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Zeb waited patiently for the signal, any signal, to shoot. He knew he could. He knew he would. He waited.

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Zeb looked over at Tabby and smiled slightly. "Hey there, convict" he says, aiming at the target and shooting, a few full inches away from the bulls eyes. He swore quietly.

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Zeb scowled sideways at her. "Evil" he muttered quietly, hitting a bullseye on the target a few feet away. He smiled, not to be outdone.

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Zeb rolled his eyes "Haven't we all?" He said grudgingly. Sniper shooting wasn't his strongest point.

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Zeb jabbed her quickly in the side with two fingers just as she was about to shoot. He pulled a face and stood up "I think I'll just... stop now" He said humorously.

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Zeb ruffled her hair. 'Only at this wimpy excuse for a skill" he said. He didn't see the point of them anyway. Snipers, thatt is. There was no thrill, no joy as you pounced on your target.

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Zeb looked at her with a sneer. "Wanna bet? I think you'll find I at least best you in hand-to-hand. I was brought up my entire life to do that s#!t" he said back, traipsing out the door at to the Combat room, as if daring her to follow.

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