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message 1: by Air (new)

Air (air-bear967) Hi! I'm Air, I'm a 19 year old university student and love reading. I have two jobs, one at a comic shop and one at a movie theater/drive in (I normally work the drive-in). Excited to be here!

message 2: by Cherene (new)

Cherene Oh, hello! I wasn't sure if anyone was interested. lol Thanks for joining me.

I'm Cherene. Taking a break from University to raise my 5 year old and 2 month old. And I'm 24 (I had to think about that for a second.)

message 3: by Air (new)

Air (air-bear967) No Problem! Sounds like a tough job lol. I probably won't read both books a month, but I sure will try!

message 4: by Cherene (new)

Cherene You can read or not read to your hearts content. I pass over tons of books. lol

message 5: by Cherene (new)

Cherene For those of you who just joined, you've got a few more days to chose our next months read from the poll if you're interested.

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