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Emma I am not usually a fan of this kind of fiction but I really got into the psychology of this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you were to recommend another book to me, based on this one, what would it be? (And while I’m here, are her other two worth reading?)

Stacey The other two are definitely worth reading you won't be disappointed.

Ness I also read this book and didn't know what exactly i was getting into. But once i read it i couldn't put it down. I also heard they were making a movie out of it. I cant wait to see who plays the characters. I think im going to read her other books too.

Amanda I can't recommend anything right now but you should most definitely read her other books.

message 5: by Dee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dee i found the closest thing to the psychological aspect of this, is some of the nordic authors - ppl like Karin Alvtegen - they aren't thrillers per say, but pretty good reads

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