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Books still ongoing?
Elatia Elatia Jun 10, 2013 06:52PM
Is Martin still writing these novels or did he finish everything up? If the novels are ongoing, is there any danger of the HBO series catching up to the novels before they are finished? This is known to happen with Japanese anime and manga and then the anime has to go into filler episodes or seasons, which no one likes.

I read this article about it yesterday: http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/06/09/gam...


Good news is that season 3 only touched half of book 3. (Bad for me though because I read it already). So, they may try to drag out the series. But the books are amazing and worth the read.

there's no confirmed date for the 6th book. Martin once said he hoped to finish the book in three years but basically book will be done when it's done.

It took him 5 years to write book 4. 6 years to write book 5. Considering he is working VERY closely to write and produce the TV show, he will not be able to keep up with book 6. The TV series will have to stretch out the book material into a few seasons to let Martin catch up.

Unless Martin changes his writing style (eliminating fluff and tying up extra story lines) there is a very real possibility that HBO will run out of material.

The materials from books 4 and 5 are scattered and there are too many story lines to keep fans interested, not all of the material in 4 and 5 will be used.

I don't think there's any danger of the tv show catching up since they always take about a year's break after a finished season. :)

I'm trying to find a link to it but I read recently that the release date for Winds of Winter is some point in 2014. If that holds and the last book comes out 2-3 yrs after I dont think we'll have to worry about HBO catching up. The last two took so long because of the rewrites. He originally was going to have Feast for Crows take place 5 yrs after Storm of Swords. After he had written a good portion of it though he realized it wasnt working and scrapped the whole thing. Assuming he doesnt have to throw out what he has written so far I'm hopeful on a 2014 release date on the next book and giving HBO plenty of material to go through before they catch up.

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well, there is actually two more books still yet to be finished. The Winds of Winter is the 6th and A Dream of Spring is the 7th.

And there is a possibility of the series on TV to catch up to them before they are finished, but hopefully they will not, because I want the series on HBO to be as close to the books as possible.

I can not wait for the next books to come out though!

I was slightly concerned about this issue too, I cannot remember where I read it on the internet but there are some hopes that Winds of Winter will come out around the end of 2014.

I also saw somewhere someone do a timeline of what they think will happen in the series, and if you look at events in later books you can see that one series per book doesn't match up. As this topic is under the first in the series I have put in spoilers the key bits.

(view spoiler)

Now anyone who has seen Season 3 will realise that some of the plot elements are being drawn from Dance with Dragons. (view spoiler). This makes me think the seasons 4 and 5 will do the same though if my hypothesis above holds true it will only be with a few characters (I am thinking Arya possibly, but more notably the Greyjoys).

As the show has already laid down a lot of groundwork between Cersei and Margery then I think it would be very easy to conclude their arc (view spoiler) within one series - this would of course happen though (view spoiler) - so likely season 5, this would mean season 7 Cersei would tie in with Dance of Dragons Cersei.

To get back to the OP question as to whether this might lead to a hiatus - it is possible. But it depends on how the shows producers go about things... in my opinion there is enough material to get by until 2016 or so. Hopefully the rumours I read of a next year Winds of Winter release are true as that will, with any luck, provide another years buffer.

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