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Eleanor entered the arena and placed a couple poles and jumps for Liza's lesson.

message 2: by Sarah☺ (new)

 Sarah☺ Liza rode grace into the arena and took her around at a nice walk

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Eleanor smiled.

"Hello Liza! I am your trainer, Eleanor. What a lovely horse! What is her name?" Eleanor asked, placing a jump.

message 4: by Sarah☺ (last edited Jun 13, 2013 05:54PM) (new)

 Sarah☺ "her name is Grace." Liza said. "she's a purebred arabian"

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"She's very lovely!" said Eleanor. "Why don't you warm her up a bit then head for the oxer there."

message 6: by Sarah☺ (last edited Jun 19, 2013 03:55PM) (new)

 Sarah☺ Liza Walked grace around the arena , and then picked up to a trot and rode towards the oxer. Grace's back hoof nearly clipped it as they went over, but they cleared it.

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Eleanor nodded, writing something on a piece of paper.

''She's a good jumper, but needs practice.

For my analysis, Grace is very daring but seems to need more speed heading towards oxers. Those jumps are tricky, since they are large and go gradually higher. Some horses misjudge the height and end up knocking rails. We will need to work on controlling the speed before a jump.
Now this first lesson will help me see where you are as a rider and what we need to work on. Don't be scared of the piece of paper in my hands, I don't judge you at all. I write what we need to work on.

Now, tell me about her weakness and her best discipline.'' Eleanor said, placing her long smooth hair behind her back.

message 8: by Sarah☺ (new)

 Sarah☺ "She is excellent at dressage. Cross-country is her weakest. She always spooks at the jumps and slows down at every turn. I've only had her for a few years and I admit I haven't done a lot of training with her." Liza said

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Eleanor smiled.

"Well then, let's head for the Cross-Country course. We will walk the course so you can familiarize her with the obstacles and then do it at a slow canter. When you feel she is ready you can let her at a slow gallop for the course." Eleanor said, heading towards the arena door.

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 Sarah☺ Liza led Grace out of the arena and followed Eleanor to the cross-country
course "I hope she won't try to run away when we start going through the course." Liza said. "She gets really wild sometimes."

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''If she does, don't let her go far. She can't be the boss of you.''

message 12: by Sarah☺ (new)

 Sarah☺ "Ok." Liza said, and started Grace walking down the cross-country course

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Eleanor nodded and gave Liza a Cross-Country protection vest.

message 14: by Sarah☺ (new)

 Sarah☺ "Thank you." Liza said and zipped it up

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''Now, head towards the course. I will judge you on it, but do not feel any pressure. If you do well, we will think about doing three day eventing. If you do great, we will most probably do three day eventing. If you do okay, we will work on CC but less then the other disciplines. Got it?'' Eleanor said, her voice unusually smooth.

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 Sarah☺ "Mmhm."Liza nodded. She noticed that Eleanor's voice was different and felt extremely pressured to do well. She urged Grace into a canter and started at the course. The first few jumps they did fine, but Grace fell into a fast trot right before a stone wall but they still barely made it over. Approaching the water, Grace started to try and pull out. Just in time, Liza steered back in a circle and approached the water again, clearing it. Only one other jump did they almost not clear.

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Eleanor sighed slightly and scribbled a few words next to the word:
'Cross Country:'
She stared ahead, seeing Liza's nervousness.
''Don't tense up Liza..'' she whispered.
As she saw Grace fall to a trot, Eleanor scribbled two or three words.
She stared ahead of her, seeing Grace trying to refuse the water jump.
''Good reaction of Liza.'' she said, seeing Liza's immidiate reaction.

''Liza! Come here please!'' yelled Eleanor accross the field.
She placed her Notepad on the perfectly cut grass and ajusted her breeches to her waist. She was wearing white breeches that were horse-hair free. She wore a stripped blouse with long black perfectly cleaned boots. Her hair, tied up in a small bun, let fall a couple streaks of hair onto her blue eyes.

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 Sarah☺ Liza's heart was racing. She turned Grace around and headed towards Eleanor. What would she say?

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"That was not bad for a beginner. She broke into a trot and you should've seen that coming and quickened her pace. I think we should consider more practice before entering competitions.
We are going to do dressage now, and we will again see if showing with you is good. Cool her down a bit and meet me at the dressage arena in 10."
Eleanor left without saying more. She was definitely not the kind to compliment riders, but would do it subtly.

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 Sarah☺ Liza cooled off Grace and then headed to the arena. Finally, dressage. She might have not wowed Eleanor before, but Liza knew she would be amazed at their dressage. Or, at least she hoped so.

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Eleanor arrived to the arena and placed the markers. She took an empty sheet and wrote 'Dressage'.

message 22: by Sarah☺ (new)

 Sarah☺ Liza walked Grace around the arena while Eleanor set up

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''Okay so you can show me one course you know off by heart.'' Eleanor said, sitting down.

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 Sarah☺ Liza started the course. Her bends were flawless and her lines were almost perfectly straight. Liza and Grace had been working on this course a lot, and she almost didn't have to think about it. Hopefully the course wouldn't seem too simple. Liza had learned this when she was a lot less experienced

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Eleanor smiled.

"Not bad Liza! Can you do an extended trot?"

message 26: by Sarah☺ (new)

 Sarah☺ Liza nudged Grace into a trot. She sank her seat and added leg and Grace's bumpy trot became a smooth long one.

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Eleanor wrote on her pad and admired the team. They were really good at dressage.

message 28: by Sarah☺ (new)

 Sarah☺ Liza walked Grace around the arena a few times to cool her down, then brought her into the barn to untack and brush her.

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Eleanor headed for the office and did a report on Liza.

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 Sarah☺ Liza gave Grace a bath, mucked out her stall, then went home and waited for next week's lesson to roll around

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((Do you want the next lesson to be now?))

message 32: by Sarah☺ (new)

 Sarah☺ ((yeah sure))

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The next lesson, Eleanor was determined to work on cross-country. She left a note saying:
''Meet me at the CC course. -Eleanor''

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 Sarah☺ Liza tacked up Grace, put on a CC protection vest, and warmed up her horse, then rode over to the course where Eleanor was standing.

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''You can warm up Grace then do the course.'' Eleanor said, not looking up from her notepad.

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 Sarah☺ Liza led Grace around in a circle a few times, then picked up a canter and started the cross-country course. Grace's footing was uneven, Liza could feel as they started the course. She took grace in a circle and tried again. Liza could feel Eleanor's eyes on her as she started for the second time. Liza took a deep breath and headed towards the first jump.

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Eleanor stared at Liza circle her horse many times. She was happy she did that, but sad she couldn't take care of that without circling.
Eleanor eyed her cantering towards a jump, thinking about how quicker she could go.

"This is not show-jumping, you can let Grace gallop slowly and between each jumps (about 100 yards) you can let her at a medium gallop." yelled Eleanor across the field.

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 Sarah☺ Liza completed the next jump, then took Eleanor's advice and urged Grace into a slow gallop. Grace made a small buck in the transition, but Liza managed to keep her under control and continued at a gallop.

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"Getting better!" Eleanor said between two applauds.

She heard her phone buzz and saw a text from a groom.

"Liza! Either you hurry to finish the course which I really don't recommend, or come here, it's urgent!" yelled Eleanor, picking up her stuff.

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 Sarah☺ Liza slowed Grace to a trot and rode back to Eleanor.

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"We need to go to the stables right now." Eleanor said. "Here, hand me Grace. You go to the lounge and I'll take care of her."

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 Sarah☺ Liza knew better than to try to argue with Eleanor. She handed her Grace's reigns and walked nervously towards the barn. What was going on? Would she ever get to ride her horse again?

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Eleanor mounted Grace and trotted quickly to the barn. She unmounted in a flash, untacked the mare and placed her in her stall.
Eleanor walked quickly to the lounge and opened the door in a huge BANG.
"Liza, the reason why I urged you is that there has been gunshots close by. Two horses from nearby farms have been injured. This isn't hunting season. We are bringing all the horses in, and making sure everyone is safe." Eleanor said in a panic.
She brushed her hair out of her face and sighed. 5 more riders entered the lounge along with the grooms.
"All the horses are in, the doors are locked and if you guys want to leave the door is unlocked from the inside and locks automatically." Daniel, the main groom, said.

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 Sarah☺ Liza was the first rider rider to pick up her stuff and walk out of the barn. That was scary. All she was glad about was that everyone here was safe.

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Eleanor waved goodbye to Liza and looked at every rider and groom leave one by one the stables. She walked through the alley and looked for her horse, Alaska.

Alaska was a dark bay thoroughbred and had been Eleanor's personal horse for over 7 years.

Eleanor entered the mare's stall and sat on two hay bales. The mare nuzzled her and Eleanor went to pick up a blanket and a pillow.

She came back to the huge box and laid Alaska down, a trick she learned very young. Alaska rarely tried to get back up if she did that in her stall until the next morning, since Eleanor only did that when she was to sleep with her.

Eleanor placed the pillow and layed down on the hay bales and covered herself in a warm blanket. She turned to see her horse already sound asleep and it did not take long until Eleanor was fast asleep.

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 Sarah☺ Liza woke up the next morning and headed straight for the barn. She found her way into Grace's stall and threw her arms around her horse's strong neck. Liza was just glad to have Grace at all. She would be devastated if anything happened to her horse.

Liza's friends were always telling her that she would have to learn how to move on someday, because nothing lasts forever. Just the thought of anything happening to her horse made Liza sad.

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