Forever Too Far (Rosemary Beach, #3; Too Far, #3) Forever Too Far question

lsat book?
Christine Christine Jun 10, 2013 11:43PM
Is this the last book between blaire and rush? I haven't started the series because I wanted all the books to be out before I dove into them!
thanks in advance:)
ps. do you recommend the series? the last book hasnt been getting that great comments/reviews

yes it is the last book for Rush and Blaire. However, there will be another book this summer from Wood's story, Simple Perfection, and we will probably get glimpses of them.

This is the order you should read....
Fallen Too Far
Never Too Far
Twisted Perfection
Forever Too Far

then Simple Perfection when it comes out

So far yes, but on her facebook page she said if Rush wins book boyfriend she'll write Fallen Too Far from his POV, but honestly I am trying to push for a forth book in the series and not ANOTHER his POV, I am sooo tired of authors doing that.

Megan Neither do I (although I did it for Walking Disaster and This Girl) but the story has already been told. There is no shock about what's going to happe ...more
Jun 20, 2013 11:32PM
Christine oh okay! thats good to know! thanks:)
Jun 22, 2013 11:52AM

There is also another spinoff series for Grant story.

The first book to that series is called "This One Chance" set to be released this year (no exact date) and the second is called "Take A Chance"

Isnt twisted perfection like a spinoff series? cz in too far series theirs only three books and then the spin off series perfection with Woods and Della and that has one book out and one to come. What about Grant. I really want Grant and Harlow.

Yes it is the last book in this series!!!

Yes this is the last Book based on rush and blaire but there are spin off series like twisted perfection. i love these books so much i'm very picky about books that i read and honestly i love these book so much. i love the characters. no i take that back i'm obsessed with the characters!
please go see my Dream Cast for Fallen Too Far series and Twisted Perfection on Pinterest heres the link

I love all these spin offs, and I'm usually one who hates them, but i love how in these books its all interlaced/related:)

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