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This is where heroes train, for their first time and in their mission down-time. To give you an idea:

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Kyle waltzed in, Rose right behind. He grabbed a sword.
"lets do this."

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Hannibal strolled into the training room and looked around and selected a broad axe off the weapons rack.

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((not rose....angel...))

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Angel carefully selects her own sword. She turns to Hannibal. "To make this a fair match, will you get us going?" she asks him.

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"Yes. Come on Hannibal, help us out." Kyle begged. Meg entered the room from the back, she just wanted to watch, not participate.

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"Unless you want it to be two against one. Kyle and I against you." Angel said, looking at Hannibal questioningly.

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"Two against one that would be fine." Hannibal putting the broad ax back an selecting a staff Hannibal prepared himself and got that glint in his eyes he always gets before a practice or fight.

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"Alright then. Lets do this." Kyle said, getting excited. Meg grabbed her popcorn. "This is going to be good." She whispered to herself.

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"Yes, lets start." Hannibal said sweeping his staff under Kylie's feet knocking him on the floor.

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Angel used her sword to break the staff in half. She then stepped in front of KYLE to give him time to get up.

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"Thank you." Hannibal said and used part of his staff to hit her in the stomach and the other he kept free.

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"@#$%&*@#$! Ow, that hurt! Dude! I'm a girl! Take it easy!" Angel shouted. She wave her sword around a bit, trying to keep her balance. She regained it as Kyle was getting up, and whacked Hannibal on the side of his head with the non-sharp part of her blade. HARD. "YOU @#$%&*&%$#@$#*&%! You'll pay for that!" She grabbed an ax, sheathing her sword and cut one half of the staff into inch and a half pieces. She threw the ax at the wall and turned back to Hannibal and Kyle, who were currently fighting.

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Hannibal dodged one of Kyle's attacks and grabbed a spear nearby him.

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"All that for nothing!" Angel said, grabbing a weight. She threw the weight, which hit the spearhead, knocking it off and squashing it. She then grabbed a rope (she was able to do this since Hannibal was more concerned with Kyle, who was getting better quickly) and tied a small loop at the end. She dropped the loop around Hannibal's arms/shoulders and pulled, then tied the other end to a rafter. Hannibal didn't seem to notice.

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Kyle dodged another swing from Hannibals sword. He ducked down as the sword went next to his head.
"Wow! What are you trying to do? Kill me?" He exclaimed. Meg leaned forward in her seat. It was getting intense.

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Hannibal cut the ropes with a dagger that he carries he then proceed to grab a sword hitting the hilt of the sword into Kyle's stomach and retreated to prepare his next move.

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Kyle groaned and kicked Hannibal in the shin, then knocked him to the ground. He stepped on his chest.
"Ow. That hurt." He said, breathing hard. meg stood up. She grabbed her sword. She was going to help Hannibal out. She kicked Kyle off of Hannibal and helped him up.
"There. Now you guys have even teams."

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"If you insist." Hannibal said handing her a sword he grabbed a claymore and smiled.

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"I'll take angel?" She asked him, slicing at Kyle who had gotton to close for comfort.

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"Go ahead I'll take care of Kyle." Hannibal said kicking Kyle the ribs as he proceed to advance.

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Kyle heard a crack when Hannibal kicked his ribs. He groaned and swung his sword blindly. It sliced Hannibal down the arm.
Meg countered an Attack from Angel. She swum.g her sword, and cut her hand.
"That was a warning." She said grinning.

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Hannibal brought then flat of the claymore on his already crushed ribs then sweeping his feet out from under him Kyle fell on the ground hard.

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Kyle was gasping for air. He could barley breathe.
"Ok. Ok. I surrender." He moaned. Meg gasped and stopped fighting. She glared at Hannibal.
"Wow. We are practicing. Not trying to robe someone of their breath."

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"This is a little more realistic." Hannibal said sheathing the claymore and turning to Meg.

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Meg folded her arms. "Don't care. That's my best friend right there." She gestured to Kyle. He was standing up. He pulled out his sword. "I'm fine." He said, shakily.

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"Your not fine I know that for a fact." Hannibal said to Kyle with he usually voice no emotion at all.

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Kyle shook his head. "No. I really am fine." He protested. Meg put her hands on her hips.
"No you're not. Come on."

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Angel, who had been wrapping her hand as they talked, pounced on Hannibal from behind. Hannibal fell to the ground, and Meg and Angel sat on him to keep him down. "WHAT in the name of the gods is going on here? Oh, dear. Hannibal, how many times have we told you that this is the TRAINING center for a reason? We have had too many years of peace! The monsters will be rising soon! What if his ribs are still broken when we need him to fight?" Mia says, gesturing to Kyle. "And no, you are not alright, Kyle." Mia says, looking at him.

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"How many times do I have to tell you people training compares nothing to a real battle and his ribs will heal soon I've done this more than once." Hannibal replied.

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"Ok, your right." Kyle winced in pain. "I think he broke more than a few." He held his hand to his side and breathed deeply. Meg got off of Hannibal and walked over to kyle. She gently pressed her hand to his side. He winced. "He broke about five on this side." Meg said softly.

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"What did he do this time." Dieu said walking in the training room.

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"What do you think?" Mia told the god. "We'll need to put him under house arrest again. Let Blaze know."
"Mia? Dieu? Someone get him. I'd rather stay alive." Angel said, pointing to a wiggling Hannibal, who was under her.

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"Very well." Dieu said and branches and leaves started wrapping Hannibal till he couldn't move.

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Angel stood up and walked over to thee god. "Thank you, Dieu. Hey! That rhymes!" Angel said. Mia rolled her eyes.

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"Yes now lets get him to his room." Dieu said picking up. Hannibal

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"I think you can do that on your own..." Mia said, watching Dieu easily lift up Hannibal.

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"Very well." Dieu said and carried him to his room.

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Meg was to concerned over Kyle to really pay attention to Hannibal. She was mad. She gently placed her hand on Kyle's other side.
"7. He broke twelve." She said softly. Kyle winced.
"Man, it hurts to breathe."

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"Lad how many times do I have to tell you it training." Dieu said and put Hannibal in his room locking the door from the outside.

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"He's locked in." Dieu said walking back to them.

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Meg nodded. "Good. Now, we need a doctor." She said softly. Kyle winced again.

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"How many ribs did He break?" Dieu asked.

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"12." Meg said. "He says it hurts to even breathe." Kyle moaned but didn't say anything. It hurt to talk.

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"Hopefully on on the ribs didn't impale one of his lungs." Dieu said and gently picked him up.

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"Ouch!" Kyle excalimed. Meg stood up.
"Gentle!" She exclaimed, following them.

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"Sorry." He said and kept walking.

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Kris Harte (kristatic) | 24 comments Serena told alone in the training room, loving the silence as she attacked the dummy with her sword, Shatid.

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Mia walked in. "Hello, dear. Please remember that dummies are expensive!" she joked.

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Kris Harte (kristatic) | 24 comments "Well he had it coming." Serena said

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