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{Name} (view spoiler)

{Physical Age}
{Actual Age} (view spoiler)
{Ability} (view spoiler)

{Narrator Appearance} Real pictures, please. Or you can just provide a description- Either way, we need to get a sense of what he/she looks like.
{Human Appearance} (view spoiler)
{Distinctive Markings}
{General Style}

{Family} (view spoiler)

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✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ PART ONE

❝Glitter, glitter, everywhere. Do-don't you like it? Do I look beautiful?❞

{Name} Evelina Lena Acconci || əv-ə-LEEN-ah ˚ LE-nah ˚ ahk-KON-chee ˚||
{Nickname} Eve, Evie, Lina - but she actually prefers Evelina
{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Heterosexual – Don’t bother trying, she’s already in love
{Physical Age} Twenty
{Actual Age} Unknown - A true lady never tells, now does she?
{Date of Birth} February 14th - A day of love, how suiting

{Ability} Healing
❀ She can heal wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and even diseases. Typically the she can’t raise the dead, however she can revive people if they have very recently died - normally within the hour - , as in the wound would be quickly repaired, but this takes a lot of energy from her and is only used in emergency cases. Small wounds will regenerate new tissue, whereas large wounds, like missing limbs and broken bones, need to be put back together if the injury is fresh, or they can be regenerated by advanced healers, such as Evelina. Her powers have extended to healing and restoring the emotions and spirits of others. She hasn't been able to master this addition just yet, but she is able to heal minor emotional pain, such as gradually making someone go from sad to a sense of happiness. It wears her out, so she tries to heal people through words rather than emotions. For smaller wounds, she is able to use it without getting to worn out, but if she uses it too much in one day, she can start to feel a little tired. When she uses it for a few days straight without any breaks, Evelina will pass out for a few days at a time.

{Narrator Appearance}

Oh there isn't a single normal thing about Evelina's native appearance. Well, she technically is very normal looking aside from her fashion choice, which goes from acceptable to flat out crazy. She's always one to try out something new even if it means changing her hair color just to make it work. Hell, she will even go as far as bleaching her skin, or even painting it gold if it will make her newest outfit work. In her Praeditos form, she has bright green eyes that practically sparkle with life, even while she lived in a world that appeared so lifeless. It's one of the only things she doesn't change about herself whenever she tries out a new fashion trend, or creates one herself.

(view spoiler)

{Human Appearance}

Technically Evelina's human appearance is what she would look like if she would stop dressing up so much while in her Praeditos skin. Nonetheless, her hair becomes this rich golden brown color that is often in curls framing her lovely oval face. Her skin takes on a more peachy tone rather than being horribly pale as she normally is. Moreover, her eyes change from bright green to this more darker stormy blue that is quite hypnotizing to whomever looks deeply into them, as they are still bright but also holds this dark mystery about her as if she never telling the whole truth. There's also this purple tint to her eyes, giving a certain shine to them. Though one thing stays the same is her sense in fashion, always loving to change things up, but she's not as extreme in her human form though.

(view spoiler)

{Distinctive Markings}

In her human form there is a beauty mark that is on her right cheek, more just underneath her cheek bone, along the gentle downward slant. It certainly sets her apart from most women, and it is the first thing most people notice about her. Sometimes for fun, she'll take one of those black eyeliners and draw one right under her left eye for fun. Her first mark draws so much attention, she draws on another one to draw in more attention. Evelina enjoys confusing people like this.

{General Style}

Well, it depends on her form, but as it has been explained already, Evelina has a distinct style in both forms. When she's in her true form, she obviously goes all out, but when switches to her human form, she shows some restraint as she needs to fit in so as not to draw too much attention to herself. Though personality is more than enough to bring plenty of attention to her whether she wants it or not.

Although, no matter what, Evelina loves to dress up and she loves wearing heels - she's tall but likes feeling taller. It's just so much fun! Wearing dresses with a nice wide skirt allows her to spin around as if she was some little girl, which is always fun when you think about it; she goes the more comfortable route with dresses rather than wearing those tight and constricting, you know the ones that cling to your body and shows off every single curve and bump you might have. Yeah those aren't very fun for her since she can't twirl around in them. Moreover, call her old fashioned, but she prefers being modest.

Even though Evelina isn't one for clunky necklaces or any other piece of jewelry, she always wears a simple silver chain around her neck that has a small heart shaped locket on it. Within the locket are two small pictures. One is a picture of her family while the other is a picture of her love, Kemper. Both of which are very important to her, so she keeps the locket it with her on the simple silver chain around her neck whichever form she is in or wherever she is. Normally she keeps it hidden under her clothes as she doesn't want too many people to know about Kemper's picture in the locket.


As rare as it is, the Narrator gene is a recessive in the Acconci family. Yes it runs in their blood, but only a few so far have become a Narrator. In fact, Evelina is the most recent one to become a Narrator in the past four generations. A rarity. Perhaps that is why she's so strange, or maybe that was simply a choice of hers. Either way, that's not really important right now.

Despite being a Narrator, Evelina wasn't raised or treated like some Goddess within her family simply because she was a little different, nor was she shunned by her siblings. Instead, she was treated like an equal - no one was loved more than the other. Her parents didn't have a favorite because they found something to love about every single one of them, and always did their best to support them in whatever path they chose. Yep, they were the supportive type, but not quite like hippies because they would punish their children if things ever got out of hand, or they would step in if they saw a better path for their child to take. That was how each Acconci child was raised, which would explain why they all grew up taking such different paths of life, and would explain why they're a little different from most others. Basically,

Evelina grew up in an environment filled with love, support and happiness. Sure there would be sad times and there would be fights, and maybe some sibling rivalry, she has even lost a few friends in the past, but she always accepts the misfortunes as a part of life, and moves on because it was better to look to the future, but it doesn't mean she forgets about the past either.

Perhaps it's a bit strange how much of a bright outlook she has on life, acting as if nothing can get her down, but that could tie in with her special ability. After all, Evelina was able to heal others, and has been able to bring them back even as they were on the brink of death. She has been able to bring some back from the dead, or so it appears. She was the giver of life, of second chances. It was hard for her to not see the bright side of life even with all the ugly in the world. Her motto was that all pain could be healed one way or another, even emotional pain. The girl, as odd as she can be, was rather wise though she wasn't one to go around flaunting it. It just not how she was like, not how she was raised.

For a long time, as hard as it might be to imagine, Evelina hasn't always believed her gift was anything special, she didn't even want to be a Narrator, because she was bullied when she was young; so while her family loved her, others were not so loving. She was always the odd one out, the one never really accepted anywhere outside of her family, which naturally made her feel lonely. She was the weird one from the strange family, the one with the father who was always inventing things and half his inventions never worked. Who would ever want to be friends with her? So, to make it look as if everything was fine, Evelina would smile through the pain, finding ways to heal her own wounds because it was better to move on rather than dwell on the bad. Some times she would make friends, some times they would leave her, but Evelina kept on smiling no matter what happened as if she always knew that it would get better.

And one day it did.

It was a rather nice day in her home world, but to escape another petty argument with another certain Narrator, Evelina ran off to the Garden of Mirrors to lose herself in the human world for a little bit. In a hurry, and not being very careful, she travelled through a mirror only to come out on the other side of a shattered mirror on top of a roof where she saw a man standing on the ledge. At first she was confused. Why was a man standing on the ledge? Was he enjoying the scenery or was he planning on plummeting to his death? Deciding not to think and ask instead, Evelina approached the man slowly and said, 'Hello? Are you all right?' And that was when she met Kemper, the love of her life. Yes, he's a human, but oh what a beautiful human he is. Evelina finally found someone who not only became her best friend - he was the man she fell in love with, and has been in love with for the past three years.

Though, as much as she's happy traveling to the Human world to spend time with Kemper, it's been hard to keep her real life hidden from him, especially since she enjoys the perks of both worlds. Moreover, Humans aren't supposed to know of the Praeditos world, the Narrators made sure of that. Since Evelina is a Narrator it just makes things a little harder because it's something she's supposed to uphold, but one of the one things that's becoming harder to keep from him. It's only a matter of time before he finds out. After all, they've been together for three years already, and things are getting pretty serious between them.

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✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ PART TWO


Amadeo Adolfo Acconci - Father of Evelina. He has a kind and loving nature, which has helped Evelina become the woman she is today. Even when he has been wronged in some way, he showed Evelina that there are other ways to deal with it without resorting to violence or lowering oneself to anger.
Giacinta Carmina Acconci - Mother of Evelina. She was a rather eccentric woman herself, which is how Evelina acquired a certain taste when it comes to clothes. In fact her mother supports her strange taste because it's a way Evelina is able to express herself. Suppressing her children's creativity is just something she would never ever do no matter how outrageous their desires may be. Anything is possible, at least that was her motto.
Battista Urbano Acconci - Older Brother of Evelina. He's incredibly protective of Evelina and his siblings as they are all he has. Though he is already married and has a family of his own, he still cares after his parents and siblings, never wanting to get out of touch with them. He's not as strange as Evelina, but he doesn't hold himself from expressing himself either, though he is more sound of mind than most of his family.
Priscilla Linda Acconci - Older Sister of Evelina. Possibly one of the more normal of the Acconci children, but don't take this as her being strict or anal. She's all for expressing oneself, she just isn't as expressive as her siblings, but fiercely protective of them. Though she is rather jealous that Evelina turned out to be a Narrator instead of her. It sort of hurts Priscilla, as Evelina has always been seen special in the family. After all, Priscilla is older than her, so shouldn't she have been the one to be the Narrator? Obviously not.
Zaira Linda Acconci - Younger Sister of Evelina. Oh how she looks up to Evelina as if she was some amazing creature rather than her own sister. She looks up to Evie, always tagging after her, wishing to do whatever is needed to be down in order to be noticed by her. However, Evelina loves her and always treats her like her baby sister, though Zaira is about thirty years old by now.
Nerio Ottorino Acconci - Younger Brother of Evelina, and the sweetest thing in the world. He constantly watches after the others as if it is his duty. He has a strong sense of loyalty, and learned much from the others. Following by example. Though he can be quite the troublemaker, getting into quite a bit of trouble as he loves to run around and play pranks. Evelina loves him solely because he loves having fun, and she loves tagging along with him when he plays a prank on someone.

❝If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands! . . . I said clap your hands . . .❞


Eccentric would certainly be one way to describe Evelina. She certainly has an unconventional way of going about things, and she's very unusual. Though it manages to work for her somehow because most people she comes across finds it endearing, at least now they do. When she was child and she acted just a little differently than other people, well they just labeled her a freak and left her in the dust. How sad, right? It was sad, but Evelina created a few imaginary friends to keep her company, and with her imagination, she did plenty of things with her imaginary friends. She was often found talking to herself, which worried her parents just a tad, but somehow it helped her become more sweet and an extrovert instead of an introvert. Strange, right? Shouldn't be a surprise since Evelina never followed the norm in any sense of the word. While most kids who have been bullied would become shy and cautious, Evelina proudly displayed her heart on her sleeve and tried to make friend with whomever was willing.

Not many were, yet that never stopped her. Remember, smile through the pain, continue looking forward to the future, never look back.

She was a happy girl. Simple as that. Evelina did whatever was needed to keep herself happy. No, she never did anything that could hurt others in order to keep herself entertained, she wasn't mean like that unlike some Narrators; nope, Evelina would find other ways to keep a smile on her face, not that it was hard for a girl like her. Simply finding a penny on the side of the road would make her smile, and she would probably create some huge story about how the penny ended up there. Oh yeah, right along with strange, Evelina was certainly creative, but once again, shouldn't be too surprising. With a mind like hers, she could easily be a storyteller, though most of her stories are centered around tales of love, and the trials people have to go through in order to stay together, and oh how the young girl goes gaga over anything about soul mates. Yep, Evelina is that sort of girl who believes in fate, soul mates, destiny - the works.

As silly as it sounds to others, she believes in this sort of stuff with all her heart. After meeting Kemper, she would happily go to her grave swearing that everyone has a soulmate and that true love prevails all. That basically sums up Evelina. The girl loves the idea of love, expresses herself however possible, doesn't care much for other's opinions of her, never lets anything bring her down, smiles at everyone, and well . . . enjoys making other people smile. Being a Healer is possibly the most perfect thing for a girl like Evelina, after all she has the power to heal wounds through a simple touch, to make the pain go away. Though she believes that the best way to recover from certain wounds was to let it heal over time instead of patching it up as quickly as possible, but that ideal concerned mental wounds rather than physical ones.


Caring - Even Evelina's family states that her heart is too big. She tends to care about everyone, even if the person harmed in some way in the past. If she sees someone get hurt, she instantly runs to their aide, doing whatever necessary to help them back onto their feet.
Optimistic - In the worst of situation, you can count on Evelina to see the bright side of things. Yep. Even when it looks like you're about to die, she'll smile and find something to be happy about. Then again, she's the Healer, so if someone is on the verge of death, all she has to do is touch them and they'll be better.
Outgoing - Oh she loves a good adventure! In fact, Evelina is the first one out and about, leading on an adventure wherever it may lead her and whoever is stupid enough to follow her. She's been like this ever since she was a child, though most of her adventures back then was basically just her, her imaginary friends, and her overactive imagination.
Protective - Don't even think about hurting the people she loves, trust me, Evelina won't just stand back and do nothing. Just because she appears innocent, sweet and forgiving doesn't mean she is. No, she's not mean either, but hurt someone she cares about, and well . . . don't even bother sleeping with one eye open, just run for your fucking life and don't ever look back.


Kemper - If anyone were to hurt him, Evelina wouldn't know what to do with herself. Though technically she is hurting him with her lies, never telling him about her other life, the one she was born into, but it's how it has to be.
Love - It can hurt, she knows that much, but at the same time, when Evelina loves someone, she will do whatever she needs to for them. Even if she ends up getting hurt in the end. She doesn't even take her own well-being into account when trying to make someone else feel just a little better.
Lying - Evelina can lie when she needs to as she is a Narrator, and she is forced to keep her other life a secret. However, she hates it, and when she has to come out with the truth, it nearly kills her since she always wishes she could have told the truth from the start.
Self-Conscious - Yes, she knows she's pretty and whatnot, but at the same time, Evelina is still a girl and always worries that she's never pretty enough. After all, she's dating Kemper, a model, so you can't blame her for always being worried that she's not pretty enough for him.


Sun - It's bright and big. It makes her feel warm and it brings life to the Human world. Naturally Evelina would love it.
Rom Coms - Really, does this need to be explained? This girl loves love, so even something as corny as a rom com makes her all happy and well yeah.
Life - What's not beautiful about life? It's the best feeling, being alive. It's a struggle, yes, but completely worth it if you think about it.
Spring - New life. Baby animals. Flowers blooming. Fresh grass. It's possibly one of the best seasons in the Human world. She loves this time of the year, and you'll often find her in the park, skipping around barefoot in some new summer dress.
Humans - While others find them dull, Evelina enjoys talking with them and learning as much as possible about them. When she's not in the Human world, interacting with them, Evelina is often found at the museum, learning things she already knows by heart. She just think they're incredibly amazing creatures.
Kemper - Love of her life. That is all there is to say about that.
Singing - Oh she loves to sing, especially when she's happy, but Evelina sort of fails at it. She can hum just fine, but when it comes to actually singing, she sort of just can't do it. She often sings in the wrong key and can't really hold a melody. Yet she'll do it anyways because it's fun. At least her voice doesn't make people's ears bleed, that's an upside. Right? Right?
Dancing - It's so much fun! Evelina actually likes to just spin around a lot, but to her it's like dancing. As long as it brings a smile to her face and she's moving around, really what does it matter if she's actually dancing or not?
Rain - It's fun to skip around in the rain, run around like some child. Don't even get her started on jumping in the mud and rolling around. At heart she's a five year-old, not caring if she gets messy while having fun. If you couldn't tell by now, she just likes having fun.


Pessimists - Ew. They're no fun. Absolute Debbie Downers. No fun.
Death - When Evelina isn't able to save someone after all even with her powers, it hurts. A lot. Death just makes her feel like a failure, though she tries to see the positive of the death such as believe the person moving on to some better place. Or that she was at least able to make their passing a little less painful.
Pain - Evelina can't stand seeing someone get hurt. It's as if whatever pain they're feeling, she can feel it too. She knows it's a part of life, but she'll never stand by and just watch as someone is suffering.
The Dark - Actually, she's scared of the dark.

{Other} In the Human world she recently moved in with Kemper into his place, and she loves it there so far. He even bought her a puppy for her last birthday, who she named Spot.

❝Appearances aren't everything.❞

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Mah narrator in progress...

(view spoiler)

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***My Construction Format***
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[ ⓟ ⓐ ⓡ ⓣ ❶ ]

Let me write your soul today...

And I promise you, you'll fly away ...

[ Name/Alias ] Elijah Aleksander Malifrey
[ Articulation ]
[ Gender ] Male ]xy[
[ Sexuality ] Heterosexual

[ Age ] (20) Twenty (20)
[ Actual Age ] Why bother?
[ Date of Birth ] December 31

[ Narrator Ability ]

[ a n i  m a ☌ c o n l i d a m ]

They say the eyes are windows to the soul, but the mouth is a passageway into the chasm of destruction. It takes but a look through those windows to locate a scared soul in which contains memories no human are to posses. None. Such knowledge being known, Elijah is part of the group to annihilate any and all anthropoids that have discovered the biggest secret of them all. His peculiar method of proceeding consists of one key base; eye contact. It's all that's needed, the rest is much too natural for the perspicacious man. It begins by removing any and all capabilities to speak from the condemned, in which follows the complete and utter destruction of the spirit; starting with the least honourable places. There is no pain-free escapade when you are to die, all bones are attacked, one by one, followed by the muscles, the ligaments, the organs - everything. The worst part? You feel it. All of it. And when you can't scream? You hear it. All of it.

Also, due to the actual spirit needing a place to reside, one of Eli's eyes are of a different pigment; I suppose the how and why is quite apparent? (view spoiler)

This procedure allows access to the memories of the human and as their soul resides in the very depths of his eye, there are times when he confuses his own memories with those of another lifetime. The longer he possess this power, the more his own psyche grows confused and there's also the pleas of the restless souls, begging to be released. In other words, insanity will be the cause of Elijah's death.

[ Narrator Appearance ](view spoiler)
[ Human Appearance ]

(view spoiler)
[ Distinctive Markings ]
[ General Style ] Eli's style truly differs from the day and what season it is in the human world. Truthfully, in the Pareditos world, he wears much more colours and his outfits tend to border edgy and maybe even a little retro but nothing too eccentric. He'll be the first to admit that he actually prefers the human clothing than he does his own kind. He finds it much more comfier and quite frankly, he's in love with the plaid attires they seem to come up with. It's not uncommon to find Elijah wearing a plaid shirt with a pair of faded jeans or some kind of shorts. As for shoes, it's almost always espadrilles – he's an exercise junkie and he likes knowing that he can be ready for any kind of action any time. Then there's the occasional dress shoes, but never sandals. You will never catch this boy wearing a pair of shoes that do not cover his feet – never.

[ History ]

“Do you remember the time I told Xavier you were pregnant with Demicus?”
“I'm positive if I wouldn't have gotten in the way, you'd be six feet under.” The two laughed quietly, careful to keep their sleeping son asleep.

One peculiar night, a certain couple, better known as Mister and Misses Malifrey were talking away on their living room couch, a blanket draped over the two as the reminisced about their last few years of exquisite happiness and how there were many more to come. 'Twas a cold winter's night, that night. Just as Kayleigh Malifrey tittered about a comment Azaiah had made about the night they had eloped, the booming sound of a doorbell resonated throughout the home, disturbing the joyful evening. Once the front door was opened, there literally was a child, wrapped in nothing but a blanket on their stone porch. Immediately, he was taken in and for the next few months, cared for. Surprisingly, even Demicus seemed to have developed a soft spot for the baby with no name.

Decidedly, 'twas settled that the small baby from the porch would be named, Elijah. After having gone through some legal issues, baby Eli was proclaimed their child by default. Between the two brothers, everything about it was typical, normal jealousy sprouted between the two and it was a battle of who could gain the most affection from mum and dad, there were things the little brother wasn't permitted to touch because Demicus had claimed he couldn't. Disobeying such demand would be fracturing one of the rule of the Big Brother Handbook 101. That was until baby Romulus and Lorelia came along, any sort of rivalry halted between the two big brothers and it was now their turn to apply the handbook to their little siblings. Oh joy. It was around that time that Elijah discovered he wasn't an actual part of this family. Surprsingly, the news hadn't affected Eli as much as everyone around him thought it would; then again, the boy had never been one for outrageous outbursts of hormonal fury, so such calm reaction was to be acquired, evidently.

Although when it was found that Elijah was one of them...Narrators, that's when the rupture took part. It was heart wrenching for the entire family.

“Mum, please, look at me!”
“Go to hell! You're not my son!”
“I hate you.”

For reasons unknown, his mother had a deep hatred for them Narrators and upon learning that she had been living with one their entire life, she fled. When his father hadn't go to join her, Kayleigh ruptured the long term relationship, refusing to acknowledge her own lover's existence. As for the twin younger siblings, they accepted him for what he was destined to become, as well as his father; each were supportive and either teased him for it or simply pretended that he wasn't a Narrator, but rather they're big brother. As for Demiscus, the link between the two had grown rocky, one minute the oldest would be friendly toward his second eldest and the next, verbal and physical threats of killing him were made. Sadly, there were many fights and uhealthy conversations between the two, to the point where Eli moved out, for everyone's sake.

Elijah's power was put to the test when he had to carry out his first assignment. A girl from Thailand, her name was Germany Crushaw. He had no trouble finding her, in fact, she had been intoxicated when her death had come to find her. As much as Elijah wishes he could remove the day from his existence, it isn't possible. She had been slumped against the wall of her room, drowning the forbidden memory out of her system. Though when Eli himself had opened her door, her eyes had grown wide with fear, and just like that, she was gone. Two minutes later, she was no more and a stinging sensation evoked in his right eye for the briefest of moments.

“I-I swear I won't tell! Please, don't hurt me!”
“Look at me in the eye ...and promise me you won't hush a word.”
“I pro-”
“I'm sorry.”
“...Don't forget me.”

Upon having arrived back home in the dark of the night, the startled young man had walked by a mirror and caught sight of himself, something had changed. Closer inspection had confirmed that his right eye was no longer an immediate blue, but had now been tainted with a brown dot, so small he had almost missed it himself.

From then on, Elijah's lost the number of souls he's taken and kept, he might as well be the Grimm Repear in person, him and all the rest of the Narrators whose ability have something to do with the elimination of humans. He's grown used to it, it's not a task anymore, but more of a game; he doesn't think of them as humans any more, which is why he now spends most of his days in his own world, with his family – mother excluded – that he loves to no ends.

[ Important Beings ]
Azaiah Malifrey ❤ - Eli's father, his hero. From the finding of Eli, through him discovering out was a Narrator to what he is now, 'twas his dad whose strength got him by. The two are as close as a son and a father could ever be and even if they're relationship doesn't seem quite as normal as it should, the bond is there. The boy dreads the day he'll have to watch his faher grow weaker and weaker until his dying breath manifests itself.
Kayleigh Malifrey ✖ - Mummy dearest. Not. These two might as well be enemies, and why? Because she fears him and what he's capable of. She fears that she'll wind up killing one of her siblings or her husband or herself, she doesn't consider him a part of the family – but that's just her. She's well aware that his power doesn't work on his own specie, she simply resents him for what he was chosen to become. To sum things up, the two best not wind up in a room alone, together.
Lorelia Malifrey ❤ - His little sister. Eli and Lorie do share a tight knit bond, more on the side that he's quite protective of her and what she does. He allows her to confide in him and vice versa. When around her, Eli allows himself to lay back and simply enjoy himself, even if that means running around like a crazy lunatic or flying a kite in the human world or simply laying in the grass, talking. He finds it easiest with his beloved Lorelia.
Romulus Malifrey ❤ - These two brothers are pretty rough on each other; the bickering is always present and there's always a sort of challenge going on between the two. Though neither will admit it, they both care deeply about each other and show it in ways that would imply the opposite. Don't get them wrong, they do have their quarrels that can last up to months at a time, but the next time they lay eyes on one another, it's as if nothing had ever happened.
❤✖ Demiscus Jonah Malifrey ✖ ❤ - Yet another brother – this time older. Now, this relationship has yet to find stable footing. There is jealousy coming from the oldest and it's what triggers most of their nasty conflicts. The have physically fought it off but the combat had been halted before any serious damage could be made. The two fight for whatever they can get more than the other. It's not a good relationship they hold, but it's unknown that both of these boys wouldn't hesitate to die for each other.
Penelope Crushaw ☠ - His first of many victims. Ironically, it's her memories that scream at him the most, despite her death being a long time ago. He remembers absolutely everything about her killing, the place, the time, the expression she held, the clothes she was wearing and her very last words he's vowed to never speak again, it still sends chills down his spine to this very day.

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[ Personality ]

“Hi, what's your name?”
“Um, how are you?”

Elijah is, without a doubt, a man of few words. He doesn't speak for there mere purpose of wasting his breath, no, he believes his time is worth more than just nothing. Funny thing is, he'll encourage someone else to do it, though, because he actually enjoys listening to others speak, it's become a hobby of his. He finds that talking is one of the most efficient ways to discover a lot about the person, maybe that's because he's more auditive than anything, something his being a Narrator played a big part in. Alongside not speaking as often as the average person, he's quite the recluse when asked about himself, he's not fond of it. It's not that he has anything to hide, after all honesty is the best policy, it's just he doesn't find his life quite entertaining enough to be told from one ear to the next, that's all.

What might come as a slight surprise is the way that Eli's all about the old school romance, that's his way of doing things when it comes to the ladies. No instant messaging or calling when it's time to ask a girl on a date; he refers to the 'ol bouquet of roses and standing at the door, a personal invitation from himself to the lady of interest, no hard feelings if he's rejected – he still gives them the flowers and is on with his night. He has a poetic heart and such talent can be found in multiple balls of recycled paper – it's how he gets his burdens off his chest. The good thing is, he doesn't do this with every other girl, Elijah actually picks a certain woman in which he sees a possible future with and tries his best to establish some sort of relationship, without actually forcing it. He believes that the effort has to come from both ends and if the job can't be done on the other side, then he simply can't be bothered trying to tangle his way out of a one sided love.

Quiet, honest, romantic, that isn't all that Elijah is, he's also quite the aggressive person if provoked properly. Some may say it's anger problems and they're probably right but if you were to ask the man himself, he'd simply tell you that the person wasn't deserving of his niceness and honour. Of course, like any testosterone-filled being, when angered, Eli likes to resort to his fists rather than his words but if he's given a few minutes to reason himself, he'll more often than not correct himself – but who gives people a few minutes in between a heated fight? (view spoiler)

“Eli, I'm fine, seriously.”
“Then why are you biting your nails and wringing your wrists? Are you sure you don't want to talk? I'm here for you, you know that, right?”

Moreover, if he does take a liking to you, he can become quite the worry wart. He doesn't like for his fellow peers to be troubled, and so he'll most likely offer his services, be it a random night call or going for a walk to just talk about things – Eli's that guy, as long as it's not about him or his past memories. Another reason he absolutely despises speaking about his past is because it confuses him, he's honestly gotten himself confused with the memories of those he's killed with his own. He's still aware of the major obstacles in his actual life but the little things like learning how to ride a bike or the time he went cliff diving with his friends in California when in reality, none of his peers had even gone to California, never mind cliff-dived.

Elijah is definitely the leader type, he's not afraid of voicing his opinion when important matters are at hand and he's very well capable of pushing away any personal problems of his to deal with the bigger issue at hand. He's pretty convinced that he could lead an army if such event were to be imposed. Of course, naturally being a little more dominant, he's stubborn and refuses to reason without a valid argument; he'll listen, but that doesn't mean he's actually agreeing with the opinion.

[ Strengths ]
Sagacious➸ With the amount of memories he's seen and all the lives he's lived vicariously, he's learned quite a few lessons he'd never thought he would, thus, making him quite the wise young man and a good person to lean to for advice if ever it's needed. That, and it allows him to stay calm in difficult situations.
Honest➸ He's a man of the law and would never dare lie to someone to their face, unless it was in a case to preserve the life of another being or something grandiose of the sort; he doesn't believe that prevarications lead to anywhere good nor does it strengthen friendship and possible relationships. That, and it's just wrong. Elijah can always be found telling the truth.
Heartfelt➸ Elijah means what he says, he keeps his word and will fulfil any promise he's ever made, he has yet to break one. Also, there is no reason why others shouldn't trust Eli, what reason has he given them not to?
Straightforward➸ There are no masks when speaking to Elijah, either he's too lazy or he just can't be bothered to put them up, and so, the first version of him you'll meet, will be the last version of him you see when you leave him. There's no much else to say, really.
Autonomous➸ You will seldom hear the man himself ask for a hand, he's very well capable of managing his own problems without getting another mind involved, it's much too complicated. He adores learning things himself the last thing he wants to do is impose on someone else, even if he's in desperate need of it – he's just stubborn.
[ Weaknesses ]
Angry➵ That's right, due to his induced testosterone, he's learned that violence is the answer to almost everything quarrel related, especially if he knows he'll come out, victor. Otherwise, he'll do his damn best to make sure he wins because it would be considered cowardly of him to back out.
Confused➵ Due to his many lost memories, Eli doesn't exactly know what actually happened in the past hundred years or so. He's been alive for a long time, he knows that much but he truly wouldn't be able to recall the flashbacks that truly belonged to him. This leaves him dazed and partly distant when in the present; he's trying to mark certain passages of his life in such way he'll have no choice but to remember it being as his own, but he has yet to find one.
Stubborn➵ It comes with his independence, I'm telling you. Or maybe 'twas just because of his unknown parents and their genes, but he finds it difficult to admit defeat in practically anything, as well as asking for help. Even in a life crisis, he'll refuse to accept the help unless he is physically unable to refuse the aid. The latter may be a slight exaggeration, but just think of it like that.
Apprehensive➵ He's apprehensive toward those he cares about, perhaps a little too worried, but he doesn't really care. All that does matter is the well being of his friends and family; sure he's quiet and he may not speak as often as the norm, but he cares deeply about those whom he loves and is always sticking out for them – maybe a little too much.

[ Likes ]
Reading ~ “I try to avoid biographies...”
Photography ~ “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no?”
Voices ~ “They...I find relaxing.”
Helping others ~ “Never know where it can get you.”
Earth ~ “I love the smell of the air after it rained.”
Plaid ~ “Everyone likes their own things, don't judge.”
Comic Books~ “They're strangely entertaining...”

[ Dislikes ]
Humans who know their secret~ “One more charm to the assemble, right?”
Celebrities~ “Humans really are stupid...”
Praeditos Mall~ “Have you seen the size of it?”
Thunder Storms~ “They're loud, it bothers the little tranquillity I have”
Babies~ “Drool. Vomit. Cry.Repeat.”
Mushrooms~ “The mere thought of where they come from is nauseating.”
Seafood~ “Gross.”

[ Other ] --

Just breathe...

And let me take you away...

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