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Brianna♥ (briannaforrest) | 964 comments Mod
Authors are allowed to promote their books in this folder. If you are an author and would like to promote your book, please create a new thread in this folder with the information.

Please only comment below if you have any questions about this folder.

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C.M. Doporto (cmdoporto) | 3 comments My NA Fantasy Romance, Element, Part 1 is Free on all major eBook retail sites. Check it out!


Element, Part 1 by C.M. Doporto

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Brianna♥ (briannaforrest) | 964 comments Mod

Can you please create new threads for these two books? You will then be able to better promote the books and get the interest of members. This thread is dedicated to the rules and questions of this folder. Please let me know if you have any questions on how to do this. :)


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C.M. Doporto (cmdoporto) | 3 comments Sure, no problem :)

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Hello, Great group, I am Jane Brooke, a 22 year old lesbian British savage writer of LGBT/LESBIAN/HETERO all genders erotica and I have this year 8 new books from Amazon and of course with my PIC on my page. My work described to me by my readers is savage, URBAN, RAW, Ultra sexual, profane, beautiful and finally bullet in the head MY GENERATION-REAL. I do a yearly jaunt through the underground sex, scene and fetish clubs of Europe, and infuse my work with what I see, as a voyeur in these freedom loving people’s private lives. My work is not for the weak-of-heart, so SEAT BELT REQUIRED, and since I am done whoring myself, a girl uses what she has, BIG SMILE, WTF just dropped an ash from my cigarette into my tequila shot, smoke in my eyes, collateral damage of being a writer, Cheers Jane from LondonJane, Vegas PiThe Hit Woman's Assassination Handbook

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Emily is it alright for me to ask for beta readers in this folder?

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Brianna♥ (briannaforrest) | 964 comments Mod
Emily wrote: "is it alright for me to ask for beta readers in this folder?"

Yes, that would be fine. :)

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Mia Kerick | 10 comments Hi. I am author Mia Kerick and I have written a YA gay romance called Intervention. It is about two eighteen-year-old boys, one a senior in high school and one a freshman at an arts university, who work together at a local coffee bar. Kai, the free-spirited and sexually aware high school senior, is the musician at Coed Joe's. Jamie, a coffee server, is a silent and surly visual artist, who refuses to engage in even so much as a civil word with Kai. Through accidental circumstances, Kai learns that Jamie has been abused by an older stepbrother, and he immediately knows that he wants to help Jamie to emerge from his protective shell. He designs a "musical intervention" to communicate with Jamie, which focuses on popular songs' lyrics.

Thank you for giving me the chance to tell you about my book.

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Hi there. I'm just letting you guys that my new book "Fighting for Love: From One To Another" Fighting for Love From One to Another by Ezekiel Mosoatsi is available at amazon and other bookstores. And here is the link as well; http://sbpra.com/EzekielMosoatsi

Your support means a lot to me, I'll really appreciate that as well as the reviews and rates for this wonderful book. I'm so sure that you'll enjoy it.

Thanks. :-)
Ezekiel Mosoatsi

Fighting for Love From One to Another by Ezekiel Mosoatsi

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Jackie Williams | 11 comments I have one book particularly aimed at YA. It's a lovely story set in Harrow U.K and tells of the long term but one sided love affair of Carrie and her best friend Daniel.

The book does contain some swearing and refers to sex but it is not explicit in any way.

If anyone has the time and the inclination to read it I hope that they enjoy it enough to leave a comment or two. Thank you.

Silent Treatment


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Sarah Oxford (sarahloxford) | 1260 comments Hi Jackie,
You could submit it to our Read to Review program if you'd like :)

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(Jane, Vegas PI)See GR's reviews.Jane, Vegas Pi

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Anne O'Gleadra (anneogleadra) | 2 comments I am ridiculously excited to announce the release of my first (published) novel earlier this month:


Niles and Rylan have been together a long time and as far as their family and friends are concerned, they're an established couple, and yet, after three years of being "together", Niles is still unsure if they're actually, you know, together-together.

As their sexual intensity reaches a dangerous tipping point, Niles must find the courage to articulate how he feels in order to try and keep the only thing he has ever wanted.


It's Like This depicts young people exploring edgier sexualities and the harm that insecurities and communication failures can create within relationships. It contains explicit sexuality and BDSM elements.

It may be purchased on Amazon or at Beaten Track Publishing.

Please come visit my author page for more information! Better yet, send me a friendvite--I'm friendly even by Canadian standards!

There is currently a giveaway being hosted by the charming and gracious review blog, Boys in our Books. The draw date is July 28th, so comment soon!

Thanks for reading!

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Nina (author_ninaslack) | 4 comments Verloren by Nina Jean Slack https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2...

Name of book: Verloren by Nina Slack

Verloren- a beautiful German word meaning lost. Imagine being lost in a fairy- tale world in the enchanting forests of Germany. Anything could happen... and does happen. Will you ever find your way out? Do you even want to? The woods captivate and inspire, haunt and frighten. So, what are you waiting for? Step inside...

1800's Germany- The Land Of Fairy Tales. Albert and Delilah become lost in the enchanting woods of Germany. They encounter creatures and mysteries that have long existed for hundreds of years. Missing children, creatures that can talk, betrayal, realizations come to light that frighten and captivate the heart- and they must find their way out of the woods.

Direct Link: http://www.amazon.com/Verloren-Nina-S...

Kindle edition will be made available in 12 hours or less, paperback version is available right now.

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Gale (goodreadscomglredw) | 86 comments C.M. wrote: "My NA Fantasy Romance, Element, Part 1 is Free on all major eBook retail sites. Check it out!


Element, Part 1 (The Natalie Vega Saga, #1) by C.M. Doporto"

I downloaded it and will read

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Haven Francis (agirlandherbooks) | 25 comments Love Is Relative
Hi everyone! If you're in the mood for forbidden love, my romance Love Is Relative is available for FREE on AMAZON now through Sunday. Get it here: http://www.amazon.com/Love-Relative-D...

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Jaime Scarfuto | 1 comments How do I create a new thread to promote my new book?

Thank you,

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Dana Kaledin | 1 comments Never a Dream by Polina Traore
Never a Dream

When Rain - a dreamy designer - buys an antique cross, she begins to see visions of her previous life in her lucid dreams. A series of accidental events begin to bring the people from her dreams into her real life: Charlie - a quirky girl from the pub, Matt - an aspiring rock star, and Ed - a jaded club owner. If there is something they all share - it’s a burnt down mansion, a small ominous town, and a century-old legend about two crosses.

$0.99 September 22-24
$1.99 September 24-26
$2.99 September 26-28
$3.99 September 29


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Stacia Leigh (stacialeigh) Riding with the Hides of Hell: A Love Story has only seven days left on Kindle Scout. Click ( https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/1PS8... ) to nominate! If it wins, the nominees will get a free copy.

It's a YA romance about a hellish road trip of tough luck and a lot of tough love.

I appreciate the support. Thank you,
Stacia Leigh

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Leo Borgelin | 3 comments We Were Once Gods

We were once Gods,
living high in the mountain tops
Free of order, roaming the free land,
The day was young, but it had yet to grow,
Giving time the opening to run aimlessly

But then the day grew old,
Time limited itself, order became my captor
holding me with its bare hands as time marks my new boundaries,
I now sit on a flat land with no ups and downs
Restricted to travel a day's worth abroad my new land,
Never again are we to reach our beloved land

The mountains were high
And the Greenland was low,
Never again we were to access our beloved land,
Foreign to us as we now know it,
But still strong in our roots
To only serve as a reminder to what kind of life we once lived,
As our only option we helped these new Gods grow,
Nurturing the Gods because they remind us of what was once ours,

For we too were once in their land,
As we had fallen from the mountain tops,
They will do accordingly,
Side by side in the land where time age,
No longer in the Mountains where youth persist
For this is the life of us Gods


Read More

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Hi! I've written a Mature YA contemporary romance called Everything Begins With Us. It's a story about the power of music, and pursuing your dreams, despite the sacrifices. The book is available here: https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Beg...

I appreciate the support. Thank you!
E.A. Andrews

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Melissa Adams | 4 comments Lake Emerald Chronicles: Fall In Love
The series is completed!
Lake Emerald Chronicles: Fall In love,
the third and final instalment of my debut series is now live!
It’s a New Adult, contemporary Reverse Harem Romance.
You can also find the entire series available on KU, the links for all three books in the series are listed below, for anyone who would like to catch up.
I will put the blurb to book 3 at the end of this post.
To celebrate the release!!
book 1 will be FREE worldwide for today only,
While book 2: A Winter Tale will be on a special SALE price of 99 cents in the UK today for 24 hours,
And in the USA for 48 hours starting Wednesday the 20th of March.

Clary and the boys return to where it all began... Lake Emerald Summer Camp.
Will Clary’s newest yet oldest friend possibly become more than that? And will the others accept him into their midst?

With things heating up on the love front, danger returns as someone is still watching from the shadows and sending Clary threatening notes again.
When another girl gets attacked in the woods, Clary’s boys all come together to make sure the one they love the most is protected.

While Clary and her two best friends fall in love, they realise that nothing is what it seems and help can come from where you least expect it.

All the mysteries will be revealed in the conclusion of the trilogy: new relationships will form, some will dissolve and others will strengthen in the hottest summer Lake Emerald has seen yet.

TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains underage sex and drinking and some mild violence which some could find distressing. For readers 18+

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Melissa Adams | 4 comments The Initiation (BHPA #1
Admin Approved
💜💜💜The Initiation released today!💜💜💜
An academy RH, Light Bully Romance.
Beverly Hills Prep Academy is one of the top prep schools in the country: it will open all kind of doors for new transfer student Ayla, especially her dream college, Yale.
And Ayla needs a win after she got her heart broken by her former bestie who kissed her only to break her heart.
The school for the rich and famous is ruled by the A-Class: the smartest and brightest students at BHPA.

The A-Class is ruled by the A-Team: three hot guys all by the name of Alex.
Alex Richmond is the A-Team leader and he rules BHPA with an iron first.
What happens when he feels rejected by Ayla?
Things get dangerously complicated when his A-Team brothers show interest in the new girl.

Ayla feels attracted and repulsed at the same time by the three alpha males and a dangerous game of love, hate and betrayal begins.
Trouble is: who knows all the rules?
Who’ll get hurt in the process?

Add an ex nerd turned hottie who would do anything to be initiated into the A-Team, a jealous and vengeful ex girlfriend and cheerleader captain and all the pressure of a really tough school and this promises to be a hell of a year for Ayla.

This is a high school, LIGHT bully romance: possible trigger warnings are mild gang violence, underage (21) drinking and drug misuse.

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David Drum (darling1) | 2 comments My historical romance, Heathcliff: The Dark Years Heathcliff The Lost Years by David Drum is the untold story at the heart of Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

It will be released on September 30, 2019, in paperback and e-book.

Heathcliff The Lost Years by David Drum is an 18th century Gothic romance that tracks what happened to Heathcliff when he left Wuthering Heights for three years. This is not spelled out in Emily Bronte's original.

Heathcliff fled Wuthering Heights with a broken heart when the love of his life, Catherine Earnshaw, chose to marry a rich neighbor. Heathcliff left a beaten-down, adopted stable boy with no money to his name. He returned a rich and ruthless gentleman.

How he accomplished this incredible change is the topic of my novel.

It's an astounding story of a young man haunted by love. His search for wealth and respectability takes him to the seaport of Liverpool, onto a slave ship bound for Africa, across the Middle Passage, to Jamaica, and finally to London where a beautiful woman pulls him into a risky, dangerous plot by which he might change his life.

And he never, ever forgets his first love.

This would be for readers 18+, as it contains some sex and violence.

website for the book is www.heathcliffthelostyears.com

My website is www.daviddrumthewriter.com

I am giving away a couple of these books Heathcliff The Lost Years by David Drum in exchange for an honest Goodreads review.

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