was abnormally relaxed. He wrapped an arm around Veronica's shoulders as she rambled on about pointless jabber that Ash had no interest in.

The headmistress would make an appearance soon, always punctual, exactly at eight o'clock and would mark the end of her speech precisely at nine to congratulate the new student body president, allowing him to give a speech that would last ten minute, which would introduce the students to a new year. The monotony in the ceremony was relentless, but never disappointing in the fact that is stayed the same. Despite this, he shoved his nagging fatigue into the back of his mind and attempted to pay attention to Veronica.

"I see, I see." He replied to her pointless jabber.

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