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message 1: by Vishy (new)

Vishy | 156 comments Mod
Sahasranaman wrote: "Have any of you purchased second hand books from online stores like Amazon and Infibeam? How have your experiences been?

They're more expensive than regular second hand bookstores, so do you th..."

I have got used books from Infibeam. I typically do that when a book is out of print or the price of the used book is very less when compared to the price of a new book. When I tried getting it the first time, I was a bit apprehensive (the book was Nicole Brossard's 'Yesterday, at the Hotel Clarendon') but I needn't have worried, because the book reached me in around 10 days and it was a hardback and it was in excellent condition and as good as new (just a library stamp on the first page). A first hand edition is priced at around Rs.1000/- while the used book cost me around Rs.400/-. For me, since I rarely re-read a book, that is value for money, especially because the book is as good as new, in look and feel. Since then I have got a few more used books - 'Missing Person' by Patrick Modiano and 'Trap for Cinderella' by Sebastien Japrisot (this has been out of print for nearly 20 years - I am lucky to have got this one). A few more out of print books are on the way :)

I don't know of Indian sites which sell used books other than Infibeam and Amazon, but there are international sites which sell used books. Some of the famous ones are Powell's books (, Half price books ( and Abe books ( Unfortunately, they all charge for shipping which is at times more expensive than the cost of the book itself. Infibeam doesn't charge for shipping and so it is better.

To add one more name to the list, Blossom books at Bangalore sells used books. They have an actual store in Bangalore and they also sell online. ( But when I checked out, their stock doesn't seem to be that great (the above books weren't there).

message 2: by Jagadeesh (new)

Jagadeesh | 1 comments vishy... could u provide me the link for used books purchase from infibeam and amazon?

message 3: by Vishy (new)

Vishy | 156 comments Mod
Jagadeesh wrote: "vishy... could u provide me the link for used books purchase from infibeam and amazon?"

If you search for a book in Infibeam, you will find a link to buying a new copy of the book as well as links for buying used copies of the book. Their prices are indicated and so you can compare them too. I am assuming that Amazon has a similar system.

message 4: by Ananth (new)

Ananth Lakshmanan | 10 comments you can send a request to You can get delivered next day. Fictions price varies from 150 to 200 for any used - good books.

message 5: by Vishy (new)

Vishy | 156 comments Mod
Sahasranaman wrote: "Thanks for the encouragement, Vishy. I ordered my first second hand book from Infibeam yesterday. It is the Broom of the System by DFW. The website lists the condition of the book only as 'Good'..."

Nice to know that, Sahas. I am pretty sure that the copy you get will be good. Looks like you are into DFK these days :) Happy reading!

message 6: by Vishy (new)

Vishy | 156 comments Mod
Ananth wrote: "you can send a request to You can get delivered next day. Fictions price varies from 150 to 200 for any used - good books."

Thanks Ananth. I will write to them, next time I am thinking of buying a secondhand book.

message 7: by Suraj (new)

Suraj Mahant you can find here a comprehensive list of the best used book online stores in India
you can also go to to get free used books

message 8: by Ananth (new)

Ananth Lakshmanan | 10 comments T Nagar has one off the biggest secondhand book shop

message 9: by Ananth (new)

Ananth Lakshmanan | 10 comments 32 Venkatnarayana Road, Palani Center, T nagar..

message 10: by Md (new)

Md Mehraj | 3 comments Now buy used books online
free shipping. Cod available across india

message 11: by Jessy (new)

Jessy G R | 1 comments Now you can buy books online at at low cost

message 12: by Siva (new)

Siva Ranjan | 5 comments Thanks for this. I ordered a few books - they have a good collection

message 13: by Arun (new)

Arun Manickam (arunmanick) | 1 comments Now we can buy used books in Amazon India site itself. Try these two sellers.

Save Earth Books


message 14: by Vijayan (new)

Vijayan Dharmaraj | 4 comments Hi guys good to see people discuss about reading books lot.. i have been looking for this book for quite some time but its too costly. In amazon for 11000. Do suggest any websites for 2nd hand or rental basis. book name:New cells New bodies New life by Virginia essene.. If anybody come across do post it here..

message 15: by Thebookvamp (new)

Thebookvamp  (thebookvamp) | 3 comments Hi booklovers... Now bookchor is making a difference it is a online second hand book store they hv website as well as Android app every Sundays they host Sunday market wr they sell books from just 32rs. I also made the review about them in my YouTube channel link in bio. This is not sponsored or something. Just spreading the word with my fellow bbooklovers

message 16: by Ramesh (new)

Ramesh (srames) | 3 comments found this site while looking for used books , prices are reasonable and found few interesting books

message 17: by Varunsp (new)

Varunsp | 4 comments I'm looking for Ponniyin Selvan English translation by C.V. Karthik Narayanan..Where can I find 1 in Chennai... checked several sites & it's nt available... !! Can somebody help me out with dis. ? Thanks in advance...:)

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