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message 1: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Here we are ^^
I do have some ideas or things I have sort of been wanting to do, but do tell me if you have any first :)

message 2: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments Not really. Sort of brain dead. I wanna hear your ideas though!

message 3: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Alrighty then ^^
Well I don't have in depth plot lines at the moment, maybe a few stray ones, but here are the ones I've sort of wanted to do recently

-Harry Potter
-Fairy Tale Twist
-Married (I mean like the characters are already a couple, I don't know what we'd do with this, but I was figuring more of a cutsy feel :p)
-Sci-Fi (Anything, I like sci-fi ;3)
-Murder Mystery
-Runaway/Kidnapping (I may have a slight idea for this without a mindless physco having to be made, but it's based off of a tv show xD)

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Cate | 327 comments Okay Im officially decided on an avi. Whew!

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
o.o ?
Is it stupid I have no idea what that means xD

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Cate | 327 comments Okay well I have ideas from that. So maybe we could do a married couple (because I like the cutesy feel) but this is before they met. We could have a murder mystery and the homicide detective falls in love with one of the victim's good friends. Maybe he comforts her an they end up falling in love and getting married then we could take it from there.
I also like the kidnap thing.

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Cate | 327 comments Avi is avatar. Lol I got it from twitter, don't ask.

message 8: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Oooooh! I get it now xD

We could easily throw all three of those together o.o
Obviously the end result would be marriage so we've got that covered, and I like the detective falling for the vistims (whomever that may be) friend. We could add some action by having the killer come after her maybe? (suggestion ^^).
My original runaway/kidnapping idea was to have two people whom have a forbidden romance of some kind fake a kidnapping and really just go and elope together :p
So ... however you want to do this shoot, lol.

message 9: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments Holy crap! Im so excited! How about they fall in love and stuff and the killer kidnaps the friend because she is a witness? I like that but I like yours too. OOOOO! So maybe they get married and their child grows up and takes part of the kidnapping you were thinking of? Im so excited!

message 10: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod

I'm excited tooo!!! GAH!! We have 10 posts and I'm freaking oooout! ^_^

I totally love the idea, that way we have a future thing to look forward too after they get married, mwahahaha, planning ahead c:

So she'll actually get kidnapped and then the detective will have to save her and everything. We just have to figure out who died and for what cause? Should this be like a personal matter thing or should we have a crazy sociopath? :o

(Then later the kid can elope with whomever, once we get there that is, haha ~^-^~)

message 11: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments Wow. Im so excited I did a fake girlish scream. Help. Hahaha okay, focus, Cate.

Okay I've watched enough Castle, Psych, and Mentalist episodes to know this. I like the sociopath idea, because they'd go far enough to kidnap someone. Maybe he's a serial killer who goes after young blonde women or something like that. Or maybe she was just some poor innocent woman that he tried to go for but she shied away, so he crazily kills her. Wow. I need to stop watching those shows.

message 12: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
That's okay, I'm freaking out over here as well. You're not alone XD

Oh. Mi. Goodness.
I based the sort of fake kidnapping idea off of Psych since I have finally started watching it on Netflix. And I am freaking in love with the Mentalist. You are offically one of my favorite people :o
I totally agree with you though, I like the crazy killer idea better because they go to insane lengths not to get catch doing what they're doing ;)

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Cate | 327 comments This is making my day. this is going to be te best rp ever. Okay girl question- I know he's like 40, but I would say Simon Baker is seriously attractive. God has blessed that man! And I love his character on the Mentalist, I always have to drink hot tea with him when I watch it.

Anyways, back to the rp. Perfect. So lets see what characters we have. Do you want the detective to be a guy or girl? I was thinking guy because he could comfort and stuff and I think it'd be weird if the guy was grieving but would take the time to ask the girl detective for her #. But a girl detective would be strong and stubborn and I kind if like that. Opinions?

message 14: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
It's not only you, Simon Baker is extremly gorgeous <333
I would drink tea but I don't really like it, so I just smile like an idiot every time he pulls out a little tea cup. His character is awesome as well, it wouldn't be the Mentalist without him. He makes the show.

I was thinking more guy. I know it seems sexist but I just always picture guy detectives more than that of girls. Besides I feel like the detective might be older than the witness? And when the girls older it just ... it's a pet peeve, something I don't understand is all :p

Would it be terrible to ask if I could be the girl though? I mean ... we'll have plently of other people in the rolepaly to balance the genders out, but still ><

message 15: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments Yes! Oh my gosh just when I thought I couldn't love you more. It bugs me too when the girl is older!

Ya that sounds good. So I'll be the detective and maybe we could switch whose whose with the sociopath depending on who he's fighting/kidnapping.

message 16: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Ha, well thank you, I feel much loved now :3
It's just so ... weird. Like I have this one couple at my school. The guys a freshman and the girls a senior (well, was). It was cute at times seeing them interact but then you sat there and thought about it and were like ... what? o.O

That sounds good ^^
And later in the roleplay after everything and we can bring in their kid you can be the girl then! :D
See we both get to be both :p

message 17: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments You're so sweet! ^_^ ya that sounds great!! That is weird. Like can you not get someone thy can atleast drive? There is a few girls that are juniors and sophomores dating like 9th graders. It's weird!!! I mean, guys mature later, so why are you heading the wrong direction?!

Oh ya- so charrie time?

message 18: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Ikr?! How the hell do you deal with them?? >.>
YES! I'm currently making another charrie for another roleplay as well so sorry if I take a little longer.
P.s. My charries are usually all that long, but I am sure to be descrptive in the rp ^^

message 19: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments I know. But at the same time I don't go after like college aged guys. Well at the same time guys don't really talk to me, who am I kidding.

Ya that's fine, Im gonna be a little delayed because Im cooking dinner.

message 20: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Ture that, I usually stay in my year or one older. Of course ... I've never had a boyfriend so I could be doing something wrong xD

message 21: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments Ph ya, and Im very descriptive, too. I hate boring, one line rps. I wanna cry my eyes out.

Name: Ryan Deeps
Age: 27
Looks: roughly 5"10', isn't ridiculously buff, but has strong arms and abs. Light brown hair that is short, but a controlled messy look. He has a very square jaw and slightly high cheek bones.

Personality: stubborn when he feels the need to be, loves the adrenaline rush he gets from running after suspects. He was always slightly awkward around girls, his best friend, Mark, was always great at it and he just accepted that over the years. He loves the outdoors, like trails, fishing, but was never truly into hunting. When he is stressed out, he works out.

History: mother and father still together and very loving, has an older brother who was always good at everything. He had a younger sister who died very young. He decided to join the police academy since he was young, loving the detective shows.

message 22: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments Whew I haven't had a boyfriend either, Im just like that awkward kid who everyone likes but guys just kind of pass by.

message 23: by Mal (last edited Jun 10, 2013 03:39PM) (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Me too! I have one guy I like right now that I might actually have a chance with, that's it. Thing is, we've got 0 classes together and I don't have his # considering it's now summer -.-

I do too! I don't understand how people stand it x.x
When I first started rping I was one of those people and I look back and think ... Shame on me! ><

(Shall post soon ^^)

message 24: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments Okay well I gotta now eat this dinner which hopefully turned out edible. I fried chicken for the first time while talking to you, and my do liking my foot for some strange reason. Im proud.

You go girl! Ya there was this guy in my health class(so glad I only have to take that class once) and he was cute and everything. But he went after this super popular sporty girl. I even shared my food with him on exam day! Why don't you love me?! Haha I was talking to this girl I barely knew and even she was like, "Ya I could see you dating that kid over there," and pouted to him. Mentally, I thought, I wish! Any day!

message 25: by Mal (last edited Jun 10, 2013 04:39PM) (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
*claps* Awesomesauce bro, acomplishment xD

Awww that sucks! >.< Someone needs to tell him that then! I totally feel your pain though, I used to like this guy who had no interest in me whatsoever, and yet everyone that knew I liked him said the same thing 'Oh you two would be the cutest couple ^^' and I was just like ... -.- Fuck you.

P.s. I’m sort of highly attracted to guys with square jaws, so I love your character already xD

Name: Penelope Lotus Charmont
Age: 18

Eye Color: Blue/Green (pic)
Hair Color: Brunette
Height: 5’4”
Penelope is one of the sweetest girls you could find. A lot of her is just sugary, quite easy to get along with, though at times she can be very shy. She’s not all that shy around any particular gender though doesn’t go crazy with the boys just because she might be considered pretty. Has a cute sense of humor to go with her little smile. She quite enjoys someone who makes her feel special, won’t ever give up her friends or family for anything, especially not a romance. Or at least that’s what she’s lead to believe through her life yet. Upon her friend Riley (view spoiler) she has been rather shaky. Penelope has always been emotional, tentative to things, but nothing like this has ever happened so – she will have missed a lot of school for a breather. Her Mother and Step-Father are very kind people, her biological Dad can be a bit of a push over – he and her brother Matt don’t get along at all. But nonetheless she loves her family very much. Everything up until this point of her life has been as it should be. Normal.

(Sorry for taking so long >.<)

message 26: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments 0_0 I love square jaws. I had a crush on this guy friend for 3 years and he had that perfect square jaw and everything. It's so sexy isn't it?! Yup, a lot of people figured it out. But finally, with a very strong will and emotional crash, got over him a month ago because he had started to treat me like nothing over the past year and I was tired of it. It was really hard, but it changed me for the good, and I feel a lot stronger.

That character described my life except a few details. #mindblown. Like that's scary. Except Im 5"1' for life! Woohoo! Embrace the petiteness!

message 27: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
They are sexy! I mean I like a guy with nice eyes, and I have this weird thing with wrists ... But square jaw lines *drools*
Ohmygoodness we are so alike!! I liked this guy for months and finally got sick of him paying me so mind, then I stopped liking him and felt a million billion times better :o
Annnnyway, you're really 5'1"? Woah my friends about that tall, lol, I'm average almost 5'5"
Who should start us off?? :3

message 28: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments ((Ill star us off but this conversation shall not end because it is just too good.
Exactly! It's like breaking free from chains or something! I look at him and think, "your ego makes me sick, and your voice is annoying, but you have one good looking body" XD well it's okay because I have a thing for hands. And I really understand your eye love.))

Detective Deeps sat at his desk, sipping his copy and finished paperwork on a past investigation he was working on putting to bed. The phone on his desk rang, and he answered eagerly wanting to escape the daunting task he had at hand. There was another murder. 'Thank the Lord,' he thought then chuckled to himself, 'I take that back,' realizing someone ha just died. He grabbed his keys, badge and phone, writing down the address as he walked.

message 29: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments ((*sipping his coffee
Stupid spell check! Sorry!!))

message 30: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
((Thanks bro xD
Oh I know! Funny thing is this guy was super skinny, and barley taller than me, I don't understand why I liked him, lololol :p
Seriously though, strong hands are so attractive. I just think they're sexy when you can, like, plainly see the wrist bone. It just makes me want to hold them :3 I mean, nice bod, but YOUR HANDS.
Don't worry about spell check, I would've figured it out sooner or later xD))

She'd been found dead by Penelope, and the girl hasn't stopped shaking since. She'd gone to to pick up Riley for their day at the pool, after all it was summer, only to find blood splattered all over the grass in the back yard. The body itself had been found inside, blood raging across the carpet meaning she'd been dragged. Thankfully her room has been untouched but by now ... Penelope was in break down mode. Her eyes were watered over and she just wanted to go home, but being the one to have found her she was still at the house. Police were everywhere, moving instead and outside every now and again as she sat on the couch. Her mother had come and was talking to the police no doubt about her and Riley's relationship. Some had come and talked to her but they'd called a detective that would be going more in depth with the situation. The scene was gloomy despite the glow of sunshine outdoors. Penelope kept wiping at her eyes, sniffling because she couldn't stop crying. Shaking head to toe she stared at the ground as the time passed by. This couldn't be happening, not Riley. No one hated Riley. Not enough to kill her ...

((I've got to go eat dinner, brb ;) ))

message 31: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments ((Ya know what I see what you're talking about the wrist. It's very important. Wow. My view is now changed. This guy honestly had the sexiest hands ever. But his ego was just too big.
See the thing is, like every guy is taller than me lol so I got options haha
I figured but it bugged me. Maybe where from, people drink copies. Who knows? Hahaha probably not though.))

Ryan entered the scene, an every day thing for him. He looked over and saw a girl who seemed as if she had seen, well, a dead body. His heart ached for her, she seemed so scared and alone. He didn't normally, but he snuck in a quick glance of her body. She was really good looking for a girl grieving over her best friend who just died. He snapped out of it, telling himself that he had bigger things to worry about right now.He walked over and greeted her by offering his hand to shake, "Hi I'm Detective Deeps. I'll be running the case and go to all lengths to bring comfort to you and her friends and family," he said with comfort hoping to make her feel better in some way, shape, or form.

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
((See what I mean?! They're just so sexy x.x
But I totally get where you're coming from. Ego's are general to ugly :p
Yeah no, I don't even drink coffee much less copies xD))

Penelope felt swallowed in darkness, it seemed rather over dramatic, but you try walking in on your dead friends body. The body was still there, laying managed in the basement. Riley's parents hadn't been home, well her mother hadn't been. Riley didn't have her Dad, not since five years ago. She was at a conference in a whole 'nother state, getting here fast as she could. She sniffed when hearing someone talking to her, seeing the shoes where right in front of her she figured she should do her best to listen. Wiping at her eyes again she flickered her tealish colored eyes up to meet the detective and his introduction. Gulping and trying to keep herself from tearing up more she reached to shake his hand weakly. "Um, thank you." She murmured, clearing her throat and folding in on herself slightly. "I'm Penelope," she would've said more but she wasn't sure what else she was supposed to say. Hi I'm Penelope, find my best friends killer or I'll sue. Okay more over exaggeration. She gulped again and bit her bottom lip delicately, motioning for him to sit next to him on the couch. Figuring he was running the show that he would be answering questions too. Then again maybe he wanted to see the body first. "Oh, I, she's -- the bodies downstairs mostly." She added quickly, flinching.

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Cate | 327 comments ((Haha it kills me when girls are like, "he is really sweet, caring, and really cute, but he just wore a little too much blue." Girl I'll take him! Im open! Wait- let me see his hands. *looks at picture* yes. Yes I will marry him, best hands I've ever seen! Put a ring on it! Haha that's a little but of an exaggeration, Im not thirsty or anything but if bugs me when girls are really picky.))

He took a seat next to her, making sure it was the perfect distance to not be creepy, but not the other side of the couch. He looked over, hoping to make eye contact. "I want to talk about you right now Penelope," he said softy. "How well did you know her?" He asked hoping not to cross any lines.

message 34: by Mal (last edited Jun 10, 2013 07:26PM) (new)

Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
((WTF? He wore to much blue? Some people, goodness I swear they had ridiculous reasons.
I hate the girls that freak out every time their boyfriend talks to another girl. I'm like ... -.-
He's dating you, unless he's a no good cheat I think you should suck it up and - oh I don't know - trust the guy? Like seriously.))

Penelope sucked her bottom lip below her teeth and wrung her hands around each other, taking in a long breath to hopefully try and calm herself. She didn't fancy crying but could she help it even with the detective here? "Um ... I've known Riley since we were in third grade. She is -- she was my best friend." Hard enough knowing she's gone, but its harder because I was the one that found her first. She tried not to think about the scene downstairs and how confused she had been following the blood down. Of course know she was anything but confused, in fact the only emotion she could possibly be feeling right now was fear. Not to mention the fact that Detective Deeps had nailed it right on the head - she felt alone. Penelope lifted her eyes up to look at him, they were still watery and her face watery rather red from the crying, but she managed long enough to talk to him clearly. "She didn't have any enemies, I don't know have idea who would do this." She hiccuped, looking away.

message 35: by Cate (new)

Cate | 327 comments ((My school is the preppie at ever. If you don't wear enough of a preppy brand your judged. Haha exactly! He's talking to her, not making out with her in a dark closet! The they're like "he thought I was clingy! I can't believe it!!"))

His heart broke more and more. He couldn't go on, he knew shed start balling anytime soon. He opened his arms as an offering for a hug, which was awkward probably as much for him as her because he had never done this for a witness. But he couldn't stand seeing such a beautiful and sweet girl go through any more pain. "I know what it's like. Let it out, I won't judge," he said in a soothing voice. 'Please just awkwardly hug me, it'd be worse if you totally reject it,' he thought

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
((Lol, I feel so stereotypical at the moment but that's totally how it goes, popular people *rolls eyes*))

Penelope hiccuped again, clenching her hands in and out of fists as she tried to just shut herself up and answer the damn questions. Maybe the faster she did that the faster this whole thing would just be over. Her brain was clouded but little did she know at the time that she was practically a witness to the crime. More on that later. Instead of it being incredibly awkward seeing him off her a hug was actually really what she needed right now. She would've guessed he did this all the time but he did look a little out of sorts. Like this was something odd to be doing. But she couldn't reject him, not only for his sake but for hers. Her mother had only rubbed her back, giving her a kiss on the cheek before having to go talk to the police about Riley for her. Penelope scooted herself close, ducking her he'd down onto his shoulder, bottom lip trembling. The warmth he exuded was extremely comforting in this ugly event.

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Cate | 327 comments ((Ya. Wow. I began painting this afternoon thinking "ya I won't get paint on me at all." Im hilarious. It's on the side of the leg, my cheek, and my running shorts. How does this happen?))

He sighed in relief and put his arms under hers. It felt really nice, actually. But the best part was that she didnt seem too hesitant! He rubbed her back in comfort, deciding silence was the best option in this situation. Her mother seemed sweet, and it was probably best if she took the ropes from here on. He started thinking, she was such an honest and sweet young woman. Plus, right now she was traumatized. She wouldn't be much help, she was the one needing help right now. Detective Esposito, the assistant homicide detective came in looking down at his notepad about to say something. But he looked up and caught eyes with Ryan and decided now was not the best time, turning on his heels and walking away back downstairs

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
((I sort of do the same thing when I sketch xD
I get pencil dust all over me, like the edge of my hand it simply covered, and then I'll subconsciously rub my face -.-
Or get it on whatever I'm wearing, lol.))

Penelope just sat there for a few moments, letting herself calm, only w few tears sinking into his shirt. She felt a little bad about it to be honest, but what could she do? At least she wasn't balling, right? Quietly she let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, hands curling in closer to her body as she flickered her eyes open. It was weird being the arms of a stranger but somehow she didn't feel scared of awkward, just calm. Like things would work about okay despite the incident. Shivering again at the thought she gently pulled away, but her distance remained little sitting there next to him. Tangling her fingers together she slid them between her knees and sighed at the floor. "Sorry, I ... I'm just ... Scared." She admitted, strands of stray natural curls dropped into her face, the rest pulled back into a pony tail, obviously she'd been ready to go to hang out in the sun. Yeah not anymore.

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Cate | 327 comments ((Yes!!! My mom just rolls her eyes. I like working with darker pencils too because then I look in the mirror and put streaks under my eyes like the football players or an American Indian hee hee but it's much fun!))

He didnt mind the tears at all, but once she pulled away his body kissed her presence slightly. He just kept where he was at, letting her do what she felt the need to. "Sorry? You're doing pretty good taking in the situation you're in. If there's anything I can do, let me know. I will call you as soon as we find something. Here's my number," he said and got out his small business card, but quickly wrote something on the back. "There's my private on the back if you ever need something, don't hesitate to call," he said with comfort and rubbed her back softly before Esposito came in again, "Coroner wants to see you," he said and took off again. Deeps stood up and smiled, "nice meeting you," he said softly before walking off to take a look at the entire scene.

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
(((view spoiler)))

Penelope looked down at the little card in her hard, turning it over to see his hand writing, she made a mental note to call him if her mothers ever decided she needed to talk out the event with a therapist. Knowing her she probably would, which meant she would be calling him sometime, or at least mentioning something to him next time he came bearing more questions. Something told her she wasn't done with those just yet, especially since he hadn't asked her anything about how she'd found her. Or maybe he already knew. Sighing she slumped back against the couch and closed her eyes, trying to picture something happier than a crime scene. Downstairs was a complete mess of blood and gore. Riley's body was strewn out -literally- smack in the middle of the small sort of living room. The magazines previously on the table had been thrown around like she'd been grabbing for something to hang onto, the table was off its axis. The girls neck was sliced right open, clear in shot with her cheek laying on the floor. Her face was ripped up though not nearly as much as the rest of her. Her leg was practically dismembered, show thrown off and clothes torn. It didn't look like sexual harassment had occurred before hand. Simple first degree murder.

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Cate | 327 comments ((Goodnight. It is 11:30 where I am and I need to get to bed because I do my best work in the morning.))

The detective walked downstairs to find the body himself, and immediately a mock up of what happened went through his head. The coroner stood there impatiently waiting for Deeps to give him the okay to pick up the poor body. Deeps just chuckled at her impatience and walked around the crime scene slowly, trying to pick up every last detail. He had noticed a few things. One; this was not an accidental murder. Two; she didn't know the killer that well because there was forced enters. And three; he was looking for an absolute psychopath. He sighed and nodded to Leahnette, "you can take her now, thanks for the patience," he teased. He made his way up the trail of blood to see where it originated. Outside? He listed several options in his head.

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
((Well I shall see you in the morning. Turns out your only two hours ahead of me time wise (: ))

There had already been several photos taken of the scene while Ryan had been on his way and comforting Penelope so no one else complained about the scene being cleaned up. Little yellow tents - tags - were set around wherever their seemed to be any odd activity or simply the evident things that needed to be seen. Like the splotches of blood staining the carpet and what not. Tape outlined the body before it was picked up and settled into the body bag for an autopsy of the murder. Upon Detective Deeps coming back up the stairs Penelope's eyes flickered up, her mother had been downstairs talking to one of the police officers known well to the neighborhood. She hadn't come up yet. Penelope peered at him looking at the blood plastered along the floor staring from the deck. Taking a deep breath she got up to her feet and hesitantly came up on the other side of the trail, still holding the card in her hands. "Riley spent most of her time outside." She said quietly, hoping to fill in any gapes in for him. However she could help. "Especially in the summer. We both do, winters the only time we relented and stayed in to watch some movies ... I was expecting her outside when I came this morning."

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Cate | 327 comments ((Good morning!))

He stood on the porch looking out onto the nicely groomed backyard, lost him thought. In fact, he didnt notice her until she spoke. He looked down at her and listened. Ahhhh, that made sense. He nodded patiently, "oh okay," he said with understanding, "did you plan this by phone or in public somewhere?" Maybe the killer tapped the phone lines to know when she'd be standing right there. Or maybe he listened in when they were talking about it in a restaurant

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
((Gooood Morning!!
Hey did we ever decide why exactly the killer came after Riley? :p))

Penelope bit her bottom lip, clutching the hem of her shirt and looking away from all the blood splayed along the kitchen floor. "I ... Over the phone." She said rather nervously. What did that have to do with it? She wondered, if they had talked in person would this have turned out differently. She gulped at the thought and peeked over at him, "I - I know that this was a serial killer. I just -- I don't understand why ..." She finally said. Penelope didn't expect him to have any of the answers, there didn't seem to be anything special about the case, well no emblem of anything. But still.

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Cate | 327 comments ((This is from psych but did you watch the one where that psycho made a dating profile and when some girl rejected him and went with this other hot guy, he would kill them?))

That was it. They needed to desire all of we phones and the. See how in the world he got in. But- what if she was in public when she was on he pone with her? He snapped back to her attention when she started talking about the killer. "You're right," he nodded and turned to her, "the way it all went down leads to that." He said and hit his lip nervously, "just one more question." He leaned on the railing and looked over to her, "do you remember where she was when you were on the phone with her?" Maybe there were surveillance videos around. He signaled to one of the cops to check the phone lines, then focused back to her.

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
((Lol no. I'm only on like ep.3 because I keep forgetting to watch it everything else I watch on Netflix :p but it totally makes sense :) ))

Penelope furrowed her eyebrows slightly, "Um...." She stood there for a second, trying to remember. They had planned this thing a week ago, they planned nearly everything in advance, and she slowly shook her head. "I don't remember, I ... We talked about this last week before school was out so she was either there or ... Walking home maybe?" Penelope was guessing but it was her best in doing so. A lot of people walled home though so there wasn't to much immediate danger in that. Right? She nearly jumped a foot when her phone buzzed, slipping it out of her pocket and putting his card in. Penelope didn't open the text he though, she just sort of stared at it. "Do you think ... The neighbor saw anything?" She asked quietly, clenching her phone while looking up.

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Cate | 327 comments ((Okay dokey. Im trying to think of anything else we could do))

He nodded, he would get Esposito to call the phone company to see if they could track the call. "Im having a couple officers go around and ask the near neighbors, they must've heard something," he shrugged. He looked at the trail of blood for a moment and something caught his eye. The trail went downstairs but it looked like the killed took blood and made a letter you could see with a bird eye's view. He took two lines continuing from the main path of blood. It made a perfect 'K'. He crossed his arms in thought and turned back to Penelope, "did she know any man that's name started with 'K'?" Or maybe the K was a nickname, but it was worth a try. He called one of the officers at the scene to take a picture of it.

((Ooo! What if he is a neighbor!!?!

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((He could be both id you wanted, just because i haven't seen it doesn't mean we don't have to do it ^^
But if she/he was a neighbor than all these killings by him/her in this certain area or all over the town ... ?))

Penelope furrowed her eyebrows, "A K?" She asked, nodding her head. "I know a lot of people; Kayla, Kaleb, Karen, Kaden, Keys ..." She trailed off, tilting her head, eyes following his shakily. She didn't quite see it, her eye wasn't keen like that, so more confused than ever she rubbed a hand over her face. Penelope didn't ask though, he was doing his job, he knew what he was doing not her. Maybe she was distracting herself from the incoming texts; redundant texts over and over again.

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Cate | 327 comments ((Ya maybe. Maybe he's always been bullied by people in that town but instead of leaving, he starts killing? Maybe he kills her because every day he tries to get her number when she walks home from school but she rejects him every time politely but he's paranoid so he kills her))

He nodded and was deep in thought. He'd make sure to go through her phone contacts. His moth opened and he was about to point something out but he saw she was bombarded with texts. "Do you know what person?" He asked, pointing to the phone and referring to the one who kept texting her. Maybe the killer knew how close Penelope was to Riley, and would go after her next, but he wouldn't tell her that, she didn't need another thing on her shoulders.

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((Oh that sounds good :3
I was thinking he's probably older, I mean unless you wanted to have a teenager sociopath, but I was thinking college level maybe? ^^ Just a suggestion, feel free not to like it, lol))

Penelope blinked, looking up at him as she turned her phones vibration off so only the screen lit up. "Um," she sniffed, face still all red from crying. She nodded. "Yeah," she held up her phone and waved it a little. "It's Riley's - He was Riley's boyfriend, I just - I don't want to have to tell him that she dead much less murdered." She managed a clear conversation, looking down at the floor only to see the blood. Shivering she stepped over the trail to stand beside him. "I would guess that he a-already knows jud-ging by all the texts." She added quietly, wiping her eyes. Penelope was in such distress right now she couldn't even talk to him? Seriously? He's like one of her best friends.

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