Brida Brida question

What does this book convey ?
Lakshmi Lakshmi Jun 11, 2013 02:34AM
Of course I loved the book.. absolutely... but then I had a doubt on what is it trying to tell me.Paulo Coelho conveys something or the other through his books. In this book I just couldn't understand what. I would be glad if people could give their thoughts on this topic.

in a way, it states that nothing is right or wrong - both the ways of the Sun and the Moon have their own significance and together they strike a balance..

Daniela Sánchez nice meaning!
Sep 12, 2013 08:49AM

read it twice...finishing once will give you the result.second reading will give you the meaning.

this book is, i think, another spiritual route. sometimes when i was reading this book, i felt like i was unknowingly becoming a cotraveller in brida's journey. as i once told u, paulo gives many messages through his books. so look at each chapter, you will find something beautiful.

I am going to follow one advice above, and that is to read it again, because even though at that moment ( very long time ago) , when I read it completely got me ,i t stamped my heart,at this point of my life I know it will be a totally diffetent fullfilling experience an will have different meanings for me now.

He just wanted to show you that meeting your soulmate is by itself a great event, even if your relationship doesn't last or you spend a life-time together. Also wanted to show you that you could meet more than one soulmate. Also showed that in love you always have the choice. He just demolished all the delusions and myths about love, which is I assume great.

I loved the both traditions, however I am not fond of witchcraft.

This book is basically author's own views about spirituality, soul mate, soul degradation and witchcraft all put together in the form of a story. Most of the things said are kind of metaphor.So, try to look and read things in a philosophical way.

It talks about spirituality, Faith, a path that when u tread will lead u to a 'bridge' that connects the physical and the spiritual world.

witch craft !!

what i felt was each line of this book teach us something new...and there is lot to learn form it....

I agree

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