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Katy Flaherty I didn't understand the ending of this book. whats the meaning when she says at the end of the book, that she (the wife) got the 'last word'...?

Did she die? did she kill the husband? or neither. Did I read more into that paragraph than intended..?

Susan Nope, she didn't die. He didn't die. She feels that she has made him sufficiently terrified of her obsessively detailed, long range planning of revenge. Now that he knows the length she will go to destroy him and also is pregnant with their child, she feels that he is under her control. The last word part just goes to show her continuing amount of rage and control that she has toward the husband.

Susan That's my take, anyway.

Lisa Control freak

Katherine I think he was just as bad! As we say over here, "there was a pair of them in it"

Katy Flaherty Thank you all that makes sense for me now..

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