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Name: Chloe Rotgen

Age: 17

Personality: withdrawn except with friends. Doesn't make friends easily. She likes to read and is an amazing artist

Appearance: short blonde hair. 5'3. skinny. Dark blue eyes that always seem happy. Usually seen wearing shorts and her torn up Sleeping With Sirens t-shirt

Weapons: onyx-handled sword and a skeleton dagger

Species: HUMAN

other: hates the demons and vampires with a burning passion and is not afraid to kill them. She grew up with her aunt and her aunt abuses her. Likes to be alone and somewhere safe.

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Cera Name: Isabella Jones

Age: 18

Personality: She is very logical but she does enjoy jokes. She is very clever and will out smart you before you could see it happening. She can sneak up on most anything. She has a lot of honor but not a lot of trust it takes a lot for her to trust you. She will fight back but she tries to think thing though before acting


Weapons: Her powers (control fire and move things with her mind) and her sword

Species: Demon

Other: She has a pet wolf

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 158 comments Mod

Name: Lily Ash Black

Age: 19

Personality: Lily is very sweet but if you piss her off shes a bitch. Other then every once and awhile

Appearance: [image error]
Weapons: Her Body

Species: Vampire

Other: Her family is a mix of human and demon and vampire

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dany (elothwen) Name: Rain Willow, call her Storm

Age: 19

Personality: Rain is very intelligent. She has book smarts as well as street smarts. She gets angry very easily, and is very creative. She can be caring to people she likes. She is very funny and can always make someone smile. She is amazing at cooking and doing athletic things. She is very clever.

Appearance: Rain has long, wavy, dark red hair. She has stunning grey eyes, the color of storm clouds. She is slim, but well built. She is a 34B. She stands at 5' 11" and weighs 127lbs. (view spoiler)

Weapons: She keeps a knife tucked in her belt, and a gun in a holster. Her intelligence and cleverness is also a big plus. (view spoiler)

Species: Human

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Weapons:Throwing knife,sword


Other:Self harms

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 158 comments Mod
Hey want to put a demon a vamp together so they can be in love

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Yea sure

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Cera Name: Cinder (nickname)

Age: 18

Personality TBRP

Appearance: Short, orange hair, blue eyes, wears whatever she can find

Weapons: bombs, Sword, gun, and daggers

Species: Human

Other: She loves fire

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Girl or guy?

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Kk I'll go make the demon then

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} Name: Bloodytooth

Age: 18 years

Personality: Bloodytooth shows no mercy. She will kill anyone. She hates humans and is permanently a werewolf, and can't turn into a regular human. She is cruel and is very violent.


Weapons: Large fangs, large claws, you know it all.

Species: Mutant Werewolf


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♪ℰʟɪzᴀʙᴇᴛʜ ▪❂▪ℋᴇʀᴏɴᴅᴀʟᴇ▪❂▪ (elizabethisafangirl) Name: Zoe

Age: 17

Personality: Zoe is clever. She uses her head to think through things before making rash decisions. It's saved her life many times before. Zoe also funny at times, but when it's time to get serious, she's most likely the most serious in the room. She loves to have a good fight, because she has an adrenaline rush.

Appearance: girl roleplay character

Weapons: Dagger, pistol

Species: Human

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 158 comments Mod
Name: Skyler Black

Age: 20

Personality: Sky is very protective over her little sister Lily. And she is very rude and not nice

Weapons: She can seduce anyone so her words and she cant be controlled

Species: Demon/ Vampire

Other: Her sister is Lily

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 158 comments Mod
Name: Lucy

Age: 22

Personality: Lucy is a bitch but cool at the same time she can always be snappy

Weapons: a ice cold whip

Species: Demon

Other: She is a Demon gangster

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Name: Mekka


Personality:serious most of the time,likes to fight,flirty





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dany (elothwen) Katie;Im bring SEXY BACK (( Oh Wait i never left ) wrote: "Name: Skyler Black

Age: 20

Personality: Sky is very protective over her little sister Lily. And she is very rude and not nice

Appearance: "

Just saying, the picture doesn't work

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Name: Sariis (/Sari-Is/) Luna
Caution: Do not say 'Sari is a Lunatic' in insult to her name or she'd kill you.

Age: 18

Personality: Sariis isn't very quick to anger-she is usually very calm and collected-but easily irritated, this shows when she gets really sarcastic or down-right mean. Her way of killing humans is to gang up with them and wait until she knows their secrets and weaknesses and meets up with other vampires to kill the humans. Sariis is also rarely seen happy or smiling, carrying a frown everywhere, she is not predicted to be caring or fun but deep down she is. Well, that side only shows when she is with her brother vampire but otherwise, you'll have to work hard to receive any deep and friendly feelings from her. Then, there's the catch. There is no
'what is there to loose' in playing for her emotions. You either work hard and win them or work lazy and loose not only the opportunity but also your life and blood.


She stands at 6'2"-she loves her height and takes it as tall-and is kind of pale-her skin almost illuminates in the dark. She has sharp, pale blue eyes that are told to see everything. She long limbs and strong, perfect structure enable her to run fast and kill really easily. She is built to lure men into her traps with her looks and slaughter women with her strength. She fangs only sharpen and make themselves obvious when she is on the kill or got angry. Her hair is also one of her favorites, since it looks golden brown in the light but pitch black in the dark.
(view spoiler)

Built: Strength (strong, even compared to men), Speed (as fast as or faster than a running race car) and Agility (swifter than cats, monkeys, birds and most people)
Physical: Guns (Usually pistols that she slides into her belt), Daggers (She keeps two in her belt, one in each of her boots and one in the sheath around her hand) and well, limbs and all.

Species: Vampire


Spadez (or Kadyn) | 1 comments Name: robin

Age: 18

Personality: what can I say about her? She has many personalitys, when demon (her eyes will be red to show she is turning demon) she is mean, cold hearted, misunderstood and blood thirsty. When angel she is sweet, patient, careing and will help anyone. When human she shows both personalitys, mostly her angel personality and when human she is also quiet unless spoken to, hates competition, and calm.

History: robin grew up in a small family with just her mother and younger sister. Her mother and little sister both died in a car crash when robin was 13 so she has raised herself ever since.

Demon form

Angel form: [image error]

Human form:

Spieces: demon angel hybrid

Crush: open

Clothes style: a black tank top and black short jean shorts.

Other: N/A

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Molly  O'Suileabhain Name: Kat

Age: 21

Personality: She never go out in the open. When she has to do anything she does it in the shadows. She graceful. That how she got the name cat.


Weapons: bow or knives

Species: Human


(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 158 comments Mod
Lily wrote: "Katie;Im bring SEXY BACK (( Oh Wait i never left ) wrote: "Name: Skyler Black

Age: 20

Personality: Sky is very protective over her little sister Lily. And she is very rude and not nice


Yes it does

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Oreo (smore_oreo) Name: Faren Dark

Age: 18

Personality: Flirty, confident, and bitchy.




Demon form

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Bree Name: Geminini

Age: 18

Personality: Geminini isn’t much of an optimist. She’s as wise an owl, her voice is as a echoing and radiant as wind chimes, but it is laced with sadness that can tug on the heart strings of anyone who hears her speak. Geminini isn’t shy towards people, she simply chooses to just not talk to them. In her mask collection, she has two masks that she wears. One is the mask of solitude, and the other is the mask of lack of confidence. The real Geminini underneath both masks has rarely been seen by anyone, and it’s because of this that she has few friends. Though she doesn’t seem to be, she is very strong just like a vampire should be. She seems ancient such as an immortal creature, but Geminini is missing a piece of her life it seems.


Weapons: She doesn’t believe in using weapons

Species: Vampire


”A moment without joy, is an eternity of sadness”-Jonathan Lockwood Huie
”Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life”-Jean Paul Ritcher

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Bree Name: Clarity Fairchild


Personality:Clarity doesn’t judge people before she has the chance to know them. Her name suits her because she wishes to have enough clarity before she jumps to any conclusion about someone. She’s quiet at first, and she rarely says hello to any stranger unless they say hello to her first. People claim that, when they meet, that they would never believe to see her be violent in any way. When she needs to, she’ll wear the mask of action. When she doesn’t wear the mask, she’s gentle and kind hearted to the people around her. Clarity often finds a way to add humor to lighten the mood, and it isn’t ever the wrong or inappropriate humor.





“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”- Napoleon Hill

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♪ℰʟɪzᴀʙᴇᴛʜ ▪❂▪ℋᴇʀᴏɴᴅᴀʟᴇ▪❂▪ (elizabethisafangirl) Name: Sarah

Age: 18

Personality: Sarah is really confident and outgoing. She thinks she's better than everyone, and can do everything, even though she can't. Sarah can be a smart aleck at times. She's also bipolar, so one moment she'll be sweet and happy, and the next she'll be a bitch.

Human form- girl roleplay character
Angel form- angel roleplay
Demon form-

Weapons: Sword, dagger

Species: Half angel/Half demon

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Name: Tarpeia (also known as Tari)

Age: looks 18 but has been alive since when the amazon warriors first Been around. (Since she is one or was)

Personality: her mood is everywhere, she can be nice and sweet very helpful.. Other times she'll explode on you and act cruel and mean... She is very intelligent and witty, and also a big mouth. She is fun to be around when she's in a good mood...

Appearance: Tanned skin and incredible tall since she is amazon. Long brown hair that is always braided with horizontally silt orange eyes while she wears animal skinned dresses with no shoes. Very thin and beautiful of course with the retractable fangs and nails..

Weapon: she always had a dagger strapped against her leg beneath her dress and a sword strapped to her side.

Species: Vampire

Other: she has the ability to know everything about a person by a simple touch of the skin.

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Broken Arrow | 49 comments Name: Kiara Kass

Age: 21

Personality: stubborn, arrogant, flirty


Weapons: dagger and sometimes a gun

Species: Human- Fighter

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dany (elothwen) Elizabeth Herondale wrote: "Name: Zoe

Age: 17

Personality: Zoe is clever. She uses her head to think through things before making rash decisions. It's saved her life many times before. Zoe also funny at times, but when it's..."

Our appearances are the same people!

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Agent Colorado (jokersdaughter) Name: Guinevere Pendragon

Age: 21
Date of birth: December 21 1314

Weapons that you use:King Arthur's sword Excalibur,her strength,silver swords,and throwing knives.

She has redish brown hair.Pale skin. Has grey/blue eyes.
Dressing Style:She likes to wear leather jackets. She likes to wear boots and jeans. She wears dark colors like black and grey.

Personality: She feels lonely most of the time,but always has a smile. She doesn't have many friends and is the person who i quiet.She is smart about where she goes and what she eats.She is also very careful about who sees her. She will only feast on a human 4 times a month.

Background History:Guinevere Pendragon was the wife of Arthur Pendragon. Before that she was a personal maidservant to the Lady Morgana since they were both young girls. Growing up in Camelot she had been open about her dislike for Prince Arthur, however, she soon gets the opportunity to get to know him better.Soon she and Arthur begin to fall in love.
As they went on she became more and more in love with Lancelot and soon has an affair with him. When Arthur finds out he decides that she must die. He goes to Merlin for a spell to make Guinevere not die. So Merlin did a spell that would make her live forever, but there were some consequences to the spell,like she had to drink blood to survive and she could only be killed by cutting off the head or getting stabbed with a wooden stake.

Species: Vampire....††

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Alunafh | 20 comments Name: Aluna Forest
Age: 10
Personality: Friendly but mean when she wants to; shy in some cases
Weapons: bow & arrow, double ended scythe, axe knives, double bearded axe, boomerang, explosive, smoke and other bombs
Species: Vampire demon
Other: loves hunting and fighting; eyes change color because of transformation and/or personality can heal herself and others

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Alunafh | 20 comments Other: has a pet Dat named dawn that is bigger than a regular pet

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 12 comments Name: Karla Ciara Fulton

Age: 16

Personality: Cunning, Clever, Smart, Outgoing, Sweet, Pretty and Friendly


Weapons: Gun, Knife, Cleverness, and Sword

Species: Human

Other: Loves a Vampire. Sister of Grace, Soren, and Kyle.

((Anyone can rp the vampire boy that my character loves))

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 12 comments Name: Grace Melinda Fulton

Age: 16

Personality: Kind, Caring, Smart, Outgoing, Sweet, Clever, Friendly


Weapons: Cleverness, Gun, Dagger, and Sword

Species: Human

Other: Sister of Karla, Soren, and Kyle. Some think of Grace as a ghost whisperer.

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NAME: Zoey
AGE: 15
PERSONALITY: funny, has a good sense of humor, kind, stands up for her friends and is talkative!!
APPEARANCE: 5ft 4in, long curly black hair, wears bright clothes.
WEAPONS: a dagger, and a bow

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NAME: Elizabeth
AGE: 16
PERSONALITY; smart, kind, good sense of humor, fun to talk to.
WEAPONS:a bow and a whip
OTHER: she loves to kick some demon butt!!!

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Name: Samantha
Age: 18
Appearance: sexy, long legged, long straight black hair!
Weapons: a gun and a dagger
Species: Vampire

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Name: Melis (it means mediator in Hebrew)
Age: N/A appears 19/17
Gender: N/A cannot tell… ((You’ll never know *evil laugh* XD... unless you check *-*))
Date of Birth: N/A ((In the beginning of time…))

Hair Color: Black, with a shocking, hot white streak at runs down the side. Her hair is back length, but Melis prefers it in a ponytail. The ends curl, and look browner than pitch black like the rest of Melis’ hair. She has the bangs cut so as the hair would fall just above its eyes and come down unevenly to frame its face. The left bang is longer than the other as it had once braided a feather in it.
Eye Color: Opal. It is more like pink and orange swirling around in white crystal in the morning. Otherwise it is opal. It has copper streaks in its iris.
Skin Color: A mocha or russet color.
Height: 6”1 & Weight: 157
Distinct Features: Melis has a ‘tattoo’ of Latin word (parebis; meaning obey) numerals that wrap around her waist (like a thick belt) and neck (like a collar). Melis’ face is always placid, as if sleepy, but its eyes are always bright. Unlike the rest of the angels in its rank, Melis has pierced ears (the ‘earrings’ being needle like crystals instead of rings).
Melis has wings the span twice its body length. It is not white like Gabriel's, it bears resemblance to a snowy owl's wings. It is one of the most silent of wings (it was envied by Lucifer... *-*), it has clear feathers that fall off. She had plaited three in its hair before, but took it out and throws them away afterward. It made it look feminine (Melis doesn't want to look like either sex... It's complicated...). She uses them as small knives though.
In human form she wears a loose, thin umber brown shirt, and white cargo pants with lots of pockets, held up by a thick brown belt. It wears MOS GALOSCH QUILTED combat boots. The shirt is open slightly so the tattoo would be visible when it wants to. The only 'accessory' it wears is a black watch with three clocks within the silver, white face. Even though it doesn't check the time.

Melis does not seem to show much personality, as it is almost like a machine. It follows God’s commands with no complaint or question. It is loyal and would never go against what it was taught. Melis is known, however, to show no mercy. It was forced to stop hitting someone’s head on hard floor, before the victim got unconscious. Melis is capable of planning things meticulously until it is sure to be carried out. It will not stop until the task is done, and unlike the rest in its rank, Melis is more than willing to go an extra mile. No matter the cost.
Melis seems to like electronic music, as it will stop and stare at its source and wait until the music stops before destroying it. She will also gaze strangely at children before doing the same, reluctantly.

Melis is a fierce warrior angel, even though it was someone’s, namely a child’s, guardian angel. Melis was put off guardian duty when it interfered with the mortal world. Melis beat and beheaded a man as he was going to hurt its guardian child. After said child grew up and died, Melis stood at the boy’s grave and sung a lullaby for seventeen years before being summoned back to heaven. Melis was made out of the white fire, or lightening, that casted light out for the other angels to be made from. The light energy was caught by God, and because it was so little, and needed not to be wasted (also because he had intentions for making Melis…You know, all seeing, all knowing…), He made Melis with the last white-blue lightning bolt of its kind. However as the world had been made, Melis was made in a windy storm.
When Melis was made the other angels were kind, as it was smaller than the rest. Melis bore no animosity against its brethren, it only bares hatred and disgust against the blatant disregard of sin (it seems that it also bares disgust against rape… reason: unknown…)
When Melis stopped guarding it was told to keep watch over the humans, whether in heaven, on earth or in the skies between heaven or earth. Melis chose the skies between. It is on earth now as it annually goes to the spot of its last guardian child and stands over the site of where the grave was (it is a random park now, under a tree) and sings softly to the boy a lullaby.

Kin: As it was made from Lightening/ white fire, it has no real kin. The other angels, except for a few…, were all made from light.
Crush: N/A
Status: Hibernation (Docile, on the outside…)
Orientation: Well, you’ll never know until you ask it… So go on. Ask it: If you dare.

Melis doesn’t eat when given food from humans, or doesn’t eat at all, unlike other angels who change into human form. It was known to show itself to its guardian children, only to return to its invisible state when the child turns five. This causes some cases to go insane, looking for their guardian angel, and doing whatever it takes to do so (I.e. self-cutting, suicide, near death...)
Melis stares blankly for a couple of days at you when you are going to die or experience horrible/traumatic incidents soon. Though that is not helpful, as an angel’s concept of ‘soon’ can vary dramatically from ours…
Melis was known as the bearer of warnings in heaven… only to humans it was bad luck… (You remember jinx…)
Melis is rumored to wield a scythe with a glass like blade and a black staff, made by angel Samael (translation: the severity of God, angel of death). It is said to have the victim experience insanity from the great and tormented cries of the damned. That is if the angel permits it. He was unusually tall, so they became friends ^^ He mocks her every now and again.
Her other friends are:
-Camael/Chamuel (translation: one who seeks God), expelled Adam from the Garden of Eden and punishes those who transgress against God. He was sort of sad to see his old friends go. He is soft too... well, as soft as an angel can be... Chamuel takes on a masculine form.
-Metatron (translation is disputed, may mean "keeper of the watch", "guardian", or "he who sits behind the throne of Heaven"), God's heavenly scribe recording the deeds of all that is done in Earth and Heaven and all of Creation. He is quite strict, but always has Melis' back. Metatron takes on a masculine form.
-Uriel (translation: God is my light), leads us to destiny. Melis likes Uriel because it is the only angel that seems to do what it is doing: it doesn't have a form of gender, it chooses a form more feminine that the rest. Uriel is kind to Melis because she thought it was cute and small.

Her quote: Like the moon I will fade, but like the sun I will rise again. Whether you want me too or not.

She likes her M4A1 assault rifle, she doesn’t usually use the scythe or any weapons. Most times she observes.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 791 comments Name: Snake Hazard

Age: 600

Personality: She's pretty chill, for a demon. SARCASTIC. LOVES PROFANITY.


Weapons: Knives. Sniper rifle. Cards lined with poison. USB for hacking. Sword.

Species: Demon

~ She can take on the form of a boy. Pic is there.
~ She is dangerous.
~ She hates seeing people make out.
~ She likes this one guy, but its secret.
~ She has a special power she doesn't know about yet.

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Holt (tnkphk) | 791 comments Name: Xyrena

Age: Unknown

Personality: Mysterious.


Weapons: Sorcery

Species: Demon Mix


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Holt (tnkphk) | 791 comments Name: Zatanna Zatara

Age: 18

Personality: She's pretty okay. Calm.


Weapons: Only her Magic.

Species: Human Magician.


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Holt (tnkphk) | 791 comments I love Zatanna from Young Justice!!

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Caramel Cat Universe Name: Takane Enemoto
Nicknames: Ene, Headphone Actor

Age: 19

Personality: She can hack into any electronic when she touches any electronic and becomes immoral. She is then shows up on any screen that she wants to. She can also then teleport or hack any other electronic she wants to. She is a naive, much more cheerful, extremely noisy, and often cheeky when she is a cyber girl. When she is human she is normally crabby and not very nice.

Human: Takane with black hair and red eyes. She wears a black jacket with several yellow stripes adorning the sleeves over her hot-pink shirt. She also wears a black gas-mask and silver headphones, as well as black leggings, white shorts and red sneakers.
Cyber Girl: Takane is seen with a dark blue jacket with white stripes going up the arms. She is wearing a black skirt and black boots with her feet non-existent and scattered to resemble pixels. Her hair is pulled back by her headphones.

Hair: Blue (Cyber Girl) / Black (Human)
Eyes: Blue (Cyber Girl) / Red (Human)
Weight: 2MB (Cyber Girl) / 110 lb. (Human)
Height: 640 pixels (Cyber Girl) / 5'2 ft. (Human)
Distinguished Markings: The marks on her face

Two Guns:

Species: Human/Cyber Girl


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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Name: Kawana

Age: 18

She doesn't talk, no not mute she can talk just doesn't, she's not shy but has been tortured for all her life. She is closed in on herself, independent has nervous fidgets but it always cautious and very calculating...

long black hair going down to around her waist, full red lips, pale red eyes with a skull design tattoo on her left arm starting at the back of her hand (three petals that is attached by a mini skull- this is a hat for the larger skull while 'bones' swirling down to her elbow) with metal cuffs on her arms (near shoulder) and one on her neck, tall Clear pale skin with another tattoo small red above her eyebrows and in between them but its hard to detect the design. She also has a piercing under her bottom lip..

Weapons: long elegant Japanese sword and a long silver staff with a giant crystal blue jewel at the top that is held in place by more of the silver coloured metal sharply pointed at the tip..

Species: fallen angel

Other: she has a scar of an upside down V on her back, from her wings being ripped out.

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Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzfelshadowraven) | 145 comments Name: Sol'Ariss

Age: 9928

Personality: Even though Sol is the Daughter of a Demon Lord, She displays a calm, dark demeanor most of the time, indicating self-discipline, but she has been known to ruthlessly abuse her minions, suggesting Psychopathic traits, she tends to overestimate herself quite often, thinking her only real challenge is her own brother, Azulon, she never shows mercy, guilt, shame, or even morality, she is a pure example of what a real demon's personality is.

Appearance: While she has a Demon Form, Anyone who sees it will die from SHEER, Immense Insanity, thus she usually stays in her Human Illusion.

Do NOT Screw with her, she is a force to be reckoned with:

Weapons: N/A

Species: High-Tier Demon

Other: Sol is a master Lightning Manipulator, and has commonly been seen using Extremely Superheated Blue Fire as a method of attack, sometimes even combining her fire with her lightning, by doing this, she is able to electrocute and pulverize objects and living beings with ease, using a full force fire beam, she can even disintegrate a victim, she can also teleport using demonic energy, fly using her fire, and can even open portals to different locations with little effort, she can transmute antimatter and matter into whatever she wishes, able to call down a blue-fire meteor shower from above, she has displayed unusually high physical strength, agility, and healing, a stab in the chest with a Longsword did very little to harm her, no doubt she has the same abilities as her brother Azulon, but chooses not to use them or rarely does.

She also seems to have a bit of a rivalry with her brother Azulon.

(The Demon Lord father of hers was slain long ago, by the way.)

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Name Esper Gotenta

Age 25

Species She is an odd fallen Angel. She is very talented with the elements and has super strength. She may be able to kick some real butt. There are only some who can go up against her and win.

Personality: Esper is a kind Angel. But while she's in battle, and she's really angry with you, she'll shut off her humanity and she will most likely kill you. She doesn't really usually go into battle because she doesn't like the way her none humanity feels. She finds it sickening and cruel. But the God did not want her anymore and shot her down to earth. It sucked. And it hurt.


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