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message 1: by Racquel (new)

Racquel Kechagias (rkechagias) | 1 comments Hi Everyone,

I'm Racquel an Australian indie author. I've released a couple of books since December and I'm almost ready to release my next book "Blood Magic"! It isn't avalible here on Goodreads as of yet but I am looking for some Beta-readers to give me an idea of what people will think of the book. It's a spin off Novella from my series "The Fire of the Soul" which is a three part series. I have the first book "The Fire Within" of the series released and I'm working on the second book! If you are interested in reading for my novella "Blood Magic" please email me at or PM message me.


P.S. Below is the blurb of "Blood Magic";
In 1691 witches plagued Salem. The courts of the United States of America forged together to expel witches from the states.

Adrian Every, son to one of these great lawyers, has nothing to do with witchcraft, or anything necessarily evil until he joins the group called "Ater Sidus"; a vicious underbelly that hosts fights to the death.

Adrian although a star fighter, falls into the dangerous depths of the underbelly, raising the attention of not only its Commander Serafino Gramen, but the lovely Victoria Gramen.

Will this unwanted attention be the death of him, or for the people he truly loves?

The Fire Within (The Fire of The Soul, #1) by Racquel Kechagias

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 4 comments Hi Racquel,
I'm available and would love to read your novella. I'll send you an e-mail.

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