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Xander Sympathy He hasn't really planned on doing anything with his room, so it's pretty generic.

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Luke stepped into the room of the case he was assigned. A young man with delusions, but not much on the history was written on the case file. He smiled politely at the boy who was shockingly attractive, "Hello Alex, my name is Dr. Manchester, but you can call me Luke."

Xander Sympathy Alex was lazily sitting on his bed, quietly singing to pass time, mainly Pink Floyd and Three Days Grace songs. "Mmh~?" He looks up a bit when he heard speaking from someone who wasn't Damien, who was sitting lazily in a corner of the room watching Alex. "Hey there, Luke. I'd introduce myself, but it seems you already know who I am." sighs a bit. "Oh well, that spares the awkwardness of it all, anyways."

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Luke shrugged, "Well, I don't really know you.I just know what this silly chart says... which isn't much, by the way." He sat down in the chair next to Alex's bed, watching him closely. He pulled out the pen from his pocket and began to write things down on his note pad, "Why don't you tell me some things about yourself? Anything you want, really?"

Xander Sympathy Raised his eyebrows a bit, watching him closely, and carefully. "What is there to tell?" he sighed a bit He told you you could say Annything you want, I could give a few suggestions.. Damien purred, and Alex just ignored the hallucination. "I'm not very interesting.. Just another statistic I guess." He gives a small smirks and leans forward a bit. "I'm sure you're soo much more interesting."

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Luke chuckled, shaking his head, "Ah yes, the amazing adventures of a psychiatrist... I assure you I am not that interesting." He looked over the boy and tried not to be attracted to him although he could tell he was. He couldn't let these types of thoughts enter his mind, not here. He pushed past them, "And you are not a statistic... now, tell me, are the two of us alone in here?"

Xander Sympathy He blinked a bit before shaking his head. "I'm never alone, Luke.." he says simply, and a bit harshly. "I wouldn't leave myself alone if I were him either." he said rolling his eyes a bit, he honestly felt guilty about his friend, but would never fully admit it. He then smiled a bit. "I once has a friend who a psychiatrist at a mental hospital, and his life was rather interesting.. but so were his patients, constantly getting out, pulling alarms, making their way into the staff room, and such like that."

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Luke nodded, "As the nature of my job... But, it's not like this is the best place in the world to be. I mean, do you really want to be here?" He chuckled, aware that no one ever really liked the place. Checking the chart one more time, he set it aside, "So your friend is always with you?" He knew the answer, but he asked it anyways, as he was supposed to. He pulled his shirt up a bit, reveling well defined abs with four long marks across them, " I guess my life might be a bit interesting... One of our guests here decided that a fork was a great weapon to use against me, the God of the aliens..." He smiled slightly as he put his shirt back down.

Xander Sympathy Rolling his eyes a bit Alex shifted his weight. "But you chose to be here, I assume." he comments, looking over him a bit, blushing a hint when his shirt was lifted. "Forks can be useful, I suppose, but teeth work just as well, I almost killed a doctor by biting him n an artery hard enough he bled, but that's besides the point, I guess." he said, before thinking a second. "Tell me, why did you decide to work in this field?" he questioned, looking Luke right n the eye before answering Luke's question "Yes, Damien, if you can call him a friend anymore, as I'd rather call him a captor.. Is always around, taunting me, commenting, and sometimes providing helpful tips."

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Luke didn't react to the comment about violence, as he had read it in the report beforehand. He liked that the boy questioned him back, smiling at the question. He bit his lip slightly before speaking, "I had this friend... I mean he was a great guy, and he let me stay at his place when I was growing up. I knew he had been depress for a long time, but that was not new for him." He messed with his hands a bit, "Anyhow, he killed himself... I tried to help him, but I couldn't. That's when I chose my profession." He shrugged. "Well, maybe after a while, we can make him leave."

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Xander Sympathy He cocked his head a bit, interested in the story Luke told. "Do you know why he became depressed? I mean, depression is a mental chemical imbalance, but sometimes it's caused by something, like medication, an event that causes him to be less able to be happy, causing a lower amount of endorphins, ect." he says, wanting to know more, mostly because people and mental disease interested him. He then slowly shook his head. "Damien's been making it obvious he doesn't want to leave, he wants to punish me for what I did." he says, almost flatly, as if he didn't want to give anything away in his voice.

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Luke looked over Alex, "What exactly did you do that he needs to punish you for then?" He wrote down a few things that he noticed, "We both grew up in foster, there were plenty of reasons to be."

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Xander Sympathy He sighed a bit. "He was a close friend that i betrayed." was all that he would offer, nodding at Luke's statement he nodded. "Hm, that's a pity.. By the way you spoke it seemed he didn't want to be helped.. You can't help someone who refuses to be helped."

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Luke nodded, "Well, I am impressed with your knowledge of psychiatry... And, the same thing goes for you, by the way." He shuffled some things in his bag while still watching Alex, "Have you eaten anything yet?"

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Xander Sympathy "Hmm~?" he made a small questioning sound at his first statement. "I've always found the way people's minds work fascinating.." he says simply, watching the other male closely upon seeing him shuffle through his bag. "No, I haven't eaten yet.."

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Luke pulled out two candy bars and handed one to the boy, "Well, here is something to eat... I mean, you'll have to eat a meal eventually, but the food here isn't the greatest, you know?" He opened his own candy bar and took the first bit from it. "Maybe one day you might be a psychiatrist or something... I'd certainly be delighted to tutor you."

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Xander Sympathy Raised his eyebrows at him and nodded, "Thank you.." he took the candy and opened it, before promptly breaking it into little pieces and inspecting it, deeming it fine, he started to chew the little bits. "I'd really rather not work in a profession like that.."

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Luke chuckled, "I understand... so do you have plans for your future?" He ate his own candy and watched as the boy inspected his own.

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Xander Sympathy Shaking his head, Alex kept putting little bits of candy n his mouth. "Why think about a future you don't think you have?" he asked simply, making his thoughts on his own life a bit clear.

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Luke nodded, "So, Alec, why do you not see yourself having a future?" He tried to sound more detatched than he was.

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Xander Sympathy He sighed. "I hope to rid of myself of Damien as soon as possible, and seeing as I've found no way before, and doubt I will n the future, it's a bit obvious I'll need to rid myself of myself in order to do so."

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Luke chewed the inside of his lip, "Well, how about a deal, alright?" He felt the urge to hug the young boy, but he knew he shouldn't do that. "Give me the chance to try and help get rid of him, and I'll bring non-nasty food every day to eat. But, you have to give me a chance..."

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Xander Sympathy He furrows his eyebrows at the doctor. "Why does it matter to you if he's gone or not?" he asked cocking his head, seeing no reason why such a stranger would be worried about what happened to him. "I mean, I personally don't fully myself.."

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Luke watched him, "Well, for one, it's my job... but also, I think you could have a great future ahead of you, and I'd hate to see that go to waste." To be honest, he had begun to have feelings for the young boy.

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Xander Sympathy "Hmm." he gave a small nod. "I guess.. but you see something that I don't.." he replied, sighing. "But I guess I'm willing to try."

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Luke nodded, "well, hopefully you will see it too soon." He looked over at the younger boy, " Do you have anything you like to do for fun?"

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Xander Sympathy Alex offers a weak smile and nods. "Maybe.." wrapping his arms around his knees he just kinda looks at the man, shaking his head. "Not really, no.. I just do whatever.."

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Luke bit his lip, "Well, do you prefer to be inside or outside?" he personally only like to be outside to swim.

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Xander Sympathy He shrugs a bit. "I prefer being inside, I get sunburnt way too easy."

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Luke nodded, "I understand that... Well, do you like video games?"

(( sorry, I have to go soon ): ))

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Xander Sympathy Smiled a bit and nodded. "Yea~!"

(It's fine~!))

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Luke smiled and stood up, grabbing his bag, "Then follow me to the front hall so we can play some games."

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Xander Sympathy Alex nodded happily before getting up. "Okay~!"

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Luke led him to the front hall.

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Xander Sympathy Followed behind a bit slowly

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Xander Sympathy ((Mmkay~!))

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