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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((During the day these streets are just normal roads but come night, the street racers come and race their costume cars for money and pink slips))

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx stood in the shadows watching everyone. Her violet gaze shot between every face, criticizing them. She would lie and tell you she was just scoping out her competition, but really, she was looking for one face in particular. One she didn't think she'd miss or even crave to see again. One she should be terrified of, but strangely wasn't. Lucas. Lynx huffed, she sounded like a boy crazed girl, like the ones she used to make fun of back in Colorado. Shaking if off, Lynx leaned against a nearby tree, and adjusted the dark hood of her leather jacket over her head. Her dark hair was straightened and fall around her face in a dark curtain. Her makeup was heavier than it normally was, her eyes lined with darker, smokier colors and her lips were coated in a dark blood red. She looks haunting and dangerous. Perfect for what she was doing tonight. Lynx's eyes slid over to were the black 70's charger sat. It was pure muscle and power, there wasn't a chance any of these small town racers could beet what she was packing. Everything in her car was top of the line and engine was fine tuned. Everyone who came up to watch the race, had ventured over to where the car sat and were checking it out.

Maddox walked around the group of people with a beer in his hand. He loved coming up to watch the races, there were one of the few exciting things in this town. No, he had never raced in one, but a couple of his buddies did. The great thing about the race tonight was that it was a great distraction from the disaster he called his life. Ever since finding his mate three days ago, Maddox had been feeling like a piece of crap, Everything hurt on him, his skin itched and burned, but when he lifted he shirt there was nothing there. His throat was sore and he was rocking a killer headache. Yeah life was great.

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Antonia (adf7793) Since letting Lynx walk out of the diner instead of stopping her, Lucas had felt like an ass. He didn't even attempt to keep her from leaving because he had been confused and angry. He was confused because she made him feel things that he just couldn't understand, the kind of feeling he thought were reserved for mates. He was angry because all he had wanted to do was to beat that male caster within an inch of his life for putting Lynx in danger like that. Lucas had tried to come up with any plausible reason to go to her house and see her. Without starting a war...and he couldn't. So he had his more trusted packmates keeping an eye out for her in town, no one had seen her, until now. Here in the backroads. When he heard he arrived as fast as he could, the thought of her in another wreck driving him insane. The mere thought of her getting hurt nearly destroyed him. Lucas wasn't sure why, but he intended to find out. His packmate had told him Lynx was here, but so far he hadn't had the best of luck locating her. Lucas would catch her scent then lose it seconds later, it was rather irking.

Legion looked around for Lynx, she couldn't find her twin anywhere. They had arrived together, but she had soon lost her sister in the throng of people thirsting for a race. Since Lynx had been back they had drifted further and further apart, which she had never thought was possible. In a last ditch effort, Legion agreed to come to the backroads with Lynx...and so far it wasn't going as she had planned. Axer had been acting strangely arround her as well, and Cady...well she had just been MIA. Legion had no clue what was going on with the people closest to her in her life, only that she was feeling more alone than ever. All that plus the fact that her mate was an egotistical man-whore who seemed to want nothing to do with her...well it explained the drink in her hand. Legion had never drank before, never actually having time for it with training and leading in Lynx's stead. But tonight, she figured why not-- it can't be so bad, besides what was the worst that could happen? She would wake up with a killer hangover, that she could heal herself? Taking a deep breath, Legion finally downed the shot of vodka that she had been hold for the past half hour.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx felt like shit for ditching Legion the minute they got to the race. She didn't know why she couldn't allow herself to get close to her sister, They were twins for crying out loud! Lynx just couldn't get close to anyone, it was a defense mechanism for her. With no one close to her, she couldn't get hurt, it was as simple as that. Well, maybe not, but it made sense in Lynx's head. Lynx walked on the outskirts of the crowds of people. Her all black outfit allowed for her to blend in with the night and dark forest around her. With the help of her magic, she summoned shadows to cover her body, to help her blend even more. She had been back for three days, and so far, very few people knew she was there. She hoped to keep it that way, she didn't need to draw extra attention to herself.

Maddox was leaning against a large rock while his pack mates talked about some new chick they'd seen in the woods last night. They were talking about her curvy little body and dark hair. They were making bets about who could get her laid first. Maddox decided to keep his mouth shut. He could only assume they were talking about Lynx and he was going to let them make their own mistakes, just like he did. Lynx, whether she knew it or not, had a whole team of Werewolf bodyguards. His pack mates weren't getting any where close to the little caster. Or her sister, his subconscious added in. Legion. Damn he'd thought he'd go one night without thinking about the pretty caster girl, but no such luck.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas was getting rather irritated, how could his best trackers not find her? Sure, she was a caster...a powerful caster, Lucas corrected himself. But they were werewolves especially trained for finding cloaked spell casters. It was something they had been working on for a while now, and so far it had worked...until now that was. A flash of dark brown hair had him jerking his head in that direction, he had found her? He felt his hopes rising, only to be crushed when he realized it was Legion, not Lynx. He groaned, how was this caster able to take over his every thought in the span of a few days? Lucas shook his head in an attempt to change his thoughts, but he wasn't having much luck. He closed his eyes blocking out all the noise around him, finally. He caught her scent again, and rushed to the spot, "Hey..." He cautiously approached her not knowing how she would react to him after the other day. He was hoping that she wouldn't be too upset with him, though he could see why she would be.

Legion didn't feel anything after her first shot, well that wasn't exactly true, she felt...tingly? No, that wasn't the word...tipsy, sort of. She wasn't that much of a lightweight, so she decided on another one. She was walking over to the makeshift bar when she heard laughter to her left, when she turned her head to look her eyes landed on him. The Playboy himself. Legion was so shocked from seeing him there that she stopped paying attention to where she was going. She ran right into someone, their ice cold drink spilling down the front of her shirt. She let a startled squeak, then started giggling uncontrollably when the guy started apologizing profusely. "It's okay....I wasn't...paying attention." She held her hands up to show that she wasn't angry, she had a shirt in her car. Well, it was Acer's shirt, but it would do. Legion headed for her car, the sooner she got out of her wet shirt the better, it was freezing.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx had been looking at the forest floor as she walked and didn't know who had approached her till he spoke. Lucas... Her hooded head shot up and her intense violet eyes scanned his face. He seemed nervous and anxious to her, she wondered why. She hadn't seen him since she left the diner and she kept telling herself that she was ok with that, that it didn't worry her. But the second she was in his presence, her stomach did a big flip and her mood automatically brightened. "Hey yourself." She replied back. She wasn't mad at him for what happened at the diner, it had been Rex's fault for showing up that way. She did question though why he acted jealous of Rex. Lynx didn't feel like she was worth getting jealous over, "This doesn't look like your kind of scene, Fuzzball."

Maddox had felt Legion's gaze before he had seen her. He had been sitting there feeling pity for himself when he had felt some's eyes on him. He didn't have to look up to know who was staring. He growl rumbled in his chest when he looked up at her, Why was she here? This wasn't a safe place for her to be. There were multiple guys here who were looking for a little fun, and an easy target would be a light weight girl. And from the looks of it, Legion had been drinking tonight. Didn't girls live by the buddy system? Why wasn't she with someone. He stood up from the boulder he'd been leaning on and walked towards her, he was about five feet away when the cup full of liquid landed on her chest, soaking her shirt. In on smooth motion, he had he leather jacket off and around her shoulders, protecting her from any pervs that were near by, "As much as I don't want to admit it, I don't need guys staring at you chest." He said in her ear as he lead her towards a quiet spot. Maddox himself had been drinking and his judgment was clouded, he knew better than to be spending alone time with the caster.

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Antonia (adf7793) His eyes searched her face, and he was relieved to find it free of any negative emotion. It surprised him really, but Lucas wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth. The darkened aura that seemed to hover over her appeared to dissipate before his eyes. Had Lucas not felt it, he would think that he was seeing things. A grin spread across his face at the sound of her voice, he could tell he had it bad already. Everything about Lynx make him want to be closer to her, not in a physical way...well not completely, more like he wanted to break her emotional barriers. That was something he could honestly say never interested him before, not until her. "It's not. I...thought you might be here, since you just got your car back; and I hoped that I might run into you..." Lucas had almost slipped up and told her he had some of his pack watching out for her. He doubted Lynx would find it endearing, but he couldn't help it, he just wanted to make sure she was safe. Her protection had become a main priority to him even if he hadn't fully realized it himself. "Did you come to watch the races?"

Legion had started in the direction of her car when a jacket was wrapped around her, followed by an arm hooking around her waist. She would have panicked if not for the sparks that ignited throughout her body, which told her one thing. Maddox. Despite her feelings towards him, she felt herself relaxing in his hold, even going as far as to rub her body closer to his as they walked. Him whispering in her ear didn't help matters at all, Legion didn't quite hear what he had said because she was more focus on the way her body had turn traitorous. She leaned in to him, liking the way that being near him made her feel. "I have a shirt in my car...it's not my shirt though...but it's in my car," Legion could tell she was barely making sense and just stopped trying to tell him about the damned shirt. Besides she preferred his leather jacket anyways, it was warm and it smelled like him. "Thank you...I'll give it back when I'm no longer in danger of guys staring at my chest." Her voice was amused, maybe he was the jealous type after all.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "You just thought I'd be here?" Lynx repeated and raised a dark brow at him, "You mean you didn't have the your fluffy troops following me around the past couple of days?" Oh yeah, she knew about her little security detail. She wasn't stupid or blind. With years of fearing you're being watched, she had become pretty good a telling when someone following her.

Maddox shrugged and pulled the flask full of Vodka out of his back pocket, he took a large drink before handing it over to Legion, "You look like you could use it." He said cooly.

((Sorry I know it's short, but I'm about to leave the house.))

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas chuckled, he expected her to find out...well he hadn't exactly expected Lynx to figure it out. But she was more in tune with her surroundings than most people were. On the plus side she didn't seem upset about it, "Me? I would never! With looks like yours you really shouldn't be surprised that hordes of love stricken puppies are following you around." Lucas tried to keep a straight face but he ended up throwing his head back in laughter instead.

Legion hesitantly took the flask in her hand, she knew that she shouldn't drink anymore. Obviously her and alcohol weren't a match made in heaven. She frowned when she heard the icy tone in his voice, "What's your problem, Playboy?" Maddox sure knew how to press her buttons. One moment he was sweet and considerate, the next rude and...well considerate if you counted giving her the flask. Rolling her violet orbs, she tipped the flash back taking a healthy drink of it.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx snorted, "Should I remind you of Bitchy Barbie?" She scoffed. He had his own band of cheerleaders willing to do anything he wanted. She knew he was joking about the love sick puppies, but she still got defensive about that kind of thing. Lynx reached up and adjusted her hood again. She knew that she had already been spotted but she still out of habit tried to hide. "So what are you really doing here?" She asked him, "Just checking in on me?' She added, skeptically just as someone with the help of a megaphone announced the race was about to start. Lynx ran her hands down the front of her leather jacket and pursed her deep red painted lips. For some reason, she knew that Lucas wouldn't want her racing. She couldn't explain it, it was just instinctive.

Maddox narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms across his broad chest. He winced slightly when his skin pulled, the uncomfortable burning feeling returning. He knew that being around his mate and not allowing himself to touch or interact with her. His panther was growling at him for denying the bond, but this was the way it needed to be.

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Antonia (adf7793) ((Sounds like fun))

"Emma? What does she have to do with this?" Lucas cocked his head to the side, Emma had a crush in him...okay that was putting it mildly. Maybe she had a point, as much as he hated to admit it. "So what are you really doing here?" He grinned down at her as he repeated her question, "Just checking out the racers?" He wasn't a fool, he had a pretty good notion of what Lynx was actually doing here. Honestly he didn't like it, his wolf didn't either. She shouldn't be putting herself in unnecessary danger, like racing after healing from a dangerous accident.

When Legion brought the flask down from her lips she saw Maddox's poster. "What?" She rolled her eyes as she placed her hands on her hips, "If being around me is going to be such a problem I will have no problem going to get Acer's shirt from my car." She pushed the flask into his chest with more force than necessary, maybe she was overreacting but she was tired of being blown off or avoided. Legion started to walk about but her head started spinning, leaning back on a tree she glanced up at her...mates, "When did there become two of you? He's not an ass too, is he?"

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx smirked, "I'm just here testing the work Rex did." She told him honestly. She could see the apprehension in his eyes as he watched her. "He did all the work on it this time without any of my help so I just want to see how he did." This race compared to the ones she raced in back in colorado was nothing. It would be just a fun joy ride for her, she knew none of these small town cars could hold the power her car did. As if she had summoned him, She saw the top of Rex's dark head through the crowd and her eyes narrowed, "What the hell..." she whispered to herself, he was supposed to go home. She was just about to confront him when the man in charge of the race announced for the drivers to get to their cars. "See you later." She said, but for some reason, it came out sounding more like a question. She walked back towards the car and as if the crowd of people knew not to mess with her, the split apart and made a pathway for her to walk through.

Maddox chucked at Legion, she was a cute drunk but it was painfully obvious she couldn't hold her liqueur. "Sorry babe, but we're both asses." He said smirking down at her. "You don't drink veery often do you?" He asked her.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas' eyes followed her to the male caster from the cafe, he felt his anger skyrocket. He followed closely behind Lynx making his way to Rex, he wasn't quite sure what he planned to do...but it wasn't going to be a good thing. See you later? No, no...definitely not! Without thinking he reached out and grabbed her arm, shocks instantly coursing throughout his body. His jaw literally dropped, she was his mate?

"Well that's too bad, no one likes asses, and I'm not your babe..." Legion crossed her arms, her lips morphing in frown, "I've never drank before...well until tonight." She glared up at Maddox, her eyes narrowing as she did so. "I've just had so many people blow me off or treat me as if I'm irrelevant here lately I wanted..." Legion paused, suddenly unsure of whether sharing her thoughts with him was wise.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx let out a started yelp and spun around to face Lucas. Her face held a look of horror on it. Why would he grab her? He knew her past and she had told he before she wasn't ok with physical contact. She stood waiting for the panic attack to start, but strangely it didn't. In place of the usual fear was sparks that ran up her arm and in her chest. She didn't feel the need to freak out on him or be scared. She was okay with him touching her. No! This wasn't ok, no on was supposed to touch her. She wasn't supposed to ok with this. Her violet gaze slid down to where his hand was gripping her arm. "Let go.." She pleaded, "please." She added, her small voice cracking.

"I'm assuming you're talking about your dear old sister and myself?" He asked her, tipping back the flask once again. The lovely burning sensation chased after the alcohol as he swallowed. Madden had been trying to get him to stop drinking for years, but had yet to be successful.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas let go of her the moment she begged him to, the pain in her voice caused by his touch nearly killed him. He hadn't meant to harm nor scare her...his mate, but he had ended up accomplishing both with one simple touch. "Lynx...I...we're--" Lucas tried to explain, he figured she had no idea what the sparks between them meant, or in turn what she meant to him. However, he was cut off by announcer informing the crowd that it was the last call for any racers that wanted to participate in tonight's race. He didn't want her to go, he wanted Lynx to stay next to him, where he could keep her safe. Don't go.. The words stuck in his throat, how could he tell the one person who hated werewolves the most that she was the mate to none-other than a werewolf?

"No...actually I'm not, talking about you I mean. You're right about my sister, but I'm also talking about my best friend...and my boyfriend." Legion glanced up at him, her voice was soft, she wasn't actually sure if he could hear her or not, "I've just never felt...so alone I guess. Despite your reasons you actually showed up in my time of need, more or less," Legion took a deep breath, it was hard for her to talk about her feelings, "So thank you for that, Maddox." She gave him a small smile as she used his real name for the first time. She didn't have any romantic notions that him being here would change anything between them, honestly she was okay with that. He had a past that she wasn't sure she could get over...she was just thankful to him, that was all. Or at least that's what she was telling herself.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) With Wide eyes, Lynx looked at Lucas with scared and shocked look on her face. She knew that he was expecting her to start to really freak out, but something deep down inside her knew that he wouldn't hurt her. She was safe with him. She was a little mad at him for grabbing her when she had warned him before to not touch her. Shaking her head she met his eyes, "We'll talk later." She told him as she ran a shaky hand down her arm where he'd touched her. She could still feel the sparks that ignited between them on her skin. She didn't know why they were sparks, she wondered if he'd felt them too. She gave him a small smile before walking away from him and climbing into her car. she started the engine and drove off towards the start line. Her mind was running crazy with thoughts of Lucas and she desperately tried to clear them away so she could concentrate on driving.

Rex had been watching the whole exchange between Lynx and Lucas. He was shocked when Lucas had touched Lynx, did this guy not know her past? He crossed his large arms and made his way over to the werewolf, "How could you do that too her?" He demanded, "Do you not care at all? One of your kind ruined her."

Maddox raised the flask, "Well here's to saving damsels in distress." he said smirking before taking a large swig. He handed the flask back to her. He didn't really know what he was going to do with Legion and the who Mate business, his parents have to be looking down at him with such disappointment.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas could see the shock on her face, but he knew it was nothing to compared at how shocked he was that they were mates. All those comments from her at the cafe hit him at once, they should have been a clue but he missed every one of them. He wondered if she felt the connection between them, if she knew what it meant. He doubted it, yet judging by the look on her face Lucas didn't think that she was lost to him. His feelings were only reconfirmed by the slight smile that she gave him before driving off. Maybe he was reading too much into it, maybe she was pissed at him. Lucas didn't think for one second that he wasn't going to hear about that later...but if it meant being near her he would gladly take the verbal lashing.

Lucas felt the caster behind him, his words did nothing but fuel the anger that he had felt from the other day. "Don't you dare talk about her like you actually care about her!" Lucas snarled at him, his eyes flashing with anger. Mental images of Lynx's broken body after the wreck that Rex was responsible for plagued his mind.

Legion rolled her eyes, reaching for the flask as he handed it to her. Her fingers brushed his and tingles shot up her arm, frowning she gave the flask back without drinking from it. If alcohol did nothing to ease or erase what she felt for Maddox then there was no point in it. That thought sobered her up some, what was she doing hanging out with him? That wasn't going to make anything easier, it was going to make it worse. "I'm sorry, I should...I should go." She shakily stood up and started towards the mass of people.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Rex snorted, "Oh like you really care about her?" He growled, "You've known her all of three fucking days and you Care about her?' He took a step forward, narrowing the space between Lucas and him. "I've been with her since she arrive in Colorado. I was there to help put back the pierces. Although, a lot of the pieces were missing because of one of you." Rex's hands clenched at his sides. He knew that Lynx's and his relationship had ended in a really bad note, having almost killed himself and her when he'd taken the car out racing while drunk. Good for her and him, healer Casters were nearby and were able to save both of them, although they couldn't heal the relationship he'd had with Lynx.

Lynx pulled up to the starting line and waited for the announcer to to give the signal. She tiny hands wrapped around the steering wheel and she sat up a little straighter. She could feel the eyes of her other competitors on her and she knew they were wondering why someone her size and gender would being doing something like this. It wasn't common for females to participate in street racing, but that's one of the reasons she loved it. She felt stronger when she beat a bunch of guys's asses. The crowd got silent as the girl with the flag walked in front of the cars, She stood there and cocked her hip and winked at all the love stuck men before waving the flag and starting the race, lynx punched the gas and her black car shot forward. She automatically gained a big lead but could seem some red imported car gaining on her. Smirking, Lynx shifted gears and the car moved up farther.

"Who's the New girl?!" Someone yelled from the crowd, "She's kicking the shit out of everyone!" The man was obviously drunk, but he wasn't wrong. There was no doubt that Lynx was going to win.

Maddox felt the shocks run up his arm and his eyes shifted to his dark panther orbs. He let out a soft growl before pulling Legion to his chest. Looking back at it, he should of known it was a bad idea when he brought his lips down to his, but when he felt the sparks, he couldn't resist it any longer.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas ground his teeth in frustration, all he wanted to do was watch the race to make sure that Lynx was alright. However, the insufferable male caster in front of him was preventing that. To say that he was more than willing to bash the guy's face in was an understatement. "Do not compare me to a rogue, caster." His voice was full of his alpha power and his eyes shifted to their terrifying silver hue. "You are in my town, and you are talking about my mate. So yes, I do care about her." Lucas' tone was deadly serious, and anyone who knew him knew that it wasn't wise to push him any further.

One moment Legion was walking away and the next she was in Maddox's arms with his lips hot upon her. She tensed at first, as warning bells rang loudly in her head cautioning her to possible heartbreak. But she pushed the thought away, and chose to focus on her mate. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers running through his hair as she pulled him closer to her. Maybe this wasn't the best course of action, but at that moment she couldn't bring herself to care.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((S'okay, totally understandable.))

"Mate?" Rex repeated like a parrot, "How can you possibly know she is your mate when you've barely spent anytime with her?" Obviously Rex didn't know much about the werewolf ways. He'd grown up in a tight Caster community and they had only had to focus on themselves because they didn't share a town with were's or shifters, unlike how the casters lived here. He was about to continue talking but there was a loud screech of tires and a equally loud crashing sound.

Lynx had been driving way ahead of everyone when she heard the crash behind her. She looked in her mirrors and saw that it had been the red imported car that had crashed. By the looks of it, he had crashed into another car and they had swerved off the road into the ditch below. Without even thinking about it, Lynx slowed and pulled safely off to the side of the road. She waited for other cars to pass before running across the street and into the muddy forest. She slipped down the hill, falling on her butt multiple times but wasn't harmed. She knew what it was like to crash and she knew that the men down there probably needed help. She just prayed that they were conscious.

Maddox held her tightly to his chest and he walked them over to a nearby car. He pushed her against it and moved his hand down to grip her hips. He slowly licked the seam of her lips, begging for entrance. In the back of his head, he knew that this was a really bad idea and in the end it would only strengthen the bond he so badly wanted to fade.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas just stared at the caster and opened his mouth to snap at him but he paused. He supposed he shouldn't be so surprised that Rex didn't know about werewolves and how they found their mates. After all tensions between the species only ran high in FallenVale, not all over the world. Sighing he ruffled his hair with his hand, "Werewolves can tell who their mate is with a simple touch..." He stopped when he heard the locking of breaks with his advanced werewolf hearing, and his eyes flew wide when the collision actually occurred. Without a pause he took of in the direction of the crash, he hadn't been paying attention to the race and he wasn't for sure if Lynx had been hurt at all.

Linking with the pack members that were present he ordered all healers to the scene and his sentinels to block off the perimeter until the situation was handled. They didn't need people just standing around in the way and gawking like idiots. He caught a glimpse of Lynx in front of him, and he let out a ragged breath of relief when he realized that she was okay. Lucas rushed to her side, wanting nothing more than to wrap his arms around her and to hold her close. He figured now wouldn't be the best time for that so he refrained, "Are you alright?" He had noted the dirt that was now all over her.

Legion wasn't really aware of what was going on, she was only focusing on the body against hers. It should have dawned on her that this wasn't a good idea, and that she shouldn't be with him. However, all she could think about was the sparks that were coursing throughout her body and the one causing it. It hurt momentarily when Maddox pinned her to the car, he was much stronger than she had realized. She moaned against his lips as hands coiled around her waist, allowing him the entrance that he wanted. Something kept nagging at her, but she pushed it away; whatever it was could wait until later.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx had been walking towards the wreckage when she felt Lucas come up next to her. Her hair now held multiple leaves and other debris and there were a couple dirt stains on her cheeks. Lynx turned to Lucas, "Yeah, I'm fine." She reassured him as she searched his face. She could still see the panic and fear in his eyes as he looked her over, "But what's wrong with you? Are those men part of your pack?" She asked completely oblivious to the fact that it was her he was worried about. She heard a loud cracking sound and she looked back to see one of the men shifting into their wolf form. It was a known fact that shifters and werewolves healed faster when they shifted. Lynx shrieked and jumped behind Lucas on instinct. Her hand brushed his arm in the progress, but just like before, she didn't really care.

Maddox moved from her mouth and started to kiss a trail down her jaw and down to her neck. He sucked lightly on the junction between her neck and shoulder and scrapped his teeth against it. He kissed the slight burn from his teeth away and moved back up to her mouth. His thumbs were rubbing small circles on her hips as he held her close

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Antonia (adf7793) Just hearing her voice was enough to clam him in way that he had never experienced before, "Good. Good, I'm glad." That was an understatement, a massive one at that. He couldn't even fathom how he would feel if she had been injured in any way. His brows furrowed at her question, "What? No...I don'-" He was cut off by the snapping of bones, his eyes shot over to catch one of his pack members shifting and then he felt sparks shooting up his arm. He turned around to see Lynx hiding behind him, "Hey, hey, it's okay..." He went to each out to her to steady her and calm her down, but he pause before he made contact. "I'm sorry..."

Legion moved her neck to the side to give him more access, she wasn't sure why but him kissing her neck made her feel like she was on fire. Rubbing her body against his, she groaned in frustration as he pulled away. When he brought his lips back to hers she ran her hands up the back of his shirt, her nails lightly scrapping against his skin.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx peaked out around Lucas and watched as the man's feature quickly started to turn wolf. Her eyes widened with fear, but also fascination as she watched. She hadn't seen someone shift in a while and it was kinda shocking to her. She silently wondered what Lucas would look like if he shifted. "Wow..." She mumbled as she stood hiding behind Lucas. The wolf climbed out of the wreckage and stalked towards the couple. It was obviously disoriented when it lowered it's head and growled at them. This caused Lynx to shriek again and stumbled forward, into Lucas's back.

Maddox growled deep in his chest when Legion drug her nails down his chest. That only caused him to pull her closer to him and grind against her more. His right hand came up and gripped his hair and held her as he kissed her.

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Antonia (adf7793) ((Should we skip Maddox and Legion to the next morning at his place?))

Lucas was happy that she wasn't completely and utterly terrified of his fellow werewolf, there was some curiosity and interest mixed in there. That was good, it meant that there was a chance of them working out. Which is what he himself obviously wanted, Lynx was his mate after all. He smiled when she said wow, this wolf was one of the younger lower ranking members of his pack; if she thought he was impressive she would think again when she seen Lucas. If she ever seen him in his wolf form, that is. Lucas reached behind him and steadied Lynx before she could fall, he also put her in an easily defensible position behind him. He could understand the why the wolf growled at them, he had been hurt and his wolf had completely taken over in order to save his life. Lucas let out a warning growl alerting him to the fact that he was in the presence of his alpha, it wasn't a threat it was just an attempt to clam the wolf down.

Legion jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, smirking down at him before reconnecting their lips. She heard someone clear their throat and she pulled back from Maddox to turn to the sound, it was a someone that she had never seen before. So the guy had to be a werewolf or a shifter, and judging by the terrified look on his face when he realized she was making out with Maddox...well she was guessing he was a shifter. "Uh, I'll...I'll just leave later?" He looked like he'd rather be anywhere else at that moment. Legion's face turned red when she figured out that it was his car that she was pushed up against.

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Lynx watched as the grey wolf ignored the warning of the alpha and continued to stalk forward, his gold gaze was fixed on something behind the alpha. Lynx. His wolf was just focused the feud with the casters and thought taking the tiny girl out would help. Maybe his alpha would praise him and bump up his rank in the pack? Lynx knew that the wolf was coming after her and shifted between her two feet and whimpered, "Oh man, there is no way in hell this is going to end well." She mumbled as she fought the urge to take off running in the other directing. She stopped fighting and took a slow step backwards, and with that, the wolf lunged.

Maddox sent an annoyed growl to his pack mate before moving away from the car and towards his own large black Truck. He opened his passenger door and tossed Legion inside the cab of the truck, gently. Well as Gentle as Maddox could be in the state he was currently in. He was drunk and he leopard was mostly controlling his actions.

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Antonia (adf7793) ((Okay, I'll post first))

Lucas cursed, he couldn't order the wolf to shift back because it would hinder his healing and Lucas couldn't shift to defend both him and Lynx because he didn't want to terrify her. As the wolf stalked forward Lucas warned Lynx not to take off running, the last thing you wanted to do was to give a predator the thrill of the chase. She must have decided to bolt because the wolf shot forward and before anyone could even blink Lucas grabbed the wolf by the neck and tossed him backwards. Two sentinels chose that moment to stumble upon the scene, get him calmed down, his wolf has taken over and is trying to attack my ma...the caster. It probably wasn't the best time to announce that Lynx was his mate to his pack, not before he knew if she would accept their bond or not. Lucas walked over to Lynx and urged her to follow him, with the other two about to shift he knew it would be too much on her right now. "Hey let's go get you cleaned up, okay?"

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((KK))

Lynx nodded, "Okay..." She said as she followed him up the hill that she had previously slipped down. As she walked she heard the loud cracking sound of bones and knew the other men had shifted, "Holy shit." She mumbled and she walked a little faster and closer to Lucas. She was still in complete awe of what she had just witnessed. She couldn't believe the way Lucas had just tossed that wolf away like he weighed nothing. It became perfectly clear just how strong of an Alpha Lucas was. Part of the realization made her nervous but also made her feel Safer? Like he could protect her against anything.

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Antonia (adf7793) He felt like he needed to get her out of there as soon as he possibly could, the thought of one of his pack members attacking her infuriated him. Lucas understood that the wolf had no clue what he was doing, but Lynx didn't really know that. He didn't want her to fear his kind more than she already did, that would only make it harder from him to convince her to be with him. At her words Lucas turned around his eyes searching for anything threatening, "What this it? Are you alright?" He didn't see anything behind them, but perhaps she was injured or something. Focusing on her hypnotic violet eyes he felt himself getting ensnared by her beauty. He couldn't believe how lucky he had gotten, having her as a mate. He had no clue if she would accept their bond...he didn't know what he would do if she rejected him. Lucas opened his mouth to tell her what she was to him, then rapidly closed it...what would she do? Would she run? Maybe he should prove that he was a good guy, a werewolf that was a good guy before he let her know? Sighing he mentally scowled himself and waited for her answer, "Would you like to get out of here, Lynx?"

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Once at the top of the hill she answered him, "Just this whole situation." She started, "I was driving and then I hear the crashing sound behind him and I watched as they tumbled down the hill. I know what it's like to crash so I knew that they were probably scared out of their mind." Lynx's mind went back to when Rex had crashed and she had ended up yards away from the crash sight, her body having been thrown from the vehicle. "Anyway, I went down there to see if I could help and I found them shifting. Then you showed up. Wow you got here really fast. I'm kinda jealous of your wolfie speed." At this point Lynx was just rambling on and on, still in little bit of a daze of what she'd just witnessed. Shaking her head to clear her mind she crossed her arms to block of the bite of the cold wind, "But Yes I need to take a shower." She was coated in mud and grime.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas listened as she started talking to him, her voice was calming him down. He hadn't even realized that he had been on the verge of freaking out, funny how having a mate starts to consume you so soon. He frowned when she mentioned knowing what it was like to wreck, he had forgotten how fragile casters were. Despite their magic they were still as vulnerable as humans were. That thought made him realize just how much he needed to protect his mate. "You're jealous of my speed?" He smiled and looked down at her with a disbelieving expression, "You can control the elements...and well, whatever else you can do, but you find me being faster impressive?" He chuckled that was surprising of her and he found it pleasing. "Sure, that sounds fair enough. Do you want me to drive you home...or would you just like to meet me somewhere?" He trailed off at the first idea, going to her house on caster territory probably wasn't the best idea in the world.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx shrugged, "Maybe if I knew I could run faster, I wouldn't have to worry about someone catching me." She was completely serious when she said that. If she could out run practically anyone, she wouldn't have to fear someone getting her. The night of the carnival, she'd tried desperately to outrun the rouge, but of course he was faster. He'd tackled her and pinned her down next to the merry go round. Luckily he didn't get past ripping off her panties before someone came to her rescue. "Too bad neither one of us is fast enough to out run our demons." She said added as an after thought. She grinned at him when she realized he didn't know about all her powers, "Interesting, I thought for sure someone would of blown by cover while I was away." Of course she was talking about being able to link into a werewolf or shifters pack link. Shrugging her shoulders she said, "Take me anywhere, this night has been exhausting and at this point I could care less." Of course she was only okay if he stayed with her if he was planning on taking her back to his place. "I don't think you'd be welcome on caster territory." She commented, her brows furrowing slightly.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas narrowed his eyes partially as he contemplated her answer, "If you want I could help you with that...trying to keep up with me for a week or so would help you gave speed." She would have to push herself though, Lucas wasn't one to take thing easy. No one ever learned like that. He seen the look on her face, it was the look one got when they recalled a painful memory. He longed to reach out to her and comfort her but he knew that wasn't a good idea, she still hadn't released her anger about him grabbing her arm earlier. He figured she might when the shock wore off, he didn't care though. If he wouldn't have touched her he would have never known that she was his mate, so he couldn't bring himself to be sorry for that. "Blown your cover...what do you mean?" Lucas had no idea what she was talking about, did she mean something about her powers? He thought over what she said, it was true if he showed up with her on caster land they'd probably rip him to pieces with their minds. Literally. "We could go to my cabin? It's private...meaning no other werewolves would be around," He cleared his throat, that had almost sounded bad, "You could wear some of my clothes and we could wash yours while you take a shower?"

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) With the little amounts of sleep she was currently getting, it took very little for her to become tired. Lynx brought up her small hand to smother the yawn that was forming. When finished, she gave Lucas a sheepish smile and mumbled an apology. "What do you mean keep up with you?" She asked, for clarification purposes, "Like work out with you or..?" She really didn't know what he was offering. Her tired brain gave up the second she tried to decipher his words. She could though, tell something had changed since the start of the race, she didn't know what it was. But it was something about the way he was looking at her now. The pervious hardness and alpha male edge had softened and he became more and more approachable to her. He didn't seem as intimidating. Don't get her wrong, Lucas was still his glorious Alpha male but he'd lost some of his edge around her. She simply waved off his questioning about her powers and started walking back down the road where she'd parked her car. Her black boots hitting the pavement echoed through the quiet night and was the only noise she heard till she heard a wolf howl. She just about jumped a foot and let out a soft started noise, "No other werewolves, huh?" She asked for confirmation. The idea of no other were's appealed to her a great deal.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas furrowed his brows as she yawned, "It's okay...if your tired I could just drop you off at home?" Honestly that was the last thing that he wanted to do, Lucas wished to spend as much time with her as possible. "Yes, like working out with me. Running mostly, I won't make you lift as much weight as I do." Lucas grinned down at her well he mocked flexed his muscles to show off his strength to her. He laughed softly, he couldn't remember the last time he had felt this happy before. The last time he had felt so....free, one could say. His whole life had been about being the strongest and the best alpha he could possibly be. With Lynx it was different. Lucas could be himself and not have to worry about trying to live up to any expectations because she didn't care about that stuff. One of his pack mate howled to alert him that they had calmed the injured wolves down and were taking them back to the pack healers. His eyes snapped back to Lynx had she jumped, and he resisted the urge to smile. Had she not of had a valid reason to fear his kind he would have, but she did and he understood that. "Nope, no other werewolves. The only ones that even know about it is my two cousins and Kat." Kat was like a sister to him, they had grown up together and she lost her parents around the same time that Lucas' real mother was killed.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx shook her head, "No, no this is fine. I don't really want to be home right now anyways." she admitted, her parents had gone off to some conference a couple cities over and had left the twins alone. She knew that the second the protective buffer of her parents had left, Legion would he riding her ass about the way she'd been acting. She was too exhausted to deal with that right now. Not being able to sleep was a pain in the ass. "I need Coffee and maybe a mountain dew." she announced to know one in particular. If she wasn't going to sleep, she needed a serous kick start. When Lucas mentioned someone named Kat, the hair on the back of her neck stood up, Who was she? an old girlfriend? A current one? No he'd said he wasn't in a relationship. Christ, thinking makes my head hurt... Lynx thought all to herself. Being stubborn, she refused to let this worry her so she chose not to ask about her. "I wish I had someplace no one knew about. Her cover was constantly at her house and she had barely any alone time. Back in colorado, her aunt had gotten Lynx her own apartment when she'd turned 18 and she had loved every second of being away from the crowded house.

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Antonia (adf7793) When she said she didn't want to go home the smile that he had been trying to with hold came out, that meant that she actually wanted to spend time with him. Well that or she just really didn't want to go home, but Lucas chose to believe the former of the two. He wondered why she didn't want to go home, he would think that with so much time spend away that she would want to be there. Though maybe it wasn't the homecoming she had expected? Lucas was thankful for it regardless of the reason though. "Coffee and a mountain dew? Are you wanting to induce a heart attack?" He teased her, and chuckled, "Luckily for you...I happen to have both back at my cabin." Lucas thought he saw a flash of jealousy cross her face when he mentioned Kat, however he figured he was just imagining things when she didn't comment on it. It made him think about Rex...he wondered what happened to the caster. Lucas hadn't seen him since the wreck, not that he really cared, he obviously wasn't very fond of the male. "It's nice when you want to get away from everything, which happens to me quite often. You'll understand more when...if you meet my father later..." Lucas corrected himself quickly, he had spoken without thinking. "Maybe you could find a place of your own? I'm sure your family wouldn't like it at first but they would rather you be in FallenVale on your own than back in Colorado, I'm sure."

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx couldn't help but giggle, "Yeah I need Caffeine to make it through the night." She said nonchalantly. After two years of barely sleeping people back in colorado were used to the concept. Lynx wasn't used to having to explain her sleep disorder to people. "Oh, I don't want to take your things, Stop at the gas station and I'll go buy some." She told him, "Are we taking your car or mine?" She asked, changing the subject skillfully. She'd had to do that a lot in the past years. When people start asking questions that are just a little too close to home, she'd gotten good a distracting them. "Why would I meet your father? Is he at the cabin also?" She asked, a little worried. She knew she could deal with being alone with just lucas, but his father? Maybe not so much. When he brought up colorado she pursed her lips, "Or maybe I'll just have to move back there for good." Of course she'd put some thought into going back. especially with Rex constantly texting her that she should go back with him.

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas tilted his head in confusion, "Make it through the night? Most people tend to want to sleep at night, you know." Most werewolves like Lucas himself loved their sleep, he couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to sleep. Lucas snorted when he heard her words, half upset and half amused. He was upset because making sure she had what she wanted or what she needed was his job has her mate, just he couldn't exactly tell her that just yet. He was amused because he stopped thinking about things being only his as soon as he found out they were mates, everything he owned was hers as well. "No, it's not a big deal Lynx. You more than welcome to have anything of mine that you wish." He shrugged hoping that she wouldn't think what he had just said was too strange. "Oh uh no, my father won't be there...I just meant if you ever met him, he's the mayor after all so he will be around town often." Lucas rubbed the back of his neck, he didn't like keeping things from her. At her next words Lucas paused, he wasn't quite sure that he heard her correctly, "No. No. You can't. Going back is a mistake Lynx, FallenVale is where you belong. With your family, with your coven, with...you just belong here Lynx." Lucas stopped before he said that she belonged in FallenVale with him.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) "Yeah well, most people actually have the luxury of sleeping." Lynx countered as well as practically spelling out the fact that she can't sleep. She knew the second she slipped under into a peaceful sleep, the nightmares would be there and she would wake up screaming. She remembered during her first week in Colorado, she had woken up screaming and had fallen out of her bed. In the process of falling she'd hit her head on the nightstand and her aunt had come in to find her previously screaming niece bloodied and crying. Her aunt had thought someone had attacked her till lynx explained. "Oh yeah I forgot about you father being the mayor. I've met him before I think, but it was a while ago." She told him as she reached her car. She opened the back seat door and pulled out her leather jacket she'd been wearing earlier. She pulled in tightly around her and pulled the zipper up. She was freezing. As Lucas told her how she couldn't leave and how she belonged in there she froze, "How has me being back been good for anyone, Lucas? I'm pretty sure my twin sister hates and my parents look at me like I'm a stranger. At least back in Colorado I don't have to pretend that I'm Ok."

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Antonia (adf7793) Lucas didn't comment on her inability to sleep, judging from her tone it was a rather touchy subject for her. The comment that she made about not being able to run away from her demons earlier reentered his mind. He couldn't imagine the sort of things that she had went through, being uprooted from her family and everyone she had ever known in one night. Lucas didn't know exactly how she felt, but had experience with losing someone close to you and having to pretend that it was okay. When in reality you were trying everything possible not to break down. "Yeah...my dad the mayor, he enjoys his title quite well. I'm actually thinking that he might not want to step down from being the mayor. Not that I really care...being the alpha is enough for me; more than enough." He saw her put on her jacket and shiver, how careless of him to forget. It felt fine to him because his body temperature was much hotter than hers was, that still didn't excuse him overlooking that fact. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but how can you not expect them to treat you as if you are a strange when you keep pushing them away? They don't want you to put on a brave face and pretend that everything is fine, they actually care about you and want you to confide in them." Unike his parents who beyond public appearances wanted nothing to do with him.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx took a minute to praise herself. She couldn't believe she was standing out on a dark road with a werewolf. She had come far when it came to Lucas. She knew she would probably never feel comfortable around any other wolf but him. But for some reason she was okay with that. She didn't need to feel comfortable around any of them other than Lucas. "I don't remember him very well but I remember him being very intense and intimidating." She said thinking back to her childhood and meeting the mayor. Her parents and drug her to a town meeting and she'd met him there. but most of her memories were pretty foggy from being blocked for so long. Her face went emotionless and her violet eyes that always held a warmth about them went cold and steely, just like they were with everyone but him. She knew she needed to stop pushing people away but it was hard to let people in. She couldn't get hurt when she didn't let anyone in. She was worried about what she was doing with Lucas. "You're the only person I've let in since I've been here and deep down I know I'll probably just end up getting hurt." Her eyes lifted to his, "You are the one person I haven't pushed away, why is that?"

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Antonia (adf7793) A bemused look passed over Lucas' face and he smiled down at her, "Oh trust me, you remember my father quite well..." There was a bitter tinge in his tone, but it was't directed at her. Lynx. His mate. How was that even possible? How was something like this going to work out between them, honestly Lucas had no clue. She hated werewolves...not that he blamed her; not after what happened to her. But he couldn't even imagine how she would react to finding out about them being mates. Lucas had zoned out as he thought about how to handle the situation between the two of them. It turned out Lynx was thinking the same thing, her question brought him out of his troubling thoughts. Lucas sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, he had no clue what to even say to her. Should he wait until he had a good idea of what her reaction would be? Or should he take a chance and tell her? "Lynx...I-- we're." He took a deep breath looking down at her tiny frame into her violet orbs, "How much do you know about werewolves and their mates?"

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Lynx couldn't help but flinch when Lucas's tone changed. She knew deep down that he wouldn't do anything to hurt her, but the fear she had towards all werewolves overpowered her feelings for him for a second. She was tugging at her jacket sleeves when the skies above them cracked with thunder and large raindrops fell down on them. Lynx turned her head upwards and a smile appeared on her face. She loved the rain. Legion and her used to run around outside during thunderstorms when they were younger. Her dark hair grew darker as thick sheets of rain fell down on them. She blinked and looked at Lucas, raindrops were stuck in her thick eyelashes. "I don't know much about mates. Only that each werewolf has a true mate and they like bite their mate to mark them." That marked the extent of her knowledge of mates.

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