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Remember to keep your gender count even and only make as many characters as you can handle!


{Date of Birth}

{Appearance} Real pictures, please. Or you can just provide a description- Either way, we need to get a sense of what he/she looks like.
{Distinctive Markings}
{General Style}


{Strengths} (view spoiler)


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✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ PART I

[Full Name] Sibylle Ophélie Travers || zi-BUY-lə ˚ o-fay-LEE ˚ TRA-vərz ||
[Nickname] Sib for those who dare, pronounced like Zib. If you value your life, just stick with Sibylle, or Miss Travers. Either will work.
[Age] Seventeen
[Date of Birth] January 21, 1996
[Place of Birth] France
[Nationality] Parisian
[Gender] Female
[Sexuality] Heterosexual


[Distinctive Markings] Surprisingly, Sibylle has a pair of beautiful wings tattooed onto her back. They cover all over her back, but good luck on her showing them to you.

[General Style] Sibylle prefers to wear dark clothes, not because she is a dark person, but because it just feels right. Plus black is slimming, not that she needs to look any more slim than she already is. She will wear color on occasion, but prefers the darker end of the spectrum. And the look works for her, gives off a sort of an evil 'I'm in power' sort of vibe, which often has people back off a good couple feet whenever she's around. Naturally she'll say that was the sort of affect she was going for.

Despite the pain, she loves to wear high heels, no surprise there since she isn't very tall, but she's not really short either, more like medium height, or average, but Sibylle hates that word. Average. She is far from average, but getting back on point, she has a very refined taste in jewelry, clothes, shoes, purses, hats - everything and anything that goes on her body. She is elegant, but not afraid to be adventurous when it comes to fashion. No one got very far in playing it safe after all, right? So maybe one day you'll see her in a navy blue Chanel dress complete with four inch heels and a Chanel handbag, but then the next day she'll be wearing a bright orange blouse of her own making paired with white capris and sea-green flats.


This pampered and glamorous heiress knows one thing and one thing only, she is someone to be feared .

Sure the name Travers doesn't elicit that much fear by itself, but once you meet the Travers Family, well that is a whole different story. Her family have been generations upon generations of the elite. They have always been at the top of the world, towering over all others, it would be no surprise if they were decedents of royalty, which is a high possibility with the way they act. Not a single good bone in the family, and there probably isn't a soul in any of them either. Don't bother trying to tear a Travers down, their head is full of so much hot air that nothing degrading you might have to say will hurt them at all. In fact, they will hardly acknowledge a rude comment aimed towards them. Perhaps it is unhealthy to be like this, but it how they have lived, and continue to live. Nothing can change their ways. They are cold sort of people, caring about only themselves and gaining more power however they seem fit. They're the sort who will stab you in the back in order to get what they want, and won't regret it. Like it's been said - they have no souls, just black holes.

Sibylle Ophélie Travers knows all the trade secrets of her family, which makes her the perfect stuck up bitch. She has always been treated like a princess, getting anything she wanted whenever she wanted; there was no such thing for something to be too expensive to a girl like Sibylle. In fact, she laughs at the idea. Money simply isn't a worry to a family like hers, then again she grew up surrounded by it, every Travers grew up surrounded by it. To say she is spoiled would be the understatement of the century, though she has learned that it is true what they say, money doesn't buy happiness, but not for the lack of trying.

Many people will agree that Sibylle has no soul, that where her heart is supposed to be, there's nothing more than a black hole there. Figuratively speaking of course. However, Sibylle does have a soul, a heart -whatever you wish to call it-, she simply doesn't show it. In fact, she likes to believe she has encased it ice as a way to protect herself, as cliche as that may sound. Nonetheless, it is how she is, but don't worry, if you ever ask her about it, she'll never go off on some sob story. She hates sob stories - "Save the tears for someone who cares, darling" is what she'll always say. It's nearly impossible to get anything out of Sibylle, since she keeps to herself and prefers it that way, so really don't expect her to talk about what life was like growing up in a large mansion. And it's highly unlikely she'll show any sort of emotion aside from annoyance, anger, jealousy, and contempt towards anyone, even her own parents. Then again most people want to control her somehow, and Sibylle refuses to ever relinquish control, especially over herself.

Uncaring - Sibylle doesn’t care how many weak little beings she has to step on in order to get her way; in fact, she’d gladly step on a few more for the heck of it. She doesn't give a crap about most people, not even her own family. There's only one person she cares about anymore, and it's herself. So watch out if you know what's good for you.
Liar - Sibylle believed if you wanted to get anywhere in life, you’d have to be one hell of a liar. Nothing in the world was hardly authentic anymore, so Sibylle has never thought twice about the consequences of spitting out some exaggerated truth. She has become quite the master of it, able to spout a lie without missing a single step. In fact her smile simply grows the bigger her lie becomes.
Attitude - Get in her way and she will tear you down in a matter of seconds. She doesn't respect anyone, thinking she is above just about everyone she has ever come across.
Intelligent - Despite being a spoiled brat, Sibylle is far smarter than you can ever imagine. She is a straight A student; knowledge is power after all. And power is all Sibylle has ever wanted. Moreover, she is already in school, so why waste her time by failing when it's so easy to succeed.
Fashion - She has always had a knack for what is in and what is out. Sibylle has even designed some of her own clothes, having no trouble with a needle, thread, and some cloths of her choice. It's fun and she loves the compliments people pay her after she has created something with her own hands. No one believes at first of course, but that doesn't keep Sibylle from drawing up designs and making them come to life.
Cheating - Never wanting to feel what it's like to be on the bottom ever again, Sibylle does what ever she needs to do in order to stay on top. Even if that means doing some shady deals in the process, so be it. She knows how to get away with it, and she has the resources, so why not?

ø Anger - Sybylle isn't exactly known for being calm. Once you push her buttons, and have her all riled up, she will shout and scratch your eyes out. It's gotten her into more trouble than it's worth, but not a whole lot she's willing to do about it.
ø Boys - Sibylle has had her fair share of trouble with the opposite gender, yet she has always been drawn to them anyways. She has run across the good and the bad, which has helped her figure out her type, but some times she will stray away from the model like guys she dates if she finds a keeper. But never expect her to stay long in a relationship, commitment isn't exactly her forte.
ø Commitment - Whether it's to a guy or simply a deal, Sybille isn't the type to sick for long to keep up the end of her bargain. In fact, the second she gets what she wants, she'll drop it like it was last year's fashion trend.
ø Honesty - Sibylle doesn't like telling the truth. In fact, she has a hard time telling things how it really happened. Fore example, if she was going on vacation to little old England, she would go off about how she got to meet the Queen or how she was able to bed Prince Harry. Something like that, though the way she is, some times it's hard not to believe her. If Sibylle wasn't so caught up in the fashion world, she would surely be a great storyteller.
ø Love - As much as she wants to deny it, Sibylle will on occasion find out that her heart takes the lead instead of her brain. She hates it when it happens because it gets her into too much trouble. Love isn't worth a thing to Sib, she hates love in fact. It's a weakness and she certainly isn't very fond of any sort of weakness.

Money - She's loaded. Well, more like her family is loaded, but once her parents are dead, she inherits all of it. Oh, now don't think she's going to waste away her money like most rich people. Sibylle is actually smart with her money. She doesn't spend it willy-nilly, but she will splurge occasionally. How else do you think the family has survived this long? They don't waste their money. Despite appearance, Sibylle's family is quite smart - they don't take anything for granted.
Winter - There's just something about this time of year that she enjoys. Perhaps it's the whole thing about getting cozy by the fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Maybe it's because her heart is ice cold, and it's the only time of year where she can explain why she feels so numb without having to look too deeply within herself.
Boys - Look above for explanation if you must.
Clothes - Sibylle is a girly-girl through and through. She loves to buy it, she loves to make it, she loves to wear it. Maybe one day she will go into the fashion, not as a model, but more like a designer. After all, people do seem to think she has great taste in clothes.
Strawberries - Juicy sweet fruit. What's not to love?
Books - A good book is hard to find, and even harder to put down.
Chaos - Now that's a little tough to explain, but Sibylle has always been a sucker for throwing a wrench into things. Mainly, she enjoys throwing a wrench into someone's life and screwing it up majorly.
Parties - They're fun, end of story.

ø Tramps - Please, have some respect for yourself. No one likes the easy girl, except for the guys maybe.
ø Losing - Sibylle isn't a big fan of losing. She's a sore loser, big shocker there. Whether it's losing an argument, or even in a board game, Sibylle hates it. She always wants to be on top, to show everyone that she is better at everything.
ø People - About 99.99% of the world's population is stupid, at least in her opinion. She may act like she likes and respects you, but only because she wants something from you. In other words, she actually really hates you, but don't be offended by that, she hates just about everyone.
ø Violence - She hates it. Now, she's no peacekeeper, but there are alternatives to throwing some punches around to get what you want.
ø Apples - One year the cook made this atrocious apple pie, and since then Sibylle hates them. She hates pies and apples, and anything that tastes like an apple.
ø Authority - Sibylle doesn't like people who hold power over her. If that wasn't obvious by now.
ø Perfectionists - She's not one to be anal about the details, but just as long as it gets the job done, she doesn't care how nicely it's being executed. Not everything has to be in its place, but doesn't mean she's sloppy. She just doesn't like people who obsess over the details.

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ PART II


Sibylle was born with a silver spoon in her mouth in a hospital somewhere in France. A fancy hospital with top of the line doctors and equipment, nonetheless. Funnily enough, Sibylle's birth made it to the front page of a local newspaper, her mother still has a copy of it. Why her birth was of such great importance there, well you'll never know. Sibylle doesn't talk about it much, and doesn't think it's anyone's business. In other words, she's not exactly proud of it, and never thought it was news worthy. Yet her mother still keeps her copy around somewhere in the house. Perhaps if you're lucky enough, you'll get to see it, after all her mother has no problem embarrassing her daughter from time to time. If she gets the chance that is.

She got everything she wanted as a child and she continues to get whatever she wants. Like most cliche rich families, her father is the owner of a large chain of restaurants that only caters to the wealthy. It's one of those restaurants where someone would have to book their reservations months in advance - there is no such thing as walk-ins. Celebrities have been known to go into her father's restaurants, and Sibylle was even lucky enough to meet some of them. Naturally, once her father kicks the bucket, Sibylle will inherit it all, which is why her father is pushing her to go into business, but that's just something she doesn't want. She wants the money, but there is no way in hell she will ever want to run her father's company when the time comes. In fact, she's been pushing him in return to find someone more suitable for the job.

Her dreams lay elsewhere. Naturally.

While her father was a business man, her mother was a model. Mrs. Travers was no housewife, and she certainly was no trophy wife, regardless of what people liked to believe. Sibylle's mother still worked as a model, and even at her age and after having had a child, she was still quite famous. Everyone either worshipped her or wished to be her. There's nothing fake about her, Mrs. Travers had been gifted with natural beauty and with a little exercise and a healthy diet, she was able to maintain it all these years. She never believed in plastic surgery, or botox, which manages to add onto her beauty and strength. She doesn't take orders from anyone, not even her own husband. She was a woman with a secure job, and came from a family of great standing - anyone would be a fool to cross her.

It's safe to assume that Sibylle's mother is the reason she's so interested in fashion. It's also safe to assume that she inherited many of her traits from her mother, though in all honesty her mother and father aren't all too different since they crave money, power, and are as stubborn as oxen when it comes to getting what they want. They are all very independent people, never having to rely on each other for anything. Sibylle was taught that at a very young age. Her parents never really watched after her, too busy with their own careers to really be parents to Sibylle, therefore leaving her with the help. However, unlike the typical rich kid scenario, Sibylle never grew close to her nanny or anyone else in the mansion. In fact, by the time she was six years-old, she learned how to say 'If you don't let me stay up late, I'll have daddy deport you' in five languages. Yeah nope, she wasn't close to any of them, and none of them were particularly fond of the spoiled brat.

Nonetheless, she grew up never being close to anyone in her family or outside of it. At the beginning, Sibylle thought she was missing out on something, but she was already too emotionally distant that when she tried to be close to her mother and father, she found it very awkward. Sure at times they would sit down and have a family dinner or watch a movie together, but it wasn't because they wanted to do it; anything they did together was only to keep up appearances, to show their "friends" that they were a normal and happy family. Sibylle will help in keeping up the act but she never enjoys these family times, always wishing she was elsewhere doing anything else. Naturally she doesn't have very many friends, and Sibylle is fine with that too. She can hardly stand the people who follow her around like lost puppy dogs, but she won't deny the attention. Heck she's even flattered by the fact that she has her own fan club. Not many people have fan clubs.

By the time Sibylle was sixteen, her parents, well more like her father, decided that perhaps she should learn what life is like in America with more simple like her dear old Aunt. Having been raised in France her entire life, and preferring the comforts of the family mansion, Sibylle was not happy about this agreement in the least. This was ridiculous. Why should she go live in some dump? What kind of lesson was this teaching her?
Sibylle, although she isn't proud to admit it, threw a very big tantrum when her parents sat her down and told her she would be moving to some small town, on her birthday no less. What was this place even like? She doubted there would be any boutiques there, or even a decent five star restaurant. Moving to some silly town was not part of her plan. Her parents could not do this to her!

But they did.

The girl was literally dragged to the airport, kicking and screaming, and then was forced onto the airplane the brute force. First class didn't make her the least bit happy and she pretty much bitched the entire flight - the hostesses were about ready to throw her right off the plane while it was in flight. However, after ten hours, Sibylle finally made it to this tragic state in America, and has been living in a small house with a crazy aunt and two perverted cousins, who are twins and hellbent on making her stay as miserable as possible.
It's only been a year since she started living there, and yes her life is miserable to the nth degree, but something about this town is really creeping her out. Her Aunt doesn't talk about, and Sibylle doesn't ask; there are just some things not even she wants to know. Moreover it won't be long until she returns home, just one more year in the hellhole and then she'll be off to college in a different country. Nothing, not even her father, will get her to stay in the town for another second after graduation.


Adrian Lee Travers: Sibylle's father is a business man at heart. He cares for his family, which is why he works so hard, though he doesn't really have to since he comes from money as well. Making money was never a hard thing for him. He's very intelligent and determined, two important qualities, especially for a business man. He's an honest man, never having to stoop low for anything, but his past isn't exactly squeaky clean. He wishes for Sibylle to take over the company when it's time, but is having a hard time convincing his daughter of going through with it.

Linda Rochelle Travers: A smart ambitious woman, who has a way with words. Sibylle learned her best tricks from her mother, having seen her deal with wannabe models to haughty designers. For some time Linda thought that maybe her daughter should go into modeling, Sibylle is very beautiful and definitely has the attitude for it, but after a few years passed, Linda decided against it. Yes she loves modeling and would never give it up, but the industry is far from fun and perfect, as it's almost always viewed as. She would never want to put her daughter through what she went through to be where she is now. Wow, Linda actually cares for her daughter. How every strange for a Travers. Then again, the bond between a mother and child is nearly unbreakable, or so people say.

[Current Status] Single
[Crush] None; not interested


Ω Sibylle has been in a few relationships before, but only one turned out to be abusive. No one knows about it, and she prefers to keep it to herself since it was the one time she wasn't in control in the relationship. Moreover, having been smacked around by some guy that was thought to be the golden boy within the community, isn't something she wants the world to know about anytime soon.
Ω She has a puppy named Damiel. He's a dalmatian that is clumsy and rather stupid. Her Aunt gave him to her as a gift, something to keep her company. Yet Sibylle loves him more than anything, or anyone.
Ω In her room there is a red worn out bean bag chair that she often curls up in to get a few moments to herself. Even a girl like Sibylle needs some down time, not that anyone should ever find out about it. She likes to keeps her moments of vulnerability to herself.

**Dividers credited to --- a c i d i c。(Karkat Vantas)**

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 36 comments Mod
Valentina Arabesque



{Date of Birth}
May 1st


{Distinctive Markings}
She has no tattoos, no scars, no freckles, no defining characteristics really besides her mildly diminutive height. If she's feeling creative, she'll sometimes write a quote or draw a picture on herself with a sharpie or other writing utensil - best places for that being arms, hands, and lower legs/ankles.

{General Style}
Her style is generally considered to be "hipster" by others, but she's not trying to follow or start trends. If she likes something, she wears it. This is why she wears knitted hats with/without the puff balls that dangle down (view spoiler).
She will usually be seen wearing jeans and sketchy t-shirts or sweaters. She has her hair dyed lighter than it normally is and she enjoys switching up the color every once in a while. She went through a blue period for the LONGEST time.

There's nothing really too terribly exciting about Val's life. She grew up in a small town of about 4000 people, went to school with about 800 kids, and had one brother who graduated as the salutatorian with quite a few scholarships. He went to an in-state college (very nice one) where he majored in philosophy, which always made Val laugh since it was such a pointless, stupid major. I mean: what can you use it for? Pondering the vast unknowns of a blade of grass? Please! That major is so useless unless you're already famous or plan on writing professionally - neither or which he can do in the near future as Val can attest to.

Her mother and father both had generic, cliché, boring jobs that they went to every day with bored expressions on their faces as they contemplated the meaninglessness of their jobs and existence on this earth. They were better philosophers than her brother who knew next to nothing about the goings-on of man's eternal suffering. God, she was starting to sound like one now too. So lame.

So Val's childhood was boring and bland. She had friends, they had sleepovers, she painted nails, she got detention for shoving a boy down on the playground because he was teasing her friend, she got straight B's with a few A's tossed in. She loved reading ever since an early age and poured her heart and soul into every book she loved. Some of the most beautiful ones that she read in middle school were The Elegance of the Hedgehog and Anna Karenina. Such love, such beauty, such elegance! Oh, how she wished she were in Paris, France with Madame Michel or in Russia. C'est la vie.

Her middle school years were equally unexciting although in her 8th grade year, she started "realizing" herself a bit and began experimenting with hair colors (nothing extreme, just highlights and lowlights). She also received her first animal hat after her 8th grade commencement ceremony. It was a black knit hat with pink inner cat ears and a pink nose and green eyes and it had little black balls that dangled below for other cats to play with - in her mind at least.

High school, she drifted between her current friends whom she had known for years who respected her a bit, but were starting to change and become popular - somehow, Val wasn't sure how that happened; Brittany got boobs finally and they were big if that counts - or she could eat lunch with the other group that respected her more but didn't know her as well. The other cliques called them "Indies" or "Hipsters" or "Gays" although Val wasn't sure how the last one applied since not all of the people there were lesbians or gay. They wore fashionable-ish clothing? Maybe that's why...

Anyway, she had trouble deciding, but one day, it all became clear who she had to choose when she heard Brittany talk about her behind her back. Her last words to her were: "Goodbye Big-Boobed Bitch; thanks for the mammeries..." What a way to leave a fake friend! After graduating, she still stays in touch with some of her OLD friends, but she stays in touch more with most of her NEW friends. She hasn't met many people in college yet who are like her, but she's still hoping. It's a big campus... they're bound to be around there somewhere.
Oh, in case Val hasn't told you. She's going to college for Creative Writing with a Minor in Theatre.

Mother (Maria) - Age 40 - Works as a secretary for a small company.
Father (Amadeus) - Age 42 - Works in a cheese factory as safety and sanitation manager.
Brother (Alexander) - Age 22 - Currently in college, about to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy.

When it comes to being verbose and in cases of writing, Val is one of the more intelligent sort. This is why she received A's in English classes, but B's in Gym. She would devour the books given to her by teachers or Book Clubs or librarians and she would be able to spit out her favorite passages and quotes, nearly word-for-word if not EXACTLY word-for-word. While she reads, she doesn't just experience the story as others do, she also dissects it along the way, looking at characterization and plot points and dramatic hooks at the ends of chapters. She understands the effort and love put into a book and she tries to put as much of hers in as possible as well.

When it comes to other subjects such as Science or Mathematics, she is quite average if only slightly above as she took Chemistry and Physics at the same time along with Pre-Calculus her senior year - the usual for her school. Social sciences were always above average as she understood people and their problems pretty well - for a while she wanted to be a therapist but realized she couldn't handle hearing so many problems that she couldn't help fix. Art was another good subject for her that was counter-balanced with the awful gym grades she got for lack of "participation" even though she tried at the sports. It's not her fault she has the hand-eye coordination of a turtle.

Although she is one of the most friendly nice people ever found, she has few friends that she actually can TRUST with her deep, dark secrets. Oh, who's she kidding! She has no deep, dark secrets... but if she did, there are few people she would feel comfortable telling.

"Kill them with kindness."
"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."
"I'm not a pacifist. I feel that there are situations where fighting is inescapable, but we don't go looking for those things."

-Quick reaction time, hence her weakness of being skittish and easily surprised
-Great hearing and eyesight although her sense of touch is lowered, which is kind of weird sense she sometimes can't feel people touching her elbow, but it's all right...
-AMAZING cook.
-EXTREMELY literate.
-Great taste in music
-Agreeable, gregarious, friendly, abnegation, etc.
-A mildly photographic memory, especially in the case of the written word.

-Neither strong nor fast
-Skittish like a deer at times, easily surprised
-Scared of heights
-Cannot stand bugs with a passion except for butterflies and the sort.
-Small bladder.

-Animal hats and knit hats
-Books and Reading and Writing
-Cooking and Food. For lunch once in a while, she will walk around the block, find a place she hasn't eaten at yet, go in, and order. She has found some AMAZING places this way including a Japanese restaurant that has the BEST sashimi.
-All music really although the lowest ones are Scream-O, country, and folksy.
-Cloudwatching and Stargazing.

-People who can't enjoy themselves
-People who can't BE themselves
-Fake people
-Racists, homophobes, religists (she penned this word), etc. Just hate in general, she doesn't like.

She is neutral with animals.
She thinks they are beautiful (hence the animal hats), but she is also a bit frightened of wild animals.

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{Name} Carlo Jasper Elmer || KAHR-lo ˚ JAS-pər ˚ EL-mər ||
{Nickname(s)} Jasper - Just call him Jasper. Never Carlo or Carl, and certainly not Jazz.
{Age} Twenty
{Date of Birth} February 23rd
{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Heterosexual - Jasper is all about the women. Can't keep his hands to himself when he's around one.


{Distinctive Markings} Jasper has a total of five tattoos on his body; some you can see, some you can't. On his right arm is an anchor, a small one not too big, but still noticeable. On his other arm, he has a cross with a bible verse scrawled inside it; who knew he was religious? Then the rest are hidden somewhere on his body.

{General Style} Leather jackets, jeans, and thick boots. That's about it. Jasper is actually pretty simple when it comes to his clothes. He doesn't wear anything expensive, and generally likes wearing anything that's a little loose and comfortable. Naturally he wants to make sure he still looks, but seriously, what doesn't look good on a guy like Mr. Jasper?


There isn’t much to know about Jasper’s past, simply because not a lot happened—at least not a lot of interesting things happened as he was growing up. He was born into a somewhat stable family, and he grew up getting whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Perhaps he was a little spoiled, but what do you expect out of a kid who was born into the rich lifestyle. He was one of those kids that grew up in the large mansion with three maids, a nanny, a butler, and one amazing chef; they were more like his family since his parents were practically non-existant in his life. The only way he knew they even remembered him was when they would throw him lavish birthday parties and buy him all those shiny objects to keep him distracted from realizing the childhood he was missing out on.

You see, his father was married more to his job than to his mother, and his mother slept around in order to get some attention, not caring where it came from. Jasper knew about his mother's infidelity, but never spoke of it even as people around him constantly whispered about it behind his back. For the longest time he felt bad for his father, believing his mother was the worst kind of human being in the world. That was until he found out that his father was sleeping with more than half the women that worked at his law firm; a couple of them were married as well. What was the appeal in sleeping around? Why do it? He especially couldn't understand the appeal in sleeping around when in a committed relationship like marriage—cheating, infidelity, adultery...why do it? It didn't make any sense. Maybe he was too young to understand...

To this day Jasper still doesn’t understand his parents, why they thought it was healthy to remain married when neither loved each other. At this point, they cheated on each other right in front of each other. It was seriously fucked up and Jasper wanted nothing to do with them. So, he cut them out of his life. He didn’t even depend on them for money anymore, having gotten a job of his own; he has thought about running away many times, and in order to do that he needed some money saved up. His father wasn't exactly going to fund his 'getting the fuck outta here' plan. Sp Jasper got a job, and after a couple years of saving up, he got out of there and is now living on the road, going from town to town as he pleases. He doesn't actually have a job anymore, but whenever he decides to stay in a town for a little more than a couple weeks at a time, he'll work as a mechanic at a local auto shop. However, most of his money comes from gambling and hustling.

Regardless of his parents seriously messed up situation, Jasper grew up all right. His nanny, Mrs. Plum--yes that was really her name--taught him there was some good in the world. No matter how bad it got at home, Jasper was never neglected, or at least felt neglected, because she was there for him; she went to all the school plays, all the soccer games -- she was just always there for him. She also made sure he would do his homework every night, made sure he would do all his chores, and taught even him how to work with his own two hands. She taught him it was okay to get dirty and that he shouldn't be afraid to chase after things he wanted in life; sometime all the fun was in the chase, right?


Evan Michaels Elmer - Father of Jasper, and he despises this man. This man never cared about anything but his own pleasures, and buying whatever Jasper wanted to get him off his back.

Rose Marie Elmer - Mother of Jasper. She's a whore and he doesn't look up at her for any sort of guidance. Often time she would call him up when she's too drunk to get home herself. Yes, she is his mother and a part of him loves her, but he simply despises her.


When first meeting Jasper, he kind of just screams bad ass with a heavy douse of 'James Dean' influence no doubt. Whatever it was, no one could really put a finger on a guy like him. He won't change himself for anyone, and he sure as hell doesn't give two fucks about people who look down on him because they think they're better than him. None of it mattered anyways. He tends to leave town before anyone gets a chance to actually know him.

Jasper doesn't have the best outlook on love or romantic relationship stuff. In fact, he's determined to never be in a long lasting relationship in fear of getting hurt, or even hurting someone instead. He's scared of even being in a friendship. Even though there have been a few good people in his life, Jasper knows that not everyone was bad, but sometimes he refuses to see the good in people because he can only see the bad. It's not really his fault seeing how his own parents' marriage was so screwed up, and then about eighty percent of the people around him are in some messed up relationship; their either getting divorced, or part of some stupid affair. It all makes him sick to his stomach, and makes him have little hope in ever being in a decent relationship himself one day. He can't help how he feels. Yea yea, it makes him appear cold and detached from people, which is the opposite of what he's really like, but at least it keeps almost everyone a safe distance away from him.

However there is a trail of broken hearts that leads right to Jasper because there are times when he just cannot stay away from a beautiful girl for the life of him. In order to keep his heart intact though, Jasper is always first to end a relationship before things get too serious. He hates that about himself, how he cannot handle being with a girl longer than a couple weeks at any give time, he just can't help it. And he hasn't really done anything to stop himself from doing it because girls are a weakness, and he's a horn dog. This is what his parents have done to him. Sure his nanny helped him be a better person, but there's just that one part of him that was forever messed up by the actions of his mother and father. Thanks to them, he's too scared to even give in to his emotions, to even take that one little step that could lead to true love or heartbreak.

He doesn't believe he would be able to survive through any kind of heartbreak; he doesn't think he's strong enough to get through that kind of pain. People can punch, spit on, scratch, or even kick Jasper all they want. There is no doubt that Jasper will fight back if anyone hurts him in the physical sense. But as for emotional pain, he's not strong enough to deal with it. Call him a coward all you want because of it, he won't deny your words because he knows they're too true. He is a coward; always have been and always will be. But he's accepted that side of him a long time ago. Nothing is going to change him... As far as he's aware.

Basically, Jasper is a runner. Whenever something goes wrong or is too much for him to handle, he runs for the hills as if there's some safe house there. There have been actual instances where he has literally run away from a girl in order to get away from her. Oh yeah, he's one big coward. He's the hit and run sort you know; he's that guy who will hit on a girl, sleep with her, and never call her back the next morning. He never talks about emotions or any of that fluffy stuff because he just doesn't like it. He certainly never talks about his future because he doesn't know where he's headed, and Jasper has a feeling he'll never really know.

Life out on the open road without anyone tying him down - that's all Jasper is about anymore.

ⅰ. Flirt - What do you expect? Jasper enjoys talking to girls, and he's not ashamed at how good he is at it.
ⅱ. Strong - Jasper works out when he can, which is often though he doesn't go to the gym; he's got a nice build to him. When he flexes, everyone in the room can see he's not a guy to be messed with.
ⅲ. Charming - Well, Jasper is certainly pleasant and very attractive, though it's all an act to, you know, get the girl. He uses his powers for evil. Unfortunately.
iv. Persuasive - There has yet to be a girl who has said no to Jasper. Just a grin, a wink, and a few well placed words, and he's got the girl wrapped around his finger.

ⅰ. Women - He's a guy, so no surprise there. Well, not just any guy, this is Jasper. Without women he would probably die.
ⅱ. Rash - Jasper is the guy without a plan. He'll tend to rush into things without thinking about it, but he is more brawn than brains, so no surprise there.
ⅲ. Rock Music - The classics. He's hardcore about the oldies.
ⅳ. Judgmental - Yeah, being constantly judged his whole life, it's no surprise he retaliates by judging others without bothering to get to know them. With just one look, he tends to sum people up. Naturally, half the time, he's wrong about the person, so yeah.

ⅰ. Women - No need to explain this. Simple and easy, Jasper is all about the ladies.
ⅱ. Alcohol - A good drink can go a long way.
ⅲ. Cigarettes - It's a way for him to relax his nerves when he's been really worked up. It's become more a habit now though as he has tried to quit a few times, but failed so far.
ⅳ. Peanut Butter - One of the simple pleasures of life.
v. Vintage Cars - Some times, he loves them more than girls. Sad truth.
vi. Sex - Well, what did you expect?

i. Nutella - He just never caught on with the craze. Like seriously, what? Why?
ii. Love - It's a useless emotion. Why bother with it?
iii. Snakes - They're just not his thing. He hates snakes. All kinds, poisonous and non-poisonous.
iv. Liars - Cheaters. Dishonesty. Lie to him, Jasper will give you the cold shoulder that it's almost as if you're dead to him. Cheat on him, good luck on ever getting him to talk to you ever again.

{Other} Currently traveling in an old light blue/gray Chevy Impala, which he fixed up by himself.
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{Part Jeden }

[His eye is on the Sparrow]

Zyalle Melvyn Clarisse Nawok
Zyalle {Z-ai-ALE}
There is no meaning to her name, as far as Zyalle knows. Her mother swears up and down that
there is nothing to it but the sound, and her father says nothing because he’s not around. So, she
is left with thinking that her name is an odd enigma she will have to live with.
Melvyn Clarisse {Mehl-VEE-n || CLAH-rees}
Melvyn is a female transformation of Melvin. Why is that her middle name? Because Melvin
was her grandfather's name, and family is important. Clarisse was just pretty to her mother, but there is some sort of significance to her father that she doesn't quite know, or want to know.
Nawok {Nah-WOHK}
New guy in town, from the root now, meaning new. The Nowak surname was occasionally
bestowed on one who converted to Christianity (a new man). The Nowak surname is among the
most common in Poland and is also very common in other Slavic countries, especially the
Czech Republic (where it is spelled NOVAK). This has every bit of significance to Zyalle’s family,
seeing as they are strongly Christian, but are slightly loose in the way they see certain things. Neo-Christians, if you will.

Ale, All, Zall, Zah
She prefers the usage of her real name, but some people have taken it upon themselves to find something shorter to call her.

[Oh, the river: it’s running free]


Gender| Female {Feminine, of the xx chromosome}
Age| 23 {Twenty-Three, Twenty and Three}
{Date of Birth} May 18th {05/18}
{Zodiacal Symbol} Taurus
{Ethnicity} Polish, Romanian
{Place of Origin} Poland
{Languages Spoken} Polish, Yiddish, German, English; Polish is her primary language, and the other languages were picked up from family members and family acquaintances over the years.
Sexual Orientation| Zyalle is mostly confused at this point, but believes that she is Pansexual. However, she cannot be sure due to wacky hormones.

[that's what the water gave me]

[Visual and Audial]

At the moment, the first thing most notice when they see her is the current state of pregnancy. When she wasn't pregnant all eyes would shot down to her chest. She's rather well endowed in the area, as are most women in her family. Zyalle, unlike most of her family, has an olive-toned complexion complimented by light freckles. Heart shaped in structure, her face is usually hidden by her glasses. They shade her stormy blue oculars, giving them a more gray tint. She doesn't mind when people confuse them for a different color, but the voices would say other things. Her lips are full, plump like her mother's. The soft shell pink shade is taken from her father. She's well-built, not muscular, but not as slender to be stick thin.

Standing at a small five foot four, she's at a lower vantage point then most. This doesn't much displease her unless someone were to poke fun at her for it. She already knows how small she is. She weighs a standard hundred thirty three, only slightly more than that now with her pregnancy. Besides other areas, her breasts would be more of that weight, to her dismay. There is also the addition of her hair, which doesn't look as thick as it is. It's a manageable midnight hue, and she finds it best put in a braid or in a pony tail to keep from getting in her way.

Zyalle's voice isn't unpleasant to the ears, but it's just about average. A normal sound that isn't often regarded as anything special. It's slightly higher pitched than most women her age, but not to the point of irritation. If anything, it makes her seem that much smaller than she already is. It most similar to a whisper, but a stage whisper would be more accurate.

With her voice, there is just the raspy intonations of sleep. It doesn't affect her clarity, but sort of makes her Polish accent thicker than it would be originally. She has a tendency to clear her throat to avoid being misunderstood or having to repeat herself multiple times.

[Distinctive Markings]
The most distinctive marking that Zyalle could have at this time is her inflated abdomen. She is, after all, eight months pregnant. Other than that, there is the endowment of her chest. Even without the extra growth added by pregnancy, they are larger than the average female's would be. Height wise, she's not exactly of average height. She's more so below it, if anything.
Zyalle has a peculiar style that most people tend not to see as appealing. It is within the category of Goth, but in a ray of soft colors. Pastel Goth, as the trend is called. She finds the soft shades of colors to be pleasant, and that they are fairly easy to find. There is also the thinking that most of it looks cute. Outside of pregnancy, she would wear generally large sweaters and tights, with either boots or sneakers.

Since her pregnancy began, however, she hasn't been able to wear what she wants quite as freely. Though her mother isn't very well mentally, she still has the tendency to try to continue having a say in what her daughter wears. So, Zyalle usually wears a dress, even in the coldest of weathers. She just makes sure to wear something warm underneath if need be. Her dresses are usually blues and yellows, as those are among her favorites on the spectrum, and come down to just below her knees. The time period style usually stays within the modern century, but there can be a time when she feels that something vintage would be nice.

[oh, my love, don't forsake me; take what the water gave me]


Trait One Perceptive, and yet oblivious
Trait Two Perpetually Dreaming
Trait Three Sarcastic and Witty
Trait Four Truthful
Trait Five Slightly Insane; not there, but getting there
Trait Six Perverse and Vulgar

Despite looking completely thoughtless to everything going on around her, Zyalle tends to be very perceptive. It's not often taken much note of by those who really know her, but she can surprise those who don't know her. However, she can also be entirely oblivious to what's going on around her. It can be an annoyance for most people, having someone suddenly tell them what their problems are and not know that something is totally wrong with them. In that way, Zyalle could be a better friend than she herself believes, as she would be paying that much more attention to them than to herself.

If you don't keep her involved in conversation, Zyalle tends to drift off into the land of dreams with her eyes open. It's a habit she has to break out of during important situations, but usually just lets happen. She'd actually rather be sleeping at all hours of the day as opposed to having to walk around awake. So, she daydreams. She can mumble when she daydreams, and it can be distracting for some people. She, however, has not a care in the world when she's gone. Getting her attention once she's gone tends to be hard, so to speak, unless you distract her with something that she likes.

Given the chance, Zyalle can be a whiz when it comes to sarcasm and wit. She's well-versed in it, and it comes out of her mouth like a language she's learned and practiced. She can go overboard, but she knows how to keep it in check. When the voices come out, though, she can't do much about it. Some people would think that she'd practiced or thought about it beforehand, but it comes naturally. Some would call it sass.

Zyalle will always tell the truth. There has never been a point in time that she hasn't. As a Christian, it's one of the Ten Commandments to not tell a lie; Thou shalt not lie. She holds strongly to this, and is more likely to hurt feelings than to help anything. This is why you aren't supposed to tell her secrets. Should someone ask about them, they're given away like candy. She doesn't see this as a bad thing, and no, she has no plans of ever seeing it as so.

There are a few inconsistencies in Zyalle's mental health. She hasn't been diagnosed with anything despite numerous therapy sessions and evaluations over the years. Her mother had decided that she was perfectly sane, ignoring the clear fact that her daughter was hearing voices and seeing things. However, she does say that her daughter is blessed with the gift of hearing and sight of seeing angels. Yeah, crazy. Zyalle likes to believe that to be true, but still has feelings that she might be clinically insane. She doesn't take medication and has managed to keep everything at bay, if you call whispers and shadows "at bay". She doesn't often reflect this instability, but when she does it's difficult for her to regain control over herself.

As far as being a pervert goes, Zyalle could be one of the worst. She has a vulgarity that is very rarely matched, and she enjoys being just that. There isn't much to say about it, except that she isn't a shameless flirt, if you were to connect it back to her instability. She has a bad habit of touching, that doesn't sit well with this trait of hers. Best not let her get her hands on you.

Intelligence: She's a fairly intelligent person, though it can be clouded at times with her mental instability.
Memory: She never forgets a face once she's seen it.
Cooking: An excellent cook, seeing as she's had quite the bit of practice.
Perspective: Zyalle likes to look at things with a different vantage point, no matter what it be.
Dreaming State: Being a dreamer has its perks, seeing as you tend to add an optimistic view of things and the way that she can be oblivious of things around her.

Lethargy: Zyalle is always tired, not just because of her pregnancy but also because of a weird sleeping schedule.
Sexuality: Zyalle isn't sure of which gender she prefers best, and she feels at a disadvantage because of this. It's not a terrible thing, but it is an uncomfortable topic of discussion for her.
Outer Perspective of Self: She just doesn't like the way she looks, and is concerned for how people really see her. Having her heart broken did that to her.
Over Exertion: Zyalle is easily fatigued now, what with the extra weight and energy usage.
Father Figures: Zyalle's father left her at a young age, and she has never really been able to look at father figures the same way as she did before.
Deteriorating Mental State: The voices are getting louder, and she's not all so sure if she's seeing reality or if she's still dreaming sometimes.


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Interrupted Sleep
Thunder Storms
Loud Areas

[the mind is a terrible thing to waste]


{the following history is narrated in the fashion of an interview}

[sanity doesn't always look sane]

"Tell me about your life." ; "Where do I start?"

Twins are said to be rare in the Nawok family.

The only twins ever heard of died in World War I when Russians went through Poland. Since then, there hasn't been any. Twins are weird. They start out as one embryo, and become two separate organisms like it's nothing. That is quite the crazy happening, if you ask me. The small cell, that one life, splits apart and becomes two lives in the course of several months. Sometimes, there are instances when you have twins one morning, and the next you don't. Doctors know the cause, but most mothers are too surprised and worried to want to know what did it. So, the mothers are spared the horrifying details, unless they ask or they already know. Some can feel it, feel that something isn't right. What do they feel, and how does one suddenly not have twins?

One eats the other.

It's not to say that the fetus will grow a mouth specifically for the purpose of eating the other fetus, but it happens. Sometimes, it's more of an absorption that an actual eating. The other fetus melds back with the first, and viola, no more twins. The literal eating, it happens less frequently than the absorption. The rarity of this is exponentially high, so it's usually the twin that remains is usually studied for behavioral inconsistencies.

That could be why they wanted to study me.

I ate my twin when I was only four months old in my mother's womb. Had I not done so, maybe things would be different for me. It wasn't like my parents didn't still love me, they just felt a certain way towards me. My father, especially. I can't explain it, and I really don't feel like it.

[two heads are better than one]

"How you are you mentally?" ; "...That was a joke, right?"

Have you ever had the feeling that you're not alone, but you really are?

I've had the feeling every day for as long as I can remember. It started out small, like I had an imaginary friend or something, you know, like most kids do. I didn't think anything of it until the voices actually started, when they weren't as friendly as I thought before.

The first time I truly heard them was during a birthday party. It was my seventh, or rather, our seventh. At first it was just the usual one, but it sounded different. One tiny, insignificant voice. I originally thought that it might have been an adult. You know, one of those pedophiles that talk to kids in a voice they think is comforting. When I looked up to confirm my suspicions, I didn't see anyone.

I searched the crowd, still thinking that someone was talking to me, when they started saying things that made me uncomfortable. Not the sexual kind of uncomfortable, but the kind that makes you sorta scared to sleep at night. Like the kind of stuff my parents would shield me away from if they let me watch a horror movie with them. And to make things worse, the voice got louder. It was screaming at me to go and do those things that I'd only ever been able to hear with my eyes closed.

I was seven and I was scared, so I did the only thing that seemed logical: I screamed.

I drew enough attention with screaming until I was blue in the face that silence dropped over the party. Only then did the voice stop. My parents called everything off immediately and sent everyone packing. They called the police, only to be frustrated by my "I 'unno"s for every single question. A dead end to the case I'd opened up.

When the officers left, my parents sat me down to ask what had really happened. I figured that they guessed I was scared by the officers. So, I told them the truth, what I'd heard. They didn't loos surprised, but more so disgusted and sympathetic at the same time. Like they knew something like this would happen. I didn't tell them about the weird images, though. I didn't really want them to have a worse reaction than what they were having then.

So, they sent me off to the church every day after school to speak with the priest under the pretense of hearing angels. After a bit, it got annoying, and I asked to see a therapist.

[a house divided falls]

"How was your home life afterwards?" ; "Well, I'm lacking in the father figure department."

My father left us six months after I'd been sent to the priest. Yeah, not so awesome, but it was life. I don't think it was the fault of my mother, but maybe it was mine. I mean, I was a little kid and I thought that I had done something to have my father stop loving my mother, and find love with someone else. And she wasn't even that pretty, the woman he left us for. I think he just gave up on me, because he was weak.

I believe that's mostly why he left. He left because he couldn't handle a daughter that spoke to celestial beings. Or that he just didn't love me. Even after he left, he made an attempt to pay attention to me, or make me feel loved. He didn't do a very good job, but I guess he tried. He sent my gifts up until I was fifteen, the last being a doll when I was twelve. I didn't even want dolls, ever.

But, my mother had their last child together. It was a baby boy. She had entered her third trimester when I was turning eight, and I'd heard stories about babies born early. I remembered being scared that the baby and I would share the same birth day, the day I'd kept as my own for eight whole years. I wasn't ready to give up the attention like an eight year old wouldn't be able to. I didn't have to worry for long, because it never happened.

My father didn't bother to show up to Ezekiel's birth, or any of his birthdays. My mother told me to just let it be, saying that God was just testing us and that he would be back soon. She pushed herself hard those first couple months after Ezekiel was born. She was so optimistic, and I think that's what kept her from leaving us, too.

But my father never came back.

I think my mother gave up when she met his girlfriend. Calling just to check in like she always did, she was answered by the woman. The confrontation that ensued was one sided, my mother trying to calm her down with soft murmuring. The woman ended up coming to our house. My mother could have done a number on the woman, had she not been so depressed.

And I blamed the voices, and myself, for everything.

[all that glitters is not gold]

"Relationships lately?" ; "Does the evidence not show?"

Looking back, I should've known better.

A very mentally unstable person like me thought that I could be in love. I met Leonardo a little after I turned twenty-two. I decided that I needed to put myself out there and went out to shut the town down. I was so set on going no where, because I didn't have a clue where to go first, that I walked into him.

I never forgot Leo's face after speaking with him for hours on end in a little cafe. It was nice, and felt like it was the perfect setting. I fell fast for this guy I knew close to nothing about, determined to learn everything there was about him. I went home that night with another date planned.

Half a year passed with me in the illusion of love. Over the course of those six months, I'd come to terms with my sexuality for a bit. I'd never known which was better, and I still don't. I thought then that it was time to pass on the v-card, and Leo was the right guy. I was so drunk with this facade of love, and I ended up how I am now.

When Leo found out, he tried to get me to go through with an abortion. I said no. I had thought that the baby was a sign form God, that we should raise the baby together because we were meant to be together. He didn't hesitate to leave me. He told me that he wanted to do nothing with the two of us, and I told him that if he changed his mind I'd strangle him.

[responsibility matures the immature]

So, that's my story in a nutshell. I'm going through with this pregnancy, having this baby, and keeping it.


Marissa Claire Nawok
Zyalle's mother. The woman is currently sixty-six years of age, and has retired from work. She has developed Alzheimer's, and is being cared for by Zyalle and Ezekiel,
Charles Joshai Nawok
Zyalle's father. The man died of a heart attack when Zyalle was twenty, but she is unaware of the fact. He had not kept contact with her since he left the family.
Ezekiel Moses Nawok
Zyalle's brother. The young man is eight years her junior, and is currently fifteen years of age. He is still attending school and is helping to care for his ailing mother.

The Unborn Child
As Zyalle is currently in her third trimester, the baby should be coming at any time. She decided to wait for the babe's gender at its birth, and has yet to decide on a name for either gender it might be. The father of the child is no longer in their lives.


None as of now, but could be subject to change

Leonardo Marcelle
The father of Zyalle's child. He left her within the first week after she'd announced her pregnancy, and when she'd refused to go through with an abortion. She, ever since, has felt a certain murderous way about him.


None as of now, but could be subject to change


How would one sum Zyalle up in a few words?

She's a nice girl, but the growing instability of her life could do a number on her.

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Mal (malxox) {Name} Evangeline Lara Pyris Harlow
{Nicknames} Mostly she just goes by her full name, but she doesn’t mind being called Evie. Endearments don’t impress her but be my guest.
{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Age} 18
{Date of Birth} August 8, 1994

{ Appearance}

(view spoiler)
{Distinctive Markings} She has a little heart tattoo on her ankle ♡
{General Style} Her style is pretty much anything cute and in style, or possibly something fancy that leans to her curves.

{History} Her life now started when she was six, before that she was orphaned and rather alone. Remote and distant from all the other girls she shared a room with, even more so the same home with. Even the grow ups there weren’t to her fancy, she was three when her parents gave her up, it was hard having spent three years of your life with them and then they just … gave you away. True they never seemed to extremely happy to see her but she had never thought they’d just give her away like that. It’s most of the reason she was the way she was when she was in the orphanage.

Let’s just say that a few months before she was seven a cute little family came looking for another child – apparently they were unable to have a baby themselves so she could’ve only assumed that the little boy (age eight) was also adopted or their nephew or something. But as they were shown around the house he peered at her from a distance, his eyes shockingly blue against his skin.

That was the day she got out and into the real world, now considered a part of the family. Sure they were checked on every now and again to make sure the living situation was all nice and cozy and well set up for her and for her new brother Donny, but other than that it was sort of … normal. It took her a long while to adjust to everything, especially school and all the other kids around her, and being called on to answer questions. She may be outspoken and protective but she had to grow into it, and still owns that shy, quiet girl she was when she was young and first adopted by the Harlow’s.

Donny treated her like a princess, he would even offer to play barbies with her, still teases about it too though he’s not around half as much as he used to be. Evie is fairly sure that that’s why she was able to get through everything was because her brother was easy to talk too about anything. He makes her smile, seeing him be protective was a sort an example of her life as well. In other words it was verbally and visually gained the older she got.

Most of her life had been the same way after that, she thinks about her parents a lot, but doesn’t act on any desires. She and Donny are like besties. She pretty much fits in. Now that she’s eighteen she’s planning on somehow getting out of the house, just isn’t sure how or when because she doesn’t exactly have enough money for college and an apartment of her own. Her life is more or less … human.

(view spoiler)
Callum Harlow: Adoptive Father / Helena Harlow: Adoptive Mother – The both of them are really very sweet, they’re do anything to protect both of their children even being adopted. They couldn’t stand to see that these kids were orphaned, Donny was by death, Evangeline was given up. So they were kind enough to adopt, of course they fell in love with the two of them each time they saw them. Years apart but the same affect.
Donatello “Donny” Harlow: Adoptive Brother – Donny is a cool guy, he gets along just fine with his little sister, he’s only a year older and adopted into the family as well. Callum and Helena could’nt have kids of their own. Evie and Donny connect of that level well, he’s simply more adjusted being around them longer.

{Personality} Evie is a sweet girl. She’s someone that comforts you when you need it, a friend that’s there to stand up for you when someone is pushing you down. In turn she can be a little too nice for her own good, and when she has an enemy she has an enemy for life. There is little negotiation in that. She doesn’t quite believe in second chances, when she makes up her mind that’s usually it. When it comes to boys it’s the same thing, if you do something wrong there’s no way of making up for it, if she gives you that second chance you better treat it right because you are never, ever getting another one. She’s strong hearted and independent of herself, rather protective even though she doesn’t look like she can take a fight much less even go near one. Evangeline can definitely carry her own weight though, she doesn’t drag in the slightest. Considering it a weakness she holds up her end. Upon making bargains she always holds true to what she says; she’s not a lie nor is she a cheat. Of course she doesn’t get involved into anything she doesn’t, Evangeline won’t let someone bully her into doing something. Nope. She’ll stand tall. If we’re being honest that’s one side of her, at home she’s rather quiet. Evie loves her family, she loves them a lot, but they aren’t really hers so how could she be herself? Especially when she was so young and first meeting them she didn’t know what to think. This is the one place that she would rather be protected than it be the other way around. It’s the one place she shows weakness.

-Independence: She can be very super about herself.
-Sweet-talking: Evie can usually avoid physical aggression through talking, maybe it’s still the hitting the girl thing, but it comes in handy when and if she ever needs it.

-Family: Since Evie was adopted we’re talking both sides, the one she’s spent most of her life with, and the other side, her biological parents being a mystery to her is … aggravating.
-Disobeying: Or basically standing up for what she can, debating is a strong point but it can also be a downfall in many ways.
-Personality: Meaning outside the house she is the person she’s always wanted to be, but when she’s inside or alone she folds back into herself.

-Children: They’re so small and innocent she can’t help herself but want to just wrap them up into a hug, not to mention they seem to get along with her well so that’s a plus.
-Animals: Who doesn’t love animals right? They’re the cutest things ever, right up there with kids.

-Vulnerability: She hates it, she doesn’t like people seeing her that way, she doesn’t like portraying her emotions. Evie doesn’t want herself to get hurt so she reaches out to those that are, it’s almost a reflex that comes with personal effects.
-School: She’s good at it, she goes to the lectures and the classes, but sometimes she just feels like her head is about to explode. She hasn’t even begun to think about what she wants to be specifically after college, right now she gets what she can get like most others.
-Assholes/Bullies: Self explanatory, no?


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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay {Name} Evalyn Trinity Rinaldi
{Nickname} Eva, if anything
{Gender} Feminine
{Sexuality} Heterosexual, if you can even manage to interest her at all

{Age} 19
{Birthday} April 18th


(view spoiler)
For Eva? Well she's lucky that she has some degree of natural beauty. Without it? Well she'd probably look like crap all the time. Why? Well in Eva's eyes she just doesn't bother with getting ready all that much anymore. Her extent of 'getting ready' in the morning? Maybe running a brush through her hair and throwing on whatever clothes she happens across in her closet. Why? Well she used to dress up. Really she used to take some pride in her appearance. Now though she couldn't give a damn what you think when you glance at her.

{Distinct Markings} Only one thing, tattoos going up along her back. With the type of girl she is? Hell she'd probably peel off her shirt and show it to you if you asked nicely. (view spoiler)

{General Style} She's a fan of comfort. It's rare to see this girl storming about in heels. In fact she's not good with heels. She likes converse. If she has to wear heels expect that she'll be doing a lot of sitting. She's not big into her look. Often times she'll pull her hair up in a messy bun, throw on an oversized shirt with some leggings, her fav converse and then out the door she goes. Her version of dressing up? Probably includes her favorite letterman jacket. To her, the inside is more important than looks.

{History} Yeah okay, Eva was raised in a life of privilege. Her parents are big CEO company bossmen people. As a result she was a spoiled child. As in the kind of kid that could scream at the top of her lungs and she'd get whatever she demanded. Hell she didn't even have to do that she just had to frown and everything was hers. Maybe that contributes to her being the way she is, but maybe it doesn't. Who is to say? Either way she was spoiled. Her parents are workaholics and they gave her everything she asked for in hopes of just keeping her happy, sort of buying her stuff to make her go away. Oh well, it worked.

Going through school it wasn't as though Eva had a hard life. Sure a lot of people disliked her, but she was always able to have some people that did like her. That found her company refreshing and interesting. Usually it was with guys. Most girls just couldn't handle her. Either way going through high school she was a bit of a rebel. Not that she did it just to rebel, just more or less she didn't want to bother with going to the class. She had good grades. Surprisingly she cherished her grades and prided herself on them. Either way she wasn't the best of students.

During her teen years, Eva spent a lot of time at parties. She was known to be a bad influence and yet, there will always be that one person that doesn't understand that. For Eva that person was Phillip. He was a bit naive, and he also was able to get to her. He was the first guy she ever fell in love with, and you know their romance was a whirlwind. Speeding through everything. Hell they even went so far as to get married. Yeah, it was like that. It may have been stupid looking back at it, but she wouldn't take it back. They clicked, hell they probably could've made it throughout life too. If you know.......she hadn't found out that he lied to her, that you know.....he wasn't actually 20, but more like 26. That he had walked out on another family of his. Oh yeah, needless to say she walked down that aisle way and punched him in front of all the guests. Oh yes, fun times. She's been a bit more closed off since then.

Margaret Emilie Rinaldi & Harrison George Rinaldi- Both are big hot shot business people. They don't have much of an impact in her life.

{Personality} Any stereotypes you have about girls? About how they are pretty and nice and sweet or any crap like that? Throw it out the window when you meet Evalyn. She's not like a lot of girls. Most girls are sensitive, they have emotions and they blush when a guy makes a sexual innuendo, or at the very least they falter a bit. Eva? Nope. She's the girl that has no filter, you come to this girl and ask for her opinion and she's going to give it to you straight up. She's not going to spare your feelings. Ha. Yeah right. Now don't go thinking she's a whore or anything of the sort. She's not, and assuming she's easy because she doesn't shy away from sexual comments? That would be a mistake on your part.

Eva is quite the odd sort of girl. She's the kind of girl that at one night she might be all laughter and smiles ready to go out to a party and dance the night away. Or she could be the girl that sits on a park bench and reads peter pan while drinking a cherry slurpee. One thing she always is, is distant. You might not realize it, but the more you think about her and the more time you spend with her, the more you'll realize you don't really know anything about her. About her hopes and dreams, about her fears, about her past. She pushes away all the intimate details of relationships. Eva goes for the light-hearted and the fun.

Some people would go so far as to describe Eva as a bitch. In a sense it is true. She has no filter, so she's not going to hold back her opinions, she also isn't shy, so she's going to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, where ever the hell she wants, and you know she's not going to pretend to be nice. If she doesn't like you, she'll tell you straight up. And just because she may say you're handsome or beautiful? Don't go thinking of that as a compliment. Coming from her it's more a statement than an actual compliment. When it comes to the romantic stuff, well you'd have a better time becoming Iron Man than getting this girl to fall for you. She's done with all that love-crap.

★ Languages. She has a knack for them. She's good at learning them and she actually enjoys learning about them. She doesn't know them all fluently but she knows how to say several random phrases in many languages.
★ Painting. Or more like random works of art. Sometimes she just has to express herself, and when she gets the urge. Well it's like a flood and she won't be able to eat sleep or do anything until she gets it out of her system. She's skilled in many mediums.
★ Learning. She's a quick learner, as a result she gets bored with things easily and rather than being an expert or perfectionist in one area she is more the type to know a little bit of everything.
★ Versatile. As a result of her quick learning she knows quite a bit about things. She's very good at adapting into situations and she's also very quick to react to events and things.
★ Distant. She's very composed with her emotions. It would take a lot to get her composure to break. She's spent a whole year since finding out about Phillip learning to mask her emotions and only show people what she wants them to see.
★ This is the only skill Eva has perfected. The skill of telling when someone is lying. She's taken classes on it, read all about it. All sorts of stuff. She knows when people lie to her and she's going to call you out on that BS. So don't do it.
★ Truly Madly Deeply. The song by Savage Garden? Yeah. Just listening to that song? It might cause the smallest of meltdowns. Just you know....maybe a chair through a window or something. Haha, yeah just a tiny breakdown.
★ Anger. It takes a lot to get Eva riled up, and she'll even most likely tell you to knock it off. And if you don't listen to any of her warnings and keep pushing on? Then you'll deal with the rage that will flood out of her.
★ People. She really doesn't like to deal with a lot of people. Crowded areas kill her. And yeah....she just doesn't deal with people very well. Oh well. She does what she wants.
★ Selfish. She is. She'll admit it. She thinks of herself before she thinks of others. Everyone has their faults.
★ Aquariums.
★ Cherry stuff. Slurpees. The fruit. Chapstick. Whatever, she likes them.
★ Insight. People who have a little more to offer than what meets the eye? She loves that. She actually does like people. Just one on one sort of interactions. She finds people interesting because there is always more than meets the eye. Well usually. Some people really are just shallow imbeciles.
★ Athletic things. She likes pushing her body to it's limits so that later she crashes. She just actually seems to have a thing for pushing herself. But she does like sports and what not.
★ Drinking. Surprise, Surprise. Yes, Eva has been known to be seen on the party scene with a drink in her hand. But that's just it. It's in her hand. Oh yes, she can act drunk and tipsy if she wants. She's quite skilled at it. Truth be told though she dislikes alcohol quite a bit.
★ Liars. Yeah she hates it when people are fake. If you don't like her, she'd rather you be honest and tell her straight up that you don't like her. She's not going to get butt hurt about it. She'd rather you share your opinion on stuff than lie about it. That is just tiresome.
★ Extreme Weather. Heat or cold, she likes mild weather. Extreme is too bothersome, although she'd much rather go with cold than heat if she had to pick. At least with cold she could just throw on coat after coat. With heat she'd be running about in her underwear if she could.
★ Do-Gooders. Oh yeah she likes that people do good things in the world. Someone has to, right? But she doesn't like people who are too good. Those people who are so good it's like they don't have a single little part of them that wants to walk on the wild side? They unnerve her.
★ Arrogant people. She's going to knock you down a few pegs if you try to flaunt in front of her. Everyone has flaws and Eva? She's really good at picking out people's flaws.
★ Mirrors. Haha, yeah it's not that she's superstitious or anything. It more like mirrors breed vanity. She doesn't think appearances are all that important, so she's not a fan of mirrors. She still uses them and what not, she just doesn't think that people should have the need to carry them around with them.


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{ Part 1 }


"THEY SAY/love is magic,
BUT I CAN SHOW/you a magic trick,
I can show you/HOW TO DISAPPEAR."


{N a m e} Ryker Gauge Keller
{G e n d e r} Male
{S e x u a l i t y} Curves are really the only thing that do it for this kid. Sorry, love.

{A g e} "I coulda sworn nineteen was the legal drinkin' age, officer."
{D a t e . o f . B i r t h} August 24th. Not particularly anything special or outstanding, aside from the crazy amount of rain pattering outside the hospital. The world must have been sobbing for the coming of yet another troublemaker.

{A p p e a r a n c e}
(view spoiler)

{D i s t i n c t i v e . M a r k i n g s} Though there's not one in particular that's more distinctive than the others, -but rather, the presence of them as a whole- Ryker's body is decorated in scars. Some of them are from past scuffles he's been involved in, a punch calling for stitches through his eyebrow here, brass knuckle imprints there. Of course, some are from previous one night stands as well- Fake nails, man. Delicious pain.
{G e n e r a l . S t y l e} He's your typical, couldn't give two shits what kind of clothes I wear guy. Ryker doesn't even particularly care for shirts- Most often than not, he can be seen wandering around without even a wife-beater on. Not like he has much of anything to be ashamed of, now does he? And even if he did, the boy's never had an ounce of decency in his life. He doesn't do bashful, nor does he do self conscious, just the way he operates. Should he actually concern himself with wearing a top, most of the time they're simple plaid shirts with the sleeves rolled up his lean biceps. When it comes to pants, Ryker is much of the baggy jeans boy. You know the type, the ones who walk around with belts around their waists that don't actually seem to be doing much good? Of course, the boy can clean up relatively nice when he tries- But don't hold your breath. Effort isn't something Ryker concerns himself with.


{H i s t o r y} Hmm. Where shall we start with Ryker's history? He's had a. . . Full life, that's for sure- And he's still only nineteen. In other words, there's a hell of a lot more 'living' he has to look forward to. Should nothing untimely happen to him, of course, which really isn't that far off. It all started with his family though. Ryker grew up with a suffocating father, one who was strict enough for both parental figures. Of course Victor was a deputy, so what could someone really expect from a person with a job like that? Life was pretty much hell growing up trying to be the golden child at just sixteen, get good grades, and take care of twin seven year olds. The girls, Emma and Elena, were the children his mother had given birth to but seemed to forget about somewhere along the line. So that left Ryker to take care of them. And be the golden child, the perfect son Ryker's father wanted. He has no idea how he did it for as long as he did.

But he did it. Somehow.

But all good things must come to an end, right? Well, at the time, it had seemed like a blessing. She had seemed like a blessing, a blonde hair, blue-eyed blessing in a leggy package. And, at first, she seemed like everything anyone could ever want. Ryker, just wanting to be noticed for himself, his parents simply because she seemed to be a good enough influence, polite and everything. And she was. Sophie was perfect, plan and simple. At least, that's how she seemed for the first few week. Slowly but surely though, Ryker was beginning to see the other side of her. A side of the normally so sweet and innocent girl who was a hell of a lot more of a wild child. The one who went to parties and got drunk, doing crazy things a sober Sophie probably wouldn't do.

It was her who dragged him to his first party, who first convinced him to take his virgin hit of weed, take his first sip of beer until he was completely hammered. And eventually, it became a regular thing for them. After a year and a half of dating, of doing the same exact thing nearly every night, Ryker's parents ever finally beginning to notice something wasn't quite right. But it really didn't matter at that point- Ryker was too far gone. And no, he wasn't an addict. Quite the opposite, actually, because the cheap bear taste like shit and weed made him feel sick. But he was hardcore in love, with an untame-able blonde girl with long legs and a killer smile. He would have done anything for Sophie: And he did. Constantly.

That was, until Ryker walked in on his little angel screwing some guy who was most certainly not him.

Oh God, how it hurt. Betrayal stings like a motherfucker, and what stings even more is knowing that, should she have tried to talk to him after he found out? He probably would have caved. Not probably- Ryker has no doubt in his mind he would have taken her back should she have tried to find him after he all but darted from the party. He never got so much as a hungover apology though. As a matter of fact, he never got any apology at all. He never heard from Sophie again: For all he knows, she could be pregnant because of that night and he wouldn't know a single detail.

And yeah, he's ashamed to say he tried calling her after about a week or two. Tried calling her multiple times. But it didn't matter, because her number was disconnected. Her facebook was gone- He could never bring himself to visit her house, not once. Maybe it was his ego, or the thought that, if she wanted to talk to him, she would have tried already, but he couldn't force himself to.

But would you like to know what he could force himself to do, what could make him feel better? Partying. Drinking. Smoking up. All the things he'd done with Sophie, the things he hadn't particularly enjoyed at the time but had done anyways because he loved her? Yeah, suddenly it was a hell of a lot more fun without having to evade his gaze should cleavage fall in front of him, or pointedly ask if anyone knew where 'Sophie, his girlfriend' was in order to get away from a flirting girl. Now, he's a free man, something that shows from all his one night stands.

{F a m i l y}
Victor "Vic" Keller- In this whole world, Ryker doesn't think there's a person who hates him more than his father. The forty-three ear old man holds a huge grudge over his son, angry over all the humiliation he's caused the Kellers and the deputy himself after Sophie dumped his ass -or whatever the hell happened. Because clearly, he doesn't know. All those times Ryker was hauled into the police station -Victor's workplace, no less- drunk off his ungrateful butt and higher than a kite was never something he wanted his fellow employees to see. That his own son is just like all the hoodlums he puts in jail.
Piper Destiny Keller- At just shy of forty-one, Ryker's mother is a bit of a timid woman. She's aware her husband has a temper, just like her son knows. It's left her in this permanent state of being quiet, almost as if she's ashamed. Like being silent will somehow make her face from view and she won't have to claim the man she's married to as someone whom she actually knows.
Emma Iris Keller- One half of the Ryker's only light in this world, really. Emma is one of the ten year old twins, an utter sweetheart and one of the only two people in his life who don't treat him like a criminal. Arguably, one could say Ryker has been more of a parent to his two sisters than their mother and father have. Physically, they look a lot alike and one would be able to tell they're siblings from first glance: Emma has Ryker's dark hair and deep blue eyes, taking after their father.
Elena Bailey Kelley- The other half of Ryker's light, his saving grace. Elena and her sister are the only two human beings on this planet who hold unwavering faith in him, that he is, in fact, a good person despite his past. Elena's the twin that used to come into his room, -the nights he was home, of course- crying over a nightmare and hugging a teddy bear to her chest. To forget about said scary dream, Ryker would do his big brother duty and make her a glass of chocolate milk. Just like Emma, Elena has brown hair and a photocopy same face. The only physical difference between the two being Elena's right eye, which has a streak of bright green.


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{ Part 2 }


{P e r s o n a l i t y} Saying Ryker is an interesting kid these days would be an understatement, that’s for damn sure. He’s the guy everyone knows, the name known even when he himself doesn’t particularly want to be known. Unlike the picture he’s painted for himself, Ryker has morals though. They’re just. . . Very, very fucking slim. Most of them simply revolve around his little sisters. And, unfortunately for the world, Emma and Elena aren’t around him every single second of every single day –most often than not, actually. So. When they’re not around, there’s a different Ryker. The Ryker most of the population sees: The one who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone or anything, who does what he wants when he wants, and doesn’t put up with any shit.

At one point in time, Ryker hadn’t been like that. In fact, he had been the golden child, as previously mentioned. He had been the perfect little boy, the type all parents would want, all teachers liked, and had a generally good reputation. He had been the boy whom everyone liked in school, but wasn’t invited to parties. Just because it was a well known fact that he wasn’t that type of person, not the kid you’d see chugging alcohol or playing beer bong. But that was before Sophie, before he had his still-beating heart ripped from his chest with a soft, petite hand who he had given his everything to. Before he realized that the world isn’t what most people think it is, not what it should be, and that it never will be that way. That karma doesn’t exist, people don’t get what’s coming to them, and sometimes you have to take matters in your own hands.

To keep matters simple, Ryker is that man. The one everyone should know better than hang with: the one girls should know better than to sleep with, the one guys shouldn’t trust because he’d just as soon as punch you should he have reason to doubt your loyalty as he would hand you a Budweiser. He watches him and his own –meaning his little sisters and that’s about it- before anyone else. His loyalty is unwavering, as soon as you can pin it in place. Ryker won’t promise you anything you want to hear. He won’t promise you faithfulness, because the boy doesn’t know the meaning of the word, he won’t promise you you won’t get hurt, hell, he won’t even promise you cuddles in the morning.
But he will promise you two things: One, a momentary good time.

Two? He can promise you you’ll never hurt him. And that’s really the only thing that matters to Ryker.


{S t r e n g t h s}
Physical strength. Don't let his lean frame fool you- Ryker can pack a punch. And he does. Every single time this boy gets in a street fight, you can be sure who will come out victorious. This has earned him quite the reputation as someone you generally do not want to mess with physically. No, the boy doesn't walk around with a knife like most 'street thugs' do- He really doesn't need one to defend himself.
Weariness. Trust me, it’s a good thing. It means Ryker knows better than to trust anyone. Not the girl currently on his lap fluttering her eyelashes at him, or the guy who fist bumped him earlier at the party. Don’t ever let those little things, things that seem innocent enough, fool you. It’s really what gets everyone and that’s the mistake most make. Not one he himself is willing to make, and that in itself is a strength. A meaning of survival, a defense mechanism.
{W e a k n e s s e s}
Emotions. Does he really look like he’s the type to concern himself with that shit anymore? Hell no, bitch. And despite what Ryker thinks, unbeknownst to him, that, my friend, is a weakness. He doesn’t let himself feel anything, aside from momentary pleasure and the day-to-day status like tired or hungry. Emotions are a strength that he’s simply denying himself, though according to him, he would be damned –literally damned- before he left himself feel anything like that. Because once you open yourself up, you hold the door open to getting hurt.
Little sisters. Emma and Elena, his little sisters, are his girls. They’re his cheerleaders even when he doesn’t deserve to have anyone cheering him on, the ones who have never once doubted that their big brother is a good person. Of course, how could they when all they know is the Ryker who would be willing to take them to McDonalds for Happy Meals when cooking dinner seems to slip their parents’ minds, or grudgingly participates during their tea parties. They’ve never seen drunk Ryker, the one stoned off his ass, and that’s the way he intends to keep it. The few times Vic had offered to cough up bail to get him out of jail for the night, Ryker refused. For the sole purpose of keeping his little sisters from seeing what kind of monster he can be.
{L i k e s}
Rap. As in, the music? Yeah, it's something like his addiction. Slipping headphones in and blasting the music is one of the few things aside from getting high and drinking that can take away from himself -whether it's about doing some chick or talking about the struggles of drug problems, Ryker will listen to it. As a matter of fact, he's relatively good at rapping himself, spitting a freestyle like it's nothing. Of course, he only does it when he's drunk off his ass.
One night stands. Oh yes, ‘like’ would be a major understatement. Obviously, he likes sex –what guy doesn’t- but it’s more than that. He likes things easy, uncomplicated. No strings, no expectations of calling the girl back the morning after. Ever since Sophie, he preferences to keep things simple. Without emotions, no attachments. Never, ever will he allow himself to be back in that place again. That pitiful why won’t she just call me already? place. Fuck. No.
{D i s l i k e s}
Blondes. And no, you ass, it has nothing to do with his past involving Sophie. No, he just doesn't like the hair color. He doesn't find it a turn-on like he used to. Never mind the fact that most are stupid as fuck. Nah, he’s much more of a brunette type of guy himself. Or redheads- Mmm. Gingers.
Victor Keller. Yeah, Ryker and his father are on horrible terms, as has already been mentioned. It's to the point where Ryker doesn't even call him 'Dad-' Nope, much to the man's annoyance, Ryker calls him Vic. Despite his father raging about how it's disrespectful, Ryker couldn't give two shits. Respect -or a lack of, therefore- has never stopped him before. How the fuck is he supposed to respect a man who embarrasses his own wife, treats his son like shit, and only knows the difference between his twin daughters by the mutation in one's eye? What the asshole doesn't know is that respect is a thing earned.

{O t h e r}

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{Name} Munro Ackerman
{Gender} ♂ Male
{Sexuality} ⚤ ⚣ Bisexual- He's not one to judge by genitals, but he'll admit that most of his infatuations are with those who have breasts
{Age} 20
{Date of Birth} ♌ August 17th


(view spoiler)
{Distinctive Markings} He has a tattoo, on his hip: description
{General Style} Darker clothing, with a very death and skeleton-themed array of accessories. Lots of jewelry, a bit of eyeliner, and a very conspicuous leather jacket.
{History} Munro was born on a very hot morning in summer, at 4:57 am. Raised as an only child, with an alcoholic father and depressed mother, he always had a little trouble with his temper, sharing, and all those other things having siblings forces you to learn. He had the tendency to be possessive, clingy, fidgety, and restless. Throughout his childhood, Munro had many temper tantrums, quite a few concerning obsessions, easy aggression, behavioral problems, and separation anxiety. He would throw terrifying fits, destroy property, become stuck on topics that were sensitive, like death and sex, and manipulate and lie to his parents. He wet the bed until he was nine, had frequent night terrors, daydreamed constantly and couldn't sit still. All the signs pointed to bipolar disorder, but his parents remained oblivious.

Munro didn't improve with age. Diagnosed with ADHD, he rarely took the medication, and sessions with his therapist were filled with irritable silences. It came to a head once he got his first girlfriend. He became territorial and jealous easily, flying into a rage at the slightest provocation, demanding to know where she was at all hours, isolating her from friends and family, and even going through her things or sneaking into her room to check that nothing was happening. After a particularly intense fight where she struggled to reclaim some dignity, Munro cast her out into the rain without a single ounce of regret... Until she was hit and killed by a car.


Munro changed after that, somewhat. He hoarded insanely, never throwing anything away and just letting it pile into his room. Rarely leaving his bed, spending nights cycling through frantic, guilty thoughts, and lacking will and drive to do most anything, he languished in his room. Despite the fact he got fresh medication for his recently diagnosed disorder, he rarely felt normal, but more like unfeeling.

That changed when the myths and legends of strange mirrors came to light. Just like any other obsession, Munro made it his goal to learn everything about them that he could. He finally had his drive back, but reading websites, poring through texts and studies and books, and staring at pictures grew boring. Munro tired of the 2D, and longed to see one of these mirror-people in the flesh. If they are real.
♛ Cecelia Ackerman- Mother
♛ Mason Ackerman- Father

Munro is one of the most confusing individuals you may ever meet. One moment, he's happy, excited, alive with energy and so damn pleased to be alive. Mere hours after, the cheerful boy from earlier is gone, replaced by a tired, lethargic slob who stares at the endlessly rotating fan blades and wishes his life were that simple, that uncomplicated.


It's not his fault, poor thing. He dislikes medication quite a bit, and so he usually doesn't take it. Munro thinks it stifles his creativity, and he often needs it in his profession as a playwright and poet. His work is darkly brilliant, sick and psychosexual, even if some can't stomach the gore.

Munro is an ever-changing character, fluidly crashing through many emotions in a short amount of time; he often compares himself to the Roman God Janus, who is two-faced quotes literally, and presided over transitions and changes, along with doorways, beginnings and ends. He thinks it's rather fitting, after all.

Writing- It's his career, and he's rather great at it, despite touchy subject matter
Hard to Sway Opinion- Munro researches things thoroughly before deciding his view on it, and he won't be shaken from it
Strong Imagination- Dark and twisted? Usually. Brilliant all the same? Definitely
Willing to Take Risks- If nobody was ever willing to take that leap, where would we be today? Munro is certainly good at recklessness
Enthusiastic for Things He Enjoys- Isn't everyone, really?
Procrastination- He often gets excellent thoughts and ideas half-formed, fleshes them out some more, then ultimately abandons the project
Rude or Callous Manner- Especially on his meds. Munro can be cruel and harsh when upset
Attitude- Sometimes his snark and facetious, biting words can be a bit much
His Disorders- This one is easy to tell why
Obsessed Easily- Munro falls fast and he falls hard
Horror Movies and Books- There is truly nothing better than grim, scornful mocking of society when a shitty movie is on. Plus, y'know, half-naked girls are always a plus
Candy and Sugared Food/Beverages- Sugar rushed are fun and have a very mild crash compared to some of the drugs he's tried
Cats- Felines just get him; lazy, omniscient beings who judge you with a single look and can manipulate people into doing whatever they want with a meow and purr
Sarcasm- Pure love for ironic words and sayings
New Twists on Old Things- Classics are good; contemporaries are good; both together are heaven
Children- Munro was an awful one, and kids can be much crueler than adults
Doubting in His Abilities- He has a perfectly fine grip on his life, thank you and goodbye
Gossip- Fodder to rumors, drama and annoying clone-like girls
Passivity- Passion and fire are admired... Neutrality not so much
His Disorders- Would you like not having control of your own mind?
{Other} He has bipolar disorder, ADHD, and a very cynical understanding of himself and the world.


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