Stronger: A Super Human Clash (The New Heroes/Quantum Prophecy, #6) Stronger question

Is Brawn Overpowered?
Kent Thai Kent Jun 10, 2013 07:33PM
In my opinion Brawn is a little OP. It's either that or all the other superheros are just really weak. I was a bit surprised that Brawn could take on Thunder and Abby. However, when he was able to beat Thunder, Abby, Titan, Energy, and all the other super heros by himself, it didn't make much sense to me. Casey Duval said Energy had the potential power of a star and that she could destroy the planet. If Energy has that much power, I don't understand why it wasn't enough to kill Brawn. Brawn's skin is very tough but it has been pierced by many things. Brawn also didn't practice for years before the fight yet he had perfect fighting skills. It just doesn't seem possible even for a super human like Brawn. However, I still thing that Stronger is a great book.

Maybe a little. But he doesn't really do anything major with his powers. With his immunity to Dalton, he could beat almost anyone. But he just wants to be normal.
As for Energy, I really don't know. Maybe it would kill her to use that much power.

Energy has the potential to put out a star, but she hasn't learned how to. Brawn is not over powered just very strong, Krodin on the other hand is way too powerful. I do feel bad for Brawn though.

I just felt sad for him.

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