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Vincent Asaro (vincentasaro) | 12 comments I would be very grateful if Carrot Field by Vincent Asaro could be added to Goodreads. It's new, and I can't manually upload it myself.

Publisher: Pressque Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: May 31, 2013
Format: eBook
Description: here is a darkness quickly approaching the land of Animals, and the fate of Carrot Field rests on the shoulders of one small Rabbit: Sebastian Perriwinkle. Drawn into an epic quest to save all Animal-kind from the evil Lord Ouroboros, Sebastian and his companions, Professor Plotonicus, an adventurous old Badger, and Brand Redtail, a mystical Fox, leave the little country known as Carrot Field to embark on a journey into the unknown. Together, they travel through the magical burrows of the Wild Foxes, into the palace of a Lion king, and onward to search the farthest ends of the world for the mythical creatures known as Humans. The companions must hurry, for the war rages and they alone can bring peace and uncover the secrets that have remained hidden for thousands of years.

Thank you so much!
-leah sutherland (working with Vincent Asaro)

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