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Ryder walks in, he was in a bit of a hurry even though he had nothing to do later. He just needs to keep himself busy for a while and eating and drinking inside the coffee shop was all he could think of. He then ordered a cup of late to perk himself up a bit and a blueberry muffin, he then sat on a chair watching other people anxiously.

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Ryder then takes out his camera, he might as well take photos whilst he was here. He then took a picture of a girl in a barista uniform by accident, but the shot was perfect to him. He smiled cheekily at the photo, he hopes no one had noticed him but he doubts it.

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Ryder, still was bored and had nothing to do just like a while ago. He then snapped another photo of the girl in the barista uniform just as before. He hoped she didn't mind but he then again doubts it.

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Ryder looked at the girl once again and saw her lift an eyebrow at him, he then thought of his actions; it was rude or so he thinks to be taking pictures of strangers without them knowing what's he's doing. He then finally had the courage to stand up and walk towards the girl. "Um, hi?" He spoke, a bit nervous. "I guess you might have noticed I've been taking pictures of you and I hope that it's okay?" He ended the sentence in a question, a bit unsure.

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"Thank you, it seems a bit rude of me to be taking a photo of a stranger. I'm Ryder by the way, call me Ry instead." Ryder then returned the smile. "How long have you worked here?" He asks.

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Ryder nodded, he didn't want to pry a person up if they don't want to talk about their life much. "What do you do during your spare time?" He asked in a curious way, it felt pleasant for him to be meeting new people.

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"A city hall secretary? That's cool." Ryder said, as he fixed the lenses of his camera. He then wiped the lens a bit. "I love working." He told, he didn't know why but he felt that it was necessary to say.

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"Yeah," Ryder smiled warmly. "I do. It's just that. . .a friend of mine thought that I have seemed to be working too hard and I don't think he was right. So, he's currently covering up for me in which I think he shouldn't since I do love working." He admitted, he was really the workaholic.

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"Well, it wasn't really work at first but it became as a job for me. I make short films, in which would usually take about two months to produce. I take on painting, photography and writing too of course but I can't really eat up all my time so I study at this school." Ryder never thought about much of his work, it sort of became a part of him to do these things. The same routine everyday in his life.

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Diana stood behind the counter, wiping it off. She watched the customers warily, listening in on many pointless conversations, wishing she was anywhere but here.

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"Well, right now I'm working on a new short-film. It's just a story of a boy and how his imagination can get out of control and as if it's effecting his version of reality by mixing it with his own fantasy." Ryder was still thinking about his film, so far he doesn't have much ideas. "It's still a working progress so I understand if you think it's terrible."

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"What?" Ryder asked, a bit confused and then he finally got it. "Oh. . .that is. . .just. . ." He ever thought about it that way, he then laughed lightly. "I'm running a bit dry, I guess my friend was right. I am running out of ideas." He then looked at her. "So far, you're pretty funny and nice." He complimented.

Meanwhile, Zachary entered the Coffee shop. He had a short break and thought about just relaxing for a bit. He then approached a girl who was cleaning off the counter and asked. "May I have a cup of latte and a chocolate chip cookie please?" He asked, looking down at his feet.

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Diana nodded, handing the guy a chocolate chip cookie and getting started on his latte. She looked up at him. "Do I know you from somewhere?" She asked, the first words she had really said to anyone today.

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"Probably from the Waffle House?" Zachary raised his eyebrows, any rich people he could have encountered would have known him easily since his parents were rich and were always going to parties, so it was easy to recognize him if you were one of them.

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Diana shrugged. "Maybe. I don't know. Oh, I think my parents know yours... If I'm thinking of the right people." She got his latte, handing it to him. Diana cringed internally when she mentioned her "parents". She never really considered them her real parents as they adopted her when she was a toddler.

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"The Dawson family?" Zachary took the latte and took a short sip. "Who are your parents anyway, if you don't mind answering." He was a bit curious since he hadn't saw this girl to one of the parties and she looked quite different from what he mostly seen from the girls he mostly saw.

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"Yeah," she answered, nodding. "My parents are the Rose's." Diana noticed his look, and hurried to explain. "I'm actually not their daughter, I'm adopted. I stay as far away as I can from their stupid parties. All they are is a bunch of rich snobby people acting like they enjoy each other's company. The only ones I've been to, they all look at me like some kind of strange creature. Not formal enough for them I suppose."

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"I'll take that as a compliment." Ryder said as he chuckled, he really was starting to like her attitude. "Do you have any other hobbies?" He asked towards her as he looked at the past photos he had taken with his camera.


"Oh, the Rose's," Zachary thought for a moment. "Heard a lot about them, I heard that they have a daughter and I guess that must be you." He told as he sipped on his coffee again. "Don't tell me about it, I got forced into a marriage once just for the riches. I don't even know the girl." He rolled his eyes, it was getting a bit annoying that his parents were doing these to him.

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((I'm planning on doing it tonight, I'm going to make an announcement in the announcements thread. ^_^ Does that sound okay?))

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Diana rolled her eyes. "I'm not their daughter, and they're not my parents. They never will be." She leaned forward on the counter. "They tried to force you to marry? See, this is why I spend no time at home. They can't control me. They have no right to tell me what to do, they aren't my freaking parents." She looked away, trying to calm down. Talking about her parents was making it hard to stay focused.

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"You do ballet?" Ryder's eyes had a flick of amusement. He looked down at his watch. "Hey, listen. Do you have anything to do after all. . .this?" He asked for a moment, he was nervous.


"Do you have any hobbies?" Zachary asked, trying to change the subject, hoping that she would calm down. He knew about the Rose family and their daughter, he just didn't know that their daughter was actually adopted.

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Diana breathed deeply. "Umm... I guess I like drawing, and I dance some. Oh and I'm a swimmer. Why? What about you?" She avoided eye contact with him, thinking that she had messed up her first impression already.

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"Well, I like to compose songs and make music once in a while when I'm not busy." Zachary took a sip of his coffee again, he was looking at her but he knew she was avoiding eye contact with him.

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"That's cool," Diana said, turning around to make herself coffee. She wasn't supposed to, but honestly, she wasn't the type who cared either. "So do you come here a lot? Shouldn't you be at home with your perfect little rich family?" She didn't mean to be rude, but the Dawsons had everything, literally. They had seemed pretty nice as well from what she had heard, but maybe that wasn't true.

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Ryder had notice her tune of voice change a bit. "Are you busy? I might help you around if you want to, I don't really have anything to do tonight. I can help you, really." All he wanted was to be busy and that was it, he still had a two-day vacation but he can't help it but be busy.


"Perfect little rich family? My parents seem like they aren't around me at all." Zachary took this a light way since he was already getting used to being ignored. "Yeah, 'perfect', and that's coming from a guy working as a busboy in a Waffle House." He pointed out. He had worked in the Waffle House for a while and he could say he'd like it, he met people who didn't even know him and he took it in a kind way.

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"Nah, it's okay. It'll be fun and it will be nice to be helping other people." Ryder was acting too nice, it was part of his nature to be. His parents had raised him to be a gentleman after all.

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Diana looked down. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. But why the hell would you work at all? You're filthy rich, you could have married that girl and gotten out of working for the rest of your life." She knew the answer already. It was the same reason she decided to work here.

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"I don't really like the sound of that. I won't take 'no' as an answer." Ryder said as he sipped at his coffee.


"Let's see: I could marry the girl who was rich and yet I don't even know her, I'm still eighteen so I have a life to live, I could have gotten away with being rich for the rest of my life and not have to work hard." Zachary smacked his lips. "I don't like that type of life. Where you could get away with almost everything just because you're rich, it sort of disappoints me." He was mostly against it. "Then why are you here?" He asked.

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"Well when you say it like that..." Diana shook her head. "I'm here for a lot of reasons. One being that their money isn't mine. Just like they shouldn't have any right to tell me what to do, I have no right to take their money. I just... Live with them. That's it. Also, I'd do anything to have an excuse not to be home."

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"Crazy? How so?" Ryder asked, his eyebrows raised and confusion was splattered across his face as he did say that, he didn't know what he was getting himself into. He just wanted to help.


It's true that even though Zachary had been rich, he too wanted an excuse to not go home but then he knew that his butlers or maids might call the police and send a search party just for him. He simply nodded and said "Never did catch your name, my name's Zachary though call me Zack." He introduced.

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"Diana," she introduced herself. "And I already knew your name. Who doesn't?" Diana smiled. It must be hard when everyone already had expectations of you, most of them probably being wrong. "Um... Would you like anything else, or will that be all for your order?"

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"Fine, fine. So, what time do I have to arrive?" Ryder asked, still confusion was hinted on his face.


"That will be all, thanks." Zachary turned his back around but then came back. "I was wondering, are you going to do anything later? I was hoping if you would like to hang-out?" He ended the sentence in a questioned manner.


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Diana smiled a little. "I would love to hang out. I get off in half an hour, if you would like to wait here." She turned, helping out another customer.

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Ryder noticed her change of tone. "I could help if you want. I have no problems and it would be good for me to get into one." He didn't say it playfully or even in a serious tone. It was sort of somewhere in-between the voices of it. The thought of him helping her was a bit intriguing even for him but another thought of him makes him want to find out. "Why is that anyway?"


"No, I don't mind," Zachary gave a sincere smile, he was too kind even for a Dawson. His family wasn't that kind but because of him having to watch Winnie The Pooh ever since he was a child, you could say he was nice and friendly. "I can be patient." He raised an eyebrow and gave off a grin.

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Diana smiled. "Alright then, if you're sure." She was a little suspicious of why he would want to spend time with her of all people. But there was no way she would turn down the offer.

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"Well, they're nice, quiet. I don't know any of my other relatives, just my parents I guess. . ." Ryder pouted a bit. "Very supportive but a bit too kind towards people, creeps some of my friends out." He laughed. "I know I shouldn't be nosing around your business but what about yours? Of you don't mind telling me of course."


Zachary nodded towards Diana. He then sat down near a chair and started to drink his coffee and eat his cookie as he watched her for a bit and then shifted his eyes towards the place. He then noticed his friend, Ryder talking to some girl. He laughs a bit and started to watch them too.

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"I'm sorry. . .I shouldn't have. . .go on," His eyes were now full of worry and sorrow. He had never thought about it that way. "So,you have any siblings? I could babysit them for you or something. Unless they are already teenagers and can take care of themselves, then I can help you around work if that's the case."

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Diana looked up at the television in the corner. "What the..." It looked as though it was chaos everywhere. Then, she saw her house. It was being broken into. She got up, and decided immediately that she needed to head over there. Looking at Zach, she shook her head. "I need to go over there, they might be hurt. You coming?"

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Ryder just nodded, he didn't know what else to say. He then looked up at a television in the corner of the cafe and saw chaos all over the news. His face was now filled with shock and worried. He then looked back at Ee to see her reaction.


Zachary was still staring at the television, his mouth gaping a bit open. He quickly snapped out of it as Diana talked to him. "What? Oh, yeah. Sure. Let's hurry." He quickly stood up.

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Diana nodded. "We should stop by your house as well then." She was suddenly grateful to her adoptive parents for insisting that she carry a gun with her. The feeling of it in her back pocket brought an ounce of comfort. Diana grabbed Zach's hand and led him after her to the door, heading to the estate.

((I'll post there))

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Ryder nodded. "Yeah, but. . .come on." He then grabbed Ee's hand and led her towards the door. "There must be a place where we're safe temporarily. Do you want to find your family first?" He asked, concern filled his voice.


Zachary followed Diana out of the shop as she held his hand.


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Hannah wrote: "Ee shook her head, "No time," she muttered. There were bullets flying now and broken glass was everywhere. "Where could we go?" I screamed to Ryder over the chaos."

"I know a place. Let's go." Ryder, still grabbing Ee's hand. Ran out of the shop. He was thoughtful that they ran ahead of time.

((To the abandoned cabin. I'll post there first ^^.))

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Rachel Toni: "This is it." I confirm. The door's locked like I thought it would be so I take out my key and unlock it. I open the door and walk in.

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Rachel Toni: "Yeah, just a little bit." I sighed. I walked round to the back and took out the box where the receipts were kept. I start to mumble to myself.

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Rachel Toni: "They paid for their meal before I got sent home, so it's got my signature on it." I look through the box. "Here it is." I say handing him the receipt.

message 46: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Toni: "Remind me to never leave my receipts lying around again." I mutter staring at the screen. "Okay we've got a name, now what?" I ask Lewis.

message 47: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Toni: "Do you want me to turn on the internet?" I asked Lewis. Only my boss was supposed to know how to do it but when I wanted something really badly I get it. And I wanted internet connection at work all the time.

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Rachel Toni: Laughing I walk through to the kitchen. I climb onto one of the cookers and flick the switch on top of the ceiling. I jump down with all the grace of an elephant.

message 49: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Toni: I walk through to where Lewis was standing in front of a computer. "What am I looking at?" I ask standing next to him.

message 50: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Toni: "Dude that is just creepy." I tell him grinning. "Thank God I love you anyway." I wrap my arms around him. "You're the best!" I say kissing him. I hadn't so happy in a long time.

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