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Hopefully, I really don't have to explain what they are again, because that would be what the Info thread was for. Remember to keep your gender count even !


{Date of Birth}

{Praeditos Appearance} Real pictures, please. Or you can just provide a description- Either way, we need to get a sense of what he/she looks like.
{Human Appearance} (view spoiler)
{Distinctive Markings}
{General Style}


{Strengths} (view spoiler)


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Just keep swimming,

I'll find you someday...

[ Name/Alias ] Valentin Demetrius Slovak

[ Articulation ]
[ Gender ] Male ]xy[
[ Sexuality ] Heterosexual

[ Age ] Eighteen ( 18 )
[ Date of Birth ]

[ Praedito Appearance ](view spoiler)
[ Human Appearance ]
(view spoiler)
[ Distinctive Markings ]
[ General Style ](view spoiler)

Like a moth to its flame...

You will remember my name...

[ History ] Having been born in a ostensibly flawless world, baby Valentin's birth had been the disruption of such utopic citadel. His first breath had costed his mother's her last one; aware of no such unintended murder, V's life had begun with a clean slate. His growth had quickly caught up with time and the neurons permitted his fountain of youth to begin its course, allowing pertinent traits to bloom within the tangle that was his mind. At the mere age of five years old, the toddler had achieved an impeccable talent of penmanship. His father being absent for most of the days, it were to be true if such accomplishment had been celebrated with the echoes of his own cheers.

One, two, skip a few and Valentin's mass had elaborated in many beneficial ways – puberty being to thank. His striated muscles filled with considerable amount of unrequited strength, his phonation dropped a few octaves and his stature now stretched well over six feet of height. This would be the beginning of the stage most would call, arrogance; roaming the unflawed thoroughfares of his home, his pride pulverised any who dared reach his level of supposed greatness. Coincidentally, simply a few months afterwards, a new skin proclaimed himself on V's territory.

Was a warfare the answer?


And so began the competition; as childish as it was, the challenges were as obtuse as wooing as many human females located in the other dimension, or whose speed would triumph the other's. The list went on and I am disappointed to tell you that such quarrel spanned for about three years, until the two boys came to realise, that, if the two were as charismatic as the next, perchance both pieces of perfection combined would morph to become an absolute piece of wondrous Art.

Unfortunately, such rivalry between two close friends was short lived.

Valentin, feeling particularly daring on the abominable snowy Earth day, the boy – certainly not yet a man – had demanded his fellow friend, Charles, to go and swim across a large body of water. As peculiar the idea was, neither turned down a dare. And so, V watched his ally dart off into the sunset...

'Twas the last Valentin ever saw of his only friend.

To this day, the boy spends his days roaming the forests and cities of the earth, subconsciously searching for his long lost friend while the nights are spent sleeping accordingly. Of course, he takes pleasure in awakening to a gentle warmth only a female organism tends to emit, albeit he much prefers leaving them in his flawless dust, never to be seen again. He remains practically unparented, his begetter much too preoccupied in advancing their apparent technology much further.

[ Family ]
Xena Beatricia Slovak ☠ - Deceased Mother
Brennan Maxim Slovak ✖ - Father
Charles Montgomery ❤ - Long lost Friend

Ha! Good one! Wait...that wasn't a joke? Erm...

[ Personality ]
Where to begin with such a...fine-looking boy? Well, if you were to ask Valentin himself, he'd simply roll his shoulders back, offer you one of his signature smiles and express something about there not being anything flawed about him; but there is. Such answer would deem him worthy of being classified as conceited. Having grown up around nothing but perfection, V raised himself to believe that he, as well, was without flaw. His mannerisms evoked thoughts of self-satisfaction upon capturing a glance of none other than Valentin Slovak himself, or perchance he'd catch his own handsome regard through the eyes of another – preferably that of a pistillate origin. Of course, such charisma must have derived from some place, no?

This brings us to yet another side of V, the charming part. Having been gifted with the passion for words, the eloquence of the phrases he slithers out of his mouth are capable of much more damage than the strength his specie are genetically gifted with. There's no doubt he uses such gift with punctilious care, luring his prey in before snapping her within his grasp, only to be released when he settles for it. Of course, like any other plan, they do sometimes fail to turn out his way, the result of the fault being a small comment about he hadn't even tried in the first place.

Fear not, Valentin isn't all but a womaniser.

Where his loyalties lie, out comes the stem of protection in which the boy will devote his life to the other(Kinda, he just says he will when in reality, he'd have a fierce battle against himself and the faint good side he supposedly has). Much like the case with his beloved friend, Charles, despite the careless insults thrown his way, Valentin had always looked out for him, keeping his back safe from any possible dangers. He is capable of such, only 'tis difficult to reach such point of importance for Valentin, not because he refuses it or he fears growing close to someone, he simply is particular about those he choses to care for.

Not to mention, his comedic side is fairly present within him; be it through charms or comical wits, V thrives to hear the laughter of another, it's a motivator, one that keeps Valentin around and without himself being aware, makes him come back around for more. In his psyche, anyone's laughter deriving from something he's said is an indicator that he is liked and will presumably come back 'round in order to fill the void of loneliness he has yet to grow aware of. Albeit, he takes great care about the humour he chooses to display, knowing that if the reaction he entices isn't the one, chagrin will dawn on him – something he prefers to keep at bay.

One thing should be mentioned, due to his egotistical ways, he doesn't give a damn about the opinion of others unless it involves him being something tremendously awe-striking – not that it's happened before, but he knows people are thinking it.

[ Strengths ]
Charisma ~ His charms are not one to temper with, it's absurd the amount of appeal his words tend to have, including his overall idiosyncrasies, they all seem to coherent with one another, putting forth a continuous flow of endless woo. Such skill is quite a forte with the ladies, but could also be applied within the subject of business .
Humour ~ When he wishes to be, V's a rather funny organism; sometimes it's hardly even forced and other times, he uses it to get beneath people's skin – that's how he plays his game.
Wits ~ A smart little cookie Valentin is; his words are quick and sometimes jagged but the amount of time it takes for his reply to zip out of him is quite sufficiently quick – satisfaction guaranteed.
Velocity ~ Be it through the mind or through the limbs, he's quick to react about things; it's almost as if he's reactive about the environment around him. But that could be because his receptors process much more than they should...something humans will never understand.

[ Weaknesses ]
Conceited ~ “I'm so glamorous, I spit glitters.” <---Sorry....the boy sometimes gets in my head...
Inconsiderate ~ He'll turn any situation in his favour without the thought of another person and how it could affect them. He was never raised to be kind and thoughtful of others, so now, to be blunt, he doesn't give a shit about someone else. It's a doggy dog world and V's coming out on top – he's always on top...
Dogmatic ~ Oh yeah....I wouldn't advise you begin attempting to reverse his opinions, he refuses to see anybody else's side but his. Too bad, so sad. It's not like he's wrong.
Forthright ~ Alongside for reacting before having thought of his actions, there is absolutely no filter between his encephalon and his lips. It's his way or the highway.

[ Likes ]
✓ Himself ~ “Do you believe in love at first sight...or should I walk by again?”
✓ Girls - “Chicks dig the V. Well...that didn't come out right.”
✓ Earth - “I was the reason this sphere of wonders was created – I'm telling you.”
✓ Himself(2) - “ It's not easy being me. But it sure is funny watching people try!”
✓ Ice cream - “You don't understand the concept of a double scoop until you've done it properly.”
✓ Apples - “Whatever.”
✓Mirrors (Go figure) - “They show me the perfection that I am; it's difficult not to blush.”

[ Dislikes ]
✖ Heights - “Um....I just don't like leaving the ground – I'm not scared.”
✖ Cooking - “Fast food restaurants or someone else makes it for me.”
✖ Water - “I'm not scared, now fuck off.”
✖ Grapefruit - “No. Just, no.”
✖ Politics - “Idiocy at its finest.”
✖ Trucks - “Do I look like some sort of redneck cowboy with a guitar, singing about my home-town and how I lost my lady?”
✖ Rain - “The hair. My...hair...”

[ Other ]
♐ He has a canine who goes by the name of Sid;(view spoiler)
♐My roleplaying is better than my character-making. ^^"

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{Name} Osvaldo Ampelio Agnelli || AWS-vahlt-O ˚ ahm-PE-lyo ˚ ah-NYEL-lee ||
{Nickname(s)} Oz, Ozzie - Either is acceptable by him, easier than his real first name
{Age} Twenty one
{Date of Birth} May 13th
{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Heterosexual - He's all about the girls

{Praeditos Appearance}
Eyes black as coal. Rock hard abs. Broad shoulders. Strong and prominent jawline. Muscles all around. A fashion sense that's very questionable. Ozzie's true form, his Praeditos form is an intimidating one, though he isn't actually all that cruel of a man. Ozzie is tall, standing at 6'4", also a bit on the big side what with weighing a healthy 235 lbs; he's all muscle though, not a single ounce of fat to be see on this man at all. Though people often question if he is real because he looks too good to be true.Anywhere.

{Human Appearance}
While he appears the same in his human state, there are some subtle differences between this and his Praeditos form. His eyes go from a soulless black to a hazel color, taking on a more greenish-brown color - almost makes his eyes look warm and welcoming, rather than cold and calculating. Ozzie's hair, which is normally slicked down, tends to stick up even when he tries to brush it down. It's as if his hair is fluffier and softer, as strange as it sounds. Look even closer and you'll see that his human skin was a warmer glow to it, and his cheeks even seem to have a hint of color in them. Oh, and his human skin is baby smooth soft. No stubble to take care of . . . How nice.

{Distinctive Markings} On his right cheek there is a small scar, something he had gotten from when he was younger. It's not hard to see, especially if someone is standing close to him, and people never hesitate to ask what happened to him. Ozzie never talks about it no matter who asks. He just doesn't like to think about it since it really wasn't anything special. Just a scar.

{General Style} Depending which form he is in, Ozzie's style of clothing changes. As a Praeditos, he dresses in dark clothing and chains. Yes chains. He likes chains on his clothing, or just on him somewhere. Not just normal chains either, something with some sort of design on it, but always made of metal. Normally you'll see him in a black cloak with the hood up and some very dark jean, paired off with thick boots. It gives off that intimidating vibe very well, which Ozzie likes as he enjoys seeing people cower away from him simply based on how he looks.

When he dresses as a normal human being, which he finds tedious and boring, Ozzie goes for the casual laid back look since he doesn't want to stick out too much when he's among humans. Ozzie sticks with the basics, such as a plain t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. He doesn't enjoy wearing bright clothes, but when he's being plain, it's best not to opt for the darker clothing in part of his wardrobe. So when he's among the humans, you'll tend to see him in colors such as white, pale yellow, green - things like that..


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall . . .

Ozzie grew up in a city of mirrors, a city so beautiful that it was tragically flawed. At least he could see the flaws. Then again the young man saw flaws wherever he looked. His family was certainly flawed, because no matter how perfect it appeared on the outside, it wasn't perfect on the inside. His father was a dark man, as in sick and twisted, and needed to be sent to an asylum. When Oz was younger, the man would punish him for the small things, and the punishments were never as simple a slap on the wrist, they tended be much more severe than that. Severe to the point that it left marks on his body. However, Ozzie hadn't turned out like his father, which was a miracle considering the things he had been through, and the things he has seen.

Then there was Ozzie's mother, who always fixed everything up with a nice big bandaid. She never wanted to look at a problem for too long, or dwell on it at a later time. Just slap a bandaid on it and it'll eventually heal by itself, that was her motto at least. That was what she had done whenever problems arose within the family, especially ones concerning her husband. Not even Oz understood why his mother had married such a man in the first place, though he later had found out it was because of the money. Thankfully Oz never had adopted that attitude from her, but he had grown up resenting both his parents, if you could actually call them parents in the first place.

Another thing Ozzie was grateful for was that he never had a sibling who would have had to endure the same shit he had gone through. All he had to do was protect himself, and wait until he was old enough to get out of that household. Surprisingly enough, Ozzie didn't have to wait to get out because some misfortune had fallen upon his parents when he was seventeen years old.

You know that saying, karma's a bitch? Yeah, well Oz's parents' had learned just how true that was. Their death remained a mystery as it was hard to explain, but Oz was happy to hear that they had suffered quite a bit before finally biting the dust. No, Ozzie wasn't responsible for their deaths, but he wasn't exactly heartbroken over it either. As he was their only son, he had inherited everything of theirs, making him rather rich in the process, yet also made him highly suspicious in the eyes of the people around him. No matter what has been said, very few believe Oz had something to do with his parents' death, making most people very wary of him whenever he's around.


Vittorio Nevio Agnelli - Father of Ozzie, and an asshole. Ozzie hadn't learned a thing from him growing up. In fact his father hadn't actually ever spoken to Oz. He deserved to die in Ozzie's opinion.

Tatiana Marzia Agnelli - Mother of Ozzie, and good for nothing. She had given birth to him and that was that. She deserved to die as well.


Having grown up the way he had, Ozzie tends to come off of as cold and distant without meaning to. It's hard for him to trust people, which shouldn't be a surprise as his parents had been anything but trustworthy; moreover, he hadn't much outside influence outside of them, which was surprising he hadn't turned out as bad as them. It was as if he had always known that wasn't how people were supposed to be, so Oz had tried to be the opposite of them. Whereas his father had done nothing but beat him for petty mistakes, Oz had become kind and caring, overlooking the small mistakes as nothing to worry about. Whereas his mother had always ignored problems and acted as if they never existed, Oz had acknowledged everyone and everything, always wanting to help out when he was able to.

Oz is often seen alone, secluded - something he’s fine with as he has never really fit in anywhere. But the young man is rather sweet. Many people don’t know that, but he is. That’s because no one’s really tried to get to know him, they run away because he looks scary, or they've heard the rumors. But once someone does get to know him, they see beyond the frightful exterior. They will see that Ozzie is caring, thoughtful, and profound. He cares about others, he’s supportive and helpful. If a friend needs someone to lean on, someone to talk to, to rant to, Oz is their guy; he won’t choose sides, he’s impartial, he’s honest.

However, he’s defensive. Not so much over himself, but over others. He’ll brush off a negative comment thrown at him, but pick on someone else, and Ozzie is quick to jump to their side. While Oz doesn't talk much about his past because it's something he doesn't want to think about, he does enjoy talking, but mainly to get to know the other person rather than speaking of himself. It's not as if he could blabber on all day about something, he certainly isn't that sort of guy - Oz is more of a man with few words. It's how he prefers to keep as strange as that sounds. While Oz wishes for friends, he doesn't wish for them to know of his past because there are memories he would rather keep in the dark.

Chivalrous - Ladies and Gents, it is not dead after all. Even a man as scary as Ozzie can be a true gentleman. Thing is, Ozzie enjoys looking after women, holding doors for them and the like. It's not that he believes a girl can't do these things on her own, but he does it to make her feel special.
Intelligent - Yes yes, he's smart. Just because he looks like a brawn over brains guy doesn't mean he is. Appearances can be misleading.
Strong - Well those muscles aren't for nothing. Ozzie is rather strong, which means he can knock others down with a swing of his fist.
Caring - He's very caring, and you don't even have to break through his tough exterior. Oz will be there to help someone out no matter what.

Lying - Oz doesn't like to lie because he basically fails at lying. There are many telltale signs when he's lying, such as he won't look someone in the eyes, or he'll start tapping his foot. The most obvious one though is when he starts fidgeting on the spot. Yeah, Oz just can't lie.
The Past - It's still very fresh in his memory, and a very sore spot so perhaps it's best to just leave it alone in the dark.
Talking - When someone starts talking to Oz, he will naturally speak in return. It's not that he talks too much but more that he asks too many questions but hardly lets on anything about himself. He's not too big on sharing. If that wasn't obvious by now.

Children - No not in the perverted way. Ozzie enjoys spending time with the young ones because they are innocence and know not the horrors of the world.
Women - Oz is still a guy. He likes girls and he chases after them. Though he's not very smooth around women, he tends to stumble over his words when he talks to a girl. Poor Ozzie.
Cleaning - Ozzie enjoys keeping things clean, there's not much else to say about it. It's not that he's anal about everything being spotless, but he does prefer it.
Drinking - The young man will never turn down a good drink. It's not that he's an alcoholic but he does enjoy a few drinks with his mates every now and again.

Liars - Try not to lie to him too much, Ozzie doesn't like liars. He doesn't need to always know the truth, so if you don't want to tell him, avoid the question o say you don't want to talk about it. He'll understand.
Mirrors - The way into the other world. Oz should enjoy getting out of his own world, but he doesn't. He prefers to stay where he's most comfortable, and that's among his own kind. Moreover, he doesn't like looking upon his own reflection.
Humans - They are sort of boring and dull creatures, but he has to admit that he likes certain parts of their world.
The Dark - Nothing good out of it.
Basements - Let's not talk about it, hmm?


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Mal (malxox) {Name} Jonas Phillip King
{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Pansexual/Bisexual – he likes whoever the hell he wants >.<”

{Age} 19
{Date of Birth} February 23, 1994

{Praeditos Appearance}
(view spoiler)
{Human Appearance} Relatively the same, except blonde (he likes his face ^^)

{Distinctive Markings}
{General Style} Whatever the hell he wants to wear he wears it, though it is true that he keeps to jeans and t-shirt, nothing crazy or off the wall. Easy breezy, not to mention it just looks good on him.

{History} Utopia. With the humans ignorance and flaws there is no such thing, they have to hope there is somewhere to make them feel better; feel better about murder, about disunity, about unfaithful doings, about lack of food and water, lack of money, lack of a well deserving leader. Anywhere and everywhere in the history they have had all these things, Jonas? They he's sat back and watched for the good long nineteen years of his life. It doesn't sound like much of anything nineteen years but you learn a lot on that time.

Jonas has a life so simple it's hard to believe. With his do-whatever-I-want personality he tends to also get whatever he so pleases. That made his life super easy in the longer run. If someone doesn't give it to him then he'll simply find a way around them and get to it. One way or another kind of a guy.

The only thing that has ever intrigued him about the humans world was the difference in technology, the cutely flawed women, and - well - he simply looks better with blonde hair. In fact he much prefers it over brunette. Learning about the humans in school was boring and tiresome but he was never able to quiet help his curiosity around mirrors. It's like you saw yourself in a completely new surrounding, you could even see the flaws - ones that weren't there - and he just ... Slipped right on through.

Jonas has learned to love his own world but of time has been growing more and more accustomed to the things that the mirror world has that he doesn't. Though everything was ages behind in technology and they weren't at all trying to deal with their issues correctly he somehow withstands it. Really we've caught up to the present, there's little to say about Jonas as he was little, now however - know he's just rolling with the punches.

Iris Mae King - Mother; A well meaning women very much disgraced to say that her children have even taken one small step into the land of the humans. She’s uptight about everything, literally everything, it seems like she has little to no love in her heart. She doesn’t have a black hole of a heart she’s just angry that Jonas and Cosette are so close to something that is obviously lower than themselves.
Jaden Damien King - Father; The exact opposite of his wife. It’s a miracle that Iris and himself ever found any interest in each other, of course it makes sense on his part. He’s open-minded to say the least, a sweet man, and though he likes to remain in the realm of mirrors he finds the people through the looking glass quite interesting.
Cosette Amelie King - Younger Sister; A free spirit.

{Personality} Jonas does whatever he so pleases and because of that he usually finds himself receiving whatever he so pleases in return. He's got a charming smile and uses it to his advantage, not to mention he's great at word play. Call it something he was born with, even when he was a youngster he was quite the talker. Between lapsing into a steady silent observation and a react with a purpose little gets to him. You could be the nose stubborn person and the world and he would simply give you a tilt of his head and a smirk to accompany the action. When it comes to women he's easy on the compliments, lets 'em flow as they may. If we're telling the truth here let's say he has a secret desire for a challenge. Oh everything is just so terribly easy, why not have a little chase? But he'll never admit it, nor will he ever go looking around for the maiden. In time she's sure to come to him. With that being said he finds a guy or two catching his eye in return, though his nature deviates more to women he doesn't find it at all strange to take a fancy for another boy. Especially not if the lad is turning your way. In a way Jonas can be considered friendly, but he himself doesn't exactly understand the idea of having real friends; someone to talk to when there's no one else, someone to hug without interest, someone to care about, someone to help out in return. It slides off him like water off an rain coat. He may find someone to hold in high respect but that's closet you can get to him - for now.

-His looks - or he likes to think so
-Jonas seems to have the ability to talk anyone into and/or out of anything - yes that means out of their clothes
-His uncanny ability to remain calm, anger does not come easy to him
-His Ego - it’s massive
-Curiosity - Jonas tends to do whatever he wants whenever he wants … it gets him into trouble
-Lack of discipline - or lack of listening to be more precise

-Romance - though his flings don’t last long
-Utopia - If everything’s perfect what’s not to like?
-Himself - …
-Disrespect - It’s unacceptable and intolerable to say the very least, especially when exhibited in his direction specifically
-Politics / Human Law - Are they really being serious? It’s not like it’s working anyway

{Other} N/A

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Adena Wright (adenaw) {Name} Vaughn Alexander Crosse
{Gender} Masculine
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Age} 20
{Date of Birth} April 2nd

{Praeditos Appearance}

{Human Appearance} The same. His personality and character don’t change when he enters the human world, so why should his face?
{Distinctive Markings} His freckles are the first thing people notice about him, but of course they only add to his beauty. Other than other smatterings of freckles, his skin is flawless. No scars and no blemishes of any sort.
{General Style} He has a casual, but classy style. He makes slacks and a v-neck look like a three piece suit. Even his most laidback outfits manage to highlight his exquisite appearance and toned body.

{History} For someone who was born into a Utopia, Vaughn’s life has been much more difficult than one would expect. Of course, none of these difficulties stemmed from his home planet. No, the real problem was Earth.

Vaughn’s mother, Evangeline, had would some would call an obsession with the human race. While fascination with the species was normal, she took it to the next level. Her life revolved around the study and research of human beings. Her unhealthy fixation with this other world put strains on her marriage and by the time Vaughn was born, her relationship with her husband was already deteriorating rapidly. Evangeline and Alaric weren’t the type to yell or argue or throw things, they just didn’t talk. There was no sense of partnership or companionship or affection between them. They were like strangers living in the same house.

Eventually, it was all just too much. When Vaughn was five, his mother kissed him on the forehead and said goodbye for the last time. She had met someone on Earth, someone who made her much happier than she was with Alaric. She liked the danger and excitement of Earth and she had decided that forfeiting utopia and adopting the flaws of Earth was more than a fair trade for being in love.

Vaughn was upset by his mother’s departure, but she had never really been there in the first place. She had been emotionally absent since his birth, so her physical absence didn’t really made too much of a difference. His father took sole responsibility of raising his son and they became much more of a family than when both parents were there. Vaughn respects and looks up to his father and didn’t feel like he was missing out on anything by not having a mother.

Things took an unexpected turn for the worse when Vaughn was fourteen. They received news that Evangeline had died. She had contracted some kind of virus and since her immune system had never been exposed to it before, her body had difficulty fighting it. She refused to return to her home planet even when she was told that she was dying. Vaughn, not having known his mother very well, was saddened by the news, but not heartbroken. His father, on the other hand, was completely distraught. It took a long time for him to stop grieving over her death and Vaughn came to resent his mother for what she had put her family through.

Now, six years later, Vaughn and his father are still close and they have both moved on. Vaughn finds Earth and humans of mild interest, but still can’t understand what would possess someone to actually want to live there. He finds it hard to find the good in such an unfortunate and messed up world.

Father: Alaric Magnus Crosse
Mother: Evangeline Rose Crosse [deceased]

{Personality} Vaughn is an independent guy and not the ye to accept help from anyone. This often makes him seem arrogant or proud, but that isn’t his intention. He just doesn’t want to be put in any position where he owes anyone or is dependent on anybody else. He knows his father still loved his mother long after she left him and saw what that did to him. Vaughn’s life experiences have made him extremely critical of the world and people around him. He never takes anything at face value and is intelligent enough to know that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Naivety is not in his nature.

Moving on to happier things, Vaughn is generally a friendly, amiable guy. He is extremely charismatic and though he’s not the kind of guy to demand attention or talk excessively, he is never at a loss for words. His tact knows no bounds and he can be quite the charming ladies’ man when he wants to be. He may be a bit of a flirt, but he would never take advantage of a girl or overstep any boundaries. Vaughn is nice, but not a pushover; intellectual, but not stuck-up; and ambitious, but not ruthless. He is a straightforward and direct kind of person and doesn’t like beating around the bush with anything. He likes to know exactly where he stands with people and vice versa. Loyalty is of the utmost importance to Vaughn. He chooses his friends wisely and expects them to pay the same courtesy to him and he does to them.

+ Confidence: Vaughn is the kind of guy who honestly doesn’t care what other people think of him. He doesn’t just say that, he really means it.
+ Analytical: He doesn’t do anything without thinking about it first. That doesn’t mean that everything he does is safe, or that he makes good decisions, it just means that he weighs the outcomes and decides whether to do it or not.
+ Leadership: He’s the kind of person who people listen to. He doesn’t always want the responsibility, but it is a good quality to have.
+ Intelligence: He’s incredibly smart. It’s not like he tries particularly hard, but he absorbs information like a sponge.

- Trust: Vaughn finds it hard to trust people after what happened with his mother. He’s a pretty open person, but it takes a lot for him to truly trust someone.
- Emotion: He doesn’t handle emotion well. He’s the suffer in silence type and tends to just bottle it up and not deal with it.
- Stubbornness: It’s nearly impossible to sway him when he makes up his mind. He finds it difficult to see other people’s views on things.
- Worry: He is a huge worrier. He gets stressed really easily and that leads to bad migraines and a very grumpy Vaughn.

+ Flirting: Sure, a lot of guys like this, but the difference is that Vaughn is actually good at it.
+ Gum: But only mint flavors. He always has a pack in his pocket and a piece in his mouth. Bad breath is disgusting.
+ The ocean: Especially the ones on Earth, there’s just something about them. He could sit and just watch the waves crashing for hours.
+Dawn: In his opinion, it’s the best time of the day.

- Coffee: Vaughn has no idea how people drink that stuff, it’s disgusting.
- Dishonesty: It’s simple. Don’t do anything you can’t tell the truth about, whether it’s good or not.
- Cowardice: It’s just plain embarrassing. Grow a pair and get over it.
- Sickness: He’s a total germaphobe. It’s almost obsessive.

{Other} N/A

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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay {Name} Arthur Jefferson Perkins
{Gender} Masculine, Wanna check ;)
{Sexuality} Heterosexual, mostly. But he knows that if he met a guy who was his soulmate he wouldn't be opposed to it.

{Age} 21
{Date of Birth} November 4th ;)

{Praeditos Appearance}

Bushy dark hair in thick wavy curls and dark deep soulful brown eyes that are enough to make most girls melt? Arthur's used to people thinking he's attractive. He knows he's not the most attractive guy out there, especially among the other Praeditos, but he knows he's fairly attractive. He's handsome in a somewhat geeky sort of way. One thing though he holds himself with confidence. His human appearance is very similar except his hair is straighter and his eyes are blue instead of brown. Otherwise? They're the same person. Amazing though how different hair and eye color can make a person look different.
{Human Appearance}

{Distinctive Markings} Ummm no. If anything his jawline? Arthur has a rather distinct sort of jaw line. It's attractive in it's chin-ness. Otherwise no.
{General Style} Arthur has a tendency to dress up rather nicely. Turtlenecks, jackets, coats, button up shirts, ties, blazers. He really isn't he kind of guy to dress in any sort of sloppy way and he's actually one of those men that likes to take time on his appearance. Make sure he looks good before he leaves the house. So Yes while he does dress up, he also dresses for comfort. The clothes he wears are comfortable. He prefers a more subdued human like style than than of the exotic fashion choices of Praeditos culture. That's jut Arthur though.
(view spoiler)

{History} Perkins. It's not exactly a good name to have. Why? Well let's say that his family? It has a history of being well the wrong sort of people to bring home to meet your parents. There is a long history of troublemakers here. Anarchists, human-lovers, whores.....you name it. They just aren't really all that great a family. It's not much better when Talia became pregnant and had never married. Oh well......

Arthur's childhood was rather quiet. He dealt with the looks of pity and scorn by anyone who would dare to do so publicly. Learned to ignore the whispered rumors and what not. Took care of his mother and made sure that she wasn't too hungover, or that she at least made it to the bed before passing out in a drunken stupor.

In his life he really didn't have a lot of time to socialize. When he did it was always with girls. Why? Because they were easier to talk to. One girl in particular. Although...Arthur doesn't like to think about those days much anymore. I mean you spend your time making friends with someone, being there for them, making them smile and learning about them to be a supportive person and then what? One day they say their busy. You understand. Only it keeps happening. And then eventually you don't get a return cal anymore. Yeah it wasn't hard to see that he was being shut out of her life. Why? He had no idea. It wasn't as though he had done anything wrong.

Either way, Arthur gave up. Moved on and found some new friends. Picked up the pieces of his life and moved on. That's all one can really do, right? He only tries to prove people wrong about his family and make it clear that because he comes from a long line of screw-ups. Doesn't mean he's going to be one too.

Talia Cecilia Perkins (Mother) A rather simple sort of girl. She's not very bright and she's not very good at thinking ahead. She's far more immature than Arthur and he spent most of his life taking care of her and being the responsible one. She follows her heart more than her brains.

{Personality} Arthur is a rather complex sort of cat to describe. He's the kind of guy that always pushes the envelope a bit when it comes to breaking the rules, he knows exactly what the rules are but he always likes to push the limit a bit. Why? Because he enjoys toeing the line, he likes to have fun. He just doesn't really care about following the rules. He's more of a loose constructionist kind of guy. The rules are meant to be guidelines. Not set in stone. He will follow them when he has to though. So yes he's not a big fan of the rules, but he's not one to go completely wild. Oddly enough he's actually a pretty good guy to rely on for things. Especially when you get in a rough spot.

Arthur is an incredibly supportive friend to have. He may seem a bit distant when you first meet him, but he's a very down to earth and kind sort of guy. Sure he's a bit loud. In fact he is rather the flirtatious humorous kind of person. He may be a flirt but he's not really anything past that, meaning yeah he's mostly all talk. He's perfectly fine with talking it up, but when it all comes down to it he's not the type to sleep around, sure he's slept with a few girls but he's more the type to help a girl home when she gets too intoxicated to drive than the type to take advantage of an unstable lady. The truth of the matter is that he's actually a romantic at heart. It would just take the right girl to bring that side of him out. Really it would take a very special girl, he just doesn't really feel the need to be romantic with girls.

Another thing about Arthur? He doesn't embarrass easily, in fact he's rather the type to make suggestive comments or laugh off what is meant to be embarrassing. He really isn't the type to get all worried and embarrassed about things. It might count as courageous to some, but not really, he's just self-confident. Not in an arrogant way though. Arthur just isn't a very sensitive guy. It takes quite a lot to get through to him. Getting him mad, as in truly furious is a hard task to complete. In fact he might get protective mad, but truly furious is not something you want to see. To get him that upset you must be some sort of ass or witch.

❅ Physique. He's obviously physically fit. Just one look at him and you could figure that out, which means that he is rather strong and able to lift rather heavy things and what not. He's good to have around as muscle.
❅ Friends. He's good at making them and he's good at keeping them, so it's always a plus to have people who will have your back for you when you need them. Sure he's not super close with all his friends but they are all still friends.
❅ Passion. He has a love for the things that he does. Whenever he chooses to do something, Arthur puts himself 110% into the task or not at all. His motto is go big or go home.
❅ Responsible. It may not seem it at first, but Arthur is a very responsible person. He's more than willing to take the blame onto himself rather than let anyone else deal with that sort of pain. He actually is far more critical of himself and if he were to be a drunken fool? He'd punish himself relentlessly. For anyone else? He laughs it off and tells them to just have fun and live life. Sure it might be a bit of a double standard but that's just the kind of guy he is.
❅ Attachment. When he gets close to people it's a bit of a rarity so when it happens he tends to be very emotional about it. And when he's suddenly pushed away or it breaks? He doesn't deal well with it.
❅ Emotional. Yes he admits it. He's a bit emotional when he actually develops feelings and a bond for someone or something. It sucks, but it's part of life. No one ever said life was easy and when you're emotional about things? Well life just sucks a little bit.
❅ Judgement. He has poor skills when it comes to judging others and for some reason or another he always seems to end up hanging around the wrong crowd. The crowd that he ends up having to be the responsible one. He doesn't mind that so much the first few times but when it happens all the time it tends to bother him a bit.
❅ The Outdoors. Even though he isn't incredibly athletic, he does however like to be outside. Whether it's simple and just sitting on a park bench while eating a caramel apple or if it's running along the trails then yeah he just loves the outside world.
❅ Fun. He loves anything interesting and fun. He's not really a fan of sitting around and following the rules and doing the same old thing again and again.
❅ Pumpkins. He likes the scent of them and really he likes everything about them. Pumpkins are just fascinating to him. Halloween? The human holiday with all the little pumpkins around? He loves that holiday. He loves pumpkins. It's a weird thing to like but he likes them.
❅ Cats. He likes them. Actually it's more like he likes snuggling. Cuddling. Snuggling. Yeah he likes it. It may sound silly or goofy or wimpy but he likes it. Go ahead and judge.
❅ Girls. No not in the pervy sort of way where he sits in the background and chuckles and is like 'hehehe girls', no he likes girls because he finds he can befriend them easier than guys. Why? Because guys tend to be rather unemotional and girls are just easier to befriend. Not to mention that their so complicated that time with them is always an adventure.
❅ Endings. Odd as it might sound, endings are his favorite part of the story. Especially when they are happy ones. Yeah he's a sucker for the happy endings thing but it doesn't really matter, the only person who knows this about him is Annie.
❅ Dirty Mouth. Like when you wake up in the morning and your mouth tastes weird? Yeah. He hates that feeling. He is a sucker for good dental hygiene.
❅ Being cooped up inside or stuck in a routine. That is so not fun. He hates doing tedious things. The repetition of doing the same thing over and over again? Yeah that kills him. He can't stand it.
❅ Tofu. The human food thing? Yeah he can't stand it. Maybe if it had a flavor? Uhhhh no. Yeah the texture is unbearable. Oh well.
❅ Crying. It tends to really strike a chord with him. Makes him get all flustered and what not. He has no idea how to comfort people. You've seen that gif of patting the person on the back with the broom? Yeah that's how he comforts people.
❅ Honey. It's far too sticky for his liking. He just can't handle the stickiness of it. Really he's not a fan of anything sticky. Except caramel apples. Hey there is an exception to every rule, right?
❅ Sad endings. Yeah he can't stand them. When you get to the end of a book or movie and the ending isn't a happy one? It's one instant that can cause him to be quite livid.


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Name} Annie Astaire
Gender} Feminine, thanks. Did you need proof?
Sexuality} straight, as far as you're concerned.
Age} 19
Date of Birth} September 11th
Praeditos Appearance} description

Human Appearance}she's never visited, so there's nothing to show.

Distinctive Markings} ooooh, the blush that never leave her face? The tattoo on the bottom of her foot? The constant tan lines? Take your pick.
Style} Annie's an outside person. She wears clothes that can get dirty, much to her mother's annoyance. Also they tend to be black, with band logo's. I'm not saying that she won't wear frilly dresses with corsets, just that she doesn't clean herself up unless there's something going on.

History} Annie...she's always been outshined. Her sister used to be nice enough, but there were just sutle shifts that added up over time. Like when Annie screamed at her mom about the tap dance lessons until her mother gave up. Her sister offered less resistance. Nothing big, but it just gave them less and less in common over time. Her sister doesn't mean to hold all the attention, she just does. Their mother is big on traditions, and since Annie's younger, she doesn't get the same things her sister does. It's not like Annie sits in the corner at her house, but she isn't home enough for it to matter much anyways.

What about her father--have we not mentioned him yet? Oh, that's coming, don't worry. It starts with her best friend; Arthur. He's three years older than her, but age doesn't matter to their kind as much as it would a human. Annie was around seven when she started really revolting against the prissy mother she had. It was after an argument and Annie was running outside, and so was he. That was the first time they talked, with her crying. Sure, they might have seen each other around, but that was when they became friends.

Well, his personality made her question more things in her life; things that she hadn't given a thought to before. Rules became broken, and her mother grew more distant, giving more and more of her attention to the golden child of the family. Which in turn gave her more time to spend outside with Arthur. It became a cycle, you see?

Annie's dad became concerned. Annie didn't quite understand, but knew that it couldn't be good. Her dad was the nice one, who settled things with comprimises, and hugs. He almost always stood up for her, yet he didn't like Annie spending time with Arthur. It wouldn't have been an issue, except that Annie's sister was the girl with friends. She was just an awkward child, who only had the one friend. Annie figured her dad would get over it; especially since he never said anything to her directly.

Fast forward a few years? Her sister went on her first date; what does this have to do with Annie? Her dad decided it was time to talk. He told her that she was old enough to understand now...there had been a time, before she and her sister had been born where he was less than faithful. Oops? Exactly. Her dad never asked if Arthur was his son, but the timing fits. So, Annie stopped calling back, made excuses to not hang out and stayed at home 'sick" until she just got too lonely. It was just a few weeks, but Annie couldn't bear being oppressed by her mother, and the sidekick sister. She needed to go outside, and that's how Annie started hanging with Hollace. They were so similar, and yet the one difference made it impossible to be friends.

It worked well the first couple times, since they were both black sheep. But...Annie had no interest in visiting the humans. She cautioned Hollace against it, but it didn't work. When Hollace spent time in the other world, Annie was again left alone. She ended up dating guys just to hang out with someone, even if they didn't really catch her eye. Ha, more reasons for her mother to do everything except disown her. And that pretty much brings us to the current time.

Family} That lovely ladylike sister
The woman of wisdom mother
Add in her flirty father
Annie herself, of course
Peach Prince, because everyone needs a pet
that's it; okay

Personality} Annie? Wow, that's easy. She's just a typical teenager! Sneaking out? Getting caught ditching class? She's got that covered. Hanging out with people who might be considered a bad influence didn't make her more stubborn, just more obnoxious about it. Annie's not big on rules, mostly because she has no interest in the people who set them. Her father lets her do anything she wants, out of guilt, and her mother's attention is focused elsewhere. She comes home late, and no one asks where she was. When Annie stays over at guys houses, there's no reprimands. You might think this freedom to do whatever puts her in bad situations, but Annie learned really fast to use her head and make smart-ish choices.

For all it's worth, Annie is dead set on never visiting the humans. Other than that, she's a free running girl, who usually is up for anything that sounds the least bit fun. She can be a bit of a flake, but you know not to ways trust her, so it typically works out well. In school, she's the girl who's always sleeping, yet turns everything in on time. Responsible; to a point. You know?

Strengths} Lying, it's one of her best talents. Courage, just because she wants to be someone her family says something about. Keeping her emotions in check--most of the time. Failure to be embarrassed--she got over that a long time ago. Not getting lost! That's a big plus. Her lack of feminism means she has more freedom. When she needs them, Annie can find some manners.

Weaknesses} gossip; she always pays attention, almost like she's afraid. Her sibling...that counts as a weakness, although it would take some serious effort to understand. Horses: we blame her mom. Being money savvy--because trust me she's not.

Likes} spiders, because they bother her mother. The beach, since she's a good swimmer. Sunshine, because she spends as much time outside as possible. Defying expectations is always fun. Biking, or any exercise that's single person. Tennis, or other non team competitions. She plays trombone, if that counts as liking music. Annie likes hanging out with her friend, although that's a bit complicated. She's into drinking, although she doesn't like getting drunk. Are you sensing a pattern yet?

Dislikes} history, because it's boring. Her father, since she blames him for everything. Her mother's expectations, although as a person she thinks her mother is okay( trust me there's a difference). Essays; who reads that boring stuff? Cussing, surprisingly.


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{Part Un}

[there can be no good without evil]

Alavendre Caephas Furey
Alavendre {Ah-lee-VEHN-dre}
Alavendre's name is a mixture of several. Passed down in the family for some time, they've gotten the names mixed up, and have been unable to say much of how the name came into being. He's a little curious about this, but he doesn't have any real interest in knowing.
Caephas {CEE-fahs}
Caephas was the Aramaic name of one of the Twelve disciples in Christianity. The name means "the rock", so one would assume it to be someone of great importance. The name was given to Alavendre because of his being the only son of the family.
Furey {Few-RE}
Furey is a French surname. Not much research is needed for this, and Alavendre just doesn't care.

Dre, Alli
Alavendre is completely fine with having his name shortened, it's just the matter of how you would go about doing it that concerns him.

[nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles]


Gender| Male {Masculine, of the xy chromosome}
Age| 27 {Twenty-Seven, Twenty-and-Seven}
{Date of Birth} March 17th {03/17}
{Zodiacal Symbol}
{Ethnicity} French, South African
{Place of Origin} South Africa
{Languages Spoken} French, Afrikaans, Swahili, English, Dutch; English was the first language that Alven had been immersed in, but French was the language he learned first.
Sexual Orientation| Heterosexual, though it'll be hard to get to him with his attitude

[Miracles are only for those who need them]
[image error]
[Visual and Audial]

Alven retains basically the same appearance as when is his Praeditos form and when he takes on a more human form. The only real difference is in his hair color and the style that it has. As a Praedito, his hair is more so blonde than black and the left side is shaved down. Alven is of average height, somewhere in the middle of five feet. He weighs in at around a hundred forty-five, most of which is a bit of muscle weight. He's not lanky, but muscled enough to suffice for his line of work. He has long limbs, but they are still proportional with the rest of his body. His shoulders are broad and wide, but not of the average male width. They're slightly slender and feminine, but he doesn't much care for it. His complexion is fair, with his face dotted with a few freckles.

His hair is a raven black, with little strands of blonde and brown mixed in. It's an odd trait that comes from his mother's side of the family. His eyes are a hazel brown, but look like a honey brown hue when the light hits them to be brighter as opposed to the stormy gray when a darker angle is cast on them. He has a scar on his left cheek from a rabid cat he once had to subdue.

When listening to Alven, you might notice how softly he speaks and just how deep his voice is. It's not scary deep, but he is a baritone. It's a comforting sound to the ears, like velvet or satin on the fingers. He has just the slight intonations of an accent, which is a curious combination of both French and South African. He doesn't speak to other often, so being able to hear his voice is rare. Alven has a slow slur to his words, not much in the drunken sense though. He got it from his mother, who got a speech impediment from her father. He's quite sure that there isn't anything to help it, and is very much so irritated by that fact. If anyone was to really ask him, he would say that they should find something better to do with their time.

However, there can be changes to his voice with his mod. If angered, it becomes a harsher, more feral tone that could intimidate just about anyone. He's often angered, so when he does miraculously speak, it's not the comforting sound it should be.

[Distinctive Markings]
Other than his scar, the more distinctive marking that he has left his is hair. It's unusual to see such a mix of color, and he isn't much in favor of the style. The shaved part of his head also contrasts with the longer strands of raven black, chestnut brown, and platinum blonde hair.

As far as outrageous styles go, Alven's is pretty tame. He likes to sport just about anything with plumage or furs. There's also the matter of what century his clothes look like they're from. He's all about the old school when he dresses, so suspenders are in there somewhere. He's still a really big fan of feathers, though and it's probably all that you'll see.

[you always go to the parties, to pluck the feathers off all the birds]


Trait One Quiet and Reserved
Trait Two Slightly Cruel
Trait Three Confused at all times
Trait Four Obsessive and Possessive
Trait Five Compulsive
Trait Six Polite and Well Mannered

Alven is the quiet sort of person that people would mistake to be shy. He isn't, really, but does prefer to be alone. An introvert, as he would say. A rather reserved young man, he likes to take in his surroundings with a quiet ease that can come off in an entirely different way than how he intends. When situations such as these arise, he develops an awkwardness that can't be fixed, and there's usually no turning back from the mess he's created. Even amongst his fellow Praeditos, he's a bit unable to interact well.

Cruelty is not something that is unknown to most, but not a lot of people would say that they are cruel or notice. Alven, however, knows fully how cruel he can be, and doesn't really care. There are times when it's out of control cruelty, mostly emotional at that. And that's where the double-edged of cruelty comes into play. With just as much mental pain he's inflicting on others, it comes back to bite him in the butt. He can't explain why he suddenly shows a bit of care to what he's done after the fact, but he's usually confused, so there isn't much that can be done about that.

Like a fresh new life awaiting the excitement of learning, Alven is usually always confused. It's always written on his expression of just how puzzled he is by something. It's nothing to do with his cognitive abilities, but more so how deeply he looks into things. He doesn't like to see concepts that are simple, and will turn them into something more complex or significant than what they really are. In fact, he would do much to turn a simple letter into a complex symbol for something else entirely. It may just be his imagination working in over time, or he's just a little round-about in his thinking.

You can't get Alven hooked on something. The consequences would include the creation of something for him to obsess over. Be it something little like a show of affection, the subject will in turn have a "fan" to stalk them down. It's more so the far away kind, however, and doesn't take some seriously dangerous turns. At any rate, Alven can become very possessive of what he tends to obsess over. In his mind, he sees that only he can have it. And if someone were to try and take whatever it is away from him, the results could be less than favorable.

Alven can be very compulsive. Should there be a need in him to do something, he'll do it. Thankfully, none of these "needs" have become homicidal or self destructive. Should they become so, both parties wouldn't end up with happy results. His compulsiveness is probably the only thing that gets him out and about in the morning, especially when he runs out of something important in his home. He usually takes to sending someone else or ordering ahead of time, but there are those times when he can be both lazy and productive.

As far as gentlemen go, Alven has to be one of them, when he's not being incredibly cruel. He was taught to be courteous and polite, and he lives that out through his life. There's also the thinking that if he's polite to others, it'll reflect on them and then they send it out to others. Like a domino affect, he wants to change the way people interact. He makes sure to abide by all etiquette, no matter how painstakingly tedious they can be.

People sometimes think that manners aren't of much use, but they can be quite useful. He's often able to get around free of charge for things just because he makes someone smile with his politeness. Odd, but true.
Physical Strength:
Alven does have the physique to be muscular, and is. He doesn't like to display this quality, though, and shies away from most physical work just to avoid doing anything that would require effort.
Being so reserved, he has the chance to sit back and watch life as it passes by. He doesn't much care to participate in life unless there's something in it for him.

Easily Impressionable:
It's rather easy to make an impression on Alven once you've gotten past all his barriers.
Obsessive Nature:
Once Alven finds something to obsess over, it takes over his entire life. He has no other reason to do much else, and his health usually takes a turn for the worse because of this.
Because Alven usually doesn't participate in life, he can miss out on a lot of things.
Complication of the Simple Things:
Alven just has to make things complicated, otherwise it's no fun for him. It's a waste of both time and energy, but it serves well to thoroughly keep him confused. And when he's always confused, he tends to miss out on a lot of key things

Small Things
Warm Tea
Cold Weather
The objects of his obsessions

Obsessions being obstructed

[Bring your love, baby, I can bring my shame]


[Til Death Do They Part]

Alven's parents had always been fighting, long before the birth of any of their children. Each was too stubborn to give up on the failing relationship, so they continued on as if nothing was wrong with the current situation they had put themselves into. This complacence was followed by the birth of twins. It was the perfect stalemate for the both of them, one having wanted a girl and the other a boy. They got both in one go, and were content.

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Alven grew up in the slow beginnings of a tempestuous home life. Albeit he was rather privileged, this didn't come without the qualms of spousal abuse and exploiting the instincts derived from having children.

{the rest shall be narrated by Alven himself}

[The road less traveled]

I don't think my parents cared that they were ruining the lives of their children.

They greatly enjoyed watching the other one squirm when they broke my arm when I was nine. I'd wanted to play baseball, that sport that humans played so often, and my father complied. I should have known what he was going to do. The look in his eyes should have been warning enough.

He took me out to the field of mirrors, the place that lead to the humans. He said it would be fun, and that I would enjoy it. Being a stupid nine year old kid, I believed him. They took Alexandria with us, and at the time Mother was still pregnant with Aisha. Father didn't want her staying behind, and Mother didn't want to be left behind. It was one of those rare times that they actually agreed on something without it being a front.

After a few hours of playing, I grew bored with this sport. It wasn't what I wanted to do anymore. So, Father stared at me for a while and grabbed my arm with a sigh. He then looked over at Mother pointedly, and she just sent him another look that seemed to challenge him to do whatever he thought of doing.

"You see what you've done," he started, "All this babying has made him weak. He can't even hold an interest in a sport for more than a few hours."

One minute he was going on a tangent, and the next I felt pain. Excruciating pain coming from my arm. When I looked, all I could was stare numbly at the clear fragment of bone sticking out of my arm. Alex screamed, nearly cried her eyes out. She turned away into my mother, who didn't seem to be reacting at all. In fact, she looked more like she had something in mind to do. And that something was going to make everything worse.

This wasn't the first or the last time my parents had ever done something like this to us. After a while, you get used to it, and hold on to what you can.

[Cry Me a River]

Among the many things that interested me, I liked small things. Small animals, children- anything small is a yes in my book.

When I turned twelve, Mother bought me a pet. It was tiny little chick. I named him Geno, and took god care of him. Alex received a matching chick, and she named her Olly. I thought that this gift was meant to be a reconciliation from Mother after she'd given me a concussion a week earlier. Beforehand, she had been saying things that seemed foreboding, but I was too gone in the medication she gave me to notice.

One evening after I returned from schooling, I found Geno's cage empty. Olly wasn't in hers either (I'd been given chief care duties the night before because Alex had been the victim of Father's turn at the game was currently locked in a coma that would later end a few weeks from then), and that's when I began to panic. The call of dinner wasn't a comforting sound, but I came down to eat no less.

What greeted me at the table was a spectacular platter of food, one I knew Mother hadn't taken part in to prepare. She made sure I was seated at the table and began to ask the usual questions that came with her façade of mothering.

"How was your day," she asked.

"Fine," I said, and I could tell she knew something was wrong. I was still fooled by the illusion of her love and didn't want to disappoint her or ruin her evening with the news of the missing chicks.

"What's wrong," she questioned after a couple bites of her meal. I couldn't tell what the meat was as I stuffed my face to avoid answering. I wasn't able to do so, and gave in.

"Olly and Geno are missing," I blurted, worry laying on thick in my tone. Mother's curious expression turned into that of satisfaction, forcing her beautiful features into a painfully more beautiful form.

"I know," was all she said before she returned to her meal. I was unable to continue eating, but did so in hopes of appeasing her. Father, at the other end of the table, looked enraged. Like he'd been one upped from putting his oldest daughter in a coma. Aisha, at my left, was still wearing an eye patch from Mother temporarily blinding her. She was only three at the time.

It sunk in how Mother knew when I tasted the meat for the first time since dinner started. Chicken. The sweet, familiarly seasoned taste stuck to my tongue. We hadn't eaten it since we'd gotten the chicks, and I'd always wondered why.

I didn't cry then, just stood and went to tell my currently comatose twin what had happened.

[Loved and Lost]

I ran away one year.

It was the year I turned sixteen. I didn't want to stay in that house with my parents. Their game had gone from simple tortures to a living hell. They'd do anything to hurt the other, even if it meant damaging us greatly. Mother loved going to the tailor and forcing me in dresses. Father would partake and later make me do things I didn't even think was meant to be happening in a family.

And it was only to hurt the other person. So, I ran. Alex had found her escape in a human boarding school only hours before I made mine. Aisha would be stuck with our parental units for the time being, until I figured out a good way to get her out, too.

When I ran, I went to the one place my parents never thought I'd be. Going through the mirror that night was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Why? Because I met her there. Stumbling out to the dirty, dingy street looking like I'd run a marathon, I staggered around. It was dark, but the streets were full of people. I found it odd that humans could be out like this, and yet still feel comfortable. I let myself get swept away until I saw her in a store window.

Yes, her.

My Maggie.

She was, well, stunning and I wanted to experience her. She was among the interests, a small creature. I somehow caught her attention (I was later told that someone had pointed me out) and I actually got to meet her. What we did with the time I was there those countless nights before I had to go back was our business. I didn't enjoy having to leave her, but it had to be that way.

Should my parents had found out about her, let's just say things wouldn't be the way they are now.

[Priorities have been set straight]

I know what I want with my life, what I want to do. I know who I want. I will always want her, and no one is taking her from me. Not without me doing something insane first.




Nikolai Furey:
Alven's father. He is currently separated from his wife Anita. The two of them are having a "civil" dispute through their children. He's in the lead, so to speak.
Anita Furey:
Alven's mother. She is separated from her husband Nikolai, and is currently losing their small game of "who ruins their children's lives more".
Alexandria Furey:
Alven's twin sister. The two of them are the most focused on by their parents in their fun little game, and have been coming up with ideas to end it permanently.
Aisha Furey:
Alven's second youngest sister. She disappeared into the human world and hasn't come back, mostly because she was sick of being tormented by her parents.
Mariette Furey:
Alven's youngest sister. He's most attached her, besides his twin, and has the tendency to get rather protective with her. She, however, is quite independent and is the less focused on child of the game.


None as of yet, but could be subject to change


You would think that parents are meant to care for their children, rather than use them as pawns for a game to emotionally destroy one another. They seem to really like hurting the twins the most of their children, and Alven has been making plans with Alex to make a permanent end to their game.

Currently the obsession of his life, and not likely to ever change. He has the greatest amount of love for her, and has kept the relationship under wraps to shield the both of them from pain. Mostly her, as he has a feeling his parents would do terrible things to her just to get to him.


Alven is an interesting character, yes, and he makes just about anyone feel loved, but maybe it's all because his parents don't love him. Or rather that they love the pain they can cause.

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