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Rich S | 22 comments So Casino Infernale came out and I thought it was a really great read and was curious to see what others thought of it? I devoured it in two sittings which is always a good sign.

I won't post any spoilers because it is hardly a week old but it did move the overall plot along and answered some long standing questions. It was a slightly different type of adventure for Eddie which I liked.

Although I will say this everytime I come around to the Drood side of things and the way they act towards Eddie they up the jerk level on them so they always remain slightly unlikeable, which I guess is the point- a tough organization for the tough jobs.

Anyways just curious to people's thoughts on it. I could be completely biased since Im a huge fan of Simon R. Green, well at least his urban fantasy series. :)


John Baird (johnnyb007) | 5 comments Can't wait to read it love the series

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