Lost on a...dirigible?--A Steampunk Role Play discussion

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) PS as in Post Script. This is where I will be posting miscellaneous things about the group as they come to me and the other Mods. Feel free to ask questions about what is posted here, but please reserve suggestions for the group for the "Suggestions" topic.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) 1.) If you want a position on the ship (Cook, Tailor, Cabin Master/Steward, etc.) feel free to ask under the "Characters" topic. Please wait for a Mod to approve. The position can be used for a character you already have or for one you want to make.

2.) Please, PLEASE, do not appear in someone's cabin unannounced. Knocking and being invited are okay, but appearing out of nowhere in a chair and joining the conversation is highly discouraged.

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-Both characters and pirates can work in teams.
-Your pirates face your characters.
-Pirates can be taken captive and turned into characters after the attack.
-If you want to kill off one of your characters, do it now.

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