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Read any overrated books?
thethousanderclub thethousanderclub Jun 10, 2013 04:11PM
Toy Story 3 was one of the highest rated films on Rotten Tomatoes (if the not the highest rated) the year it came out, 2010. I didn't rush to the theatre to see but eventually saw it on DVD and sat dumbfounded at the conclusion wondering why so many loved it and with so much passion. I have had similar experiences with certain books that have received such effusive praise but disappointed me thoroughly. One book in particular I will never forget as a colossal disappointment was Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.

What books have you read that were terribly overrated in your opinion?

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Angels & Demons

I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code. I'll admit that at no time did I confuse this purely fictional novel with fact. At no time did this work 'shake' my belief structure. To me, it was a good read. Inventive. Original.
I agree that this book has been 'over-hyped' in that, amazingly, on the advice of clergy many people refuse to read it for fear that the blasphemy will tarnish their souls. It's a work of fiction, people. Get over yourselves. By the way, the afore-mentioned group would REALLY be up in arms about Jose Saramago's "The Gospel According to Jesus Christ"
Please allow me to add that should one ignore the hype, settle one's mind, and simply crack open this book and read, chances are pretty good the reader will enjoy it.
Deciding to read this, or any work, with preconceived notions of life-altering revelations, etc, short-changes the reader and the work.
Of course, no book pleases everyone. And everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Why not read it and decide for yourself?

Ayesha (last edited Sep 28, 2013 09:08AM ) Aug 15, 2013 05:39AM   3 votes
The fault in our's just a plain romance exaggerated to 300+ pages with pretentious characters stuck in the bodies of some 80 years-old and the dialogues contain meaningless quotes and metaphors as if Green was trying to show how large his vocabulary is....

I loved the hunger games but the sequels catching fire and mockingjay were excruciatingly boring and the plot of both these books were so predictable...the cliffhanger in cf wasn't even so great, exciting or awesome or whatever the fans call it, it was predictably imminent.

I really loathed The mortal instruments's completely plagiarised and contains a lot of unlikeable characters. like Jace the bighead and Clary the whiny doll

Fifty Shades of Grey (I feel like banging my head against the wall every time I remember people actually enjoyed that How To Set Feminism Century Ago 101)

Also Insurgent, the sequel of Divergent.

And Mockingjay. I'm struggling to see how after two epic novels, we got...that.

Eat, Pray ,love

No two people can agree on an over rated book. This says something about reviews in general. I was appalled by City of Glass Mortal Instruments #3. I can get why some would rate that book a 3 or even 4 but over 75,000 gave it 5 stars?
To me 5 star books are life changing, epic, you can stop thinking about it, and you immediately clear your schedule to read it a second time. Of course I'm going to guess that most of the YA are 5 star reviews even before the book is released.
I think it would be nice if goodreads prevented book reviews on books not yet released and also maybe the YA of today need to broaden the literature in which they are reading so they can compare great literature (the Hobbit,Dune,Carrie,The Art of Racing in the Rain) instead of just books on bizarre relationships involving vampires, zombies, and angels.

Yep. Gone Girl.

I have to agree with you, I read both Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code and felt they were both extremely overrated.

The Last of the Mohicans put me to sleep... I only got 200 pages in before I quit. (And I don't quit books unless I am deathly deathly bored.)

There are also a handful of best-sellers I remember thinking "wtf," but titles don't come to mind at the moment.

Wow Seriously Shakespeare OVER rated? If anything the boring reputation because people can't follow Old English Make Shakespeare UNDER Rated. I Question The Gone Girl listings as well, and saying to Kill A Mockingbird means you cant be taken seriously.

Catcher in the Rye...Horrible repetitive immature nonsense.

Cloud Atlas....Mitchell trying to be Pretentious and erudite well Pretentious and Boring as hell.

Twilight...Seriously the Woman writes so bad...Repetitive usage...Flat boring and weak characters...stupid plot and moronic story.

The Alchemist...Paulo Coehlo's pseudo spiritual repetitive, Him and Salinger should hook up and just type the same sentence over and over and call it a book.

WHAT!! nobody mentioned this book?Twilight its the most overrated book of em all. no? think over it people.

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

All through this I have gone - yes! I so agree! And no! Are you insane!

My biggest problem with Da Vinci Code was that the end seemed to come all of a sudden. Did I think that it was going to be great literature? No! Not at all! I think of all of his books as good trash reading. Or as my Father in law calls books and movies in this vein - crap! But GOOD crap. Angels and Demons was much more satisfactory with the ending.

Sometimes you want something light in between the heavy, and at least stuff like this isn't written as poorly as a couple of others mentioned...

The Book Thief
The Alchemist
The Corrections

All yawnsville!

I agree that The Da Vinci Code is overrated! The movie is even worse.

Sakshi Agarwal Dan Brown is amazing ! i don't feel Da Vinci Code is overrated ..i mean look at all the research , plus it is such a fast paced and smooth novel.

Apr 18, 2014 02:53PM

How about 50 Shades of Stupid? I read all 3...don't know why.

Sakshi Agarwal 50 shades was boring ! firstly ana is such a push over ! i personally love strong female lead ! like Eva !
Apr 18, 2014 02:52PM

It depends what u understand by over rated book .

Kafka on the shore by Haruki Murakami

To Kill A Mockingbird
The Alchemist

The Bridges of Madison County. Yes, the Da Vinci was awful, I never got past the first few chapters. I have enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy, however which surprised me. As others have said, really trendy books often do seem to be overrated. I liked the Harry Potter books too.

To Kill A Mockingbird

I hate to say it, but I was let down by "Catch 22."

Lord of the Rings was way overhyped by my friends who swore up and down it was an amazing read. I was extremely disappointed.

I wouldn't say Da Vinci Code is overrated? Is it even rated? Whilst on the subject of overrated books I'd like to nominate the lovely bones.

The Lord of the Rings

Oh, definitely The Wind in the Willows! And those National Treasure books, and Chasing Vermeer, and Codex--I wouldn't give any of those more than 3 stars!

Barb (last edited Aug 16, 2013 06:54AM ) Aug 15, 2013 05:56PM   0 votes
Recent books: "Where'd You Go Bernadette?" And I agree with "The Alchemist" which I listened to on audio & the only reason I finished it was because I loved listening to the narration by Jeremy Irons. A good friend told me not to bother with "Eat Love Pray" (the book or the movie!) & now I'm reconsidering reading"Gone Girl".

Well clearly this is a subjective question. Some of the books listed I agree with and others I enjoyed while others didn't seem to even finish them. I make myself finish every book I read, even ones I'm not liking. The one book I couldn't get through, twice, I tried, was DeLillo's "Underworld". I loved "white Noise", but I had no idea what he was going for in this book or what it meant. I didn't like and cannot even remember the characters. Just didn't understand what his point was. Just a lot of words to me.

Harry Potter books 4-7 were just terrible books with each one worse than the last leading up to the almost unreadable 7th "book."

A comment on classics. Classics weren't written with today's faster paced living in mind. It isn't that they're overrated so much as many today don't have the ability to appreciate them. They aren't going to be a fast paced thrill ride.

Finally to Shakespeare. Keep in mind that these aren't novels. They aren't meant to be read. to truly appreciate Shakespeare, you have to watch it be performed. Preferably live.

I've given up on the so called 'Classics' or maybe they have given up on me. I started on War & Peace and got bogged down by page 38, failed. Then a book that was actually banned in the UK for years and after taking the plunge and reading it I wished it was still banned.

Lady Chatterley's Lover is the book in question and even accepting the era it was written in it is still a long winded and tedious tale about an affair between the different classes. Maybe the type of story the tabloids would relish these days but certainly no classic to me.

Da Vinci Code

Fifty Shades of Grey springs immediately to mind. I read it because everyone was talking about it and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. What a disappointment!
I think this tends to happen with uber-popular books and movies. Because every one is talking about how great they are, if you don' get to it until the back end of the curve, your expectations are set too high and you are ripe for disappointment.

Brave New World I felt was overrated. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good, either. Kind of a disappointment. Also, Tuesdays With Morrie. And let's not forget Farenheit 451, which had the potential of being better. And, of course, The Da Vinci code was extremely overrated, a bore all around, the plot seemed like it was being dragged on and on.

Yeah, it's true that a lot of the books everyone is talking about, classics and even some best-sellers are often given more credit than they're due. I guess that just means that when we find something that is an amazing read, it's made all the much sweeter.

Or, maybe because of all the hype surrounding these books, we set our expectations too high and are really disappointed when they aren't met. It might be best to keep them low when reading something overrated...

deleted member Jan 19, 2014 08:39PM   0 votes
1. Eat, Pray, Love..ugh..I HATED this book.
2. The Shack: Very disappointing read.
3. City of Bones: I have no clue why people loved this book so much. I read the first 5 pages and found it to be a waste of time.

Farnaaz (last edited Mar 31, 2014 01:31AM ) Mar 31, 2014 01:27AM   0 votes
well there are many
1.Oh yes I am single and so is my girlfriend (i have never read any book which boiled my blood more than this book.Sexist and disgusting book. It should be marked as "porn and read at your own peril".I generally never do this,but i threw it away.)
2.The Catcher in the rye (rubbish book).
3. A House For Mr.Biswas (can't belive i wasted around 5oo bucks on someone who is supposed to be a Nobel winner!!what trash!)
4. The fountainhead (gave me a headache..The characters suffered from superiority complex and it was like all the heroes are great looking and perfect.ugh!)
4.Some rubbish trash by Nora Roberts...can't remember the title.

What's his last one, Lost Secret? Something like that.
50 Shades - without a doubt
Bloody Romeo and Juliette
Great Gatsby
There're a few I started but just couldn't force myself to continue so I can't give a fair review. Catcher in the Rye comes to mind.

To Kill a Mockingbird - I agree it is important but I found the eventual court room sequences glib

The Great Gatsby - just awful. Every page sets my teeth on edge

The Hunger Games - fashion, food, fashion and food

Life of Pi, I got through it somehow, and also Night Circus

There are so many over rated books on the best seller's list that I now do everything I can to avoid them. A few of them that reinforced this belief are...

Fifty Shades of Grey
The Twilight Series
Eat, Pray, Love
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society
Life of Pi, and of course
Anything by James Patterson or Nicholas Sparks.

Hate to say it, but Bram Stoker's "Dracula." So much anticipation! Such a disappointing climax...

The Fault in Our Stars. Some time before I read it all people on the Net were very fond of the book, as if it was a masterpiece. Actually a masterpiece was what I expected to read as I started it. But it's just not a book for five stars - the idea is original but the minimal description makes it shallow.

Khadija (last edited Jan 30, 2014 09:52PM ) Jan 30, 2014 09:52PM   0 votes
Da vinci Code
The Hobbit

Couldn't finish Gone Girl. Who cares about these characters?

I love Vonnegut, but I think Breakfast of Champions is one of his worst novels.

Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker received glowing reviews, but I didn't care for it at all.

To Kill a Mockingbird and Carrie by Stephen King.

I understand why Mockingbird became a classic and received so much praise, if I read it when it was published in 1960, and I lived in USA I probably would praise it too.. but it didn't bring me anything new, and was very predictable.

Carrie I read simply because I knew King was a renown author --- it's probably the worst book I've read. He writes in a simple unintelligent way which makes it boring to read through, though I managed to finish it:)

Moby Dick for me is the most overrated book ever. I went into this book thinking it would be an exciting adventure story, only to be forced to wait six or seven chapters while Melville gave a pseudo-scientific treatise on whales and whaling before something exciting happens, then another series of lectures, before Ahab finally catches up to the whale.

Oh yeah .. and the Da Vinci Code is surely one of them: very average prose and nothing on the book can be thought as original.

The Hunger Games......what a lot of hype. I didn't bother with the sequel.

All of Norman Mailer, especially "The Naked and the Dead." Gravity's Rainbow! All horror and supernatural.

deleted member (last edited Jun 11, 2013 06:34AM ) Jun 11, 2013 04:59AM   0 votes
My god, Romeo and Juliet! And Hamlet.
+ The Book Thief.

I second The Bridges of Madison County; Eat, Pray, Love and The Lovely Bones which I could not even finish!

50 Shades of Gray, Wizard of Oz, World War Z, Unravel Me..............There is probably more but can't think of them now.

The White tiger. Made me allergic to award winning titles.

Robinson Crusoe.
I am usually fond of classics, and even when I am not fond of them I can understand why they are defined as classics - but half of Robinson Crusoe is about the dude eating berries and moving logs around the beach.
For hundreds of pages.

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