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Cera :D

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (elizabeths01) The fey that had been sent by William nd Jessica was escorted into the room by a couple of the Iron guards. "I bear a message from Winter for Prince Ash."

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Cera Prince Ash was sitting on his throne staring out of the window. Megan was out for the day with their son riding horses. He would of gone with them but need to get some work done here. "Yes?" Ash said standing up

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (elizabeths01) "It's a message from your brother and sister." the Fey said. one of the guards took the message from the winter Fey, bringing it up to Ash.

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Cera Ash open it quickly frowning, He had heard from William in a couple of months. What was brothering him now? William always ask for advice on subjects. When he read the note, his frown deepen. "Pack my bags and get Queen Megan. I have to leave." He told his guards

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Elizabeth (elizabeths01) The winter Fey stood there, silent as he waited for Ash to be ready to go.

((Shouldn't Meghan probably stay in the realm and only Ash goes?))

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Cera ((Yea but I was going let like let Ash say goodbye and explain what's going on to Megan)

Ash said his goodbyes to his wife and son. He quickly packed his bags and heads out to meet back with the Winter fey. "Lets go home." He told him

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Elizabeth (elizabeths01) ((True.))

Quickly they left, heading back to the winter realm.

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