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Outside view:

Living Area:




Dining Area:

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Kendra (madamejade) | 1693 comments ((I propose he joins Mammon.))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Walking behind Tsu-tey, Remus finally came to a stop at the outside of the home. It wasn't anything like Remus had imagined it to be: fairly modest and country styled. For some reason, Remus had sort of been expecting a mansion or something or extreme elegance. Seeing it was only a small villa, Remus felt relieved. He would have most likely felt overwhelmed if it was such a large house. More than likely, he also would have gotten lost. That tended to happen with him.
Remus waited by the front door, looking to Tsu-tey for acceptance into the residence. It was weird, he thought, to have to wait to be let into a location. Normally, Remus didn't have that issue. Though it may have been intrusive, Remus usually just popped into places, uninvited or not. Really, Remus didn't have much regard for neither personal space nor living space. That was just him though. Most angels wouldn't ever do half the things Remus' did.

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Tsu-tey glanced behind him to gauge their reactions. Most vampires went for large mansions full of elegance and pompous furniture that was near impossible to sit on comfortably. He always chose the more laid back approach. "Alright. Remus, Lunia, I formally invite you to stay in my home and be protected by it's defenses. I welcome you to use anything within that will aid your comfort and well being." he said formally. A small light sparked out from the house and touched Lunia and Remus. "Alright. You guys can come and go as you please if you wish, or just hide out here until everything settles down. I'll drop by from time to time to check up on you guys and get anything you need." Tsu-tey glanced at his watch and added "I have a meeting I need to attend to now though, so for now I bid you good night." he slipped off through the shadows and quickly disappeared from sight.

Lunia stared up at the small home from Remus' arms, she hadn't been expecting something small and comfortable like this. "L-lets go ahead and go in. I could really go for a shower and we both need a change of clothes." she said, glancing at his clothes that were now also covered in her blood.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments As he listened to Tsu-tey's small speech, Remus nodded when he thought he should. Really, it probably wasn't needed, but Remus was completely immersed in Tsu-Tey's words. The guy sounded like he certainly knew what he was speaking of and this made Remus wonder: had he allowed visitors into his home before? Well, of course he had, but Remus wondered if he'd allowed any permanent visitors. Lunia's voice soon pulled him from these thoughts though and his eyes went down to her. She was right, they should go in. When she mentioned the changing of clothes, he nodded begrudgingly. That was right, he would have to wear clothes all the time with Lunia around. But, he didn't know, maybe she'd be comfortable with it. He highly doubted it, but that wasn't to say that he wouldn't try it once.... or maybe twice.
Stepping through the vestibule, Remus moved Lunia into the home, his eyes sweeping over the interior. Just like the outside, the inside was fairly modest. Simple decorations and furniture, nothing too pompous. Remus liked that about the place. At least the vampire had a simple style. He looked around, trying to find out where to go next. Bathroom or bedroom?

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"Um....the master bedroom will have a bathroom attatched." Lunia told him. "And I know you might not want to put on new clothes, but we need to at least clean the blood off of you......" she blushed, or at least, she would have blushed if she had enough blood to color her pale cheeks, and said "I-i'll need help cleaning up.....I don't think I'd be able to stand on my own."


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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Though Lunia was incapable of blushing, Remus most certainly was. His cheeks alighted in a bright red color as he began to comprehend what she was referencing. Still, he nodded to her direction. Shifting her in his arms to avoid dropping her, he started toward the master bedroom, his cheeks still burning with scarlet coloring.
It didn't take Remus' too long to find the master bedroom. There had been a few detours resulting in him accidentally running across stuffed pantries - much to Remus' delight - but he soon found it. Upon located it, he pushed open the door with his foot and stepped in, his eyes falling upon the bed. He supposed that that would likely be where Lunia would be resting over the next few nights. She would need sleep and Remus guessed that he'd just have to find something to entertain himself while she was out. It wouldn't be too hard for him though; Remus could find entertainment in nearly any locale and this one would be no different. Besides, he was pretty sure he'd spotted a television in the living area. That would help a lot.
Glancing down to Lunia, Remus walked toward the bathroom attached to the master bedroom. He stood in the doorway, looking to the shower with an extreme awkwardness in his appearance.

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Lunia fidgeted a little in Remus' arms when they approached the bathroom, glancing up at him with a tinge of embarassment that she couldn't clean herself off right now. She hoped this wouldn't be too much of a problem for him. I mean, they had seen each other with hardly any clothes on, but this would be different. She hoped he would be able to handle this, and that she would be able to handle it as well. Things could get awful complicated fast if it went wrong.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments As she looked to him, Remus felt his face turn an even darker shade of red - that is, if that was even possible. Swallowing a little awkwardly, he stood for a moment longer before looking around for a place to set her. He deciding on the bathroom counter. Gently setting her on the part of the counter in between the two sinks, Remus turned his back on her and got the water for the shower ready. He was hardly paying attention to his actions as he did this; his mind was on what was to occur.
Looking over his shoulder at her, Remus had a sudden thought. Since the forest, he hadn't spoken a word. He hoped she realized that he wouldn't again. If she didn't understand this, Remus would've told her, but that would, you know, defeat the purpose. He just didn't talk and that was it. That one time had been the exception.

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((^^ JENNY!))

Lunia watched him from her spot up on the counter, Tsu-tey's surprisingly warm leather jacket still draped over her slender frame to hide her lack of clothes. She wondered if Remus would speak again, and was surprised to realize that it didn't matter if he did or not. She was just as content with his silence as she was with him speaking. If he didn't want to talk again, then it was fine with her. She shivered slightly and hugged the jacket closer around her, hoping the water would be nice and hot.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((SAKURA!
Sorry, I'm gonna be slow. Four roleplays at once slow.))

Remus looked back to the water he'd drawn and wondered if a bath would be better for her. Honestly, he didn't know. Normally, Remus just did whatever Eileen directed him to do. Being on his own and in charge admittedly scared him a little bit. He didn't let it show in his features at all, but he could feel it swarming deep inside him.
Standing from the ground, he walked over to her, standing still. His eyes wandered down to her blood stained clothes before looking to his own. They would need a change and, even though Remus felt like he didn't need one, a shower would do them both well. After all, Remus' hands were stained red from attempting to keep her alive. His eyes shut at the thoughts that were running through his head - the same thoughts that had been coursing through his mind when he'd been trying to save her - before he opened them again. They looked to her clothes once more and he decided to go first. Besides, this was something he'd done a hundred times over so he was sure he would feel more comfortable with it. But... this wasn't like all the times before. This time it could really mean something and that scared Remus even more.
Remus' hands bundled the corners of his shirt as he rose it over his head, the collar fluffing up his golden hair. The moment his shirt was off, he just stared at her, waiting to see her reaction. He didn't bother to throw it anywhere; he just kept it balled up in his hands, the fabric crumpled.

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((^^ thats okay, gotta go do rec aide stuff in a little bit anyways. I'll just bring along a notebook and work on either my stories or character sheets til i can get back on. I have maybe 15 min top))

Lunia tilted her head as she saw him start to undress. She wondered if maybe they would end up taking a shower at the same time and the thought made her feel both embarassed and a little reassured. She would rather them shower together than be bathed in a bath like a little kid. As she saw him stare at her after his shirt was off, she wondered if he was waiting for her to do the same. "" she nibbled on her lower lip and asked "Are we going to shower at the same time? I just want to know so I'm prepared and're the first guy I've seen almost naked, and um.....i've never seen a guy without at least boxers on before.....and well, I've never gotten fully undressed in front of someone either, so I guess I'm a bit nervous." she realized she might sound like she was babbling and stopped talking, looking up at him to gauge his reaction.

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At her uneasiness, Remus felt himself feeling more and more awkward. If she wanted him to keep his pants on or something, Remus would. He wouldn't prefer it - the idea of wearing pants was still a bad one to him - but he'd do it for her. He didn't want her to ever feel uncomfortable around him. If she didn't like something, then he wouldn't do it. But, he had to admit, taking a shower together would be easier. She'd need help getting herself clean and it would most likely save time. Plus, Remus was fairly unkempt himself. He needed to clean off as well. So he just forced a small smile and nodded happily, trying to get back in the habit of acting like himself.

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Lunia gave him a small smile in return and said "Alright then. I think so long as it's you, it wont be bad." she shrugged free of the jacket and started to tug at her shirt. Before she could even begin to pull it over her head, the shirt ripped and fell free, her bra going with it. Nervous again, as she had been trying to take it a step at a time, she raised her hands to cover herself, unsure of how exactly to react to her clothes.....well, falling off. She hadn't realized how badly they were shredded.

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Remus really hadn't expected what had just occurred in the slightest. As her clothes literally fell off, he just stared, his jaw hitting the floor. Though he may look like somewhat of a perv, he was just really shocked that that had happened so suddenly. Remus didn't even know what he was supposed to do in this situation. Was he supposed to shield his eyes? Or perhaps turn around? Being the innocent - well, mostly innocent - angel he was, Remus did a combination of both. Even though they'd be taking a shower together, he turned around with his eyes covered by his hands, just waiting until she said something.

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((IKR! what is better than rping the CUTEST couple ever and eating ramen? I tell you, nothing))

Lunia couldn't help but giggle at his reaction, the tension easing greatly. "It's alright Remus. We are going to be taking a shower together." she said, reaching out. She was too far to touch him though, so instead she started to work on getting off her jeans. "Unless your showering in your pants, I advise you to finish taking off your clothes so i won't feel so awkward."

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((Aw, cutest couple ever? XD Mmm... Now I'm craving Ramen!))

Hearing her cute little giggles, Remus uncovered his eyes and gazed at her over his shoulder. Seeing someone else take off their clothes instead of him was a little disorienting. He'd never been around when another person was taking off their clothes so he didn't know what to think. However, Remus didn't really focus on this much. The fact that she was that comfortable with him beat out any of the awkwardness he may have been experiencing. So in that next second, Remus just whipped it all off, underwear and all. There he stood in all his naked glory, grinning like an idiot and nonchalantly running a hand through his hair. He was completely comfortable in his own skin. But that was obvious from the start, wasn't it?

((I have too much fun with Remus and Sawyer. Poor Lunia, she gets stuck with all my weird characters XD ))

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((^^ lolz they are the cutest in my books.))

Lunia smiled and said "You must really dislike wearing clothes to be that comfortable naked." She didn't say it any kind of mean way, in fact she was still giggling a little as she pretty much just ripped off the last bit of her jeans, taking her underwear out with it. Forgetting for a moment what she had been through, she went to slide off the counter and nearly fell over from the sudden onrush of dizziness.

((^^ lol Lunia works best around weird characters actually. She doesn't do so well around the normal ones XD))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((I think so too. I mean, I love Henrianna and Vixel, but Remia is adorable to the max X3 (yup, just did a couple name).))

Remus had just nodded to her observation when his eyes widened at her sudden slip. Rushing forward, he wrapped his arms around her, trying to keep her stable. He wasn't concerned at the moment with the skin on skin contact. Really, he was more worried about just getting her in and out of the shower without passing out on him. What she really needed - though Remus wasn't exactly an expert in the subject - was some well earned rest. He hefted her up into his arms and looked down at her before getting ready to step into the cascading warm water.

((Well, I guess all my characters are weird, but she got the weirdest ones. Couldn't get Nate or Ori, or even Axehead. Nope, got Sawyer and Remus. Splendid XD ))

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((^^ OMG REMIA IS THE CUTEST EVER!! I love their shipped name!))

Lunia leaned against him until the dizziness faded and looked up at him. "Sorry....I guess I forgot that I couldn't walk all that well yet..." she said, staring up at him with her pretty violet eyes. "Lets go ahead and jump in the shower so I can get some rest." She got hefted up into his arms and she glanced down at all the blood -her blood- on her body and closed her against it.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((Mornin'!
I love it too :3 I randomly came up with it one day.
Soooo... How should I do this shower scene? Just say he washed her off in the shower or are we going in depth? XD Sorry, I'm awkward with these things.))

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((lol. We can skip if you want. It's all the same with me. We could always have something happen by accident though.))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((Ahaha, like what? XD ))

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((Like one of them slips or something and their bodies get all pressed up against each other and Remus gets 'excited' if you catch my drift. XD I figure it would be a cute/embarassing kind of moment))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((Okay! Um... Would you maybe want to PM it then? I mean, he's not going to go, you know, that far, but I don't know. Could we do a naked make out scene in regular RP?
Again, sorry. I'm not good with 'stuff'. Awkward Jenny is awkward.))

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((lolz its fine, it's kinda like practice for me too anyways XD And it was no sex scenes. Since they aren't gonna do it we should be fine))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Stepping into the shower with Lunia in his arms, Remus set her down gently, keeping an arm around her waist to help steady her. He didn't know just yet if she was capable of standing without falling, but he supposed he didn't want to find out. The water was running over the two of them, making everything all the more hazardous. He doubted highly that she'd be able to stand on her own. Eyes drifting down to her bloody body, he let her take most of the shower's force, wanting her to be clean first. He wasn't nearly as blood-speckled as she was.

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Lunia lifted her head up as the hot water started to rinse away the blood that coated most of her body. The water felt so nice she barely seemed to notice she was standing in the shower with Remus naked, and indeed if it were not for his arm around her waist she would have probably fallen down. She was greatful to him for helping her out, even during this part. She glanced down at her body and mentally winced. Eileen had healed all the wounds that were bleeding, but all the bruises from last time still covered her legs and ribs.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Remus' gaze soon followed Lunia's. The bruises and cuts on her legs and arms made him feel incredibly queasy. Though he'd tried hard to heal the ones he could, he still felt awful about not being able to fully help her. In truth, Remus felt pretty useless about the whole situation. But now, he figured the least he could do was help clean her off. Noticing some stubborn smudges of blood, he reached over and attempted to grab a bottle of soap. Grasping it, he fiddled with the kid but found it would come off. He'd need two hands. So in a moment of possible stupidity, his arm came from around Lunia's waist in an attempt to pry open the bottle. He'd momentarily forgotten about how she was unable to hold herself up.

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Lunia swayed a little and let out a cry of surprise as she suddenly started to fall. Her arms flailed as she tried to grab something. Luckily for her, her arm flailing made her fall backwards and she bumped into Remus instead of hitting the ground. ".......oops." she said softly. "This whole not standing thing is a real pain."

((JENNY IS ON! *dances in happiness*))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((Yup! I've actually been on this whole time, but I'm drowning in notifications again XD Too many groups to keep track of.
Sooooo, did she fall on top of him or just bumped into him? Either way I have a plan >:) ))

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((um....mostly bump into, but he could slip and it turn into a fall XD))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((Okie dokie artichoke! Hang on a sec >:D ))

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((^^ love the face. Whatever you have planned I think I will like.))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((He's totally going to fall on her :) ))

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((^^ perfect and lovely and totally go for it!))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments At her startled cry, Remus had instantly dropped the soap, the contents splattering the shower floor and walls. This was definitely a problem as it was what caused him to slip in the next moment. With Lunia already bumping against him, he stumbled back slightly but tried to stabilize her by taking a step forward. This caused him to slip on the soap and come tumbling forward, falling on her for the second time in the past week. The moment he realized it had happened again, he started to freak out; not only because he was afraid of hurting her, but because they, you know, didn't have any clothes on. He may not have been the most experienced angel in the world, but Remus knew you weren't supposed to do that to a girl. Eileen had made sure to tell him that in fear that he'd accidentally give a girl a hug and get the cops called on him for assault. Admittedly though, that had happened on more than one occasion.

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Lunia cried out again as in a flurry of movement, she found herself on the floor of the shower with Remus on top of her. She stared up at him all wide eyed, unsure of the situation and what was going on. She really was worried that things might suddenly happen since they weren't wearing clothes, though she was sure Remus woudln't do that to her, she couldn't keep the thought from crossing her mind.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments As Lunia gazed up at him with obvious surprise and worry, Remus felt his heart drop. His eyes racked over her, his mind racing. Had he hurt her at all? None of the scratches or cuts seemed to have re-opened, but Remus was still concerned. What if he'd accidentally made one of her injuries worse by falling on her? It didn't appear that way, but he didn't know. For all he knew, she'd hurt her ankle or her back or her arm or... any number of other things. Right now, that was the only thing he was worried about. He wouldn't move until he was sure she was okay.

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Lunia saw the way Remus was looking her, and realized he was making sure she was okay. "It's alright Remus. You didn't hurt me." she told him, her eyes softening at his concern. Actually, she had landed on one of the bruises on her back, but it didn't hurt all that bad so she figured it would be okay if she didn't tell him.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Remus nodded to her reassuring comment before looking back to her. Even though he'd thought he would, he didn't move. He just didn't want to. Instead, he still hovered over her, watching her. His eyes wandered for a moment before he returned them to her violet ones and bit his lip a little. He liked her a lot and, even if it may have been uncomfortable for her in the moment, he wanted her to know that. So Remus leaned forward a little, his breath coming out in huffs. His eyes were locked on hers as he did this, hoping she wouldn't reject what he was about to do. Figuring he didn't want to know whether she'd reject it or not, he pressed his lips against hers and stayed there, eyes closing. All she'd have to do to was push him off and he'd go away. Remus just didn't really want to do that.

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Lunia was startled at first when Remus suddenly kissed her and at first she kind of froze up. But then she relaxed and her arms went up to wrap around his neck as she kissed him back. Her stomach fluttered in a whirl of emotions as she kissed him. She hadn't known she could feel like this before she met Remus. She hadn't known that a boy for her, like her even.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments The relief that flooded through Remus when Lunia kissed him back was unbelievable. At first when she'd tensed up, he'd thought she really would accept him again. Even though they'd done this sort of thing before - albeit, not completely nude - Remus was still slightly unsure of himself. It was weird for him to feel that way as he was such an outgoing personality, but he just didn't want to make her feel too uncomfortable. He didn't have a problem with taking off his clothes and making her blush, but he didn't want to hurt her and that was what he'd been worried about. He'd been concerned that doing this would harm her. But now, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, Remus supposed that maybe he actually had done the right thing.
Letting some of his weight rest on her, Remus lifted one of his hands from the ground to cup her cheek. His other hand stayed planted firmly on the ground, ensuring he wouldn't be completely laying on her. Their bodies were most definitely pressed against each other, but at least he wasn't making it so that he hurt her. He doubted highly that resting on her freshly healed wounds would be appreciated.

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Lunia squirmed a little bit beneath Remus and said "Remus.......y-your pressing on my bruises....and I'm still really dirty...." she didn't want this moment to end, but at the same time, they were still in the shower and the water was still falling on them. She really would feel better after she got cleaned up.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments At the mention of what he was doing, Remus pulled back and sat straight up. The look in his eyes was one of guilt and embarrassment. Even when he was trying to be gentle and not overbearing, he still came off that way. His eyes looked to her as he stood, holding out a hand to help her back up. He was trying to make it up to her, guilt still coursing through him. He should have been more careful with his actions.

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Lunia grabbed his hand, as always feeling smaller than him as his hand greatly dwarfed her own. "I-i'm sorry.....don't feel guilty or anything." she said, smiling up at him to show that she would have been happy continuing.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Remus squeezed her hand in his and gently pulled her up to her feet. He didn't dare let go of her this time, instead, keeping her hand in his. The smile on her face was enough to bring one to his. Nodding, he looked to the water flowing down to the floor. Where they had been laying a moment ago was now slightly smeared with blood and it made Remus a little more than anxious to get her cleaned fully. He watched as the blood went down the drain before he wrapped an arm around her waist again and stepped back into the water, taking her with him. Now there was a huge grin on his face that he could get to go away.

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Lunia smiled up at him, luckily not seeing the smear on the ground. "Lets get cleaned up." she said, reaching for the soap that was nearby.

((bleh, bad post))

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) ((I need a cute Reunia scene - like right now. So thanks, Sakura. And no, it's not a bad one. It's just short.))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((Cute Remus and Lunia scenes are definitely appreciated right now ;-; Beyond appreciated.))

Remus reached over for to grab the soap for her. He may have been babying her a tad, but he figured he should. He was just looking out for her. Hopefully, she didn't mind. Handing the soap to her, he stood in front of her, that same grin on his face. The defeated feeling from before wearing off, he leaned forward somewhat and kissed her gently on the forehead. If it wasn't obvious before now that he liked her more than a friend, it should have been in this moment.

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