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Rp here!

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Rose and I walked up to Apartment 24 A. My old house. I was terrified.

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I check my pocket for my emergency pocket knife, and glance at Krista. Ohhhhhh, boooyyyyy.....

I bring my hand up to knock...

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When the door swung open, revealing my dad.
"Hi...dad." He reaked of alchohl. She resisted the urge to plug her nose.

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"Hmmm.... don't like him." I whisper to her. "I must get going now that I know you got here safely." I say to her. I already told her that I plan on spying on them just in case.

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I grabbed her hand. "Please stay." I whispered, then turned back to my dad.
"Who are you?" He drawlled out. Obviously drunk.

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"Why do you care?" I say sassily. "I'll stay." I whisper back.

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"Thanks." I whispered.
"Daddy. It's me...Krista. You're daughter." I said walking closer to him. He looked at me, then pointed to Rose.
"Who's this." He breathed out.
"Rose." I said and pushed past him so I was inside.

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I hand the man a breath mint, and he looks at me funny. I push past him, or rather, shove past him. I stand by Krista.

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I try not to laugh at the breathe mint Rose handed him. He shut the door.
"Your brother had a sleepover with a friend. He should be back around 1 or 2." He slurred. I went behind him, and pushed him to bed.
"Go to sleep." He nodded, and collapsed on his bed. I looked around. It was a mess. I needed to clean this place up if Rose and I were ever gonna stay here.
"So Rose, which room do you want to clean first?" I asked.

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"Kitchen!" I shout, heading over to it.

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"Ok! I'll take the living room." I shouted. The living room had empty beer bottles all over the floor. Even blood stains on the carpet. It had dirty clothes everywhere, and teamed of alcohol. The kitchen wasn't half as bad. It had a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, moody food all over the place, and a few broken beer bottles.

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I started cleaning and decided to clear the floor first. I made a path to the fridge, then the oven, then finished the floor. Next I cleared the counter. After that, I had to empty the garbage can. Once that was done, I pulled out a clothes pin and put it on my nose. I dug in to the fridge.

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I put disposboable gloves on, and began to scrub the blood stains. I was terrified about what it came from.
"Rose! Check this out!" I shouted, from my place by the stains.

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"I'm coming!" I say, walking into the living room. "You got me right in the middle of the fridge."

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"Look!" I said, and pointed to the blood stains on the carpet. "These weren't here before I left."

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"Uh, oh. Police? My dagger? What should I get to take care of your... whoever did this?" I ask.

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I ran my fingers through my hair. "No one I guess. I don't know what they're from. But I have a good guess. My dad hit my brother. That's the only thing I can think of." I said softly.

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"Okay, so we wait for your bro to get home. Then, we ask. Then, I get my dagger and the police."

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I nodded. "Sounds good!"

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"Okay. I need to go finish the fridge." i turn and finish the fridge.

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I nod and begin to scrub the floor, hoping that the stains will come out. They didn't. So I stopped trying, and began picking up bottles.

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I come back, and pull out some cash. "I'm going to the store to get some food. You wanna come?"

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I shrug. "Sure. Someones gotta make sure you dint spend to much." I said, smiling.

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"Kay! Bye!" i say, leaving.

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"Wait!" I shouted as I ran to catch up with her. She was fast.

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"What?" i say, annoyed.

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"I'm coming too!" I said as soon as I caught up. I grabbed the extra key to my apartment that was sitting on the counter. "Ok, now lets go."

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(now we need a "store" topic)

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"Off we go!"

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I opened the door, and saw my little brother, Chase.
"Chase?" I asked, he looked so old.
"Krista?" He asked, kintting his eyebrows. I nodded.
"Yeah, its me." He grinned and wrapped me into a hug.
"I missed you." He said softly. I rubbed his back. He whimpered. I took my hand off of his back.
"What was that?" I asked. He looked away.

There was no way in all of the world that I was going to tell Krista about my back. That is just mentally insane. I looked at the girl standing next to her.
"Hi," I said softly.

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"Hello and a cheerio! So, you are Chase. I have to reload your fridge, so wanna come with us to the store?" I said, being rather blunt. It was that or baby talk. I did NOT want to baby talk to a kid who looked about my age.

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I was kind of overwhelmed by her bluntness. It made me nervous.
"Um...ok?" I said shyly. Thanks to my dad, I'm as shy as a butterfly.

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"I'm gonna make a quick shopping list. You two stay here. Krista, check him over. Stay." I say, turning around and going to the kitchen with a pad of paper.

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I groaned as Krista put her hands on her hips.
"Shirt. Off." She ordered. I groaned.
"Do I have too?" I protested. She nodded sternly. I groaned and took of my shirt, revealing my scars.
Krista gasped.
"Rose!" she shouted. I tensed. I didn't want people seeing my scars. At all.

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"Do I get to use my dagger now?!?" I said excitedly. "Okay. Band-aids, quicky-heal stuff, and some extra clothes." I say, putting them on the shopping list. Once I look up, the boy, whose name I forget already, is staring at me like I'm crazy. "What do you expect from the Red Queen's daughter?"

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"Rose, Bandaids aren't going to fix these." I said quietly. The scars were deep. About one to two inches deep. And each one was about 6 Inge's long, and they went all across his back. I gently touched one, and Chase flinched.
"What happened?" I asked quietly. He sighed.
"I didn't do the dishes right."

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"Shut up and stop being manly. You were beaten by a mad drunk. Your sister and I are going to take you to the hospital then take you back to the middle world. (((The middle world being Wonderland.))) Do I still get to use my dagger, Krista?" I say.

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This Rose girl was kind of scary. She was too loud and rough for my taste.
"No...no...its fine. Don't take me there. You dint know what he'll do. Please...I'm fine. Just don't take me there." I begged. She couldnt take me to that hospital. My dad would do horrible, awful things to me, Krista, and Rose. They couldn't take me there.
"Chase-" Krista begain. I cut her off.
"No. You cant take me there."

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"Okay, we'll go to straight Wonderland. I'll be back in ten. You two stay here. Bye!" I say, walking out the door and to the closest store.

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I slowly put my shirt back on, wincing slightly. Krista pulled me into a hug.
"I never should have left." She whispered sadly.
"No. Better me than you." I insisted.

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I came back with a medical pad thingy big enough to cover his scratches and ace bandage. I hand them to Chase. "If your back gets irritated on the walk home, Krista will help you put it on your back. The White Queen will make you put it on once you get there. So, let's go! Before the @#$%&*%$ wakes up." I say.

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I was horrified at the words that Rose had just used.
"Rose! Language!" I hated swearing. It was just awful.
"Guys lets go....hes gonna wake up in ten minuets with a broom and a headache." Chase said, looking at the clock. I nodded and began to pull Rose a d him towards the door.

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"Going, going." I say, almost running out the door. I head down the hallway and down the steps.

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And we were out of there. It felt so good to walk out of that building with my sister and her friend. I sighed with relief. Krista took my hand and led us towards a hole.
"Lets go." She pushed me inside.

((Should we head into the rabbit hole now?))

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