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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments Alright, lets try this again?

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Zoey (zzoey) | 623 comments Mod

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments (( your really fast zoey XD ))

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((Just came at the right time.))

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments (( Oh my, well awesome, lets do this! ))

Deralith made his way through the streets of Ravinica, he walked through the alleys at a casual pace. He found the Black Mare pub to be a excellent source of enjoyment, woman, food, drink, and above all, information. It was the best place he could go to find out what the town new about the Shadorein, or his being one, and it was also a nice place to pick up some, less than legal work.
But for the time, Deralith was intent on enjoying a nice mug of ale and relaxing, after all, he had just finished hunting down a rogue wolf that had been terrorizing the farmers for weeks now.

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Children splashed through mud in their bare feet, parents following in dismay, as people flooded the dusty streets to gaze upon this new wonder that had strolled into town. Whispers swirled about the place; names and stories drowned out doubts. The Traveling Miracle Worker had come, some whispers said, others claimed he was a demon who practiced darker magics.
"I heard he climbed rocky mountains in the Darkened Lands to discover the devil magic festering inside knuckerholes and crustacean pools." One man gloated to his friend inside the booming tavern.
"No!" Another piped up, "He is merely a skilled wielder of magic, having discovered the ability to illusion us all to wonder! None of it is truly real!"
A large, comely woman with her sopping cloth and steaming boiled drinks bellowed a laugh, "Come, come, darlings. We all have our own magic to be proud of. Do us a favor and disregard his want of attention. He only wishes to steal from our pockets for a trick before our eyes!"
From her corner in the pub, Ezzie couldn't help but giggle. "All their folly about a mysterious man. What good does he really do us in the end?" She went back to her vellum scrolls and hieroglyphs with disinterest. One day, it will be, that she will have more of a crowd, more of a purpose with the work she does, rather than a man who entertains the public.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments Deralith glanced at studious girl in the corner of the room, he stood and walked over to her. "Whats up with the scrolls?" He asked, forgoing a traditional greeting

Ellarah stood on the main street, playing a song on her harp for the crowd she gathered. she had been playing all morning and so far had made a nice amount of coin, a little more and she would be able to get herself a room here for a few nights, maybe even some new clothes. but she noticed that somewhere around noon, her crowd started dwindling, by one it was down to about 5 people. Growing curious of where they were all running, seeing as they all went the same way, she wrapped up her song, collected her earnings and proceeded down the street she had seen everyone else take.

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She snatched at one of her scrolls and shoved it into her bag at his appearance, "May I ask who you are?" It wasn't that she didn't want people looking at the languages she has written. It was that men had once told her that her nose was in a scroll and it would never be released again, even if a man were to strike up a marriage with her. The teases were tiring, and she only wanted to be liked.

Jory smiled at the little boy who squeezed to the front of the crowd. He began to dance excitedly. "Because you are just a mere fellow, I'll let you in for free, seeing as how you have no venture to make coin with." He patted the boy's head.
"Oh good sir, y-y-you must allow us to see what i-i-illusions you have been rumored to pr-pr-produce!" A man begged upon greeting him. He was blubbery; wet-lipped and stuttering. He grabbed for Jory's hand excitedly. His hand was damp with sweat.
"Pay merely an entrance fee, and the rest will be free for you to see and watch inside." He nodded assurances, wiping the hand on the back of his tunic as the man left. He had rented the building for only a small price and a demonstration of what he could do. The owner had nearly crowed with delight.
He waved at the group, collected their tidings, followed an unusual girl into the space once the blunt of the people were inside.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments "Deralith is my name, and yours?" He asked her. apparently she didnt seem to like onlookers, but he shrugged that aside.

"Whats going on?" Ellarah leaned in and asked the closest person, she was still unsure what she had payed to see, but it set her back for the day, it may be another night out in an alley. she hated sleeping in the streets. but it was adventure she told herself.

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"Ezzie. Ezzie Tealwater," She extended her hand to him shyly. "Lovely to meet you."

One man leaned in close to her, "The Traveling Miracle Worker. It is said that he can make a mere axe come to life!"
"It is said true, my friend," Jory beamed as he walked past his onlookers. Everyone hushed in excitement, for they new the show was about to start. He looked at Ellarah, "Might I mayhaps, borrow that lovely dirk of yours for a moment? I promise the safe return of it."

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments He took her hand in his and kissed it kindly, "The feeling is mutual"he said as he pulled over a chair. "I didn't recognize the language you were reading, something your creating?" He asked curiously.

She stood nervously for a second, not wanting to give him her fathers knife, but after some hesitation she made her way up to him and handed it to him shyly

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Her cheeks were warm, the tavern suddenly became a few degrees hotter. Slowly she brought out the scroll again and laid it flat for him to see. "Would that I were that talented, sir. It's of the old common tongue. Older than the most recent old, I would suspect. I guess you could say I have a talent for reading these sort of things."

"Thank you, milady." Of course, he was only being flattering. He didn't know if she were of high-birth, but he supposed she could be. He took the dirk and set it on a table he had prepared for the presentation. "My fellow knights, ladies, and gutter rats," He winked at an anxious little boy, "I present to you a power that I wield. I cannot be sure of its affect on the living, but I can with the un." He tapped the blade a few times, flames of magic sprouted from his finger tips.
"You've heard rumors, I'm sure, that I can bring things to life."
"YES!" some in the crowd yelled.
"Well here, I am to confirm it." He stepped away from the knife suddenly, and the entire room fell silent as they waited.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments He looked it over once again, and now that it wasnt ant an angle, he could make out some of the letters, he himself was versed in a few laguages. "That it is, been a while since ive seen anyone using it"he said, a tone of impression in his voice. "What does it say?" He asked, he knew how to speak the tongue, reading it was a bit more complicated.

She waited in a nervous anticipation, staring at her weapon on the table. Bring it to life? is that possible? she wondered

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"Oh it's just an old whittler's prophecy, really.

'Upon this dawn of er' an age
A man from under becomes a mage
With fire and ice he claims his throne
Whilst elf and man are left alone

Ezzie smiled slightly, "They really loved to rhyme and sing, I take it."

The Traveling Miracle Worker smiled broadly as the dirk rose from the the table into the air.
"It's a levitating trick!" One man yelled angrily. "Anyone can do that!"
"Hold your tongue, my good people." Jory held a finger. "This trick, as you call it, is a little bit more complicated than that." As he said so, the knife flew through the air toward Ellarah, hilt first. It acted somehow excited and happy to be around her and with her. It bounced about, the tip of its blade spinning on the ground in front of the groups of people.
"The movements are too quick and intricate for any man with a levitating power to perform. I know, I've researched it." He continued casually, watching everyone's faces of horror and wonder light up the room.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments "It sure seems that way, so what is the prophecy supposed to mean exactly?" Dearalith asked, the quick little poem intrigued him.

Ellarah looked at the dirk, she was a bit unimpressed before, she had seen magic before, but she had yet to see anyone make an object come to life. She doubted its legitimacy. She crouched down and waved her hand around and over the top of the blade, checking for any wires or anything that might leave the blade suspended in the air. but when she found none, her confusion only grew.

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She pushed back her pink-tinted black hair behind an ear and tapped on the first line, "See, I've been thinking about this poem for a while. It was written a long time ago, but only now are we in the second era, the Era of the Dawning Morning. So it must be referring to today's time period. But it only speaks of a man, and from the looks of it, this man is some king?" Ezzie shook her head, "It's just an old poem."

He hopped down next to her, grinning, "You won't find any of that, here. It's warm too, go on, feel it." He watched as a few people touched the normally cold blade to find it warm and humming. "If you can't believe this is real, then you ought to come visit my next show at the graveyard. If you want to see a real animation, I've got some surprises in store for you." He flicked his fingers, and the dirk fell to the ground, lifeless and cold.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments "Don't forget this king is to be a sorcerer" He pointed out referring to the second stanza, "And he apparently likes fire and ice, yet the end confuses me a bit." He scratched his head as he tried to determine the line's meaning.

She picked up the knife and placed it back in its scabbard, normally she kept it on her boot, but today she wore it on her hip, "What will you do at the graveyard?" she asked curiously.

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"I wonder if it's trying to hint at this sorcerer's evil intent? Ooh maybe he's a villain?" She sighed at the idea of an adventure with heroes and romance and villainy to crush their hopes and dreams.

He shook his head, "I'll leave that up to your imagination." He walked away, asking other people for a donated object to show off again, shocked the audience as the day grew later, and by the end of his show, everyone was uncertain about where they stood.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments He chuckled, "Sounds like someone was stricken with a bit of wander lust" he smiled at her, "So where are you from anyways?"

Ellarah wanted to stay, but she needed to make more coin if she didnt want to sleep on the streets again tonight, she rose and started to make her way out through the crowd, but she kept hesitating, she wanted to learn more about how this man was bringing things to life.

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She didn't know if she were blushing or not, but she swallowed it back. "Ayarl, just a small town. You might not know it." She shrugged. "What about you? I don't think I've seen many of your kind about."

Jory flipped a coin as the groups of people filed out. He watched over his shoulder as the wonder-struck girl walked out in a daze. He chuckled to himself. Not everyone will truly believe I can do it.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments His face faltered for a fraction of a second, he was sure no one in the town knew of his race, if they did, he'd most likely be chased out. But he needed to stay calm, no need to jump to conclusions.
"Landorzo, just a small fishing village on the eastern continent." He was actually from Heron, but he was never straight forward with people.

Ellarah looked for a good spot and attempted to gather another crowd for her music, but thanks to the new man in town, she managed to keep an average of 3 people at this hour. maybe if she was lucky, it wouldn't rain tonight.

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"I don't think I've ever heard of it. And I know a lot of places. See, I work with explorers." Ezzie glanced at her scrolls, then up at the windows. It was getting later. "I need to find a place to sleep tonight. Thank you for the chat, I really enjoyed it." She started shoving her papers into her rucksack.

He thanked the owner of the rented space several times, gathered up his pouch of coins and his belongings, and began down the street. He saw the girl once again, this time she had a show. He found it only fair to return her coin.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments "Well it's not the biggest village in existence, just a survivable one on the coast, but thank you for allowing the chat to happen."Deralith said throwing in his charming smile at the end. "Do you need some help?" He asked, noticing the amount of papers she had.

Ellarah continued to play, although her gain of a few coppers was slightly depressing, she convinced herself that if she kept playing she would surely have enough, she noticed the man from before, the one that made things come to life.
As she played, she felt the slight fear that this 'Mirical man' Would steal her audience again.
She missed a note or two but then regained her focus and told herself to just keep playing, let the music flow.

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Hoisting her bag, she nodded. "I just have a book or two on the floor that I brought with me." She gestured with her chin in the general direction.

He dropped five of his own coin into her cap and leaned against a nearby wagon to listen. She was pretty good, he thought in shock.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments Deralith stooped down and picked up her books and held them "Where to m'lady?" He asked, implying that he would carry them.

She smiled and bowed in the man's direction, not missing a beat on her harp as she began the end of her tune. sometimes she would sing along to her songs, other times she just played a random composition of chords, this was one such time.
Some on lookers applauded her music as she took bows around facing the few members of her crowd, she then began to collect what she had earned.

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"The nearest inn. Do you know where that might be?" Ezzie asked sweetly. She thought herself undesirable with the amount of books and scrolls she carried along with her all the time.

Jory clapped along, feeling the happier mood of the music she played. What was this girl's name? Was she going to visit him at the cemetery like he had hoped she would? He was going to make her believe.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments He jerked his head to the right, "It's not to far, just a few minuets walk that way, i could bring you if you'd like."

She smiled at him "Thanks for your contribution" She said commenting on his coins he payed her, "You know, i didnt catch your name before"

(( i gtg, text if you want :) ))

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"That'd be well." She made her way towards the door after leaving a few coins on her table.

"It's Jory." He pointed at her harp, "Where did you get it?"

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments "Right then, if you'd follow me" He said with a smile as he led her through the doorway. "Its not to far, just a buildings down, hope you don't mind alleys, i find them to be much faster" HE told her

"What this?" She said in reference to her harp "I spent some time with a half-ling caravan, they gave it to me as a gift when we parted ways"

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"So long as they don't have rapists or murderers, I think I'll be okay." She fixed her rucksack on her shoulder once more.

"It's beautiful," He allowed for the compliment. "I ought to hear you play again if I remain in town a few more days." He winked.

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Sarah "Skip" Doyle | 55 comments Rickon walked the side streets of the city with one of his best earning ladies on his arm as he slipped coins into pockets and was left with information in his pocket. All rusky little children of many races. People always forgot about kids but kids hear and see everything. The few onlookers only saw the radiant woman by his side passing flirting glances to curious strangers. When Rickon hit the main area near the inns lay his humble abode right behind his brothel. He dismissed his lovely companion with a kiss on her hand as she strut into the brothel. Men of varying places in power wandered in and out of the house. Some in disquise and some stopped to talk with Rickon as he sat in a rocking chair outside his establishment smoking a pipe watching the kids play in the courtyard.

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((Do you want me to make a new character for you to interact with?))

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Sarah "Skip" Doyle | 55 comments OOC: If you wouldn't mind that would be very nice thank you.

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((Gal or Gent?))

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Sarah "Skip" Doyle | 55 comments OOC: Whatever floats your boat.

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Zoey (zzoey) | 623 comments Mod
((Well I want to make a character that will help you out. So go ahead and choose, I have no predilection either way.))

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Sarah "Skip" Doyle | 55 comments OOC: Hmm... A gal might present itself to be a fun clash. You game?

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((Sure am!))

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"There is a small town just along the lake's shore, my lady. You might find it in our best interest if we stopped to resupply and rest for the night. The journey will continue tomorrow at dawn, if you wish." Her steward bowed deeply, sniffling in anticipation. He was a fat old sod, hoping to win back her father's favor with a special interest in his daughter's travels.
"That should be well, Florny," Alayne allowed, looking towards the town. The lake sparkled grandly behind it with the setting sun's array of lights. "I wish to see what the markets offer." She jumped from her elegant palfrey, her dark emerald skirts swirling about her ankles in the rich dirt. "I wish to see them now. Guards?"
"Of course, milady." Three broke off from the original host and walked with her at her own pace towards the town's main streets.

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Sarah "Skip" Doyle | 55 comments A small boy in tattered clothing came stumbling into the square towards Rickon with a large smile on his face. They always seemed happy when they found information near the end of the day- that meant food would be in their bellies when they went to sleep that night. Most of his higher profile guests stuck their noses up in disjust as he came up to Rickon. Rickon slapped his thigh and smiled at the boy as he clamered onto Rickon's lap.
"You seem mighty chipper today Daniel. Tell me what's on your mind today?" Rickon pressed a gold coin into the boy's pocket.
"A pretty nightingale flew onto shore not too long ago but she didn't have a nest. She brings a flock behind her." Rickon smiled at Daniel as he slipped two more coins into his pocket.
"Tis a shame. Maybe she can find a nest close by." Daniel smiled as he hopped off Rickon'slap and off to the first food stand he saw. Other whisperers followed Daniel as he shared the wealth with them. The noble girl would find her way here soon enough but by then he would know more of the story of the nightingale.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments (( sorry i've been super absent, lots of work and stuff ))

(also, just to inform everyone, on Saturday 12-14 i'll be in Hartford and unable to assess my computer )

"Shouldn't be a problem, the worst we get here are villainous masterminds, kidnappers and muggers"he said jokingly" he smiled at her "Worst case scenario, we will fight of a war"

She blushed and smiled, "Well i'll be here a few more days, so feel free to come by, as long as you promise not to steal my crowd again. So what is this big graveyard stunt you were talking about earlier?"

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((Good to know.))

Alayne allowed one of her servants to shade her with a delicate sunshade. Everyone knew of her fair skin and her ability to burn, but she hated the attention. Everyone felt as though if she were left in the sun for five minutes, she would be burned to a crisp. It wasn't true.
"Come, I see a fascinating little market over there." She pointed eagerly, gathering up her skirts in anticipation.
"Milady, are you sure you don't want your litter..." Florny pointed back the way they had come.
"Come now. I have perfectly good legs." She scolded.

Ezzie held in a giggle, following him through the winding of the streets. "Is there more to this city that I should learn? I'm a bit new here."

Jory squinted up at the setting sun, a slight smile touching his lips. "There are some magics in this world forbidden to people, such as waking the dead or making people fall in love. What if I told you that I knew how to do those things?"

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments He looked around as he tried to figure out which turn they were supposed to take. "For starters i recommend never dining at 'The Red Boar', tasteless food to accompany the tasteless crowd. what else is there?" he pondered as he decided to take the left turn, within seconds the inn was within sight. "If your going to stay here at 'The Arcane Manor' i suggest you ask for room 4c, it's ' magical ' , and saty away from the mead, you'll wake up somewhere wondering where you got your new tattoo" he said in a sight
joking tone.

"Well then i would tell you that i prefer to be swooned with words not spells, and, that i don't believe you." She told him with a smile

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Sarah "Skip" Doyle | 55 comments Rickon got up from his seat and one of his workers brought it inside with his pipe. He took a deep breath of the steamy air that filled the square. The Red Boar stood across the way where drunk travelers staggered in and out too drunk to compose themselves and The Arcane Manor on the left hand side of that where some weary travelers waddled in after a long day on the dusty roads, the soles of their shoes worn down and their pant legs covered in dust and other mystery stains. "The Satin Noose" stood behind him. His grand accomplishment still glowed with light and laughter as the rest of the town grew tired. The bar on the main floor was teeming with people from all walks of life and of varying pocket depths. The new workers had their rooms on the main floor down a hallway and would earn upper floor rooms as their popularity increased. Men and women with good reputations had customers were more willing to make a journey up a flight or two of stairs before they got what they paid for. And above all those rooms were empty 'storage' rooms where guests who felt they were more entitled would stay with the greatest discretion. Rickon kept his own little cottage behind the "Satin Noose" most nights though. It was never wise to mix work and home.
Rickon walked towards 'The Arcane Manor' and watched as a weary boy and his Pa walked into the manor hand in hand. Two humans. The boy his pa wanted. Disgusting.

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This time Ezzie let herself laugh. "I have a tattoo. I'm pretty sure it stemmed from the same influence." She gazed at the Inn, it's squat, almost sagging building, the moss growing along the solid brown bricks. It was very homey. "And what exactly is so magical about room 4c?"

He flicked his wrist at her beautiful lute, told her to wait a moment. The instrument swelled with life, suddenly. "If it were all a trick, how could I do that so willingly and last minute?" He queried. The lute bounced about, suddenly playing a melodic tune for her, as if it wanted to show her that it too could play beautifully. "It likes your music," He murmured sweetly.

The few people who were left to roam the streets as the last bit of sun touched the horizon greeted Alayne tiredly, but with wonder at her appearance here in their smaller town. Alayne merely smiled and greeted them back. They were all mostly peasants, now weren't they?
Where were the nobles?
"I think I would like to stay at their inn," Alayne decided slowly, thinking back at the tents her van had raised outside the town.
"Oh, but milady, you are to have your own lovely tent set up..." Florny began.
"No, I want to be a part of this town before I depart in the morning. There, that looks like one." She began towards the bigger building with a grand amount of people entering.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments "It's haunted" he said casually without any hesitation.

She blushed "Well the music would be nothing without millinda , and besides, ive seen animation spells before, and i know the human body is far to intricate to come back to life, im willing to bet the most you can do is make a body move around as if it were a puppet."

((bam random instrument naming! XD ))

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"Oh is it now? Well I suppose I'll have to find out for myself." She stepped past him and made her way into the building. "Thank you!"

"Well, I promise you, I'm something different. You'd have met a famous man and you don't even want to indulge in any superstitious beliefs about him. I'm insulted." He touched his heart.

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments Deralith chuckled "Have a good night's rest"he told her with a smile

"I try not to get my hopes up, it makes things easier in the end" Ellarah told him. "So when might you be showing your magic?"

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She glanced around the crowded lobby, at a couple sitting at the hearth, holding each other, at a small boy and his father standing at the desk. She sidestepped a tall, scary looking man and cleared her throat at the front desk. "Hi. I'd like a room for the night." She began to dig into her pouch.
"Sorry, but we're full for the night."
She glanced up in confusion, "Oh, but I'm sure you have at least one more room..."
"Sorry, miss. First time in years we've been full." He gazed her up and down, "You might wanna try The Satin Noose just around the corner. They might take in the likes of yous." With that, he turned away.
"Oh..." She glanced down at her heavy books and scrolls.

"Tomorrow night, in the cemetery. I like to keep people anxious." he winked at her, "And I assure you, it is no mere puppet master trick." He grabbed his bag and pointed north, "I'm off for the night, ma'am. Have a good night."

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Joseph (valbatrax) | 125 comments (at the moment i dont even know if im spelling my characters name right XD )

Deralith stood outside, the day was coming to an end, and with that, the night would open up opportunities for him. The question was what to do with his time. he sat by the arcane manor as he thought over things to do.

She smiled. "you as well, Jory" she said as she took her lute and packed it away, it was time for her to find a place to rest for the night.

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