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This is where every hero starts out. Heroes are called to receive missions, be trained, and prove their mission complete. To give you some ideas:

Get it?

And don't forget gods and goddesses walking around!

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Meg leaned back on a green stool. She was bored. She had nothing to do, no place to go, nothing to kill. "Ugh. Nothing exciting ever happens in this place." She complained.

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"Dear, don't say that." Mia said. "We just finished a war. There shouldn't be anything to do."

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Meg sighed. "But at least I was DOING something instead of sitting around all day." She said, complaining.

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"Perhaps. Anyway, the rest of the heroes are all messing around... somewhere. Anyway, I heard there's cake!" Mia said, turning around.

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Meg stood up. "And they didn't invite me? I mean I know I'm not that popular, but I'm popular enough to be invited!" She was slightly offended. She couldn't believe no one invited her.

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Hannibal walked throughout the room.

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Meg waved to Hannibal. "Yo Hannibal! Did you know there was a party going on?!" She yelled to him.

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"No, Why wasn't I invited!' He said across the room to Meg.

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"I wasnt invited either! Lets go crash their party. It'll give me something to do." Meg said, waking towards Hannibal.

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"Sure lets go." He said.

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"The party's by the pools! We just decided to have a party an hour ago. Don't worry. Mia is "sending out" the invites." Angel said coming out of nowhere. She herded the two heroes into the pool area.

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Julia | 13 comments Edessa (( goddess of love lust and beauty )) appeared in the room (( How do we give heroes a quest? ))

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((Fill out a form and the hero will meet you here.))

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