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((Sorry , got hung up on other RPs.))

Kayla kicked the soccer-ball hard and it went flying across the field, over Troy's head and into the goal. Grinning at her cousin, Kayla stalked off to their bags and grabbed a full bottle of water to drink. Watching Troy kick the ball around and trying to practice, Kayla gulped the water down and looked about the sports complex. Maybe she should go inside, Kayla thought as she wandered away with her water leaving Troy alone. She strolled about the indoor stadiums until she came upon the court in which Felix was playing in. Giving him a small wave, she entered.

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Kayla giggled as Felix fell but shook his hand kindly anyway. "Hi, my name is Kayla. And you are..." she rubbed her chin for a moment, trying to recall his name, "Felix Otono William, am I right?" She grinned, she heard of the newcomers and was expected to look out for them, especially since she was a huge senior of eighteen years. Remembering that he asked her a question, Kayla answered, "I'm fine, just a little pissed off with General Sully because she made me babysit my cousin..."-blushing a little, she admitted,-"Although it's been already five years..."

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"Oh, I've been under her tutoring and training for more than ten years so I'm not really 'creeped out'. Though, in my first year...yeah, I was pretty creeped," Kayla admitted, giving the other boy a small wave too. "Sometimes I wonder why she's so strict but I guess it's the whole general thing... Hey, do you know that other kid?" She pointed at the other stranger.

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Kayla turned to face Mike and smiled warmly. "Hi there, my name is Kayla. But I don't mind any of you calling me Kayl for short," she said. "So you guys come here of-" "FOUND YOU!!!" rang across the court from a young boy standing at the entrance. Kayl crossed her arms angrily and snapped at the other blonde boy who looked a lot like her, "What are you doing here? Go back and practice your kicks." The twelve-year-old boy grinned and hopped up to them while teasing Kayl, "Not while you're flirting with these two! Hey! Yo, men!" He gave the two other boys a big friendly wave.

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Kayl pursed her lips at Mike's offer and said, "I think you'll regret offer-" "Sure!" Troy interrupted, "My name is Troy Katana, by the way. And so, you're the soccer type, eh? I need help with kicks beca-" Kayl stepped in, "Troy! You'll make him die out of laughter if he sees you kick!" Troy pouted at that and muttered, "Good way to die, isn't it?" Kayl clicked her tongue at the comment and hissed, "You will not take lessons from anyone besides me or General Sully, got it? I don't want to explain any sudden deaths." Turning back to the two boys, Kayl gave them both a tight smile. "Sorry about that, he's just very...-" "Cool?" Troy offered before being slapped aside on the shoulder by Kayl. Blushing at her cousin's rudeness, Kayl apologized.

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Kayl shook her head and said, "You don't know what you're heading into even if I trust you do...Oh well, so be it, then. Come, let's see how Troy kicks." Leading the three boys back to the soccer field, Kayl silently hoped to god that Troy wouldn't embarrass himself too badly. Once 'handed'-more like kicked-the ball, Troy stood at the center of the wide, green field and set the black and white ball down onto the grass and positioned himself for his best kick. Meanwhile, behind his back, Kayl was muttering to Mike and Felix, "I swear, that ball is not going to roll more than ten inches, my friends." Troy sucked in a breath and released it, kicking as hard as he could with his eyes shut...

Laughter arose from Kayl's mouth. "Oh my God! I swore that the ball wouldn't get more than ten inches, right? Look, it didn't even move!" she said in between laughs and chokes. Troy opened his eyes at the comment and glanced at his foot. Yes, it was hovering over the ball and the ball was where it had been after he set it down. "Damn it," he muttered as he returned his foot to the grass, now not so green to him.

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"Why not?" the two cousins demanded at the same time. Kayl immediately apologized for her rudeness but Troy just pouted. "He's never had a real mother to take care of him nowadays," Kayl explained, "she died pretty much four years ago and his father sometime before that. And his sisters ditched him and went off some place else after their mother died... Ha, too bad I'm not much of an example either, though." She ended it off with a small smile. She couldn't say her family turned out fine either, having her father killed before her mother died too. Though she didn't have any siblings to be betrayed by...

"Besides, we've got to get his kicks fixed, right Mike?" she said, standing up and fixing her ponytail. Troy grumbled something unheard about that but let her show him a proper kick. Being in the female soccer team before, Kayl's kick was good. The ball rolled off some long distance before neatly ending inside a goalpost. Smiling and gently patting on Troy's back, she tried to make the kid feel better.

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"Like this?" Troy muttered, slouching his back worse. Kayl hissed and patted his back upright again out of habit. "No, not like that," she snapped, "that would just break your stupid back!" Grumbling but grinning, Troy smirked at his elder cousin and her frown deepened when she noticed. Biting her lip to keep from shouting and cursing at him, Kayl turned away and walked to her water-bottle in a hurried pace.

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Alex wrote: ""Good enough." Said Mike. "Now I want you to aim.""

"For the goal..." Troy changed his position and eyed the goal opposite him. "What's next?" he asked.

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