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message 1: by Brianna♥, The Queen Bri (new)

Brianna♥ (briannaforrest) | 964 comments Mod
Please introduce yourself to the rest of the group!

message 2: by Asha (new)

Asha Hey I'm asha ! :)

message 3: by Leah (new)

Leah (leahraeder) Hiya, everyone. I'm Leah. I write YA/NA/adult fiction of various genres. My first NA romance, Unteachable, comes out this August. It's NA, but has a lot of YA elements, too, so I'm excited to be part of this group and discover other similar books.


message 4: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Hi I'm Amanda. I am an avid reader I enjoy reading different genres, but I mainly read YA and NA books. I work in my local library. I am a hockey fan and love to watch the Detroit Red Wings.

message 5: by Brianna♥, The Queen Bri (new)

Brianna♥ (briannaforrest) | 964 comments Mod
Welcome Asha, Leah, and Amanda! :) I look forward to getting to know all of you!

message 6: by Joanna (new)

Joanna (romancebookjunkie) | 14 comments Hi everyone! I'm Joann and I love reading NA, mature YA, contemporary, paranormal... Well you get the picture ;) I'm happy to be part of this group and I look forward to chatting about books with everyone!

message 7: by Brianna♥, The Queen Bri (new)

Brianna♥ (briannaforrest) | 964 comments Mod
Welcome to the group Joann!

message 8: by Katherine (new)

Katherine | 69 comments Hello everyone! I'm Kat: full-time college student, perpetual bookworm, part-time consumer of Thin Mints cookies, and amateur procrastinator. I'll read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. If I had to pick a favorite genre, it would be Young adult (duh!), especially fairy0tale retellings. I look forward to being a part of this group, and thanks to the Queen Bri for the invite :)

message 9: by Judy (new)

Judy (judyzreadsalot) | 29 comments Hello ladies! My name is Judy. I became addicted to reading last summer when my husband was deployed. I started with FSOG and now enjoy reading contemporary romance, NA, YA, erotica, etc. Not too big a fan of paranormal/fantasy, but have read a couple. Looking forward to sharing and talking books with all of you!

message 10: by Beverly (new)

Beverly (bevz747) | 39 comments Hello everyone! Im beverly, book addict and im currently inlove with indie authors

message 11: by Brianna♥, The Queen Bri (new)

Brianna♥ (briannaforrest) | 964 comments Mod
You're welcome Kat! :)

And welcome Kat, Judy, and Beverly!

message 12: by Gabby (new)

Gabby (gabbyreads) | 106 comments Hey, I'm Gabby! I enjoy reading YA and NA books, but I'm open to read anything :) I'm glad to be a part of this group and look forward to talk with everyone!

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (minimandar) Hey everyone! I'm Amanda and I have a serious reading problem. I enjoy reading all genres of books but have fallen in love with NA books as of lately! Looking forward to chatting up books with everyone!

message 14: by Cheryl (last edited Mar 31, 2015 01:10PM) (new)

Cheryl Koevoet | 8 comments Wow - how cool to be a part of this new YA/NA romance group!! My name is Cheryl and my debut NA fantasy romance, The Carnelian Legacy was released in late February and book two is expected in the fall. I'm looking forward to hearing all of your recommendations and sharing some of my own! Thanks for inviting me!
The Carnelian Legacy (Carnelian, #1) by Cheryl Koevoet

message 15: by "That's All" Ash (new)

"That's All" Ash (freeasair) Hey, lovelies! ♥

I'm Ash and I love indie authors. :)
And anything romance. ;))

Paulina (The Little Book Pixie) (victoriayork) Hello everyone I'm Paulina, I live un Mexico and I love dystopian books.

message 17: by Isha (new)

Isha (ilovereading78) | 2 comments Hello, I'm Isha. I'm an avid reader. I mostly read, YA/NA. But I'm currently on a paranormal kick. I read everyday, sometimes reading 2-3 books a day.

message 18: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Chartier (nikgodwin) | 9 comments Hello everyone! I'm Nikki, and I'm a YA/NA author (although right now, I've got more YA than NA projects pending). Definitely excited to get to know you all! :)

And thanks for the invite, Brianna!

message 19: by Elena (new)

Elena Dillon (elenadillon) | 18 comments Hi Everyone!
Thanks for the invite. I read and write YA Comtemporary Romance. I love to hear what's coming out and what everyone else is reading so I can choose my next book to read. Sometimes I read a ton and sometimes I just pile up my TBR list because I'm writing.


message 20: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Hi everyone! I'm Melissa. Reading addict, author. I believe in dessert for supper, because i like it :)

message 21: by Brianna♥, The Queen Bri (new)

Brianna♥ (briannaforrest) | 964 comments Mod
Welcome everyone! :)

message 22: by J (new)

J  (iamsushiii) | 15 comments Hi. I'm Joyce. And I do really love reading. A certified bookish! Proud and loving it.

message 23: by Beth (new)

Beth Michele (bethmichelewriter) | 3 comments Hi! Thanks for having me in the group! My name is Beth and I am an avid reader of YA/NA Romance. I also write NA as well! :)

message 24: by Kelli C (new)

Kelli C  | 6 comments Hey Everyone! I'm Kelli and I love to read. I have found many kindred souls here on Goodreads! I love all genres but I tend to lean toward NA lately! Happy to join and meet you all!

message 25: by Sapir (new)

Sapir | 44 comments Hi!! I'm Sapir. I'm a high school student and I love reading everything YA and sometimes NA. My favorite genre is contemporary romance and I really like dytopian too.

message 26: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 90 comments Hi everybody!! My name is Kathy, I'm a mom of 2 teenagers and I love to read YA!! I work as a sub clerk in a library in my community and I love my job! My favorite genres are re-tellings, dystopian, contemporary romance...ok so I like it all!! I'm looking for to chatting with you guys on books and things! :)

message 27: by Kelli (new)

Kelli | 12 comments Hi, I'm Kelli (pretty neat to see another spelled the same way...don't come across that too often!). I'm addicted to my Kindle and read way too much (according to my family). Love NA books and thankful to GR for finding some amazing authors!!

message 28: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Fisher (lisafisher) | 46 comments Hi, I'm Lisa. I write NA and my debut novel Higher will be out in July. :) I love reading and I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone here about books! :)

message 29: by Janelle (new)

Janelle Stalder | 25 comments Hello! I'm Janelle :) thanks for the invite. I've added my new NA book in the Author thread here. My YA books are listed in my profile too if anyone wants to take a look ;)

Zakirrah BookBlogger (zakirrah3) Hiya everyone! I'm Zakirrah (say my name as Zakra- dont even ask why there are extra letters in it!)
I'm addicted to books and art..i love painting, drawing sewing knitting the list is endless! i'd love to make new friends on here and discover new books :)

message 31: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) Hi everyone I'm Tana, thanks for inviting me to the group Brianna. I am an avid reader, usually have about 4 books on the go. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

message 32: by Miranda (new)

Miranda | 5 comments Hello everyone (: I'm Miranda. Thank you for the invite Brianna! I'm totally obsessed with YA & NA (which I always forget about!) and I just can't get enough! (:

message 33: by Candence (new)

Candence | 2 comments HI!! IM Candence! Thank you for the invite Brianna!

message 34: by ايمان (new)

ايمان اآ (emanabdellatif) | 1 comments hello I'm Eman from Egypt.
thank you for your invitation to your new group
I like romance& fiction and realistic novels

message 35: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin  | 30 comments Hi, I'm Caitlin. I'm 20 years old. Mother to a cheeky 2 1/2 year old boy. From Scotland.I love reading almost anything buy my Favourite Genres are Romance and Urban Fantasy although I do like other genres too.

message 36: by Daniela (new)

Daniela  (Lost in a Book Blog) (daniela-lostinabookblog) Hi everyone, I'm Daniela, I'm from Venezuela :) thank you Brianna, for the invite :). I love YA books. I can't wait to get to know everyone and find some new books to read and discuss with you.

message 37: by Carl Mikael (new)

Carl Mikael Blomkvist (mikblom) | 4 comments Hi everybody, I'm Micke and I'm 19 years old, I love to read anything, but so I hope we can share a lot of books, so, hi! :D

message 38: by Ruhi (new)

Ruhi (ruhiminocha) | 5 comments hello everyone my name is Ruhi .. I'm from India and I'm obsessed with books and in particular YA books!! thanks so much for the invite Brianna..!

message 39: by Giulia (new)

Giulia (pirulina88) | 3 comments Hello everyone, I'm Giulia and I'm 25 years old. I'm Italian and I'm really happy to have been invited into this group because I love to read and especially YA books! Thanks for your invite. :)

message 40: by Marcy (new)

Marcy Blesy (marcyblesy) | 30 comments Hi. I'm from the Midwest and way older than most of you. ;-) But I still like to read YA! I am also an author of YA and MG. Thanks for the invite.

message 41: by Cinthia (new)

Cinthia (cinthiah) | 66 comments I'm Cinthia, and I'm addicted to YA and NA books. I have 3 kids, so I'm not sure how much reading I'll be able to do now that it's summer and they're home. I look forward to discussing books with all of you here.

message 42: by Kasey (new)

Kasey | 7 comments I'm Kasey and I'm from Boise, Idaho. I currently work as a call center representative for T-Mobile. I'm addicted to all things written! I love everything except for non-fiction, reading is my escape so I don't like to ruin it :)

message 43: by Holly (new)

Holly  (skizzles22hju) | 15 comments Hi! I'm Holly, and I'm from Michigan. :) And I'm an honest to God bookworm.

message 44: by Bobo :) (new)

Bobo :) (readwithbobo) | 12 comments I'm Kristen, from Manchester, UK.
I love most YA books and I'm only just discovering NA books but what I've read so far have been pretty immense!

message 45: by Christina (new)

Christina (channelle_writes) | 18 comments Hey all! I'm an indie author from Canada who writes YA contemporary and fantasy -- both have elements of romance :). And I also love to read the two genres so my TBR list is getting kind of large, lol.

Thanks for the invite, Brianna :)


message 46: by Asser (new)

Asser (asserbeeyatch) | 8 comments Hello everyone! I'm Asser and I'm a huge fan of YA and NA romance. Looking forward to meet new friends here. :)

message 47: by Mishma (new)

Mishma Nixon Hi, I am Mishma. Thanks a lot Brianna for inviting me.I am a huge fan of YA and a fan of NA since last December. I am really talkative, and I am looking forward to get to know you all.

message 48: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen | 24 comments Hi Everyone! I'm Kathleen and from California. Thanks for the invite Brianna. I love YA and NA romance, but I try to read from other genres as well. Can't wait to chat!

message 49: by Kris (new)

Kris (willow3171) | 25 comments Hi All, I am Kris..I am a raging insomniac so I read ALOT lol. Thanks for the invite:)

message 50: by E. (new)

E. Mellyberry (emellyberry) Hi guys. My name is Melly and I 'm wayyy post YA/NA years but I think these two are the best categories in the book world. I write children books and MG book in my spare time :)

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