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Dan This book is a collection of short stories, set in the Dominican Republic as well as New Jersey in the United States. Diaz does a phenomenal job of giving the reader an inside perspective of life in America as an immigrant. These short stories lead into a full experience and understanding of the narrator and his life. I would recommend this book but you must keep an open mind while reading since many of the stories are vulgar you must not let this lead you away from the story they are truly very meaningful stories with a lot of heart and power behind them, this is a journey from front to end and Diaz does a great job of leading you through.

Monty J Heying You have posted your review in the wrong place. This is a discussion forum.

To post a review, click on the book icon, then scroll down to "My Review" and click on "Edit." You can copy and past your review there.

(Some English teacher must have told his class to post a review on Goodreads, because six reviews have suddenly appeared here.)

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