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What We're Reading This Month > We ♥ June!: Selecting Books for Occasions or Moods (June 2013)

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message 1: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Wiley (amandawilk47) | 105 comments Today at the library we began an interesting discussion on how or whether the time of year or the activities that we are undertaking impact our reading choices.

For example, during the summer or if I am going away on vacation I tend to read books that are less literary, and easier to digest. This doesn't always hold true, but often does.

During the fall, as the weather turns cold, I sometimes enjoy reading books that have some kind of comfort associated with them. They could be past titles that I've read and loved, or new books that for whatever reason have something cozy or inviting implied in their summary.

Do you select what you read based on the time of year, holidays, occasions, or even the mood that you are in?

message 2: by Sherrill, Collections Development Coordinator (new)

Sherrill | 43 comments Mod
My part of the discussion at the library today was wondering why people choose "fluffy" books for the beach. The last book I "read" at the beach was an audio of Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. I look at a vacation as a time of regrouping and hopefully of coming away from it with a different view on life. Not that I was unhappy before I went on it - I just really like to get diverse perspectives and find I can actively pursue various thoughts to come up with new ideas about life (Oprah's AHA moments) when I am away from the "tasks" of daily life. I think we all do that in our own way though so maybe the "fluff" gives someone else's mind a rest and when they come back to reality, they can look at life with a fresh, recharged view?

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