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Messy, messy!

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Heather Davis (httpwwwgoodreadscomminivan-momma) | 78 comments Mod
Tracy shares with us all about her leaky boobs when she return to work from maternity leave. What's your biggest fashion mess? (It doesn't have to involve lactation.)

I had a pretty pink shirt that I wore with a pair of khakis to one of our favorite Mexican places. My younger daughter was still in a high chair. Somehow or another, with fists full of salsa, she crawled out and all over me. I had tiny little red hand prints all over my chest (including my boobage area), my shoulders, my belly, my thighs, everywhere! I remember thinking two things: first, there weren't enough naps kinds to clean her up and second, how was she moving so swiftly to get it so many places in so little time.

message 2: by ShaRhonda (new)

ShaRhonda (crowmoma2) | 12 comments I think in general I am a fashion mess. Clinton, Stacy can you possibly end your show with me as the finale? I like my t-t-shirts, shorts, jeans and/or yoga pants. No really, probably my biggest blunder was right before I turned 30 and was a single mother. I was the thinnest I had been in a while and with thin comes less clothes including lower necklines. I guess I didn't realize just how low that neckline had gotten when a customer complained on me- the assistant branch manager of a bank!! How embarrassing. Of course it was a woman.

message 3: by Dani (new)

Dani Stone (danistone) | 1 comments In the early 90s I struggled with a thyroid condition that had me on a roller coaster of weight loss and gain. During the "meaty" period I had to buy new jeans, bigger jeans. One day I was standing in line at a *ahem* Long John Silvers when a very polite customer tapped me on the shoulder and whispered that I still had the LONG "size strip sticker" running down the back of my jean leg.

I had two choices, quickly leave without my food but with my dignity intact, or draw attention to myself and my new double-digit size jeans by ripping off the sticker and keeping my place in line.

WELL, when a person needs a hush puppy and some Long John Silvers "cracklins" they'll risk embarrassment. Which I did. I realize this story also illustrates why there was more going on to my "meaty" size than just the thyroid problem. I can see that now. :)

message 4: by Peyton (new)

Peyton Price (SuburbanHaiku) | 19 comments I thought I was doing OK with a sort of a loose flowing boho look that was camouflaging all my problem areas (my whole body, basically). Then I realized another mom was copying my look--the neighborhood cat lady.

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Peggy Chambers (peggychambers) | 18 comments My husband and I were married much too young and had our children early. When the first girl on his side of the family in twenty-plus years showed up, she was not a little princess - oh no she was a queen - and we were all her subjects. She was not only the first grandchild, she was a girl!
On the other side of the family, she was essentially the first grandchild too because the other one was in Okinawa and we hadn’t met him yet. But, my father was a hands-off type granddad. He would admire from afar like he was afraid he would break her. And if he did hold the baby for a few minutes and there were any noises from the diaper region, you would be sure to hear “Peg!” from the other room. That meant come get the smelly little bundle of joy. He wanted nothing to do with messy babies.
My brother-in-law however, was in heaven to have a girl in the family. He still did not have any children of his own, so the niece was a good substitute. He carried her everywhere on his hip whenever we were together. She ate with him, sat with him, and helped to prepare him for fatherhood someday. He wasn’t afraid of a little mess. Until the day she peed in his pocket.
At a family gathering the queen was being ferried around like the royalty she was when I heard “Peg!” and my dad was nowhere in sight. The baby hung at arm’s length from her uncle and his eyes were the size of saucers. There was an ever increasing circle of liquid around the bottom of his pocket and growing. As he carried her on his hip and her diaper readjusted itself, the urine ran directly into his pocket with his keys. Ick!
He still loved her, but I think the social faux pas had tempered their relationship. He didn’t carry her around as often and never on his hip again. Soon, she would be the oldest grandchild, not the only grandchild and she was dethroned. But, she would always be our first.

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Heather Davis (httpwwwgoodreadscomminivan-momma) | 78 comments Mod
Beth--it's too hot. Wait until autumn! ;)

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