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If this book was adapted into a film, how would they cast it? (warning: MAJOR SPOILERS)
Allison Allison Jun 10, 2013 09:00PM
I would love to see this adapted into a film or miniseries, but how could they possibly cast Dorothy and Vivien without giving away the twist ending?

The only solution I can come up with is if the actresses who play Dorothy and Vivien in 1941 have similar heights, body types, and hair colors. Then, in the scene from Laurel's memory where Vivien/Dorothy kills Henry Jenkins, the viewer can only see her from the back, or from a very far distance without a clear picture of what her face looks like. Laurel's mother as an old woman will be, of course, played by an entirely different actress, so her appearance won't give anything away. But it would be difficult to show Laurel's mother in the flashback scenes from Laurel's childhood.

How would you solve this conundrum? Also, what actors can you see in the roles? When I was reading "The Secret Keeper," I kept picturing Carey Mulligan as Dolly. She's just pretty, young, and naive enough looking -- like her character in "The Great Gatsby," I suppose. For Vivien, I think it would have to be a woman who looks a little bit older and a lot wiser.

Good point about the flashback scenes. Maybe it could be done in way where the murder is revealed initially, like the book and like you said without us getting a clear look at Dorothy. Then goes to 2011 with Laurel's returning home to visit ailing Dorothy and then Dorothy maybe tells her the story of two women. Then it goes back to 1941 and chronologically goes through what happened. In between we can maybe see Laurel finding clues along the way and maybe some obscure "flashback scenes" where her mother is hidden or partially shown or not in the shot. It would be tricky to make it look as though they are not purposely hiding her though. Although, they could probably pull it off without that many flashback scenes. I think the most important one was the one with Jimmy anyway.

Carey Mulligan as Dolly is a good pick. Maybe Kate Winslet or Jessica Chastain for Vivien...maybe Clare Forlani. Hmmm, trying to think of actresses who could pull off the look and attitude of the era. For Jimmy, maybe Orlando Bloom. I kinda pictured someone like that since the book kept mentioning his long hair. I pictured Laurel as Judi Dench.

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I also agree on the flashback scenes, I would just hope that like Cheyenne said that they don't make it look like they were purposely hiding her. Maybe they could just keep the focus, during those particular flashback scenes, on Laurel, so it won't show as much of her mother. But I would wonder how they would take care of the photographs around the house. I mean Dorothy (Vivien) kept what seemed like everything, so why wouldn't there be pictures around the house. Not a big deal, but still.

I think that Keeley Hawes would be a good Vivien. She would probably do really good in that role.

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