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Ryder ran, panting as he did. He knew about the place when he was a child. Nobody was living here anyway, and it was a long walk away from the city and even the town. "Are you okay?" Ryder asked, out of breathe.

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"To the abandoned cabin, of course." Ryder almost smiles but he knew better, knowing full well on the situation he is in. He ran faster, he wasn't used to going out in the open. He was much used to sitting on his desk, doing work or helping around house chores or even anything than run a hundred miles or do sports. "Have you been there before?" He asks, taking short quick panicked breathes.

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Ryder just nodded simply and stopped his tracks. He was now a few feet in front of the cabin, though he had this strange feeling inside him. He then remembered the memories of when he was a kid; being young, carefree and free of responsibilities but now, it's different. "Say, how do you think that happened?" He asks, he was talking about the chaos of the city and town of course but to know that it happened in one quick move was quite impressive

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"I got to give them credit. One move was all it took to do all of that? Quite impressive, though not well-planned." Ryder smirks, he then opens the cabin door. There were dusts all over the place.

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E M M A ((YO! Okay so I'll be on and off, ive gotta take a shower! Hannah!!!! Play Tony if you can! Ummm so yeah I'll narrate on rennins van what Anthony is doing, and you can jump in and find him whenever!))

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E M M A (((ummmm... Well knowing Brandon... Sneaking around a grocery store or Costco for food, or he'd probably just be chillin with a beer and feeling suicidal/lonely))

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E M M A ((well... IDK!!! Brandon uses a bunch of swear words, bit he's pilite to people he knows.... You start!!! I can always switch it up. He's full of personality! Check his bio))

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E M M A ((back;) haha well you can play him on Tuesday's and Thursday's, since those are the days I'm gone forever...))

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E M M A ((of course, unless otherwise specified :) Bout to go have dinner though, so you can play him!!! He's a total friendly flirt, so he'd probably make a convo with rennin and Charlie right away!!! His first reaction might be surprised and suspicious, but he'll be fine within seconds :) don't rp the scene where he goes back to the cabin yet!!!! Pause that?!!))

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E M M A Paul: "none of your business. Go," I nodded towards the bathroom, a stony expression permanently on my face as I looked lilian over. I had done quite a nice job giving her purple blue and green spots, as well as some cuts. She learned so quickly, I was proud of my scolding/ reprimanding skills.

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E M M A Paul: "hurry up!" I growled, smashing my fist on the door as I took a swig of the beer I found in the pantries. It helped me calm down sometimes, but it gave me a migraine. I didn't hear the two visitors at the front of the spread out cabin through my shouting and my headache.

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E M M A Paul; I opened the door without knocking, catching lilian wiping her face. "where you crying? Huh? Were you crying??" I demanded, seizing her arm tightly, ignoring the sounds of footsteps assuming they were mine. "there's no crying, or I'll GIVE you spmthing to cry about!" I yelled into her ear, smacking her on the butt hard. "get back in your room!"
((do this however you want Hannah!!!)

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E M M A Paul: I whipped around, instinctively putting the rifle against lilians throat in hostage. "what are you doing in here?" I asked sharply. "who are you? Can't you see I'm in the middle of something? Get!" I snapped harshly, pushing lilian to rhe floor as I cocked my rifle in defense.

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E M M A Paul: I didn't have enough rime to react, the rifle falling with a clatter to the ground. My mouth hanging open made a faint whimper as my hand groped at the knife. Finally sound came back, and I screamed in agony, trying desperately to rake the knife out of my side. It was in too deep. I sank to my knees, coughing and sputtering blood. "you... You! What did you DO TO ME?" I demanded, looking away pleading to lilian. "liluan, please," I begged her, blood splattering to the floor with each word .

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E M M A ((wait... Hold on rennin!!!))
Paul: I screamed louder as the knife yanked unforgivingly out of my side. "you! YOU!" I screeched, snatching the knife with my left hand with my right on my wound. I clenched the bloody knife, crawling forward breathing raggedly. I attempted to stab the boys feet, but he evaded me easily. I felt a faint dizziness that stopped me from moving, my head cradled in lilians lap. I looked up into her brown eyes, breathing my final breaths. "I'm sorry," I croaked. I gasped for air, before stopping breathing. My eyes glazed over, starin blankly at lilian as blood poured steadily out of my mouth and dribbled down my chin. A single tear streaked down my cheek, plopping in her lap.

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E M M A Anthony: "Sh, sh, sh," I hushed the girl shakily, staring at the lifeless form on the ground. It was a bit different in call of duty. I didn't feel the same ugly guilty feeling as now. I got as close as I dared, placing a gentl hand on the girls back. "he's no good for you," I tried, grimacing at the stench of blood.

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E M M A Anthony: I backed away cautiously, running my hand through my hair. I blew out air, Sighing heavily. "he did that, didn't he? And that? And this one too?" I asked softly, crouching by her and pointing to her legs, and her face. Her arms were covered with a sweater, but I was sure they were the same. "he hurt you. How could you still love him?" I coaxed, raising one eyebrow.

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E M M A Anthony: Some accident, I thought silently. I put my arm around the girls fragile shoulders, squeezing her left shoulder softly. "I'm sorry," I whispered, feeling overly guilty. But he was about to kill the chick! I couldn't have just watched... "Look... He's in a better place now, you should be happy for him," I reasoned, scooting closer.

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E M M A Anthony: I soften, frowning in concern as I backed away from the growing puddle of blood. "I'm sorry," I repeated, shaking my head. "you've got us now," I offered gently, motioning to me, Charlotte, and- rennin? I thought she was in the van! "I don't bite, I promise," I looked down, offering to help her up woth on hand. "we should get you cleaned up, those bruises can get nasty," I explained, launching into a brief explanation of what could happen I'f she didn't put-on some antibiotics and let the guys blood into hers.

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E M M A ((omg I could totally imagine his voice!!!!))

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E M M A Anthony: "yep," I nodded curtly, catching her as she swayed. "what's your name? I'm Anthony," I smiled, escorting her to the kitchen. I gave rennin and Charlotte a look that told them to leave us alone. I had to find out more, maybe shed be willing to share with one person. I hoisted her gently on the wooden table, grabbing a towel and soaking it with water before cleaning up her wounds.

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Anthony: "Nice to meet you, lilian," I grinned, using the clean side of the towel to gently wip her tear stained face. My dark green eyes looked up into lilians brown ones, and I couldve sworn that I blushed a bit. "so uh, how old are you?" I squeezed her hand lightly, turning away to clean off the towel as well as mt hands. She was actually pretty cute, and I could see myself with her. Poor thing, so frail an thin... I thought about the sandwich from earlier and wished I saved it.

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E M M A ((Brb dinner and pick up grant AUGHHHJ))

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E M M A ((shut up :(( I have to get Cooper ready for bed and find garrisons backpack, ugh! And then it's time to watch some movie my mom wants to watch with me?))
Anthony: "really?" o raised an eye brow. "so am I," I nodded, digging around for some kind of dry cloth or first aid kit. I found one finally Ina. Broken drawer, and I immediately distorted to apply neosporin. "so... Whats up? How did you get here?" I encouraged as I concentrated on the cut beneath her eye.

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E M M A ((HA JK IM FREEEE YAYYYY!!!! But I'll be dealing with the boys meanwhile so I'll be on and off))
Anthony: "snapped?" I repeated, imagining how hard things must be for lilian right now. "I'm sorry about tht," I mumbled. "I'm sure he was a Great guy," I lied through my teeth. "how's that?" I stood back and admired my handiwork with the bandaids and gauze. Her swollen wrist now had a supportive brace, and hopefully itd stop swelling.

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E M M A Anthony: "it's no problem," I assured her, sweeping her off the counter and holding her in my arms. "can you walk alright?" I concerned, peering at her bare feet with band aide on them. "we've got a van outside, we could take you with us," I offered, shifting her weight comfortably in my arms. "and I'll get you some food, too," I clucked my tongue, observing her bony frame.

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E M M A ((hahaha oi vey!!! I'll brb shower))
Anthony: I didn't quite trust the girls judgement about being able to walk, so I watched her intensely to make sure her walking was normal. She took ginger steps, as if her feet were pained. I shrugged it off, deciding to give her a little space. "come on, therell be something in the van," I waved her over, taking the long way to the front of the house to avoid walking through the hallway with the long guy. F ing daddy long legs, yeah? "come on," I urged, wanting her to get out of this place ASAP. I kept feeling a sense that daddy long legs would pop out of nowhere from the dead.

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E M M A Anthony: I pause, having dreaded that she would say something like that. "riiiight," I said slowly, turning on my heel. "well what do ou wanna do with him?" I asked blankly. "if we put him in the ground, he'll rot nastily," I shuddered. "sooo..."

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E M M A Anthony: "I guess I'll... Uh, find a shovel then," I offered. "why don't you at least clean him up?" I suggested, stepping outside off the porch to dig around the little shed. I approached it cautiously, breaking down the door with a kick. The little thing was dusty and old, and everything was rusty or mouldy. Nasty. I found a big enough shovel, and brought it around to the front of the cabin. "Lilian?" I called inside, pushing up my sleeves and adjusting my studs so they weren't as pinching from when I had put them on earlier.

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E M M A Anthony: when lilian doesn't respond, I become suspicious. I immediately heft the shovel over my shoulder, bursting through the front door and searching the hallway. To my relief, the giant was still dead and unmoving. I softened, setting down my shovel and slowly kneeling by lilian. I massaged her shoulders softly, murmuring condolensces and apologies. "it'll be okay," I promised.

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E M M A Anthony: "let's get him to rest, yeah?" I patted her back, taking the towel from her and placing it over the wound. I gently lifted him into my arms with some difficulty, staggering under his weight. "quick, find a place," I grunted, lugging him in my arms uncomfortably to the front door.

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E M M A Anthony I managed to set him down as gently as possible, wiping beading sweat from my forehead with thebavk of my hand. I retrieved the shovel, proceeding to dig a hole in silence. I finally finished, and laid the boy inside the shallow hole. "I feel like... We should give him a service, but..." I murmured, brushing my hands ff on my pants. I monitored for her to join me by the dead body.

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E M M A Anthony; "shhh," I wiped my own tears by enveloping lilian in a sympathetic hug as I fought the urge to cry. I felt awful! "I'm sorry," I whispered softly into her ear, before breaking away to bury the guy. I covered him quickly with dirt, uneasy at the sight I'f a dead body. I finished, sticking tge shovel as a headstone at the base of the tree. "we should... We should get going," I murmured, wiping sweat from my face with the back of my sleeve.

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E M M A ((oh my gosh. He's amazing. ))
Anthony: "you gonna be okay?" I asked after a while as we walked Side by side back towards the van, where rennin appeared to be pissed off. Charlotte was no where in sight. I glanced around instinctively, ready to kick ass I'f that Paul guy came alive.
((brb shower!!! Wanna play reed at jamies house thread? I wanna tell him about jamies break up and then start ffing to when he moves to Los Angeles!!! You should make a new character in la :3 ))

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E M M A ((of course girly! I spy jamies new crush ;) jk jk, I won't bring that doom upon you to rp with me xD ))
Anthony: "are you gonna be... Okay...?" I enunciated more clearly, pausing a few yards from the van and turning to face lilian. She was quite beautiful, but I knew she probably wouldn't ven consider a new boyfriend at this point. That bastard kid didn't know what he was doing.

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E M M A ((aiii!!! Woot :) hahaha xD I know it's so hard to find entertaining RP'ers!))
Anthony: "alright," I broke into a half smile, ushering lilian with one hand loosely around her shoulder. I knocked twice on the van window, motioning for rennin to unlock the doors. "I'f you ever need anything," I trailed off, pointing with my thumb to my chest. "I got chu," I laughed, trying to relieve a bit of sad tension.

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E M M A ((pause for maddi!))

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E M M A Anthony: "after you," I gestured, opening the door for her politely. "where the hell is Charlie?" I raised an eyebrow, glancing at the front seT. "probably grabbing her stuff. Never mind," I shrugged as I moved my duffel for lilian to sit down. I settled in by lilian, bucking my seatbelt. "so where are we headed?" I rubbed the back of my head, yawning.

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E M M A Anthony: I rolled my eyes, leaning y head back on the seat. "well... Let's see... I don't know, somewhere we won't be shot off the street would be nice," I suggested, watching out of the corner of my eye for the invaders. They could potentially be anywhere. "where were you and uh... Paul before this?" I suggested to lilian.
((night! And Hannahs off too))

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