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Melissa Miss Sitch tapped the desk with one finger angrily and her lips pressed together. "Miss Reynard do you know why you have been called to my office yet again?" Abby shrunk in her seat, as if she could disappear if she tried hard enough. "Yes Miss Sitch." She said in a small voice. She tugged on her braid anxiously as Miss Sitch pinched the bridge of her nose. "We cannot repeat this every time you feel the urge to act without regard to Division Miss Reynard." She said harshly. Abby sunk lower in her seat and whispered, "yes Miss Sitch." Miss Sitch looked at her kindly, "you're a bright girl but you must act accordingly." She said. Abby nodded without looking up. Miss Sitch dismissed her with a wave of her hand and Abby scurried out quickly.

squirrel-cheeks "Miss Sitch" Emily knocked on the door she was going to talk to her about a toured, she waited till miss Sitch called her she was a good student but most teachers did not know her by her name or her last name for that matter.

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