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The Cry of the Icemark
This topic is about The Cry of the Icemark
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED: Childrens/YA fantasy book. Protagonist is a tomboyish princess with a male witch love interest. The kingdom is being invaded by Roman-like soldiers. [s]

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Wizza | 2 comments I believe I read this in the late 90s/early 00s. It is a children/YA fantasy book that is set in a kingdom that is about to be invaded by people that are very similar to the Romans. There is a scene where they enter the land and say 'veni vidi veni'.

The story revolves around the daughter of the King who is set to inherit but she is a bit of a tomboy and is interested in battle strategy and weapons. The love interest is a boy who is from the woods. He is a male witch of some sort. He can accurately predict the weather (view spoiler)

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Sarah (seiren) | 75 comments Sounds like it might be The Cry of Icemark http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24...

It's a pretty chunky YA from 2000, and I definitely remember the male witch getting burned after using lightning magic.

I don't know how Roman the enemies are, but the main general is Scipio Bellorum which sounds right, and (view spoiler)

Wizza | 2 comments That's the one. Thank you, this has been bugging me for so long. =]

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Zack Ahhhh, thank you sooo much, I posted a question for this book earlier. I can die happy now.

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Cheryl (cherylllr) Um, Zack, did you go back to your other thread to let the followers there know that the book has been solved? We'd sure appreciate it. Thanks! :)

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