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Katherine Thompson | 3 comments This weekend there are three great books available for free download.

The day I woke up by K Thompson is her story of the first ten months living with retrograde amnesia. Inspirational and moving are they reviews so far. Also amazing conversion story.Free on the 15th and 16th June.

Also by K Thompson is the Authentic Christian life study. A 21 week study on how to live as the 'real you'. Free on the 14th - 16th June.

What's it all about? An overview of the bible, by G Thompson - This is new to digital format, but has been in paperback since 2003 and thousands have read it. If you are someone who struggles understanding the bible - this is a GREAT book. Simple, easy to read and understand. Once reading it, you'll understand the bible so much clearer. FREE 14th - 16th June.

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Katherine Thompson | 3 comments Free today 14th - 16th June

What's it all about? Bible over view

I am sure we have all heard of the bible, may even have read some, in fact, we possibly even own one ... But do we understand it? Today's FREE kindle download What's it all about? Is an overview of the bible - simple and easy to understand, helping anyone who wants to know what the bible is actually all about.

Free today just follow the link and download :)


US -

message 3: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Thompson | 3 comments FREE Today (Sat and Sun) on KINDLE

The day I woke is my story of living life with retrograde amnesia.

From the depths of being both lost and alone. Chronicling the first 10 months; The very first moment of looking around and not knowing where I was, or even, who I was to meeting people for what in my mind was the first time, family, friends and loved ones, to building a life again.

Inspiring and encouraging, with 5 star reviews, a story that is true, and new.

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