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D.W. Brown | 1 comments Good day to the group. I'm a retired military officer turned author. My novels are Lost Time, Barter for Life, and Unconscious Lies. Look forward to talking books with you in this group. I'm on most social media sites also: FB, twitter, pinterest, and linkedin...
my website is:

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Ashlee North (authorashleenorth) | 1 comments Hello... My name's Ashlee North and I'm the published author of five wonderful books appealing to women of all ages... I will only do this intro the once and tell you about my books... definitely won't be a hard sell... okay? Okay!

This is my author bio...
Ashlee North is in her mid thirties and lives on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
She is a lover of words and music, adores writing and finds the most joy in taking readers on a journey with her stories.
Ashlee’s life has been filled with events, both good and bad, which moulded and changed her and eventually have given her wings to fly.
She has learned from her experiences, found victory over difficulties and discovered true and lasting love in the process.
Ashlee’s writing always tries to portray the hope that even in the hardest of circumstances there is hope for the future and that love may very well be right around the corner.
She has a gorgeous daughter and a wonderfully handsome and supportive husband, both who are the loves of her life.
Ashlee has a career as a writer, but also another; helping disabled young people to live better and more enjoyable lives.
Her own personal journey is inspiring and she pours all of these things into her manuscripts, her care for others, and her love for life.
She lives with passion and gives her all to her endeavours, in the hope that her life, her writing, and her work will make even a small difference to the world.
Ashlee has so far written five books; ‘Caitlin and the Café Man’; ‘Because of the Secret’; ‘Wake me up so I can Dream’; ‘Circling Carousels’; and ‘The Storm that Brews Within’.

My books vary in genre and the way they are written, but each of them is fresh and exciting, with an underlying message of hope and joy and the desire for new beginnings. You can find me in the Goodreads Author pages and also on Amazon, facebook under or on my author website... just Google There's "Caitlin and the Café Man"; "Because of the Secret"; "Wake me up so I can Dream"; "Circling Carousels" and "The Storm that Brews Within".

Sneak peak at Caitlin and the Café Man...
Cascading with every possible emotion, Caitlin and the Café Man is the bittersweet love story of one woman's struggle to find joy. It is about life and love, of some things lost, and some found. Caitlin will touch your heart and take you on a roller coaster journey of gains and losses, hope and hopelessness. Each word in the book weaves together a tapestry of what makes Caitlin who she is and who she will eventually become. It tells of her desire for love and meaning, and the ultimate joy. After spending half her life suffering from pain, illness, and sadness, Caitlin finally finds sweet victory. The woven colours of a life lived so long without true love, open up into a rainbow when Caitlin finds her Café Man. The path she has to tread to fulfil her soul, live her life, and feel again, will leave you wishing for more, long after the final page.

Sneak peak at Because of the Secret...
Brimming with expectation and anticipation, ‘Because of the Secret’ will take you on a journey within the lives of six young people who changed the whole course of their lives in one unexpected night. Without realising the implications an accident will engulf them, plague them and mould them into different people than they ever thought they would be.
You will explore the secret, how it happened, its immediate effect and the ever unfolding results of holding something in which is so life changing. You will be drawn in and become involved and touched by the stories of the characters.
Fear and worry will consume them, death and sadness will destroy them and life and love will envelope them on the path to the final outcome – the playing out of lives derailed ‘because of the secret’.
Seb and Charlotte, Tarni and Kyle, Rebecca and Zoe will let you into their lives and take you through the whole range of possible emotions over the ten years which follow the ‘accident’. You will feel what they feel, find parts of yourself in their personalities, and ultimately travel with them to grieve, to lose almost all, and then feel a somewhat tarnished joy at the end of the journey.
‘Because of the Secret’ is filled with passion. It’s a story which will stay with you long after the final page and a give reason to live to the full every day - for life is short and the path unknown.

Sneak peak at Wake me up so I can Dream...
Wake me up so I can Dream is a disturbing story of nightmares, visions, dreams and fears, which will leave you questioning everything in the confusing world of the beautiful lead character, Sasha.
She is a young woman with a tortured past, but a gentle soul, who after much hardship falls in love, against the odds, with Michael, who once was just a friend. Michael will love her immensely, but things will change, swiftly and dramatically, in concerning scenarios, leaving you and the characters in wonderment and turmoil.
Without warning Sasha starts to see strange visions and seems to be losing the man she loves to a ghostly figure, who walks in and out of her life at will, determined to take everything she has. Sasha feels she’s losing her grip on reality. Plagued by fear, paranoia and fluctuating emotions, she endeavours to find answers and return to her once happy, successful life.
Feelings of insanity bite at her heels and she seeks help. With this the mystery continues to unfold. Eventually Sasha will find some understanding and a little peace in her nightmarish existence, only to be plunged back into an even greater disturbance.
Wake me up so I can Dream will keep you in suspense until the very last page. You will hold your breath for Sasha, you’ll journey with her in confusion, you’ll feel afraid, you’ll feel the depths of her misery and you may even find some joy in these pages and its ultimately beautiful story!

Sneak peak at Circling Carousels...
In a perfect world, the carousel of life should be a beautiful thing. It should turn with beauty and grace, in peaceful, joyous revolutions. In reality, sometimes, this is just not the case! Regardless of our reaching for happiness the ride can still grind on, spin uncontrollably and leave bruises in its wake. ‘Circling Carousels’ is such a story.
In these pages you will fall in love with Candice and her lovely twin girls; Sienna and Crystal. As the story unfolds you’ll ride their carousel with them in convoluted circles, full of murderous intrigue, life threatening danger, massive deceit, not so innocent love, burning hatred and soul destroying evil!
You will experience their birth and their lives, follow in despair and hope and long for a happy ending for them all. Their story will take you from the lows of complete poverty and underworld activity, to the heights of riches, which for them will come at a terrible price. Men will love them, own them, use them, hate them with passion and sell their very souls! Women will trick them, hurt them, help them, control them and eventually bring them healing!
Sienna and Crystal will be torn from each other, in dreadful circumstances, and you will be enthralled by the twists and turns! This book is hard to put down and it will keep you hoping, dreaming and longing for something good… unable to do anything else but ride the ever turning carousel, until the final engrossing page.

I'd love to chat with you all, get to know you and have you buy and enjoy my books and I'd love to learn from you about social media...anything will help...

Love & Blessings... Ashlee North

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D.W. wrote: "Good day to the group. I'm a retired military officer turned author. My novels are Lost Time, Barter for Life, and Unconscious Lies. Look forward to talking books with you in this group..."

Hello Sir. A pleasure to meet someone who served our great country, I have a TON of respect for people like you. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Ashlee wrote: "Hello... My name's Ashlee North and I'm the published author of five wonderful books appealing to women of all ages... I will only do this intro the once and tell you about my books... definitely w..."

Hey Ashlee,

Nice to meet you. Your writing looks interesting. There are several people in this group who can help you learn about social media, including me. If you need anything, please let me know. I've created several discussions for the major social media sites out there, but I do discuss and use numerous smaller ones as well. I hope you are having a great day.

Take care,


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