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Liked the earlier books better

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message 1: by Elatia (last edited Jan 19, 2014 04:17PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Elatia I liked the earlier books up through Anne's marriage to Gilbert the best. Starting with Anne of Ingleside, it seems like Anne herself was shoved into the background in favor of her children, the maid and the neighbor lady.

I wish Montgomery would have either kept Anne as the main character or ended the series after she and Gilbert were married. I just couldn't fall in love with Anne's children and maid because they weren't Anne!

message 2: by Julie (new)

Julie I agree!

QNPoohBear I liked the children but otherwise agree. I liked the Meredith children better though. Anne turns out boring and flat. The grandchildren appear in The Blythes Are Quoted and they're basically copies of their parents/aunts/uncles. Maud wasn't happy with the demand for sequels but she felt she needed the money to support her family in the lifestyle she desired. Emily Starr fares better because the series quits after three books. Pat of Silver Bush also quits at young adulthood.

Mitali Qnpoohbear wrote: "Anne turns out boring and flat."

This is the saddest part about the later books. I don't so much mind that Anne is relegated to the background while the focus shifts to her children - Montgomery was at her best when writing about children/adolescents anyway. But I do hate that Anne Shirley, that imaginative, humorous, talkative, ambitious young girl turns into such a stodgy and personality-free adult. The only one of the later books in which she seems to have a sense of humour is Anne of Ingleside, in which she does feature more (as most of the kids are too young to have stories of their own).

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