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Was Madame L's husband too generous?
Kiana Collins Kiana Jun 10, 2013 03:54PM
Yes her husband was too generous, even when she was deserving. In the story she was always upset because she didn't have everything that she wanted. She wished she had more materialistic items however her husband did not have the money to afford all of those items. This did not stop him from trying his best to please his wife. He even spent the money he was saving up for his hunting gun but spent it on a dress for his greedy wife instead. She was not appreciative and only expected more.

I believe Madame Loisel's husband was to generous because he only told her about the event. She didnt have anything to wear and her husband still managed to go and buy her a dress. She was starting to overuse his money, once she saw he bought the dress she started wanting many more things. They both knew that they werent in the situation where they could be spending money like if they were millionares but that didnt stop his wife from wanting more things. Even when she lost the necklace he didnt say anything he helped her look for it and go to the cab station. I believe Madame Liosel husband was too generous.

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