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Zeb walked in and looked around. This was his favourite room, simply because he knew he was good at the activities it provided.

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Zeb looked back at her. "So... what?" he said, taunting her. "Why did you follow me?" he teased, knowing exactly why.

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((I've made minor changes to my character, sorry to interrupt. Different looks at one new weakness. Just thought you should know!))

Zeb laughed. "Yeah, right" he said, looking at her form, already spotting a few of many different pressure points that could disable her. He put his hat down gently on the floor by the wall.

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Zeb smiled "Even so..." he moved to the 1X1 mat... and then walked off it, heading for a kick bag. He stood by it and held out a hand. "Hit it with your best shot" he said, teasing her.

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Zeb smiled. He gently put a foot up to the bag and then pushed it, hard. It swung and came back around to hit Zeb. But Zeb wasn't there. He was behind Tabby with two fingers on a pressure point at her Collarbone and another one just above her collarbone. "Your go" he whispered in her ear. One twitch from her and he put pressure on her, causing all the tension from her body to leave... as well as any muscle use.

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Zeb smiled "... What would I have to gain by doing that?" He asked slyly. He pressed down lightly, but then released and took several steps back. He bowed, still looking her.

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Zeb let out a low whistle "Girl with a temper" he assessed coolly, secretly kinda impressed.

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Zeb chuckled and turned, turning to a small punching bag in the shape of a human male. He walked behind it, starting to press into seemingly random points on the punching bag. He walked around, jabbing and punching.

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Zeb looked up and smiled, still attacking the dummy. "Hells yeah" he said enthusiastically. "My best weapon. Is your a sniper?" he asked her jokingly.

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Waggling his eyebrows he stopped, clenching and un-clenching his hands. "So... What's your favourite gun? Ever?"

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"Figured" Zeb said simply, grabbing a towel from a corner and wiped his face. He sniffed and headed toward the door. On the way out he paused in the door frame. He backed up, coming to stand in front of a light switch. Looking around he took off the case to it and inside was a small device. Taking it out he plugged in some ear buds and started playing with it. It was an Ipod of some sort. Nodding in satisfaction he continued walking, not giving Tabby a backwards glance.

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Zeb looked back at her and pulled out an earbud as he selected some music. "I dunno. Where are you going?" He asked, eyebrows raised, his piercing glinting under the lights.

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"Well, here's a plan. I can follow you, you can follow me and we can both get lost together. If not, we could always go and get some food?" He said, cracking his knuckles by force of habit.

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"Beating me, eh?" He said cautiously. "Is that what you think happened?"

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"Ok!" He said quickly. "My pride bows down to yours, apparently." He chuckled "Let's go into town, if you wanna eat. I'm sure they won't kill us." he paused mid step. "Actually, they probably would kill us, but who cares, right? Let's go." He walked out with intent.

((Rp in the town?))

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