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message 1: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Tassione I am reading the Amulet series and have finished four of the books. Easy reads--each about an hour to finish. I really liked the first one. If you are a Star Wars fan or a Potter fan you can relate to this series. Emily and Navin are lost children searching for their mother in a dark and dangerous world. This dark world seems to be hopeless and their safety seems to depend on an amulet that Emily's great-grandfather has left(for her?). This amulet seems to be protecting Emily, but then again, it seems to put her in great peril. Is the amulet a source of help, or is it putting her in jeopardy? There is a very real sense of insecurity for Emily because there is no support system for her. She is just a kid after all. I find I want to keep reading until the series concludes (hopefully there aren't more than seven or eight books--I tend to drop out of a series after seven) to find out if Emily and her weird band of followers make it home. I definitely see the kid appeal for both boys and girls.

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Olivia adda duck

message 3: by SJ (new)

SJ Kim I like a lot comics books and I like this book also and it's really interesting to read and I want to keep reading it over and over.

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