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Dori Gehling | 161 comments Check out this week's selection of freebies! Move quickly, though....they're not free forever.

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C.M. Gray (cmgray) | 7 comments Free 11th - 13th June on Amazon Kindle

Shadowland by C.M.Gray

4.3 stars average after 72 reviews.

A historical fantasy set in dark ages Britain tells the story of Uther Pendragon father of the legendary Arthur.

Amazon US -

Amazon UK -

Please review on Amazon, Thanks!

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Book Blitz, Excerpt & FREEBIE!! The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard

Just click the links on my blog to get your copy!

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Matthew Bourns (expattx) | 1 comments The Birdcatcher by Stacy Bourns

Free Today & Tomorrow 6/14 & 6/15

Hello My wife's first novel is free on amazon for the next two days. It is a YA paranormal Romance set in 1865. It tells the story of Alice and her journey from Liverpool to Texas, emigrating to the US with her family. The novel is the first in the series and cover the sea crossing aboard a steamship.

Amazon US -

Amazon UK -

Reviews on Amazon or here would be welcome.

With a heavy heart, sixteen-year old Alice Davison boards a transatlantic steamship heading toward an unknown life in post-Civil War America. This dread soon blossoms into terror when she senses that there is someone, or something, lurking in the dark crevices of the ship. When a new friend mysteriously dies, Alice finds that her worst fears have come true: she and the other passengers are trapped on board with a creature straight out of a Gothic novel. Vampires, it seems, are all too real.

Unfortunately, danger doesn't only prowl in the dark bowels of the ship. It also thrives in the sparkling rooms of first class and even hides in the murky waters of the Atlantic. And when she finds herself ensnared by a first-class passenger, enchanting Sir Henry Falkner, she can't even be sure whether he is her suitor or her enemy.

Thanks for looking

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Ashley | 1 comments This is my first short story based around modern vampires on kindle if you like the look of it please donwload it while it is free and review it on amazon to support a teenage writer.



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Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl- for fans of Jane Austen, Bridget Jones...and Billy Joel.

Romantic comedy full of wit and wisdom.

FREE for the next few days on ALL Amazon platforms



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FREE for the next five days on Kindle (All Amazon platforms) is A Canterbury Crime.

For fans of Peter James, ELizabeth George and Peter Robinson.

A British Detective story.


USA: Canterbury Crime"A Canterbury Crime

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Liz DeJesus (lizdejesus23) | 1 comments Hi!

My name is Liz DeJesus and I'm the author of the YA fantasy novel First Frost. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the book's release date I've decided to make the book available on amazon for free.

It's on sale from June 21st til June 23rd!

Happy reading!

Liz DeJesus First Frost (First Frost, #1) by Liz DeJesus

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