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message 1: by Cora, Tea Party Princess (last edited Jun 11, 2013 08:29AM) (new)

Cora Tea Party Princess (corazie) | 661 comments Mod
Thought I'd get a bit of review-based discussion started.

What do you think about images in reviews?

I don't mind a few images, maybe what they think the characters look like or something relevant. They generally add to the review and get the reviewer's point across better.

But I can't stand reviews with are 95% GIF. They're not witty or funny and just make my computer lag :( I really don't like that these ones are usually the top reviews on each book.

message 2: by Rebecca, The Constant Reader (new)

Rebecca (rebeccas_books) | 340 comments Mod
I've only added an image to one review, and that was Life of Pi. I don't know why, but I thought a picture would look good, especially since I could get a picture straight from the film.

The GIF things do get on my nerves, I tend not to read reviews full of them, since there's not a lot of information most of the time. And it also makes my computer slow, which is very annoying.

message 3: by David (new)

David Staniforth (davidstaniforth) | 34 comments I find one or two, that express emotion amusing, but any more than that is OTT.

message 4: by Rachel (new)

Rachel John (racheljohn) | 12 comments I find them funny, but see them as entertainment, like watching a recap show for American Idol. I think there is a place for both serious and silly reviews.

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) I dislike them. They seem to be the more popular reviews, however.

message 6: by Jennie (new)

Jennie  Coull | 42 comments I don't mind them either way, I add them sometimes to my reviews but just one or two!

~ Rose ~ ☯Desert Rose❀ (butterscotchbubbles) | 78 comments I've never seen any reviews with images like you guys are talking about (although, to be honest, I rarely read other people's reviews or blogs) but I would think that would get annoying. Unless the point is to be more of an entertaining overview of the book, I'd think it would be irritating (esp if it makes your computer lag). I don't put them in mine, and I doubt I ever would. Closest thing I come to an image, is the book cover and the roses I use on my blog :)

message 8: by Raevyn (new)

Raevyn "Lucia" [I'm in it for the books] (raevynstar) | 62 comments I think they *could* be cool if they're relevant and/or witty, or if it shows the characters in the movie adaptation, but if it's not needed? Eh. And besides, I have no idea how to do that to my reviews anyway.

message 9: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Harris (Reader of Things) | 35 comments Not really into GIFs because they do make some people's computers slow, and I know how irritating that can be. only ever used one or two I think. I've found some really funny memes that I've used in reviews, though, that really cracked me up. I tend to use memes alot (I'd say 0-3 per review) depending on how strongly I feel about a book. I just feel like sometimes they get a feeling across better than words can.

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